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Welcome to Dream Big, Travel Far! We are so excited to have you here on our site. :)

Hopefully the information you find here will prove insightful and useful in helping you to plan your own epic adventures around the world.

Today, Dream Big, Travel Far is a global adventure travel blog, with stories and guides covering dozens of countries all around the globe. 

We have a team of people who help us maintain, update and create new and amazing content from our adventures around the world, and we will talk about them more below.

But first, here’s a little bit about us ...

About Cazzy & Bradley

cazzy and bradley of dream big travel far

We started this blog in 2016 back when we were still in University one winter's evening. With a drink in hand, we had a dream.

A dream to share our travel experiences with the world, in the hope of helping of other couples to travel.

As well as to inspire and motivate fellow type 1 diabetics that they can still live their dreams and overcome the challenges that this illness presents.

After graduating with degrees in Politics & Human Rights (Cazzy) and Economics (Bradley), we started travelling.

It all started with a 4 month South America backpacking adventure in September 2016 and, since then, we haven't looked back!

Since then, we've planned trips that have taken us far.


We’ve crosses the rainforests and glaciers of South America; stormed the castles and beaches of Europe; driven our camper the entire height of the America's from Canada to Argentina, and sampled the cultures and cuisines of countries all across Asia.

adventures of the dream big travel far blog
We LOVE to travel the world!

And we won’t stop until we’ve been to EVERY country in the world.

Through our travels, this would make me the first female type 1 diabetic to travel to every country in the world.

Which might not sound cool to you, but it certainly does to me!

We never wanted desk jobs, we are both too creative. And our dreams are too big for us to be told how we should live our lives.

Rather, we want to live by our own terms and by our own schedules.

The nomadic lifestyle has swallowed us up and we now work and travel simultaneously wherever we choose.

We’ve done things that, just 7 years ago, we only ever dreamt of doing.

Such as sleeping in the Amazon Rainforest, catching the incredible sunrise at Torres Del Paine and driving a tuk tuk all across Sri Lanka.

Driving a tuk tuk across sri lanka
We drove this tuk tuk ALL across Sri Lanka- it was epic!

Some of our favourite experiences so far include sailing around Halong Bay, watching the sunrise over the Taj Mahal, paragliding over mountains in Bolivia and surfing crystal blue waves in Bali.

And you know what we love most of all?

It’s the knowledge that the journey is far from over!

And along the way we hope to inspire at least a few other people to live their dreams and travel the world as well. In the same way that our favourite travel bloggers inspired us to begin our journey.

We are certainly not trust fund babies and we don’t have a secret illegal business.

We have worked really hard to find a way to earn money and design the lifestyle we love. So, if you are interested in seeing the world with us, then follow our adventures here on the blog.

dream big travel far blog adventures

Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, where we hang out almost every day. We love chatting to fellow travellers and type 1 diabetics, so don’t hesitate to comment on a post or drop us a message.

We are happy to help you wherever we can.

If you’re not sure where to start, then here are some more of our favourite posts you might want to check out ...

(Oh and, don’t forget to Dream Big and Travel Far!)

About the blog

We are Cazzy and Bradley, the creators and founders behind this wonderful blog.

We started our adventures all the way back in 2016, when we were both fresh-faced from university and with a desire to head out and travel the world. 

dream big travel far in 2016
The OG Dream Big, Travel Far, 2016 ;) 

Starting out as a much smaller site, where we shared tips and tricks on traveling with type 1 diabetes, the site has slowly grown into so much more.

In fact, we’re proud to say that this blog is one of the world’s largest travel blogs, with hundreds of thousands of people each and every month reading about our adventures and using our guides to help them plan their own trip.

We are so proud and grateful to you, the reader, for being here. So thank you!

In the years since we started this blog we have been all around the world covering dozens of destinations in almost every continent. You can discover all of these destinations here.

Providing deep insight to every destination we visit, we like to think that the travel blogs you see on this site are some of (if not the most) in-depth and useful you will find anywhere.

Everything you read is 100% written by us (or another human being) and not AI. It is all based on direct personal adventures and experience, and where necessary supplemented by in-depth research and analysis and speaking to others about their experiences.

You can read more about how we create our blog content in our publishing guidelines.

To hep grow the blog and keep it free to our readers, we do monetise this site. This is through in-content advertising and affiliates. Which simply means that if we recommend a hotel or product or tour, then in some cases that link is an affiliate link meaning we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you click the link and make a purchase. To learn more about this you can read our privacy policy.

Where have we been featured?

We are proud to have been featured in dozens of large media publications from around the world. These have been a great chance to further share our experience with the wider world and hopefully inspire others who hope to lead a similar lifestyle to what we have. These include:

The team

dream big travel far team

Dream Big, Travel Far has grown so much in the intervening years that we do get a lot of support and help from a small but amazing team of talented people all around the world.

These people help us to keep information up-to-date, relevant and fact checked. While also at times sharing their own stories and adventures where they have much better knowledge or experience than one of us two.

To help gain a better understanding of who these people are, you can read much more about each one in their personal author biographies below. Every post is clearly marked with the author at the top and bottom if you want to see who has written that piece.

Orlaigh Magennis

Orlaigh Magennis of Dream Big travel far
You can find Gear By Orlaigh on Youtube!

One of the most crucial members of the DBTF family is Orlaigh. Cazz’s sister and best friend, Orlaigh has been helping us with a number of editorial and behind-the-scenes work for years now. But her current and biggest role to date is head of Gear By Orlaigh. She has become our dedicated in-house gear specialist. Dedicated full-time to examining and reviewing all kinds of different travel products. From backpacks to travel trainers, there's a good chance she has reviewed it! Discover more on her author page here or head direct to the Gear By Orlaigh YouTube channel (p.s. Don’t forget to subscribe).

George Alvarez

George Alvarez of dream big travel far

George is our resident Central and South America specialist. With both British & Mexican Heritage, George has spent his adult life living in and exploring the America’s. Though we have a lot of experience traveling in this region, it doesn't come close to George’s expertise (and Spanish fluency) which has led to him living fulltime in this part of the world. George has produced and continues to produce in-depth and practical travel guides for many countries, including Peru (where he resides), Colombia, and of course Mexico. With much more to come, so stay tuned!

Leah Tierney

Leah Tierney of dream big travel far

Born and raised in the UK, Leah developed a love for London in her adult years and decided to make this wonderful capital city her home. Leah lives & breaths London, so who better to help explore and discover this capital and then share her adventures here on the blog. She works hard to produce the most up-to-date and practical London travel guides available on the web.

There are of course other people who have played (and still play) a huge part in making this blog the thing you see today. It is much more than a 2 person effort to keep Dream Big, Travel Far up to date, practical and useful.

These other team members help with all kinds of odd jobs ranging from email responding, website maintenance, research and other day-to-day tasks and without them it would not be possible. They wish to remain anonymous as they don’t directly share their experiences but are nonetheless much appreciated!

Any more questions?

If you have any questions about us or would like the chance to work with us, then you can contact us at: cazzy@dreambigtravelfarblog.com

Alternatively, message us directly on Facebook or Instagram. Or drop a comment below a blog post and we can answer any question you have about that destination.

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