Our 3 Month Scandinavia Road Trip: In Collaboration With Tinggly!

Bradley Williams
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Bradley Williams
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May 8, 2022
Here's a look at our epic 3 month & 14,000km long Scandinavia road trip, all in collaboration with the guys at Tinggly! Keep reading to find out more ...
Tinggly Blogger Van

*** This epic adventure is now officially over! But please do read to see what we got up to; and yes we did everything and more than what we originally planned! :D ***

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, then you’ll have heard about our incredibly exciting plans for the final 3 months of 2019 …

In collaboration with a company called Tinggly, our plan is to complete an epic 3 month Scandinavia road trip, covering more than 14,000km!

I’m currently writing this from a coffee shop in the gorgeous town of Savonlinna, located in the breathtaking Finnish Lapland.

We decided to write this post as a way to introduce who Tinggly are and why we decided to complete this trip with them, and to also discuss how you can get involved!

Our trip will run from October 1st - December 13th 2019.

So, if you’re reading this after that, then we are already back home … or more likely, off on yet another adventure!

Either way, let’s get stuck in ...

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Who are Tinggly?

Tinggly are an experience gifting company, on a mission to help more people to, as they put it:

“Give Stories, Not Stuff!”

Simply put, their gift packages are the ideal gift for anyone you know who loves unique experiences.

By gifting someone one of their packages, you give your friend or relative access to literally thousands of exciting and unique experiences all around the world.

Founded in 2014, their company has grown at rocket-like speed and they have (as of writing) sold more than 1.7 million experience gifts!

Also, after a visit to Richard Branson’s Necker Island earlier this year, the team got together and created a whole host of exciting ways in which they can be even more socially conscious.

Amongst other initiatives, they have agreed to offset the carbon emissions of their entire operation (including all experiences they gift) by 200%.

We love the fact that they are so aware of their impact on our planet and are actively taking steps to be more environmentally friendly, a mission Cazzy and I also hold very dear.

give stories not stuff

What drew us to Tinggly?

As you are already well aware, we literally live our lives on the road.

In 2018 alone, we spent more than 9 months of the year away from home, visiting more than 20 different countries!

2019 has been even more epic, with us set to visit closer to 25 countries, with more than 11 months away around the world.

We love new adventures and discovering new sites and sounds, and always gift each other experiences as opposed to tangible gifts.

Well, when we first came across Tinggly in early 2019, we knew straight away they were the sort of company we could get behind.

So we flew over to their home base of Vilnius (Lithuania) and spent a week at the Tinggly Blogger House around Cazzy’s birthday.

In that time, we got to explore Lithuania, and more importantly to meet the whole Tinggly team and learn more about them and their mission.

Whilst there, we met with Linas, the co-founder of Tinggly and a guy who lives perhaps even more of an adventurous life than us!

As well as running Tinggly, and a few other enterprises, Linas is always getting off on thrill-seeking adventures, often with his wife and kids in tow.

When we got talking, we realised we had a lot in common and eventually came to the conclusion that we had to find more ways to work together.

Around this time, Linas had already been thinking about a new way to help promote Tinggly, which was through the Tinggly Blogger House 2.0.

What is this?

Well, here’s a picture …

tinggly van

Rather than having bloggers come to visit Tinggly just in Lithuania, the Tinggly Blogger House 2.0 (or Tinggly Blogger Van) allows bloggers to road trip all around Europe!

We are the first bloggers to embark on an adventure in the Tinggly Blogger Van and are incredibly excited to have that role.

As such, what could seem like a better way to launch such a venture, besides an epic 3 month adventure around Scandinavia!

What does our route look like?

Covering more than 14,000km, our planned route is set to take us in a giant loop, starting and ending in Vilnius.

The plan is to head as far north as we can, until either the oceans (or extreme cold of the Arctic Circle) stop us.

Here’s a look at where we’re headed ...

our 3 month scandinavia route plan

Norway, Sweden and Finland are 3 countries that Cazzy and I have always wanted to visit, and it seemed like a perfect opportunity for us.

We’ve also spent a lot of this year in incredibly hot countries, such as The Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico and Nicaragua (to name just a few) and are keen on a change of temperature.

We are also massive fans of snow, so we figured, “where better to see snow than in Lapland?!” 

(aka the home of Santa Claus!)

Discovering Estonia

How can you get involved?

One thing we love about our blog is that it has connected us with literally hundreds of thousands of readers from all around the world.

Fun Fact: As of October 2019, our blog has been read by more than 800,000 people, with 1.25 million pageviews!

So who better to tell us where to visit than you, our readers! 

Here’s how we would love for you to get involved …

If you live in any of the following countries or have visited before, go ahead and let us know where you think we should visit!

  • Lithuania - already finished
  • Latvia - already finished
  • Estonia - already finished
  • Finland - already finished
  • Sweden - already finished
  • Norway - already finished
  • Denmark - already finished
  • Germany - already finished
  • Poland - already finished

It could be a town, city, castle, a lake or literally anything!

There is a lot of time that goes into planning a trip such as this, and, just like Tinggly, we are always looking for new adventures to embark upon.

A few things we are most excited for include:

So please, go ahead and either drop a comment below, or instead send us a message on Instagram or Facebook.

We would love to hear from you and see what other places we should add to our planned route.

Also, make sure you’re following us on Instagram to stay up-to-date with where we are!

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