31 BEST Places To Travel in 2024 [Top Tourist Destinations!]

Cazzy Magennis
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Cazzy Magennis
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January 3, 2024
Looking for a list of the absolute BEST places to travel? Then look no further. This bucket list worth post will help you plan the ultimate trip....
best places to travel

There are so many fantastic places to visit in this world ranging from the lush rainforests of the Amazon to the southernmost continent, Antarctica. 

With seven continents, 193 countries, five oceans, and 113,000 national parks - our beautiful earth offers us endless travel options. 

If you’re like us, then you’ve got a bucket list as long as your arm!

With so many ‘dream experiences’, sometimes it can be hard to decide where you should go! 

We all know that picking a destination can be difficult, especially if you’ve only got a limited amount of time off each year.

However, this guide is going to go through the BEST places to travel in the world so you don’t have to spend endless hours researching!

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1. Disney World

Disney World Orlando

Right at the top of this list is the iconic Disney World! 

This entertainment resort is most famous for its exhilarating rides, family-friendly experiences, and of course - lifelike Disney characters.

Although it’s one of the best vacation spots for little ones, I can safely say that as a child in an adult body, visiting Disneyland is one of the most exciting experiences you’ll ever have! 

There are multiple locations of this theme park found throughout the world, with some of the big hitters being Paris, California, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

Disney characters in Disneyland

They are all equally magical, however, one of the most famous Disney World locations is Orlando! 

Here you’ll find four separate theme parks; Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom Park! 

Not only that, but Orlando’s Disney World is home to over 90 restaurants - many of which are themed in relation to Disney’s iconic movies.

The highlight of all Disney World resorts though has to be the famous parade where you’ll get to see all the characters come together!

Helpful information for visiting Disney World

  • Best time to visit: January and September are great months to visit as you’ll avoid the crowds! 
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Top tip: Many of the Disney World Resorts allow you to bring in your own food, which will save you a ton of money as the restaurants are expensive! 

2. Taj Mahal

taj mahal india

I can honestly say that seeing the Taj Mahal for the first time is an experience like no other!

Whether you head there for sunrise, during the afternoon, or at sunset - there’s nothing quite like seeing this breathtaking world wonder.

However, I do recommend that you get there as it opens for sunrise to avoid the crowds, as this place fills up VERY quickly! 

The Taj Mahal is one of India’s most famous attractions and is visited by 7-8 million tourists every year.

Located in the bustling city of Agra which is just 200km from the capital of Delhi, the Taj Mahal isn’t a place that you want to leave off your India itinerary!

For the best experience, I’d recommend staying in a hotel that offers views of this iconic world wonder.

You’ll be surprised to find that there are plenty of hotels in Agra that offer this! 

taj mahal

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly stay or to splash the cash, there are options for everyone. 

If this magical place has captured your eye, then you can find everything you need to know about visiting the Taj Mahal on our website.

We've also got an awesome guide to backpacking India if you're planning to make your way around the country! 

Helpful information for visiting the Taj Mahal

  • Best time to visit: As early as possible! You’ll literally want to be queuing before it opens to avoid the hordes of tourists 
  • Price Range: $
  • Top tip: If you’re wanting to learn more about the Taj Mahal as you wander around, it’s possible to hire a guide but just beware of scammers! Or you can book this sunrise tour that will take you to other areas of Agra as well as the Taj Mahal! 

3. The Amazon Rainforest 

The Amazon River

Most popular attractions/places: Jau National Park, Manu National Park, & Iquitos 

The Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest rainforest, covering over 6.7 million square km! 

Stretching across eight different countries including Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador, this HUGE area is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. 

It’s home to over 3 million species so you’ll have plenty of wildlife-watching opportunities here!

Not only that, but this sprawling rainforest is home to the Amazon River. At nearly 7,000 km long, it’s the longest river in the world, and naturally one of the best ways to explore it is by going on a boat cruise!

macaws in the Amazon Rainforest

However, there are plenty of other ways to explore the Amazon rainforest like staying in the jungle or on your own private island. Here's a fantastic Amazon Jungle tour if you're looking to explore the rainforest in Brazil.

As I mentioned before, the Amazon is known for its biodiversity which is perfect for us nature lovers. 

During your time here, you’ll have the chance to spot a wide variety of animals including anacondas, jaguars, river dolphins, sloths, and plenty of monkeys.

You can even go fishing for piranhas! 

The BEST part about exploring the Amazon is that it can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. 

If you're looking for great places to travel this year then I can highly recommend the Amazon rainforest! 

Helpful information for visiting the Amazon rainforest 

  • Best time to visit: This will differ depending on where and why you’re visiting! Weather-wise, the best time to visit is July to December, whilst January to June offers better wildlife-watching opportunities.
  • Price Range: $-$$$
  • Top tip: Make sure you bring mosquito nets and plenty of bug spray - you’ll need it! 

4. Antarctica

A cruise ship anchored in Antartica

Most popular attractions/places: The Drake Passage, the Falkland Islands, & South Georgia 

If Antarctica isn’t on your bucket list yet then it should be! 

Less than 80,000 people a year visit the Southernmost continent, as it’s one of the hardest areas to reach on Earth. 

However, it’s entirely possible to visit Antarctica as there are a variety of fantastic companies that run cruises down to the frozen continent. Some of these companies include Hurtigruten Expeditions, Quark Expeditions, and Silversea.

King Penguins at Falkland Islands

Many of these cruises will take you over the Drake Passage (prepare for some sea sickness), over to South Georgia, and even visit the Falkland Islands so you’ll have plenty of adventures waiting for you.

Antarctica also offers fantastic wildlife-watching opportunities, as this part of the world is home to a huge variety of species. This includes penguins, orcas, seals, whales, and plenty of birdlife.

The only thing to keep in mind is that traveling to Antarctica isn’t cheap! You’ll need to fork out a good chunk of cash for this experience but there is a loophole. 

If you hang around in Ushuaia (which is in Argentina), you can often get on a cheaper cruise that has tickets left over. The agencies just want to get them sold by this point, so you can find some great deals.

Here's some more information about the different cruises in Antarctica and what you can expect from each one...

Helpful information for visiting Antarctica 

  • Best time to visit: November to March
  • Price Range: $$$
  • Top tip: Before you go to Antarctica I’d recommend investing in a good quality camera and a zoom lens so you can capture the wildlife -this is one of our top travel tips

5. Visit Santa in Lapland

santa claus at lapland in finalnd
The man himsefl!

Most popular attractions/places: Rovaniemi, the Northern Lights, & husky rides

Visiting Santa in Lapland is still one of the most incredible experiences of our lives to date! We’ve done this twice now, and can 100% recommend it. 

If you’re looking to see Santa then you’ll need to visit Rovaniemi which is Lapland’s Capital.

Otherwise known as ‘Santa Claus Village’, this beautiful city is the home of Father Christmas. He’s always happy to meet children and us ‘big kids’ so don’t leave this experience off your bucket list. 

Not only can you meet Santa Claus, but there are plenty of other festive things to do in Rovaniemi!

This includes heading to Santa Park, going on a reindeer sleigh ride, and exploring Santa Claus Village. Not only that but if you can time your visit with the Christmas opening ceremony - even better. 

lapland finand
Happy with the reindeer!

During your stay in Rovaniemi, you’ll also want to go on a husky ride and look out for the magical Northern lights

One of the best ways to spot the Aurora Borealis is to stay in a glass igloo as you can simply look out for this fascinating light display right from your bed. 

So, if you’re looking for a festive getaway I’d definitely recommend spending Christmas in Lapland! 

Helpful information for visiting Lapland

  • The best time to visit: November or December for the ultimate Christmas experience! 
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Top tip: Make sure you’re kitted out with the right clothing and boots, as it’s COLD during the winter. 

6. Climb Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu of Peru

Machu Picchu is a place that’s on many people’s bucket lists and it’s not hard to see why!

Located high up in the Andes Mountains, you’ll find this world wonder in the country of Peru; more specifically just above the town of Aguas Calientes.

Machu Picchu is an ancient Inca citadel that’s thought to date back to the 15th century and has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s famous for its breathtaking mountain backdrop, historical significance, and of course - the llamas that roam the grounds.

Temple Ruins of Macchu Picchu in  Peru

If you’re lucky, they’ll often come right up to you so make sure you’ve got the camera ready! 

Now, you’ve got a couple of options when it comes to visiting Machu Picchu; either hiking, catching the train, or heading there by bus.

Many people choose to hike along the Inca Trail to reach this iconic site, but if you’re not up to that, don’t worry.

You can either catch the train and hike part of the way, or take it all the way to Aguas Calientes. From there, there’s a bus that runs up to Machu Picchu and admission tickets can be booked in advance.

Some people even choose to book a day-tour from Cusco also these can get pretty pricey! 

Machu Picchu is a must for any South America itinerary, so don’t miss out on this place.

Helpful information for visiting Machu Picchu

  • The best time to visit: April to May, as the weather is perfect for hiking
  • Price range: $-$$
  • Top tip: You’ll probably want to spend a day acclimatizing to the altitude change before hiking up Machu Picchu. 

7. Visit the Galapagos Islands

beautiful Galapagos Island shore

Most popular attractions/places: Isabela Island, Fernandina Island, & Santa Cruz Island

The Galapagos Islands are one of the BEST travel destinations out there for wildlife lovers! 

Situated in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Ecuador, these islands are known to be one of the best places to see wildlife in the world. 

They’re actually famous for being the birthplace of Darwin’s theory of evolution! 

The Galapagos is made up of thirteen major islands, although there are plenty of other smaller islands and islets in the archipelago. 

Although these islands are breathtakingly beautiful, the main reason people visit is for the wildlife.

During our luxury Galapagos cruise, we truly fell in love with these islands, and would place this as one of the top few experiences of our entire lives.

Marine Iguanas on Sta Cruz Island, Galapagos Islands

If that’s the case with you, then the best islands to visit are Fernandina, Floreana, Isabella, and Santa Cruz!

To reach the Galapagos Islands you’ve got two options; flight or boat. There are a couple of airports throughout the archipelago or you can explore the islands by sea.

However, just keep in mind that cruises are the most expensive way to explore this area.

If you fly in, you can stay at a cheap hostel on the island to save some cash!

For help planning your trip, check out our epic guide on how to visit the Galapagos Islands.

Helpful information for visiting the Galapagos Islands

  • The best time to visit: December to May as temperatures are pleasant and the waters are clear, making them perfect for snorkeling
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Top tip: The main expense of getting to the Galapagos Islands are the flights and permits, once you’re there it’s very affordable. 

8. Visit Chichen Itza

 Chichen Itza

Mexico is famous for its stunning beaches, the ‘Day of the Dead’ festival, and its ancient ruins so it's a bucket list destination for sure! 

One of the most famous Mayan ruins in the country is the iconic Chichen Itza, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With over 1,000 years of history and covering an area of four square miles, visiting this ancient city is quite the experience. 

It’s one of the most popular archaeological sites in Mexico and once you get there you’ll understand why! It’s almost like the forest is ready to engulf Chichen Itza which makes for some pretty spectacular views. 

You can reach these beautiful ruins by bus, car, or by tour so there are plenty of options. 

Attracting over 2.5 million people a year, you can imagine that it gets super busy so make sure you get there early.

 Chichen Itza mexico

Although Chichen Itza is the most iconic Mayan ruin in the country, there are plenty of others to visit throughout Mexico.

During your time in the country, I’d recommend heading to Valladolid or Palenque as you’ll find plenty of fantastic Mayan ruins nearby. They will also be much less crowded!

Helpful information for visiting Chichen Itza

  • The best time to visit: November to March, although if you’re looking to avoid the crowds here then go at the very start of November
  • Price range: $
  • Top tip: If you don’t mind paying a bit extra, you can get an exclusive admission ticket. This allows you to be one of the first people to enter! 

9. Drive iconic Route 66

route 66

Most popular attractions/places: Cadillac Ranch, the Painted Desert, & Mojave National Preserve

Route 66 is probably the most famous road trip in the world and runs from Chicago to Los Angeles. 

Covering a distance of over 3,900 km this iconic road will take you through a variety of U.S states including Arizona, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.

As you can imagine there are tons of fantastic places to visit along the way! For the full experience, you’ll want to allow at least 2-3 weeks for this road trip.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to snap a photograph with the iconic route 66 sign. You’ll find plenty of them along the way, but Kingman and the Route 66 Hall of Fame Museum are the best places for this. 

driving on route 66

Other popular places to visit along this epic road trip include Cadillac Ranch, the Painted Desert, Mojave National Park, and the Petrified Forest

You’ll also get the chance to visit plenty of awesome cities too including Amarillo, Santa Fe, St Louis, and Tulsa.

Road tripping Route 66 is probably one of the best experiences you can have in America, so take your time and enjoy the ride!

If you're looking for more information then here are some of the best places to visit along this historic route...

Helpful information for road tripping Route 66

  • The best time to visit: April to July
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Top tip: You’ll never be able to visit every single place along Route 66 so pull together your ‘must-visit’ attractions and put them on a Google map. This will make your experience less overwhelming! 

10. Visit the world famous Las Vegas

las vegas at night

Most popular attractions/places: Bellagio Hotel & Casino, the Las Vegas Strip, & the Fremont Street Experience 

Whenever people think of the United States, Las Vegas is often one of the first cities that comes to mind. Infact, it's one of the top bucket list destinations across all kinds of age groups!

Located in the state of Nevada, although it's not the state's capital city, Las Vegas has so much to offer.

Situated close to the borders of Arizona, California, and Utah it’s also a great base to explore more of the area. 

Although you’ll find plenty of things to do in Las Vegas, this city is most famous for its casinos!

There are tons of them located throughout the city, although the most popular establishments include Bellagio Hotel & Casino, MGM Grand, and Luxor Hotel & Casino.

During your time in the city, it’s almost like a right of passage to visit one of these casinos and try your luck at winning some cash! 

However, if that’s not up your street then there are plenty of other attractions in Las Vegas.

venice in las vegas
Take a gondola ride- it's super romantic!

Some of the most popular ones include the Fremont Street Experience, the Fountains of Bellagio, and the Las Vegas Strip

Just outside of the city, you’ll find the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area too!

Helpful information for visiting Las Vegas

  • The best time to visit: The shoulder seasons of March-May and September-November are great times to visit as you can find some fantastic accommodation deals
  • Price range: $$$
  • Top tip: The Las Vegas City Pass can save you plenty of money when it comes to attractions

11. New York

New York Skyline and Statue of Liberty

Most popular attractions/places: Central Park, the Empire State Building, & Times Square 

Otherwise known as the ‘Big Apple’, New York is easily the most famous city in the United States. This makes it one of the best places to travel in the U.S!

With its towering skyscrapers, urban parks, and endless attractions, it’s no wonder that over 60 million people visit every year. 

New York City is situated in the state of New York and is set on the beautiful Hudson Bay. 

Consisting of famous neighborhoods such as Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Upper East Side, this city has so much to offer, and I genuinely think that it’s one of the best places to visit in the world! 

Central Park in New York

Now, where do I begin with the things you can get up to in New York?

There are endless attractions in the city but the ones you can’t miss include Central Park, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Times Square

During your time in the city, you’ll also want to visit the 9/11 memorial, Brooklyn Bridge, Top of the Rock, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

As there’s so much to see, you’ll want to stay for at least 3-4 nights so you don’t have to rush.

Here's a New York itinerary that will give you a good idea of what you can squeeze in during your stay! 

Helpful information for visiting New York

  • The best time to visit: April to June or September to November. However, December is another great time to visit as the city will be in full festive mode. 
  • Price range: $$$
  • Top tip: Like Las Vegas, New York also has a city pass that will save you up to 50% off attractions

12. Hike The Himalayas

Photo by Sukant Sharma on Unsplash

Most popular attractions/places: Mount Everest, Kathmandu, Pokhara (Nepal)

The Himalayas are undoubtedly one of the best places in the world and are known for their breathtaking scenery.

This huge mountain range covers a distance of around 2,400 km and is split between six countries; Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, India, Nepal, and Pakistan.

With snow-capped mountain ranges, plenty of fantastic hiking trails, and towering peaks, this part of the world has so much to offer.

Speaking of towering peaks; the Himalayas are actually home to nine of the ten highest mountains in the world! 

One of the best places for exploring the Himalayas is Nepal which is home to the spectacular Mount Everest; the highest peak in the world with an impressive elevation of 8,848m. 

The best way to experience these striking mountains is by hitting some of the hiking trails and there are plenty to choose from including the Annapurna Circuit, the Poonhill Trek, and of course, Everest Base Camp.

We actually plan to return to Nepal and hike up to Everest Base Camp as it’s been on our bucket list for so long!

other mountains in the himalayas
Watch out for the mist/fog ;)

However, you can still get epic views and appreciate the beauty of this mountain range without needing to hike! The best places for this are Kathmandu, Nagarkot, and Pokhara!

If you're looking to hit the trails then here's some information on the best treks in the Himalayas...

Helpful information for visiting the Himalayas 

  • The best time to visit: The best time to visit the Himalayas is generally spring and autumn, with the best conditions being between October and November.
  • Price range: $-$$
  • Top tip: If you’re an outdoor lover and you’re up for a multi-day hike then we can 100% recommend it! The guides/sherpas are wonderful and you’ll get to learn so much about the area.

13.Walk The Camino de Santiago

Most popular attractions/places: Burgos Cathedral, Pamplona, & Sierra del Perdón

If you’re a keen hiker then you can’t miss out on the Camino de Santiago

It’s a pilgrimage route that runs throughout Northern Spain and covers around 800 km, so there are plenty of route options to choose from. 

In regards to my experience, I started from St Jean Pied de Port and ended my journey at Santiago. In total, I had around 34 days to walk this route although you can always walk a shorter version if you’d prefer. 

Many people choose to walk around 100 or 200 km before reaching Santiago, and you’ll still get to receive your Compostela! 

Even though Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage route, you don’t have to be religious. 

camino de santiago spain

It’s an eye-opening experience either way and you’ll get to meet tons of interesting people throughout the hike. In fact, I’ve never met so many nationalities in one place!

Whether you’re simply looking for a challenge or if you want to appreciate Spain's beautiful landscapes, walking this trail is a must for any bucket list. 

It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet people from all over the world, and you’ll get to admire some epic scenery along the way! 

Helpful information for visiting Camino de Santiago 

  • The best time to visit: May-June and September as the weather is pleasant and you’ll often avoid the downpours
  • Price range: $-$$
  • Top tip: There are a few necessities you’ll need for this epic hike, so make sure you take a look at my Camino packing list!

14. Scottish Highlands

scotland highlands

Most popular attractions/places: Ben Nevis, the Isle of Skye, & Loch Ness

There are plenty of fantastic places to visit in Scotland, but it’s the Scottish Highlands that will truly take your breath away. 

Situated in the United Kingdom and more specifically Scotland, the highlands stretch from near Fort William all the way up to John O’ Groats.

Covering an area of nearly 25,600 sq km, the Scottish Highlands have so much to offer. 

During your time in this beautiful area, you’ll want to explore the magical Isle of Skye, marvel at the beauty of Glencoe, and take a trip out to Inverness

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter like us (who isn’t?), then you can also visit some of the filming locations! I’d also recommend heading to the Glenfinnan Viaduct and then taking a ride on the famous Jacobite Steam Train (or the Harry Potter Express which is what we prefer to call it).

harry potter train ride in scotland
It's magical!

One of our favorite road trips ever was exploring the highlands, as there are so many wonderful destinations to visit. 

If you’re looking to plan your own Scottish road trip, you’ve got plenty of options! However, I’d consider driving the iconic NC500 and spending at least a week doing so. 

Helpful information for visiting the Scottish Highlands

  • The best time to visit: Between June to August although you can still expect plenty of cool temperatures and downpours. The climate can be very unpredictable in the highlands! 
  • Price range: $-$$
  • Top tip: The best way to explore the Scottish Highlands (and Scotland in general) is by hiring a campervan. Wild camping is legal here which means there are plenty of fantastic wild camping spots! 

15. Ireland

Most popular attractions/places: Dublin, Belfast, & the Wild Atlantic way 

Ireland is without a doubt one of the best places in the world!

Although we may be biased as Cazzy is Irish, we’ve never met anyone who didn’t fall in love with this beautiful country. 

There are plenty of fantastic things to do in Ireland so you’ll want to allow at least 10 days for the best experience. 

Whether you’re looking to explore magical castles, try a pint of Guinness, or listen to traditional music - Ireland has something for everyone.

This epic Ireland road trip itinerary will take you to some of the most popular destinations in both Northern Ireland and the Republic.

ireland roads

This includes the cities of Belfast, Dublin, and Galway, as well as the beautiful counties of Clare, Donegal, Kerry, and Mayo

As there are so many fantastic places to visit in Ireland I’d recommend hiring a camper and road-tripping the country. You’ll find plenty of wild camping spots along the way, and you’ll be able to easily create your own itinerary. 

Just make sure that you road trip along the Wild Atlantic Way and the Causeway Coast. This means you’ll get to see the iconic Cliffs of Moher and the Giants Causeway!

Helpful information for visiting Ireland

  • The best time to visit: June to August is the most popular time to visit, although May and September offer a much quieter experience
  • Price range: $$
  • Top tip: Here’s our ultimate packing list for Ireland so you'll be fully prepared for exploring this beautiful country!

16. Douro Valley

Most popular attractions/places: Casal De Loivos, Quinta da Padrela winery, & Tua 

Although all of Portugal is beautiful, Douro Valley in particular is a hidden gem! 

This valley is one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world, and road tripping through it is one of the best things to do in Portugal

If you don’t believe us, you can check out our vlog and see for yourself! 

Although we’ve visited dozens of countries, Douro Valley is still one of our favorite places on Earth. 

It’s around a 55-minute drive from the city of Porto and is home to dramatic mountains, winding roads, and beautiful vineyards.

Some of the top wineries in the area include Ferreira, Quinta do Seixo, and Quinta da Padrela which is the one we’d recommend! 

wine region in Portugal

Other fantastic places to visit in Douro Valley include Lamego, Peso da Regua, Pinhao Village, and Tua. 

You’ll also want to head to the breathtaking viewpoints of Casal De Loivos and San Leonardo de Galafura! 

As you can see Douro Valley has so much to offer. So whatever you do, just make sure this place is included on your Portugal itinerary!

Helpful information for visiting Douro Valley

  • The best time to visit: April to June offer a fantastic experience as you’ll get to avoid the crowds and the weather tends to be very pleasant!
  • Price range: $$
  • Top tip: You can stay in many of the wineries in Douro Valley and we 100% recommend that you do!

17. Paris


Most popular attractions/places: The Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, & the Louvre

Now, who doesn’t want to visit Paris?

The ‘City of Love’ is famous across the world for its romantic atmosphere, incredible architecture, and endless attractions. 

We were incredibly lucky with our timing as we visited in June 2022 when the world was just starting to reopen after the pandemic. 

This meant Paris was virtually empty of tourists, and we could enjoy many of the popular sites in peace!

However, whenever you visit you’re in for the trip of a lifetime.

paris sights

Paris is full of fantastic places to see, although the most iconic attractions include the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Arc de Triomphe

The iconic Notre Dame also used to be a popular spot, although it’s not going to reopen until at least 2024 due to the devastating fire in 2019. 

During your time in the city, you’ll want to visit the Les Invalides Museum, wander along Champs-Elysées, and explore Luxembourg Gardens too!

To make the most of your trip to Paris, it’s best to spend at least 3-4 days in the city. This gives you plenty of time to explore without having to rush.

You can also spend some time at Disneyland Paris if you wish! 

Helpful information for visiting Paris

  • The best time to visit: The summer months of June, July, and August are the most popular times to visit Paris. However, if you’re looking to avoid the crowds then visit in May or October! 
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Top tip: Grab a pastry from one of the local bakeries and head to the Eiffel Tower for breakfast - you can thank us later! 

18. Alsace, France

alsace france
Felt like I was in Beauty and the Beast!

Most popular attractions/places: Colmar, Ribeauvillé, et Riquewihr

As you know, we love to visit wine regions across the world so Alsace was an obvious choice for us! 

Situated in France, this region is home to beautiful vineyards, epic castles, and brilliant architecture.

There are plenty of fantastic places to visit in Alsace, but the highlight of this area has to be its fairytale-style villages.

They are so cool to wander around, and are thought to have inspired Belle’s hometown in the Disney Classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

alsace region france

The two villages in question are Ribeauville and Riquewihr and both of them are magical. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on these two destinations.

Whilst you’re in the region, you’ll also want to visit Colmar, Chateau de Haut Konigsberg, and Strasbourg

After visiting Alsace, you can even cut across to Champagne if you have the time! 

If you’re interested in our experience of visiting Alsace, then our Vlog documents the entire adventure. So, let us take you through this region's charming villages!

We’ve visited this beautiful region twice, once in the heart of summer and once during December! Both times were just as magical, so make sure you add this part of the country to your bucket list.

If you're planning to explore more of France then there are some fantastic road trips that you can do! 

Helpful information for visiting Alsace, France

  • The best time to visit: Although June to August is the ‘peak’ time to visit Alsace, spring is a great time of year to visit too as the weather is extremely pleasant. 
  • Price range: $$
  • Top tip: Alsace has some fantastic Christmas markets, perhaps the best we’ve ever been to!

19. The Greek Islands

santorini greece

Most popular attractions/places: Crete, Mykonos, & Santorini

The Greek Islands are considered to be one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world and it’s not hard to see why! 

With delicious local cuisine, crystal clear waters, and pristine sandy beaches, these islands have so much to offer and there are plenty to choose from. 

There are six main island groups; the Cyclades, Dodecanese, Ionian, North Aegean, Saronic, and the Sporades.

One of the most popular groups is the Ionian Islands which is where you’ll find Corfu, Kefalonia, Paxos, and Zakynthos

However, it’s the Cyclades that often steal the limelight as this island group is home to Milos, Mykonos, Naxos, and the world-famous Santorini

greek islands
The famous Mykonos windmills

No matter which one you choose you’re in for beautiful turquoise waters, ancient Athenian temples & architecture, and mouth-watering Greek cuisine. 

You’ll find plenty of awesome activities on these islands too including catamaran cruises, wine-tasting, and museums. What more could you want?

If you’re looking to see more of our Greek adventures then you can check out our YouTube where we road-tripped around the mainland, and then spent some time island-hopping

Helpful information for visiting the Greek Islands

  • The best time to visit: The summer months of June-August are the ‘peak’ time to visit, although May and September offer great conditions too
  • Price range: $$
  • Top tip: Athens is the best place for flights to the Greek Islands or you can travel around by ferry which offers greater flexibility 

20. Sri Lanka

tuk tuk sri lanka

Most popular attractions/places: Ella, Mirissa, & Sigiriya 

In my opinion, Sri Lanka is one of the best places to visit in the world as this beautiful country has something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking to go on safari, explore tea plantations, or relax on the beach; you’ll find endless opportunities here.

Unfortunately, tourism here has suffered a lot since the turn of the century, with civil wars, extreme closures due to covid and political turmoil resulting from unopenings!

However, this means that the country still remains a truly wonderful place that the world hasn’t yet had the chance to explore properly.

Whether you’re a budget backpacker or a luxury travel lover, Sri Lanka has so much to offer!

Some of the most popular attractions in the country include the famous Nine arch bridge in Ella, the ancient temples of Anuradhapura, and the tea plantations of Nuwara Eliya

ella bridge sri lanka

Other popular destinations in the country include Arugam Bay, Mirissa, Trincomalee, and Unawatuna.

During your time in Sri Lanka, you’ll also want to go on a whale-watching tour, hike up Sigiriya Rock, go on a safari, and visit the Dog Care Clinic.

As you can see there are so many fantastic places to visit, so you’ll want to spend at least 3-4 weeks exploring this beautiful country! 

Helpful information for visiting Sri Lanka

  • The best time to visit: This differs depending on where you’re visiting in the country as Sri Lanka has two monsoon seasons. Dec-March is the best time to visit if you’re heading to the West and South coast, whilst May-Sep is the perfect time to explore the East coast
  • Price range: $-$$
  • Top tip: One of the best ways to explore the country is by renting a tuk-tuk! Check out Tuk Tuk Rental for the best prices

21. The Philippines

philippines coron

Most popular attractions/places: Coron, Bohol, & El Nido

The Philippines consists of over 7,000 islands so as you can imagine there are plenty of beautiful places to visit! 

Some of the most popular islands in the country include Bohol, Cebu, El Nido, and Siargao. However, if you’re looking for a more off-the-beaten-track destination then why not head to Siquijor?

Now, it’s really difficult to choose one spot when heading to the Philippines as everywhere is so beautiful.

However, if I had to pick then I’d narrow it down to places; Coron and Port Barton - both of which are found in the province of Palawan.

If you head to Coron you can stay on an actual houseboat and literally step out of your room into pure blue waters teeming with sea life.

You’ll also get to visit plenty of beautiful places including Kayangan Lake, Mount Tapyas, and Twin Lagoon.

philippines coron

Port Barton is fantastic too as you’ll find crystal clear waters, and if you’re lucky you might even get to swim with giant turtles! 

There are so many incredible things to do in the Philippines so don’t miss out on this country! 

Helpful information for visiting the Philippines

  • The best time to visit: December-February is the dry season so you’ll get pleasant weather and fewer downpours!
  • Price range: $-$$
  • Top tip: There are plenty of ways to get around the different islands including tuk-tuks, shuttles, and jeepneys. However, hiring a moped is a great way to explore!

22. Great Barrier reef

Whitsunday Island and a portion of the Great Barrier Reef

Most popular attractions/places: Fitzroy Island, Whitehaven Beach, & the Whitsunday Islands

If you’re an ocean lover like us then you NEED to visit the Great Barrier Reef

Covering an area of approximately 340,000 sq km and consisting of over 900 islands, this reef is one of the best places to visit in the world. 

Located in Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system on Earth and is home to a variety of marine life. 

It’s one of the seven natural wonders of the world and you’ll find plenty of beautiful destinations to visit here.

This includes the breathtaking Whitsunday Islands, Whitehaven Beach, and Fitzroy Island

Beautiful beach at Fitzroy Island

Not only are there plenty of places to visit, but you’ll find lots of fantastic activities here like going on a reef cruise, taking a scenic flight, and sea kayaking.

However, the BEST thing to do in the Great Barrier Reef is to go snorkeling or scuba diving! 

This protected area of the ocean is home to over 1,500 species of fish, over 200 types of birds, and giant clams that can be over 100 years old! 

You can also spot a variety of shark and whale species, six types of turtle species, dolphins, and stingrays.

During your time here, you might even come across a dugong (sea cow) or a saltwater crocodile!

If you're planning to stay in Cairns then this awesome snorkeling and diving tour will take you to the Great Barrier Reef.

Helpful information for visiting the Great Barrier Reef

  • The best time to visit: May-October is the best time to visit as the underwater visibility is at its best, and temperatures are pleasant
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Top tip: Make sure you use an ocean & reef-friendly sunscreen whilst snorkeling here!

23. New Zealand

Mount Cook and Pukaki Lake in New Zealand

Most popular attractions/places: Auckland, Milford Sound, & Queenstown

New Zealand is a country that’s high on many people’s bucket lists and it’s not hard to see why! 

With stunning national parks, bustling cities, and a wide variety of wildlife, this country has so much to offer.

New Zealand is split into two islands; the North Island and the South Island. For the best experience, it’s best to explore both islands and hire a campervan. 

However, there’s no tunnel or bridge connecting the two so you’ll have to cross via ferry!

Auckland Skyline, New Zealand

Now, on to the best places to visit. Where to begin?

First of all, let’s start with the North Island. Here, you’ll find the awesome cities of Auckland, Rotorua, and Wellington.

During your time on this island, you’ll also want to visit the Bay of Islands, the Coromandel, Lake Taupo, and Tongariro National Park

After you’ve reached the South Island make sure you’ve got enough time to visit Christchurch, Dunedin, and Queenstown.

This part of the world is also home to the famous Milford Sound, Franz Josef Glacier, Kawarau Gorge, Mount Cook National Park, and Fiordland National Park.

As you can see, there are so many awesome things to do in New Zealand!

If you’ve got the time I’d recommend spending at least 3-4 weeks in this beautiful country.

Helpful information for visiting New Zealand

  • The best time to visit: December-March is a great time to visit unless you’re looking to go skiing or try some winter sports
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Top tip: There are plenty of i-SITES throughout the country where you’ll find tourist information, tour desks, and brochures.

24. Egypt

Great Pyramids of Egypt

Most popular attractions/places: The Pyramids of Giza, Luxor, & the Nile River

Egypt is found in Northeast Africa and borders Israel, Libya, and Sudan. Although this country often has a bad reputation, it’s one of the top bucket list destinations in the world! 

Home to dramatic scenery, ancient sites, and intriguing history, it’s no wonder that Egypt attracts millions of tourists every year. 

I can’t start off the list of places to visit, without first addressing the famous Pyramids of Giza! These pyramids of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and how they were built are still one of the earth’s top mysteries.

Next to the Pyramids, you’ll find the iconic Sphinx statue which is over 4,500 years old.

Karnak Temple in Luxor in Egypt

Luxor is another fantastic destination and is home to the ‘Valley of the Kings’ where you’ll get to visit a variety of tombs and wonder at ancient hieroglyphics. 

During your time in Egypt, you’ll also want to take a cruise along the Nile, visit the iconic Abu Simbel Temples, and dive in the Red Sea.

Although not as popular as Egypt's archaeological sites, this country is home to some incredible cities and towns including Alexandria, Cairo, and Sharm El-Sheik

You'll find plenty of fantastic places to visit in Egypt so here's some information that you might find helpful...

Helpful information for visiting Egypt 

  • The best time to visit: October-April is often the best time to visit as the weather is cooler and you’ll encounter very little rain! 
  • Price range: $-$$
  • Top tip: Make sure you don’t drink tap water anywhere in Egypt as it’s very unsafe! 

25. The Rocky Mountains, Canada

rockie mountains canada

Most popular attractions/places: Banff, Jasper, & Kootenay

Situated within Alberta, the Rocky Mountains are the longest mountain range in all of North America covering an impressive 4,800 km. 

With striking mountain peaks, turquoise lakes, and fantastic hikes, these mountains are one of the best vacation spots for outdoor lovers.

In all honesty, the whole area is fantastic but there are a few stand-out destinations!

Banff and Banff National Park are up there with the best, and you’ll find plenty of things to do here. This includes Johnston Canyon, Mount Norquay, and Sulfur Mountain.

Banff is also home to stunning lakes including Lake Louise, Lake Moraine, and Two Jack Lake. 

moraine lake in canada
Moraine Lake!

You’ll find plenty of amazing places to visit in Jasper National Park too including Athabasca glacier, the Columbia Icefield, and the Glacier Skywalk.  

To visit both areas, I’d recommend driving the Icefields Parkway between Banff and Jasper as you’ll get to see plenty of wildlife along the way!

Lastly, let’s not forget about Kootenay National Park. This part of the Rockies is home to fantastic hiking trails, dramatic canyons, and stunning lakes. 

If you've got the time there are plenty of other fantastic places to visit in Canada!

Helpful information for visiting the Rocky Mountains

  • The best time to visit: Each season brings something unique, but the ‘peak’ season is between June to August. This time of year offers the best temperatures and wildlife-watching opportunities. 
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Top tip: Invest in binoculars or a zoom lens before heading to the Rockies if you can! The scenery is incredible and you’ll get to see plenty of wildlife too.

26. Utah, USA

byrce canyon utah
Bryce Canyon National Park (EPIC!)

Most popular attractions/places: Bryce Canyon National Park, Monument Valley, & Zion National Park 

If you want to feel like you’ve been transported to an entirely different planet, then a trip to Utah is like no other! 

With red-rock canyons, moon-like landscapes, and unique geological formations, Utah is home to some of the most dramatic landscapes on Earth.

There are also some fantastic national parks in the state, so make sure you allow at least 10 days to explore the best sites.

During your trip, you’ll be able to take on the challenge of visiting Utah’s Big 5; Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, and Zion National Park.

Each of them has so much to offer, and you’ll find plenty of fantastic hiking trails and places to visit within each one!


Other popular places to visit in Utah include Dead Horse Point State Park, the Great Salt Lake, and Monument Valley.

This state is also home to some fantastic urban areas including Park City, Saint George, and Salt Lake City!

Utah is one of the world’s best places to visit, so don’t leave it off your bucket list.

Helpful information for visiting Utah

  • The best time to visit: April-May and September-October are generally the best times to visit as temperatures are lower, and the crowds are less intense 
  • Price range: $$
  • Top tip: Make sure you’re prepared for the intense weather conditions, especially during the summer. You’ll need plenty of sunscreen and water!

27. Guatemala

Most popular attractions/places: Antigua, Lake Atitlan, & the Tikal Malayan Ruins

Guatemala is one of the best countries in Central America as there are so many awesome destinations to visit! 

Let’s start with the fascinating Mayan ruins at Tikal. These ruins are the most popular tourist attraction in the country and it’s not hard to see why!

They will quite literally take your breath away as the steps up to the viewpoints can be difficult in the heat. 

Next up, you’ll want to visit the natural wonders of Semuc Champey where you’ll be able to cool off in wonderful waterfalls and admire the spectacular scenery. 

During your trip to Guatemala, you don’t want to miss out on Lake Atitlan either, as you’ll get to marvel at epic sunsets, see towering volcanoes rise above the water, and try your hand at paddle boarding. 

No trip to the country is complete without visiting Antigua as you’ll get to admire the impressive architecture, explore the local markets, and wander through the charming cobblestone streets. 

This city also offers you the chance to hike up volcanoes where you’ll actually get to see lava erupt! 

If you’ve got some extra time in the country then make sure you head to Flores too!

Helpful information for visiting Guatemala

  • The best time to visit: November-April is the dry season, so offers the best weather conditions
  • Price range: $-$$
  • Top tip: Getting around the country by public transport is incredibly easy, so make sure you take the bus rather than fly and you’ll save plenty of cash

28. Nicaragua


Most popular attractions/places: Granada, Ometepe, & San Juan Del Sur

Nicaragua is a country full of the BEST things in the world; the best sunsets, the best coffee (I guarantee you), and probably the best rum too! 

Although this area of Central America often has a reputation for being dangerous, we never had a single issue with safety during our trip. As long as you’re sensible, you won’t run into any problems.

Nicaragua is actually still one of my favorite countries in the world, even though we’ve traveled all across Asia, Canada, and Europe! 

It’s a county that has so much to offer with amazing volcanoes, plenty of surf opportunities, yoga camps, and beautiful destinations to visit.

volcanoes in Nicaragua

Another amazingly cool thing about Nicaragua? It’s one of the only places in the world where you can actually board down a volcano! 

Now, there are plenty of awesome destinations in the country including Granada, Leon, Ometepe, and San Juan Del Sur.

Each one has something unique to offer with plenty of wildlife-watching opportunities, colonial architecture, and delicious food. 

Not only is Nicaragua one of the most fantastic places on Earth but it’s super cheap too! So what are you waiting for?

Helpful information for visiting Nicaragua

  • The best time to visit: November-May is the dry season, which will offer you the best weather conditions 
  • Price range: $-$$
  • Top tip: Getting around Nicaragua is a lot easier than you may think, and you can read more about the options on our website. 

29. Patagonia, South America

torres del paine patigonia
Torres Del Paine

Most popular attractions/places: El Calafate, El Chalten, & Torres Del Paine National Park

Chile is one of the most diverse countries on the planet and without doubt one of the best places to travel!

It’s got deserts in the north, a pretty world-famous wine region, and then in the south, you have the epicness that is Patagonia. 

Patagonia is a world-famous region that's known for its variety of wildlife, striking mountain peaks, and fantastic hiking trails.

However, this region isn’t just situated in Chile with parts of it located in Argentina too! 

If you’re exploring the Chilean part of Patagonia, then you’ll have plenty of fantastic adventures waiting for you. 

 El Calafate argentina
El Calafate

First of all, you’ll want to hike in Torres Del Paine National Park as this is an experience like no other!

You’ll also want to test the rapids at Futaleufú, explore Punta Arenas, and soak in the hot springs at Puyuhuapi.

On the Argentinian side of Patagonia, you NEED to visit El Calafate which is where you’ll find the Perito Moreno Glacier, and El Chalten which is the country’s trekking capital. 

I’d also recommend heading to Península Valdés and Punta Tombo for wildlife-watching opportunities.

If you're looking for more information on things to do in Patagonia then you might find this article helpful...

Whatever you do, make sure this beautiful region is included on your South America itinerary

Helpful information for visiting Patagonia

  • The best time to visit: November-March is the best time to visit Patagonia with warmer temperatures and less rainfall
  • Price range: $-$$
  • Top tip: The climate can be unpredictable in Patagonia no matter what time of year you visit so make sure you pack plenty of layers

30. Kenya

Downtown Nairobi in Kenya

Most popular attractions/places: Nairobi, Amboseli Nature Reserve, & Maasai Mara Nature Reserve 

If you’re wondering where to go in the world, then why not head to Kenya?

This part of Africa is famous for its safaris, epic landscapes, and endless nature reserves so is a must-visit for any nature lover.

Your adventure will likely start in the capital of Nairobi, and you’ll want to spend a day or two here exploring the best sites. 

This includes the Giraffe Center, the National Museum of Kenya, and the Nairobi Animal Orphanage

After spending some time in the city, it’s time to choose one of the country’s epic nature reserves! 

African Elephants in Amboseli Nature Reserve in Kenya

There are plenty to choose from, and many of them offer you the chance to see Africa’s Big 5; the African Buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion, and rhinoceros

Some of the most popular reserves in the country include Amboseli Nature Reserve which offers spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro and the Maasai Mara Nature Reserve which is famous for the Great Migration.

If you’re looking to visit other areas of Kenya too then make sure you check out Lake Nakuru National Park, Mount Kenya National Park, and Tsavo National Park.

Mombasa Marine National Park isn’t your typical ‘safari’ but you’ve got a great chance of spotting sharks, turtles, and whales.

Here's some more information on the best places to visit in Kenya...

Helpful information for visiting Kenya

  • The best time to visit: January-March and June-October offer the best wildlife-watching opportunities
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Top tip: Invest in a zoom lens or binoculars before you head to Kenya, as this will allow you to get a closer look at the wildlife! 

31. Java, Indonesia

mount bromo in java

Most popular attractions/places: Borobudur Temple, Malang, & Mount Bromo

When everyone thinks of Indonesia, the first place that often comes to mind is Bali. So much so, that in fact, many people believe Bali to be its own country! 

Don’t get me wrong, Bali is amazing, but other islands in the country are equally as beautiful. One of those is the island of Java which is a must for any Indonesian itinerary.

With pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and a variety of wildlife, this island is a tropical paradise. 

There are countless amazing things to do in Java like exploring Borobudur Temple, visiting the capital of Jakarta, and marveling at Tumpak Sewu Waterfall.

java indonesia

However, one of the island’s highlights has to be the iconic Mount Bromo!

It’s the BEST sunrise experience that I’ve ever had, and it’s definitely worth the super early start. 

You’ll even get to walk around the edge of the volcano, which feels as terrifying as it sounds, but it’s epic! 

For the ultimate Java itinerary, you’ll also want to visit the cities of Bandung, Malang, and Yogyakarta.

From colorful villages to lush tea fields, these cities and their surrounding areas have so much to offer.

Java is such a wonderful place with a rich culture, and they do fantastic coffee too!

Helpful information for visiting Indonesia

  • The best time to visit: May-October is the dry season which offers great weather conditions
  • Price range: $
  • Top tip: Java is one of the cheapest destinations in Indonesia so is perfect for backpackers - you can get by on as little as $20 a day! 

So, which country should you visit?

As you can see there are so many fantastic places to visit in the world! 

Each country or destination in this guide has something special to offer, and it all depends on your travel preferences. 

If you’re more of an adventure traveler then the Galapagos Islands, the Himalayas, or the Amazon may be the BEST option for you! 

However, if you’d prefer to tick off some world wonders then I’d make sure that Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu, and the Taj Mahal are all on your list. 

Whatever your decision, I can guarantee that you’ll have a fantastic time visiting any of these destinations!

If you're in the process of making some big travel plans then here are some other travel guides that you might find helpful:

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