15 Best Things To Do In Bandung {Indonesia} In 2024

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January 4, 2024
Thinking of visiting Bandung, Indonesia? Well look no further for inspiration on the best things to do in Bandung. From tea fields, volcanoes and much more
things to do in bandung

Guess what!? Bandung is one of my favourite places in all of Indonesia!

Why? Well, it's not on the typical tourist trail, so therefore prices have not increased, and you still feel like you're discovering activities, temples and experiences that no one has yet. If you compare this to Yogyakarta, which is a very popular spot on the island of Java, Bandung will feel like an untouched gem!

Bandung is located on the island of Java, Indonesia and is a great place to visit if you’ve landed in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

We spent 2 nights/3 days exploring the area of Bandung and did lots of awesome activities.

So we're going to take you through the best things to do in Bandung below, but before that...

If you're looking for a SUPER quick answer to the best sites in Bandung, then I'll round up my top 5 right here: 

  1. See an actual active volcano (Tangkuban Perahu)
  2. Discover the tea fields (and of course drink tea!)
  3. Go to Mini Kotor (if you like weird and wonderful!)
  4. Chase waterfalls (check out number 14 to hear our favourites!)
  5. Floating markets at Lembang for a bite to eat
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Top things to do in Bandung

@dreambigtravelfar BANDUNG, Indonesia 🇮🇩 was a real surprise for us! Not only is it home to a really cool volcano crater (which was closed on our visit 😞) but it's home to amazing tea fields (which means a slightly cooler climate- yay!), beautiful views, waterfalls, random photo spots, great food and friendly locals! #travelcouple #travelblog ♬ original sound - DreamBigTravelFar

Okay, so now for the part you came for, a list of the top things to do in Bandung.

All these Bandung activities are what Bradley and I did, including some extras we planned on doing but simply ran out of time. 

1. Check out the active volcano Tangkuban Perahu

actv volcano in bandung

This is an epic active volcano located around 30 km outside of the city.

It’s possible to take tours here, get a grab for a cheap price, or rent a moped and visit yourself.

This is an active volcano that you can drive right up to the crater.

You’ll see down the crater of one of the inactive ones, and you can pay extra (around 50,000) for a tour that takes you closer to the other peaks. 

Bradley and I drove the whole way up here and we got to the entrance and it was empty. We found a lady who worked there who spoke English and the volcano had erupted a couple of days before (somehow I missed that when Googling), anyway, the whole area was blocked off due to the sulphur so we couldn’t visit.

We did get to visit the “admin” centre where the guys showed us how the measure the pressure of the volcano and the history of when it went off etc. 

Now before I visited I was warned by countless online articles about the amount of people here trying to sell you stuff and hoarding you. They said it takes away from the experience.

There were 3 guys there trying to sell stuff to two people, so I would believe that there are hundreds more when it’s open. But actually they were nice guys and we just chatted! 

It’s probably the most expensive entrance fee in Bandung for foreigners, IDR 300,000 (USD 22) per person and locals have to pay just IDR 20,000.

(Weekends are more expensive too!)

Btw, there are beautiful tea fields located next to the volcano, which is what we visited instead since it was closed! 

Top reviewed tour
Full Day Tangkuban Perahu Volcano Trip
A full day tour of the majestic Tangkuban Perahu Volcano. Followed up by a chance to dip in a local hot spring and sip on the world's most expensive coffee.

2. Wander around beautiful tea fields 

bandung indonesia

Thanks to its cool climate Bandung is home to many many stunning tea fields.

It actually reminded me a lot of Sri Lanka whilst driving through them.

If you’ve never visited tea fields before, then I highly recommend you visit these.

You won’t need to pay a penny (woohoo!) and there are many to choose from and you can just walk among them and admire them.

There are trails so you don’t need to walk on any important crops. We flew our drone here and it was awesome. 

You will need bring yourself to the Bandung countryside to experience these tea fields, and the cooler climate.

But honestly, the countryside of Bandung is where all the real beauty sits. 

If you want to find these specific tea fields then follow directions to "Kebun Teh Sekitar Ciater"

3. Relax in one of the many hot spring resorts on offer 

Maribay Natural hot springs resort

Due to it’s volcanic activity, Bandung it home to some amazing hot springs.

However, they are not as natural as the ones I came across secluded in Chile, rather they have been turned into hot spring resorts.

Whilst this may be less peaceful, it's still a super great experience, because who doesn't love to relax in a hot spring!?

We checked out hot spring Marabyia.

Tip: Remember Bandung is a Muslim area, so I’d try and be a little respectful with your choice of swimwear, just out of respect. 

I highly recommend taking a combination tour to hot springs and other sites to create an awesome full day trip to Bandung!

Top reviewed tour
South Bandung: Volcano, Hot Spring, Mud Bathing and Lake Tour
Combine a hike to the summit of Kawah Putih, soak in the hot springs, and enjoy mud bathing. Plus you snap some photos of the tea plantations.

4. Visit the floating market Lembang for a bite to eat 

Floating Market Lembang

I love floating markets!

I've loved them all across Asia, especially in Thailand.

Well, Bandung also has some really cool floating markets, and the best is Lembang Floating Market. (I suggest you arrive hungry!)

Again it’s out in the countryside, so you’ll either need to use Grab Taxi, or rent a moped to get there. But it’s so cute and cheap! Probably one of the cheapest things to do in Bandung. 

It’s like a mini replica of the Thailand floating markets in Bangkok, but I liked it even more.

You can opt to get a boat or you can walk around the boardwalk and sample some of the many many food stalls on offer.

There is so much choice for amazing food and drink, I was so sad that I had already eaten before we got there. 

Also you’re entrance ticket gives you a free drink. It’s only 20,000 IDR entrance (which is around $1.20)

Top reviewed tour
Lembang Day Tour, Theme Park, Mini Zoo, and Floating Market
Combine a full day of attractions including, the Lembang Floating Market, theme park and more.

5. Admire the colorful Bandung flower garden

flower garden bandung

The floating market of Bandung and Bandung flower garden are located right next to each other, but they’re a separate ticket. 

Anyway, wow, the colors on offer here are magnificent! I loved it.

It’s such a beautiful place to wander and get great pictures. It’s actually a really romantic spot and I could imagine a few proposals have been conducted here.

It’s only 10,000 IDR entrance (less than $1) and you get another free drink with your ticket! 

One of the romantic things to do in Bandung, coming from a couple! :P 

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6. Relive your youth at Mini Koto

mini kota bandung

Mini Koto (translation: Mini City) took me right back to my childhood.

I just wish I had my little niece with me so I could play with her in all the little houses!

It’s basically a mini town, but it’s built for children, so there is a fairy house, there is a princess house where kids can dress up, there’s a candy store, mirror room, a bakery, gosh just everything. And there is a mini fairground.

They play Disney music too as you wander, and it really adds to the cute atmosphere. 

I loved it, but before I went in, the lady at the desk did say “it’s really only for kids, you might not enjoy it”...oh but I did! 

It’s only 20,000 IDR entrance. 

7. Visit Tebing Keraton for sunset 

Looking for the perfect sunset spot in Bandung? Then this is highly rated.

Brad and I don’t drive in the dark so we didn’t make this sunset spot, but I put it on my original list of Bandung attractions, so if you’re travelling via grab or a private driver, then ask them to wait for you.

Bandung: Private Car or Minivan Charter with Driver
Travel safely around Bandung in a private car or minibus charter in the hands of an experienced English-speaking driver. Plan your own 10-hour itinerary and add in a stop to this sunset spot!

8. Visit Dusun Bambu (lunch on lake houses) 

This was one of the things to do in Bandung that we didn’t go to in the end.

Simply because we ran out of time and only had one day to explore the countryside!

We needed to make it back to the city before sunset (driving on a moped in the dark is not fun) so we ran out of time. 

But I really wanted to go here as there are little restaurants on the lake houses and you’re surrounded by a picturesque view. 

I can’t imagine it’s expensive compared to the rest of the prices of things I’ve listed above, so if you are in Bandung, then add this to your places to visit in Bandung list and don’t run out of time like me. 

9. Go glamping in the woods 

Ciwidey west Java

Whilst driving through the Bandung countryside on our moped we drove past lots of camping posts in forests along the side of the road and I have to say they looked AWESOME.

Hence why I mentioned this.

We had already paid for accommodation in the city, but had I done my research better, and if there was better information online about the things to do in Bandung (you’re welcome), I would 1000% have arranged a glamping night in the countryside. 

You know you can dine and sleep on a pirates ship too?

But there are hobbit houses, little pods, and all the glamping luxury you can imagine, and it’s half the price of what it would be elsewhere in the world. 

Since the temperature is cooler up there it’s also pleasant to sleep, and there are lots of activities for kids such as ziplining. Thus making this, one of the great things to do in Bandung with kids. 

10. Try karaoke 

drinking bintangs in bandung
Got to love them!

Indonesians like their karaoke, (however not as much as the Filipinos!), but it you want a local experience, then I suggest you find yourself a karaoke experience.

Our hotel which was located in the city centre actually had karaoke on the night we visited alongside a delicious Chinese BBQ buffet. It’s good fun and if you’re too afraid to sing, drink a couple of Bintangs to help. 

11. Shop in the city for fabric heaven 

Bandung - West Java Indonesia

The city may be hectic, but it’s well known for its wide range of fabrics, so if you want some new materials or even want to get a dress or suit made, then this is the place to be.

There are lots of “shopping malls”, not in the fancy, with lots of stores sense, but with lots of stalls with locals selling their products. An interesting, yet chaotic experience. 

12. Go offroading 

This is something I researched for Brad and I to do but the time wasn’t there. It’s very reasonably priced and if you have never been offroading before, then this is a great place to try it.

As I mentioned before, there are lots of forests in the countryside of Bandung and that’s where you will head for your trip.

You can check out the website here for more information on how to book etc. 

13. Visit the famous White Crater in South Bandung

White Crater in South Bandung

When visiting Bandung with a tight schedule, you will probably have to decide whether you want to visit the north or south area.

We opted for North, but I wish I had time to visit the beautiful White Crater in the south.

The pictures are quite iconic if you’ve seen them, and if you have time, definitely add this to your list of things to do in Bandung. 

The famous "White Crater", official name Kawah Putih is a crater lake located near the cute village of Ciwidey, near Bandung, Indonesia.

It is truly regarded as one of the most unique & stunning places in West Java.

It's actually one of two craters of Mount Patuha, with the dry being Kawah Patuha and the Patuha Crater located 600 meters to its northwest.

It first opened for visitors in 1987, and now it's one of the most popular tourist attractions for day trippers who are simply stunned by its mesmerizing ambience.

Remember it can get super busy on the weekends!

Top reviewed tour
From Bandung: Day Trip to Kawah Putih
Visit Kawah Putih,stunning white volcanic crater lake, on a day trip from Bandung. Relax and refresh your mind on this full day tour

14. Chase waterfalls in Bandung

waterfalls in bandung

There are lots of little waterfalls all over Bandung. Whilst none of them are mind blowing or epic, they are pretty and quaint and worth stopping by for a picnic, or just to relax.

We actually tried to find some waterfalls that didn’t exist, so I won’t mention them.

You can check Tu Curug Cimahi, but as you’re driving along you’ll see signs for them and the best waterfalls are undiscovered, so ask the locals to direct you! 

Here are some other great waterfalls in Bandung to chase:

  • Curug Omas Waterfall
  • Malela Waterfall
  • Batu Templek Waterfall
  • Layung Waterfall

15. Explore Mount Gutur 

This is another cool volcano that is located in the south of Bandung and whilst it’s not the type of volcano you can drive up to, it does make for some epic drone shots and pics from the base of the volcano.

You can climb up this volcano too with a variety of marked paths, however it’s said to be challenging.

There is also a nice lake nearby called Situ Bagendit which is worth a visit too. 

When is the best time to visit Bandung?

Bandung West Java

The best time to visit Bandung is during the dry season which runs from June to September.

This is the summer months and you’ll hopefully have nice weather and sunshine. 

Actually Bandung is located in the higher parts of Indonesia which means the climate is a little cooler.

If you’re sightseeing in the high mountains then you may even need a jacket! 

Bradley and I visited in August and it was perfect weather. 

How long do you need in Bandung?

There is lots to do in Bandung for a couple of days.

We visited for 2 nights, which is a good amount if you can go exploring on both days.

If not, I suggest staying 3 days to see all the volcanoes and best sights in both the north and south Bandung. 

How to get to Bandung?

When it comes to getting to Bandung, you have a couple of options. 

Fly: Bandung has an airport, so you can easily fly there from Jakarta, Bali, or other parts of Indonesia. Flights can be very reasonable and I suggest using Skyscanner to check for flights. 

Train: If you have landed in Jakarta, or Yogyakarta, then it’s super easy and comfortable to get a train to Bandung. The train system in Java is excellent.

All trains are very comfortable, have clean toilets on board and are extremely well priced. We started our Java adventure in Jakarta, so we got the train from Jakarta to Bandung, fuss free! 

Hire a driver: You could hire a driver to take you around Java, but of course he would need to be with you “full-time” and you would need to arrange accommodation for them etc. However, if budget isn’t an issue, then this may be a nice and comfortable way to get around Java and get to Bandung. 

Bandung: Private Car or Minivan Charter with Driver
Travel safely around Bandung in a private car or minibus charter in the hands of an experienced English-speaking driver. Plan your own 10-hour itinerary and add in a stop to this sunset spot!

Getting around Bandung, Indonesia

places to visit in bandung

When it comes to getting around Bandung, it can seem a little more complicated compared to other Java cities like Jogjakarta which has a more established tourism structure. However you still have a few options. 

Grab: Grab is widely available in Bandung and actually it’s a super cheap and convenient way to get around Bandung. Even go up to the north is quite reasonably priced. For shorter journeys you can use mopeds via grab to get around. 

Moped: You can easily get around Bandung via moped. It was a blooming nightmare trying to find a legitimate company, but we found one we highly recommend. They’re called Vectoran motor rental and it cost us 100,000 IDR to get the Moped. They will bring it to your hotel if you wish, or if you’re going to be exploring the north, I suggest you just get a grab up to the company to pick up the moped, because you’ll miss out the worst of the city traffic. 

Driving in the countryside in Bandung is lovely. It’s filled with beautiful tea fields and mountains, but it can get cold, so bring yourself a jacket. 

Driver: You could arrange a private driver to take you around Bandung. Actually, you could easily take a Grab driver and negotiate and all-day rate with him.

Where to stay in Bandung

Bandung city

When it comes to accommodation in Bandung you have quite a few options. Below I suggest 3 different properties including the one we stayed at ourselves. 

Pasar Baru Square Hotel Bandung: this is where Bradley and I stayed. It was right in the city centre and a great price. City views, spacious rooms, and decent food. Good for couples. 

The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung: a very luxurious stay for those who don’t mind splashing a bit of cash, but this is one of the nicest hotels I've ever seen. 

Vila Air Natural Resort: This one is out in the countryside and looks amazing. Just look at that pool and super close to the volcano and other great sites in the north of Bandung. So good for one night if you want to explore that area without driving lots. 

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Below are some other useful guides we’ve written that you might find useful for your trip to Indonesia. 

So there you have it, my guide to the best things to do in Bandung, Indonesia. If you’ve got any other tourist attractions in Bandung you think are worth making this list, then drop me a comment below.

I hope you enjoy your time in Bandung, and don’t forget to bring a jacket for the evenings in the north area! 

Happy travels.

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