3 BEST Glass Igloo Hotels In Finland To See The Northern Lights

Bradley Williams
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Bradley Williams
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September 5, 2021
Staying in glass igloo hotels in Finland was a really unique experience, as well as a great way to see the Northern Lights! Here are our 3 favourites ...
best Glass Igloo hotels in Finland

No visit to Finnish Lapland is complete without completing one crucial aim …

Seeing the Northern Lights!

And what better way to see this magnificent display, than in your very own glass igloo!?

When planning our own 3 week adventure through this gorgeous country, staying in at least one glass igloo was a priority.

And guess what … not only did we stay in one glass igloo hotel in Finland, we ended up staying in 3!

As well as another rather unique accommodation, located in Rovaniemi, offering equally as amazing a chance to see the Northern Lights.

So keep reading below to learn more about which 3 Aurora cabins in Finland I recommend, as well as a fourth great place to stay in when planning your visit,

First up ...

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Why stay in a Finland glass igloo hotel?

igloo design

Because they are awesome!

Need more convincing? Okay so …

The main reason to stay in a glass igloo is to enjoy the incredible sky views on offer in Finnish Lapland.

They have some of the clearest skies in the world, as so much of the region is totally uninhabited.

Sure, if you stay inside of a major city, such as Rovaniemi, then light pollution will spoil the views.

However, all of the best Northern Lights igloo hotels are located outside of busy towns and cities, meaning you have unspoiled views of the stars.

Of course, your main aim is to see, not only stars, but also the Aurora Borealis.

Well, in case you didn’t know, these stunning lights can come and go very quickly, meaning that you need to be on the watch for a long time, just in case you miss them.

One way to do this is to head out on a Wilderness Tour, or on your own to a remote spot and huddle up for warmth.

Though this is honestly a lot of fun, there really is no better way to wait for the Northern Lights than in a comfy Aurora igloo!

All glass igloos in Finland have the glass ceilings facing the northern skies, with comfy beds, usually adjustable with a remote control.

This means that you don’t even need to sit up in order to get the best views!

Finally, I recommend staying in a Lapland igloo hotel, because it is simply very unique and something we have not yet come across anywhere else on our travels.

Top tips for seeing the Northern Lights in Finland

northern lights

Based on our own experiences hunting for the Northern Lights in Finland, there are a lot of lessons and tips we picked up along the way.

Well, here’s a few of my top tips for spotting them during your stay:

  • Download an Aurora app - Though they are by no means 100% accurate, Aurora apps are a great way to get a rough idea of how likely you are to see the Aurora Borealis anywhere in the world. It gives you an overall percentage chance based on a number of factors, largely the KP Index that day and the cloud cover. The app we use most is called My Aurora Forecast.
  • Book a stay for as long as possible - There is no guarantee that you will see the Northern Lights on any given night, so I advise booking to stay in Lapland for as long as you can. For us, it took 7 nights of being in Lapland for us to finally see the lights and even then they were quite week. But in other years, at the same time as our visit (mid-October) they have been in full strength every night of the week!
  • Be patient - Patience is key when trying to spot the Northern Lights. They can come out anytime, usually from 7pm all the way up to the early hours of the next day. Your trusty Aurora app will help give you a rough idea, but I recommend being vigilant for as long as possible.
  • Get away from light pollution - This is crucial! The best chance you have of seeing them is being somewhere as far outside of cities and towns as possible. Also, avoid using any other sources of white light, such as torches and mobile phones. The longer you stare up into the darkness, the better your eyes adjust and the more you can see.

As you can tell, staying in Glass igloos in Lapland is naturally a great way to follow all of the above tips and to increase your chances of seeing the lights.

Simply get into bed, turn off all the lights and keep a keen look on the night sky as you relax and in comfort.

3 of the best glass igloo hotels in Finland

Now that you’re convinced of the need to stay in a glass igloo hotel in Finland, let’s dig into which one (or ones) to choose!

So, in no particular order ...

1. Pyhän Asteli resort

phyan astelli glass igloo hotel
Click here for more pictures, availability and best prices

Located just a few kilometres from two seperate ski resorts, Pyhän Asteli is perfectly located well outside of any busy towns.

For years, it has grown increasingly popular with groups of people coming to enjoy the incredible skiing opportunities.

In the last couple of years, they have realised the incredible demand for new sorts of accommodation, directly geared towards spotting the Northern Lights in comfort.

They currently offer 5 very modern glass igloos as the newest addition to their array of suites and lodges.

What we loved most about their igloos was that they were very spacious, more so than any other glass igloos we stayed in.

They also have a large, extremely comfy double bed and glass ceilings stretching around half of the TeePee-shaped ceiling.

Many guests visiting Pyhän Asteli choose to first spend a week or more skiing and staying in one of their cheaper ski lodges; before opting for a night or two in the igloo, as a luxurious way to relax and enjoy the Northern Lights as the last part of their trip.

It’s worth mentioning that, as well as these glass igloos, Pyhän Asteli have just opened (as of 2019) a string of Aurora suites, which are larger rooms, with sloped ceilings and large glass panels offering views to the northern skies.

Other noteworthy facilities on-site are their brand new sauna and hot tub, the perfect way to chill and unwind after a long day on the slopes.

Check out our full review of Pyhän Asteli here.

Best price research
Booking rooms at Pyhan Asteli
To find the best possible deals at Pyhan Asteli, I recommend booking through one of these recommendations below. They are actually cheaper than booking direct!

2. Arctic Snow Hotel & Glass Igloos

arctic snow hotel igloo
Click here for more pictures, availability and best prices

The Arctic Snow Hotel, located 25km northwest of Rovaniemi is most famous for … you guessed it ... their snow hotel.

It’s built once a year in November and is available for guests to stay in between November and March, when it starts to melt.

As our visit fell in October, we weren’t able to trial it out; however, we were able to trial one of their wonderful glass igloos!

They have more than 30 of these located on-site, and they are often all booked out every day of the month!

They are smaller than those at Pyhän Asteli, however, have plenty of space for your basic needs.

Also, they have one great feature that sets them apart … remote controlled beds!

When you’re lying down at night and decide you need to sit up a little more to get a better view of the sky, just reach over and use the remote attached to the bed.

I loved that the glass igloos have almost 360 degree views of the sky, as much more of the roof is made of glass.

Another Great feature is that each igloo comes fitted with an aurora alarm, which you can set on or off.

When set on, it goes off in the night time to wake you up if the Northern Lights suddenly become visible.

As well as their Northern Lights igloos, we also had the chance to sample a 3 course meal in their restaurant which was divine!

I had root vegetable soup, followed by flame-smoked salmon, finished off with Finnish pancakes for dessert.

I’m not usually a massive fan of salmon, but it really did taste amazing and is cooked right there in the restaurant by the open fire.

After dinner, we enjoyed a late night visit to the sauna and hot tub, which is the perfect way to end an evening in Finnish Lapland.

The hot tub is also one of my favorite ways to relax and hope to see the Northern Lights.

Check out our full review of Arctic Snow Hotel here.

Best price research
Booking rooms at the Arctic Snow Hotel/Igloos
To find the best possible deals on the Arctic Snow Hotel, I recommend booking through one of these recommendations below. They are actually cheaper than booking direct!

3. Northern Lights Ranch

northern lights ranch aurora cabin
Click here for more pictures, availability and best prices

Full disclaimer, the Northern Lights Ranch is more of an aurora cabin, as opposed to an “igloo”, but has all of the same features, and more!

For us, this was a particularly special night as it was the first time we got to see the Northern Lights, which we did so from the comfort of the outdoor hot tub!

As they are located quite far north (almost 200km north of Rovaniemi) you have even better chances of seeing the Northern Lights here.

They are also located well outside of any towns, so there is very little light pollution.

The room itself was extremely large, far more spacious than any of the other aurora cabins we stayed in, and are excellently furnished.

They even have a private seating/TV area!

The large double bed was amazingly comfy, and is actually made up of 2 separate beds, each one separately controlled by remote.

For help spotting the Northern Lights, the ceiling and two side walls are made fully of glass, leaving unhindered views of the northern sky.

Not all cabins come with a hot tub, but I 100% recommend staying in one that does offer this.

I made full use of ours, both in the evening before dinner and in the morning before breakfast.

Speaking of which, the food here was out of this world!

Their on-site chef is extremely talented, whipping us up a 3 course feast consisting of lobster soup for starters, followed by roast beef and vegetables for main and topped off with a lemon dessert.

It really was incredible, and the ambience of the dining area is great, complete with log fire.

Check out our full review of Northern Lights Ranch here.

Best price research
Booking rooms at the Northern Lights Ranch
To find the best possible deals on the Northern Lights Ranchl, I recommend booking through one of these recommendations below. They are actually cheaper than booking direct!

BONUS STAY: How about a glass-fronted treehouse?

treehouse hotel in Finland
Click here for more pictures, availability and best prices

Remember at the start when I mentioned something a little different? Well, here it is!

Rather than a glass igloo, here you’ll find a spectacular Northern Lights glass hotel.

So, if you’re looking for one of the most luxurious places to stay in Lapland, and one of the best-located, then I highly recommend the Arctic Treehouse Hotel.

Situated right next to Santa Park, on the outskirts of Rovaniemi, the Arctic Treehouse Hotel has won numerous awards in recent years for it’s highly luxurious rooms and facilities.

I can honestly say I’ve never stayed somewhere quite like this, and they are equally as unique and inspiring as the glass igloo hotels we visited in Finland.

Each room is spacious, modern and fitted with all the luxurious comforts you’d expect, most noteworthy the amazingly cosy double bed.

However, by far the most striking feature is the large glass-panelled wall on the front of each cabin.

These look straight out into the beautiful woodland ahead and, on a clear night, are a great way to see and experience the Northern Lights.

It is also worth mentioning that their on-site restaurant is one of the cosiest, most inspiring dining areas I’ve ever been in.

Fitted with a large central fireplace and offering a massive breakfast spread, it is almost worth visiting for this alone!

In fact, before leaving we simply had to return and ended up spending 3 hours in front of the fire completing a bit of work before reluctantly heading off.

Check out our full review of Arctic Treehouse Hotel here.

Best price research
Booking rooms at the Arctic Treehouse Hotel
To find the best possible deals on the Arctic Treehouse Hotel, I recommend booking through one of these recommendations below. They are actually cheaper than booking direct!

Final Thoughts

It’s worth mentioning that, as well as these 4 truly awesome options, there are other glass igloos located around Finnish Lapland.

With the Finland glass igloo trend picking up year-on-year, I have no doubts that even more will spring up.

In fact, I hope this is true as we would certainly love to return and try out even more glass igloos in Finland!

That being said, if you are in the same area as any of those mentioned above, I would strongly recommend checking them out for a night or two.

Here are the links to each igloo on Booking.com, I recommend using this site for the best prices and most up-to-date availability:

If you’ve stayed in any other glass igloo hotels in Finland and would like to recommend them to me, please drop a comment below!

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