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Our goal with Dream Big, Travel Far has always been to provide the most in-depth, practical, and helpful content available online for the places we have visited. That’s why you will find that, for every destination we have visited, there are sometimes dozens of guides.

Each one covering everything from how to get there, what to do when there, where to stay and even where to eat! Helping you take as much stress as possible out of planning your trip of a lifetime

Below is an in-depth look at how we go about creating, writing, publishing, updating content on our blog. If you want to learn more about us personally, how we founded this blog, and our journey around the world, you can read our About Us page

Or for a better understanding of who the person is behind each post you read on this site, you can discover more on the author bio at both the start and end of every article.

How we create content

Every article you read on this site has been written by a human being, not AI. We are proud that (for better or worse) we do not use any AI for writing any content on our site. Instead everything you see is based on direct personal experience.

Since founding this blog back in 2016, it is us (Cazzy and Bradley) who have visited every country written here and then shared our direct experiences in these countries. As our blog has grown in recent years, we now spend even more time in each place we visit so as to offer up the best direct personal experience with you.

For example, for the few dozen active posts on our Scotland content, we have spent (combined over a few trips) more than 4 months traveling almost the entire country. We have done so in our own self-converted camper, and at different times of the year. 

When planning such a trip we look closely at where others have been before and to which top sites that we are expected to visit. But we also take plenty of time in each location to personally explore so as to discover new sites, attractions, things to do, and places to eat.

In turn, the content we produce is original and holds extra quality for you, the reader. This is the issue with tools such as AI, which rely solely on other people’s experiences, and can instead not personally validate an experience or to create new ones.

To clarify, any one post you read on this blog is the culmination of dozens of hours of time spent researching, visiting, writing about, taking photos of and then uploading.

In some cases we have needed to supplement our own real world experience with experiences of other fellow bloggers or close associates in order to fact-check and enhance the content on our site. Particularly when it comes to ensuring content is up-to-date and accurate.

This is why we regularly return to old posts and update them. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Removing past experiences or attractions that no longer exist
  • Updating visiting hours & prices
  • Including new attractions that are now considered must-see for that destination

For every post you see on this site, it clearly states at the start and end who the author is. For destinations we haven’t been to personally, there are some other authors who have written those posts. Again, this is clearly marked, and by clicking their name you can read more about them and their experience of a destination on their author bio page.

Monetising our content

In order to allow us to live this wonderful lifestyle, we have chosen to monetise this blog through a variety of means. Luckily for us, this doesn’t involve charging you, the reader.

Instead, the income generated through this website comes mostly from a mixture of advertising and affiliate links.

Advertising is provided solely through our ad network, Mediavine. We chose this company as they appear to be the most trusted and well-established in their industry. We joined back in 2019 and have remained with them since as they have grown to become one of the largest ad suppliers in the world. You will see that they provide advertising for sites of all kinds, around the world. 

When first visiting our site, a popup appears asking if you consent to our data and cookie policy. This is a legal requirement and is provided by Mediavine.

We continue to closely monitor ads on our site to ensure they are not intrusive or disruptive to the process of reading our content. If you find that they are, please reach out to us directly; an email to do this is at the bottom of this page.

Please note that these ads only earn us money if they are clicked by readers, and we share a portion of the amount the advertiser pays to Mediavine in order to be shown on our site. You are not charged personally for this.

Our affiliate income occurs through only certain links on our site, for example if we recommend a hotel through We are a part of their affiliate programme and at the end of the URL you click, there is a small piece of tracking code which means that, if you then book through them for a hotel after clicking that link, we earn a commission.

Again, for all affiliate links on our site, you are not charged extra for the privilege, instead it is the site from whom you book that shares with us a commission on the sale. Examples of affiliate companies we work with across the site include, but are not limited to:

To clarify, the sites that we recommend through affiliate links are ones that we personally use whenever booking our own trips. This is one of the reasons we consider ourselves quite lucky to do what we do, as we do not have to sell products from brands we do not like.

Also, most sites do not have affiliate programmes, so not every link to an external site on this blog is an affiliate link. We do not limit the sites that we link to based on this, but instead whichever site provides the most accurate or relevant information for you to learn more or make a booking.

To understand more about how we use affiliates, ads and also how any personal data is handled after visiting our site, you can read more in our Privacy Policy.

How we do NOT monetise this site

A lot of blogs you read online have posts known as “sponsored content”. This is where a company, reputable or not, pays the blog owner to publish a piece of content 100% written by themselves. Sometimes for very large sums, as a way to gain quick exposure about their brand or simply to try and trick the Google ranking algorithm with backlinks to their site.

This is something we do not do here at Dream Big, Travel Far.

On some guides on our site relating to product or experience reviews, you will see a disclosure if and when payment has been received from the brand in question. This payment has been given to enable us to take the time to adequately test their product and to sometimes produce pictures or videos for the brand that they can then use in their own marketing campaigns.

What it does not mean is that the review you read about that brand has been altered, tampered with, or adjusted by the brand in question. We maintain full integrity when it comes to reviewing products and will tell you what we truly think of the brand and product in question so you can make an informed and unbiased purchasing decision.

Any questions about our publishing guidelines?

This guide has been written to help allow interested visitors to better understand the team behind our blog and how we go about creating new content. If you have any questions about what you have read, you can reach out to us personally at:

We are also active on the following platforms where you can message us directly:

Alternatively, for assistance regarding a specific destination, I recommend commenting directly underneath the post in the comments section.

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