17 Best Things To Do In Malang [Indonesia] In 2024

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May 21, 2024
So you're thinking of visiting the vibrant city of Malang in Java. Well, check out our guide on the best things to do in Malang for a little inspiration...
Malang Indonesia

Located on Java in Indonesia, Malang was one of our favourite places anywhere on the island!

It’s bursting with amazing things to do and I highly recommend that you include it on your journey through Java.

But with so many incredible things to do in Malang, planning the perfect trip can seem overwhelming.

Don't panic ...

Below, I'll take you through everything you need to know when visiting Malang.

Including, not just what to do, but how long to visit and even where to stay!

Let's get stuck in.

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When is the best time to visit Malang 

It’s best to visit Malang during the dry season, which runs in August, September and October.

The most popular time for tourists to visit is August, which is when Brad and I visited.

However, we can’t say it was overly busy.

Luckily, We didn’t run into that many tourists at all. 

Except for maybe Mount Bromo (more on that below ...).

Where to stay in Malang

Whizz Prime Malang hotel

When Brad and I stayed in Malang we opted for city centre accommodation. We stayed in Whizz Prime and I can highly recommend it!

It was well priced the rooms were clean, they had room service, a swimming pool, breakfast included and we were able to organise tours and bike with the reception. 

It’s also close to a number of decent restaurants, as well as a large supermarket, so is a great location

For more ideas check the best hotels & hostels in Malang here

Top things to do in Malang

Okay, now for the part you came for, a list of the best places to visit in Malang.

Well, let's get started!

1. Take a Mount Bromo Tour [the best thing to do in Java!]

mount bromo

This is without a doubt the best thing to do in Malang, even though it’s technically not in Malang, it’s the closest and most convenient point in Indonesia to take a Mount Bromo tour.

You’ll want to do a sunrise tour because OMG, it’s the most amazing sunrise I’ve ever done in my life. 10000%.

It looks like a painting it’s that perfect.

Anyway, because it’s sunrise, you’ll be starting your morning at around 12-1am. I know it’s early, but trust me it’s worth it and you can sleep after. 

Brad and I went with a private tour company we found through our hotel Whizz Prime, and honestly there is a lack of information in the city, so it was a good shout.

Plus we had a fantastic time. 

sunrise at Mount Bromo

We could even afford a private tour as it wasn’t a rip off, so Brad and I got picked up by our guide early in the morning and we headed in our jeep to Bromo! 

2023 update: the tour we went with is currently unavailable, so here's a great sunrise tour option we recommend.

Price: 712,500 IDR for group sunrise tour and 1,500,000 IDR per person for private sunrise tour.

Note that prices may fluctuate over time (i.e. cheaper during low season,).

To guarantee a spot, it's good to book ahead of time.

Other things to note if you haven't read my other post: 

  • You can rent coats up there (Warm warm ones) for 30,000 IDR a piece which is perfect 
  • You can buy hot tea and coffee for 5,000 IDR and sit around the little fires they have going to stay warm 
  • Kong Hill is a great sunset spot but it gets crowded so climb up the sand dune bits for an even better view. Go head for a seat at least 45 minutes before sunrise. 
  • You can buy hats too for around 30,000 IDR. They’re a decent investment actually, ours was great quality 
  • A tour will take you to other spots including walking up the crater and Teletubbies hill. The crater is worth a walk, but don’t ride the donkeys. 
  • If you want more information then check my guide.
Alternatively, you can also opt for a sunset tour.
Mount Bromo Jeep ride
Top reviewed tour
Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour
A sunrise tour of the majestic Mount Bromo, Indonesia's most famous active volcano. Includes hotel transfer, a thrilling ride on a 4WD jeep, and a hearty breakfast afterward.

2. Explore the "Rainbow village" of Jodipan

jodipan malang

This was one of my personal favourite things to do in Malang.

Jodipan was once a slum area of the city with much of the village seemingly falling apart.

So, the university students came up with the idea to paint the town in different colours of the rainbow in order to attract tourism.

The money from the very tiny entrance fee of 5,000 IDR is given to the people who live there. 

Actually there are 2 entrance points of the Rainbow village, and each is a 5,000 IDR entrance, but in exchange for your tiny donation, you get a free handmade keyring which is super cute.

As you walk through the rainbow village you can take great pics against the colorful backdrop, buy something at the little shops that have cropped up or head up to the yellow bridge for an awesome view. 

Also, this is a really popular spot for travel drones, because come on! The drone captures all the amazing photos from above and it’s legal to drone here (for now at least) and free...again for now. 

This was probably the most touristy we discovered on our Java itinerary, but we still had a lot of the village to ourselves.

Touristy in Malang is not the same as touristy in Bali! 

Definitely one of the more unique things to do in Malang, and the project was done to increase tourism, and that’s exactly what it’s achieved. 

The guided tour option starts from IDR 341,463 per person.

Entrance: 5,000 IDR
Opening times: 07:00 - 18:00
rainbow village
Top reviewed tour
Wonosari Colonial Tea Plantation and Jodipan Colorful Village Tour
A fantastic guided tour to Jodipan Rainbow Village and Wonosari Colonial Tea Plantation, including hotel transfer and a friendly local guide.

3. Explore the Blue village

blue village malang

The Blue Village, or Kampung Biru Arema, is located right next to the Rainbow Village and it’s another great place to explore.

It’s the same concept as above, but this village is like a miniature version of that blue village that’s in Morocco (I haven’t been, but I’ve seen the photos). 

There are roughly 500 houses painted in uniform shades of blue, which is the colour of the local football club, Arema.

It’s a lot quieter than the Rainbow village, so you really may be the only one wandering around. The entrance price is just 3,000 IDR with an optional donation fee of 25,000 IDR.

You can see both these places from the train ride on the way into Malang, I didn’t as I was daydreaming, but I’ve heard you can.

Opening times: All hours (but safest in daylight hours)
Price: 3,000 IDR (and optional 25,000 IDR donation)
Blue village vs rainbow village malang

4. Visit Coban Putri

Coban Putri

Word of warning, you’re going to see me talk about a lot of waterfalls in Malang, and that’s because waterfall chasing is one of the most popular things to do here. 

So first things first, Coban Putri (Coban means waterfall).

It's not the best waterfall in Malang (more on that below...) but it’s still a very romantic spot.

It’s also quite famous for it’s nest that you can stand in with your loved one for an epic photo with a great backdrop. It’s about 10,000 IDR for a photo.

You can drive the whole way up to the waterfall, and you can “climb” the waterfall too. But it’s only 10,000 IDR entrance and 3,000 IDR to park your moped (or 5,000 IDR for cars).

One of the newest activities here is an offroad jeep that can take you around the area for 35,000 IDR per person.

This waterfall is around 40 minutes from Malang city centre but a trip here can be combined with many other waterfalls in the area. 

Opening times: 09:00 - 17:00
Price: 10,000 IDR

5. Be amazed by Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

waterfall java

Brad will tell you that this is one of his favourite things to do in Malang, and maybe all of Indonesia.

I would agree. 

This is an EPIC waterfall and it is regarded as one of the best in Indonesia. You always wonder whether a photo of a place will live up to the reality, well this waterfall totally does. 

It’s also an epic photo spot as when the weather is right you can see the volcano in the background. 

Now this is a 2 hour drive from Malang city centre, but it’s worth the drive. The drive itself is quite scenic and fairly straight. 

But thankfully there are now tours you can take that will organise your transport for you, like this one.

Prices start at 487,500 IDR per person for groups of 4+ people, and it's especially great because it includes...

  1. Entrance fee to Tumpaksewu AND Goa Tetes, a nearby natural cave and waterfall
  2. Round-trip transport to and from your hotel
  3. A local trekking ranger as your guide

When you visit there are actually two viewpoints, located at opposite ends of each other. We went to the more “official” entrance, but it was a little busy.

sekumal waterfall java

The views were epic however, and if you want to walk down underneath the waterfall, then you do so from here. It’s 20,000 IDR for entrance and it’s 15,000 IDR to walk down. The walk is a little sketchy, but according to the guides it should take around 30 minutes (each way I presume!) 

When we were at the first spot, we looked across and seen like another platform so decided to try and find it. We drove around to the other side and came across a little house area that provided entrance to the waterfall too. It was also 20,000 IDR and I actually preferred this side. 

There was NO ONE there.

Just Brad and I and we flew our drone and got some epic shots (be careful with interference for your drone signal- they have been lost here). 

This is definitely one of the best things to do in Malang and if you don't want to drive or take an organised tour, you can easily rent a Grab driver to take you there and back. 

Word of warning, it’s getting more attention so more popular, so visit now before it’s overrun with mass tourism.

Other guided tour option: Book with GetYourGuide here

Opening times: 07:00 - 17:00
Price: 20,000 IDR
Top reviewed tour
Tumpak Sewu and Goa Tetes Waterfall Trekking Experience
A full day trekking tour to the picturesque Tumpaksewu waterfall and nearby Goa Tetes. Includes round-trip transfer, water bottles, and a local ranger guide.

6. Visit the quiet Kidal temple

Kidal Temple

If you’ve gone as far as Sekumpul waterfall, then on your way back you can visit Kidal Temple.

It is only a slight detour off the route, and well worth stopping at.

Like most places in Malang, it offers some wonderful photo opportunities.

But most impressive of all is the fact it was built almost 800 years ago!

The Kidal Temple is a relic from the ancient Javanese Hindu kingdom of Singhasari and is believed to be one of the oldest worship temples in East Java.

Though it has been recently restored in order to help bring it back to its former glory.

Opening times: 08:00 - 17:00
Price: Free

7. Admire the beautiful Batu Flower Garden

batu flower garden

Batu Flower Garden is beautiful, but a novelty sight.

It’s the hidden waterfall which I will talk about below that makes it worth visiting.

But the garden itself is very well maintained, colorful and there are lots of typical photo opportunities available. Including hobbit houses like those we saw in Yogyakarta (Java).

It's a relatively long walk up and through the park and the views get gradually more impressive as you go up.

Unfortunately, you cannot ride your moped up through, but instead have to park it near the entrance.

The basic entrance fee is 37,500 IDR, but some photo spots and activities such as ziplining will cost extra.

Alternatively, you can get the All-Spot entrance for 112,500 IDR.

Opening times: 08:00 - 16:00
Price: From 37,500 IDR
hobbit houses malang

8. Discover the secret waterfall beyond the Batu Flower Garden

secret waterfall in batu

We found this waterfall by accident.

We were actually looking for a completely different waterfall but ended up following signs to this waterfall.

I don’t even have a name for it...but if you visit the Batu waterfall, you'll be able to find it!

We dug around after the trip and found that it's called Coban Rais.

As you walk past the Batu Flower Garden, you’ll see signs for a waterfall and you’ll have a lot of guys asking if you want to pay for a moped to take you there, which is fine, (around 10,000 IDR and 25,000 IDR back). Note that it doesn’t take you the full way, so you’ll still have to walk through mud and water. 

Anyway, it’s about a 45 minute walk through water, streams and some mud and I certainly wasn’t prepared for that style of walk.

We did it anyway, we made it and we were the only ones here at this really cool waterfall! 

It was totally worth the adventure, but we couldn’t actually get our drone to find GPS signal there so we couldn’t fly it properly.

It might have been to do with the secluded location. 

walk to secret waterfall
Price: Around 35,000 IDR for a moped ride access

9. Another awesome waterfall: Coban Rondo

waterfall in java

This is a pretty cool waterfall that’s located up high and it’s pretty powerful!

To get there you need to pay entrance into a national park type area. 

This entrance will give you access to the waterfall, camping area (if you're that way inclined), a fishing pond, and other things in the park.

Entrance is 50,000 and this is probably the most "touristy" place we seen in Malang, simply because we seen other tourists, and tour buses where visiting!

There are several activities inside the area which you can pay for, such as an off-road jeep,ATV, and archery.

Opening times: 08:00 - 17:00
Price: 35,000 IDR on weekdays, 40,000 IDR on weekdays

10. Get lost in Taman Labirin

Taman Labirin, maze

Located in the same park as the above waterfall, all you need to do is follow the signs to this unique maze.

It’s included in the ticket price and it’s basically a hedge maze and it's just a bit of fun!

I love a maze, so this was very fun to me.

If you’re with a friend, challenge each other to see who gets there first.

Opening times: 08:00 - 17:00
Price: included with Coban Rondo entrance

11. Explore the Wonosari Tea Plantation

Tea Fields Bandung

If you haven’t already explored the BEAUTIFUL tea fields or plantations in Bandung, Malang is also home to some. Most notable is the Wonosari Tea Plantation.

It's located in the same region of the waterfalls I’ve spoken about just above, but Brad and I didn’t visit simply because we had already seen some tea fields.

But they do look beautiful and to get to these ones you do a walk to them, or a moped ride.

Make sure you visit there on a sunny day and if you can, bring a drone for some epic views.

If you're planning to visit the Rainbow Village, it might be worth booking a tour that will take you to Wonosari straight after. We highly recommend this one.

Price starts from 341,463 IDR per person and includes admission to the tea plantation, Jodipan Rainbow Village, and even a honeybee farm. You'll also get round-trip transport and a knowledgeable guide (if you like learning about the in-depth history of the destinations).

Opening times: 06:00 - 17:00
Price: 15,000 IDR on weekdays, 20,000 IDR on weekdays
Top reviewed tour
Wonosari Colonial Tea Plantation and Jodipan Colorful Village Tour
A fantastic guided tour to Jodipan Rainbow Village and Wonosari Colonial Tea Plantation, including hotel transfer and a friendly local guide.

12. Walk around Malang City 

Malang City 

Malang is a fairly busy city, but’s worth going for a wander.

There are some cool coffee shops, places to eat and it’s actually well known for its street art.

Can’t say that Brad and I went looking for it, because it isn’t something we personally love, but I know art lovers would like it, so I included that on this list of things to do in Malang. 

13. Try local Indonesian food

indonesian food

I love Indonesian food and Malang is a great place to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try new foods.

Basically, because there are fewer Western options.

Opt for Nasi and Mie Goreng, or some form of Ayam Goreng. Fried bananas are good and so is soup.

Ask for no spice if you don’t like spice...or can’t handle it... like Brad and I. 

Head out for food in the evening as the city lights make getting food one of the best things to do in Malang at night, especially since there isn’t a party scene.

Oh, and it’s very cheap. Cheap as chips! 

14. Swim at Sumber Sira

Sumber Sira

We’d say that Sumber Sira is one of the more hidden gems frequented mostly by local travellers. Located in Sumberjaya Village, it’s just 40 minutes’ drive away from Malang.

This freshwater source is crystal clear and has a pretty incredible view underwater. You can see green algae plants, so don’t forget to bring some snorkelling goggles!

Try to come early in the morning or on the weekdays when it’s not too crowded. Surrounded by endless paddy fields and lush greeneries, just enjoy the relaxed countryside ambiance and refreshing water.

The entrance fee is 2,000 IDR, plus 3,000 IDR for moped parking or 5,000 IDR for cars.

There are floaties you can rent, which we recommend doing as it's nice to chill and just float around! There was a very small rental fee of around 2,000 IDR when we visited. This may have changed but won't differ by much.

Opening times: 08:00 - 16:00
Price: 2,000 IDR

15. Visit Batu Bengkung Beach

Batu Bengkung Beach

Malang is located inland, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the most stunning beaches the country has! If you are spending a few days in this city, I’d recommend making time to see the incredible Batu Bengkung Beach.

Still within the Malang Regency, drive 2 hours towards Gajah Rejo Village to find this beach. The view of magnificent cliffs and waves crashing into these rocks is nothing short of magical.

During sunset, the sky will turn into a pretty hue of orange and purple - so worth the drive! While you can’t swim on the beach, you may not even realize the time passing as you’re busy trying to commemorate this scene in photographs.

Batu Bengkung Beach is also a popular campsite as it has 24-hour parking, toilet facilities, and a local warung or shop.

Price: 10,000 IDR per person

16. Explore rides and zoos at Jatim Park

Malang is a main destination in East Java not only for foreigners, but also local tourists.

If you enjoy visiting amusement and theme parks in different countries, you should add Jatim Park to your list.

There are Jatim Park 1, 2, and 3, which can be a little confusing, but here’s a simple rundown:

  • Jatim Park 1 - First section ever built. A mix of recreation and education with thrill rides, a science center, and more. From IDR 100,000 (open 08:00-17:00)
  • Jatim Park 2 - 14-hectare theme park on natural history & biology, including the Batu Secret Zoo. From IDR 140,000 (open 09:30-17:30)
  • Jatim Park 3 - Dino Park with tech exhibits, best for family. From IDR 30,000 (open 11:00-20:00)

There’s definitely no need to visit all three, but it’d be nice to set aside one day so you can fully explore your chosen park!

You can purchase tickets from the official Jatim Park website.

17. Marvel at the collection in Museum Angkut

Museum Angkut, which translates to Transport Museum, is actually located inside Jatim Park 1.

Bundle tickets cost around 170,000 IDR for both attractions, or you can visit only the museum for 100,000 IDR on weekdays (120,000 IDR on weekends).

The entire area measures 3.8 hectares and showcases over 300 different vehicles!

It’s the first transport museum in Southeast Asia and not to miss if you love vintage cars, history, and even Hollywood (yes, you read that right).

There are European and American Zones, but the most interesting ones would be the Sunda Kelapa and Batavia Zones.

This includes a replica of the Sunda Kelapa Port and will give you a peek into old port of Jakarta during colonial times.

Opening times: 12:00 - 20:00
Price: 100,000 IDR (weekday), 120,000 IDR (weekend)

How to get to Malang

ranbow city malang

Getting to Malang is super easy and you’ve got a few options. 

You can fly! Malang airport is fairly cheap to fly to from other Indonesia cities, such as Bali, or Yogyakarta.

We use Skyscanner to find the best flights.

We flew from Malang to Bali for only $35

You can also get the train.

The train network on the island of Java is awesome, and the trains are super clean, convenient and cheap.

It’s easy to get the train from Jogjakarta to Malang, or even Bandung to Malang. 

Use 12Go Asia for all your train travel needs in Java

Getting around Malang

I can’t speak for the public transport, as we don’t tend to use it.

When in Malang however, the best things to do are located outside the main city.

This means you’ll need transport.

You can either use “Grab” an app like Uber which is cheap and convenient and drive from place to place. 

OR you can rent out a moped.

We rented a moped from our hotel, which was a lot easier than trying to find somewhere to rent from as Malang isn’t that touristy.

It cost us 80,000 IDR a day for the moped with two helmets which was reasonable. 

Only rent a moped if you’re confident, as the drives to some of the great places can take up to 2 hours each way. 

It's also possible to rent a car and a driver for the day, and at a great price too!

Staying connected in Malang

Do you need an eSIM whilst backpacking Indonesia? Then how about one that offers you FREE data for a basic connection (yup, I said free!), which is perfect for ordering GRABS, or checking Google maps, emails, and the ablity to upgrade to a fast service for just 1 euro a day? Check out Firsty right now.

How long do you need in Malang

Brad and I spent 3 nights here and that was enough to see all the best tourist attractions in Malang.

One of those days (mornings) was dedicated to a Mount Bromo Sunrise tour, so that left two full days to see all the other sites.

A lot of things to do in Malang require the use of a moped to get around, or Grab! 

If you wanted to take things slower, you could stretch it out to 4 nights.

But I wouldn’t do any less as you’ll not want to miss any of these awesome things to do in Malang. 

Other useful posts for planning your trip to Indonesia

Below I’ve listed some other guides that you might find useful for planning your Indonesia adventures. 

So there you have it, my guide to the best things to do in Malang, Indonesia. I hope you’ve found this post useful and if you have any other suggestions to add to the list of Malang attractions, then please just comment below. 

Happy travels! 

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