DB Ramverk Front-access Carry-on Review (In-depth and Unbiased)

Orlaigh Magennis
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Orlaigh Magennis
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January 8, 2024
The Db Ramverk Front-Access Carry-on is a great cabin suitcase with interesting features and a unique style. Ideal for both leisure and business travel!
Db Ramverk Front-access Carry-on Review

The Db Ramverk Front-Access Carry-on boasts a unique front access face that sets it apart from a lot of other luggage.

You’re looking for a new carry-on for your arsenal of travel gear.

Then you might want to consider the Ramverk Carry-on!

But what are its features? And how about the drawbacks?

In this full review, I’ll be talking about everything you need to know to make your decision.

From the craftsmanship and material quality to the convenience and who I think should get this luggage.

Rating: 8.5/10

Let’s get stuck in!

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Who exactly is Db Journey?

db ramverk carry on luggage outside testing

What happens when a freeski athlete and engineer join forces to create the ultimate gear that improves travel?

Db Journey is what happens.

This Norwegian brand was born in 2009 and aims to redefine travel gear through innovative and thoughtful designs.

With products ranging from backpacks and carry-on luggage to duffels, accessories, and even apparel, their designs have won multiple ISPO design awards.

Db’s design philosophy centers around versatile functionality, unobtrusive simplicity, craftsmanship, and minimized impact. 

This problem-solving approach translate to the unique features and high quality you’ll find in their products.

What I also love about this brand is that they’re B corp certified and are intent on keeping a positive impact on both the environment and community, which, as always, is a plus point.

Fun fact: Db actually stands for Douchebags, which was the original brand name! It screams fun and memorable to me, which says a lot about the values of the company.

Where can you buy the Db Ramverk Carry-on?

The best place to buy the Db Ramverk Carry-on is their official website.

This is because you’ll get a lifetime warranty for the luggage, or for 20 years, which includes anything from defective zippers and ripped seams to broken hooks and fabric tears.

Not to mention that Db offers a great returns scheme, which allows you to shop without doubt.

That is, as long as you return a product within 100 days, it’s unused and undamaged, and still has all the tags attached.

Get Your Db Ramverk Carry-on Here

Quick overview: Technical Specifications

  • Price: £349
  • Weight: 3.9 kg
  • Outer Dimensions: 55 X 39.5 X 23 CM
  • Color Options: Sprite Lightning Red, Green Ray, Fogbow Beige, Black Out
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty & Limited lifetime warranty
  • Capacity: 38L

Who should get this carry-on?

Anyone who appreciate and loves the Scandinavian aeshetics and features. I’d recommend the Db Ramverk Front-access Carry-on to anyone who travels a lot for weekends away via train or bus or car. 

However, I would still double check dimensions against airlines because it is a bit bulky. It’s overall a versatile and reliable carry-on that’s easy to get around with.

Plus, the built-in laptop compartment makes it ideal for businessmen and digital nomads.

Who should not get this carry-on?

Anyone who doesn’t have the time or patience to clean a carry-on, especially because the material here does gather dirt. Of course, with the right care this can be solved!

This Db luggage also has a unique design with features that some people mind find ‘awkward’ to use.

If weight is your priority, then maybe this isn’t the best choice for you either because you’ll probably be able to find much more compact and lightweight carry-ons out there.


Db Ramverk Front Access Carry On Luggage Review

On first impressions, this Db carry-on is an absolute banger. I LOVE the design, shape, and style.

I immediately took the bag on a short trip to Liverpool and it served me well throughout the entire trip, from navigating crowded stations to gravel roads.

Now, let’s talk about specific aspects of this luggage!

How well-made is the Db Ramverk Carry on?

The Db Ramverk uses 100% recycled Polyester, while the outer shell is 70% recycled polycarbonate. It’s a great option for the eco-conscious traveller.

I do love a hardshell exterior, which this one has, and it held up well after getting shoved around.

hard exterior on the db ramverk carry on

It got scratches and marks very easily, though on the upside, this does add some character to the luggage.

My one complaint is that because the front pocket is made from polyester, it’s harder to just wipe down and so takes more effort to clean (compared to polycarbonate).

Whenever I leave the front pocket open, I notice that dirt and dust get stuck to the material easily.

front material on the db ramverk cvarry on

Reflecting back now and just for cleanliness reasons, I would opt for one without the front access pocket or maybe got the Db Ramverk in black.

The other hardware are well-put-together, including the trolley handle which extends well and runs smoothly.

Finally, the zippers are also super smooth and hardly ever get stuck.

front top of db ramverk carry on

In fact, I was ramming this suitcase shut despite having it really bulked out, and it held up really well!

The branding on the product itself has been done subtly and elegantly, which I also love.

How convenient is the Db Ramverk Front Access Carry On?

When looking for the right carry-on, you have to consider features that can make your travels much simpler and easier. Because that’s the sign of a good travel gear!

So, how does the Db Ramverk Front Access Carry On perform in terms of convenience?

The short answer: very well.

opening of the db ramverk carry on

Its unique front access face means that you can easily access the inside of this luggage without having to lay it down and open the whole thing up.

back of the db ramverk carry on

You’ll breeze through security and save time when retrieving and packing up your laptop.

The laptop pocket at the front comes with a cool zipped puller so you never have to dig around the compartment. One pull and you can get to your laptop.

It’s definitely a smart detail I’ve never come across before!

pulling system for the laptop compartment on the db ramverk carry on

You can access the main compartment inside by opening the luggage up as usual, or via the front.

Not to mention the patented Hook-Up System. It’s special to Db products in that you can create your own unique travel ecosystem by attaching the carry-on, backpack, and other accessories together.

g hook system for db journey backpacks

Favorite features of the Db Ramverk Carry-on 

1. Spacious compartment and organisation

With a volume capacity of 38 litres, this carry-on can fit a whole lot of things while still fitting in the overhead compartment of most airlines.

It’s more than big enough for a quick getaway, and if you pack lightly, you can definitely use this for a week’s worth of clothing!

inside of the db luggage carry on

The two main compartments inside each come with a mesh pocket for small items like your cables or undergarments.

These comparments are also covered with black fabric to add some privacy if you ever need to access your bag in public and sealed by a water-resistant material.

One of these dividers feature a small pocket that opens from the top, so you can access things while the luggage is standing.

hardware of the db carry on luggage

Quite handy as you don’t need to lay out the entire bag on the ground!

In my video review, you can watch me packing a lot of things inside, which shows just how spacious the Db Ramverk is.

2. Quick front access main compartment

As its name suggests (Db Ramverk Front-Access Carry-on), this luggage has a unique front access face.

zips on the db ramverk carry on

This is one of the product’s main selling points and is meant to simplify travel.

It’s padded and can fit up to a 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Db ramverk Carry On Laptop compartment

The unique thing here is the zipper designed to pull your laptop when you tug it upwards. Super convenient for fast access and going through airport security.

There are also mesh pockets here where you can store quick-access items like your passport, boarding pass, keys, or books.

One thing to note: this front pocket is connected to the main compartment, which can be a benefit for when you need to retrieve something quick, but also means you have to be careful as your clothing will be exposed.

3. Custom build and quality hardware

Db prides itself with excellent craftmanship and materials, which so far I can attest to.

handle on the db ramverk carry on

All the hardware in the Db Rambverk Carry-on is very solid and well-made. In particular, I love the telescopic handle, which is extremely sturdy and smooth.

back and handle on the db ramverk carry on

It has been custom built for this luggage that blends robustness and design, so that it nails both performance and aesthetics.

Plus, this makes maneuvering the luggage super easy and pleasant.

hardware of the handle on the db journey ramverk carry on

The main compartment is protected with a TSA combination lock, which took me a bit of getting used to. But once I have, it locks super easily and feels very secure.

TSA Lock on the db ramverk carry on

4. Easy and fast travelling

Still on the note of high-quality hardware, I also wanted to put the spotlight on the spinner wheels, which are smooth as butter.

They’re Japanese Hinomoto 360-degree wheels that are ultra silent.

silent spinner wheels on the db ramverk carry on

The bag rolls very effortlessly, which is convenient especially on a busy train station or airport.

5. Hook-Up System

This feature is only useful if you have Db’s other products, namely the backpacks or other accessories. But if you do, this will make your travel such a unique experience.

The Db Hook-Up system is patented and lets you fully customize your travel gear.

It’s a fun and functional way to build your travel ecosystem and make it yours.

You can attach the Hugger Backpack to your Ramverk Front-access Carry-on, and smaller accessories to the backpack. This means that during transit, you only have one entity to move around! Very easy, very simple…

6. Overall design and aesthetics

Finally, I have to talk about just how much I’m a fan of the Db Ramverk’s aesthetics.

All of the colour options are relatively neutral and classic, except for the more eye-catching Sprite Lightning Red.

For my review, I got the luggage in Green Ray, which is bright but still quite subtle.

However, the most striking thing is the overall design itself: a simple silhouette, sleek, and quintessentially modern.

side profile of the db ramverk carry on

Cons of the Db Ramverk Carry On Luggage 

hardware damage on th db ramverk carry on agfter couple days of testing

What are some cons of the Db Ramverk Front-access Carry-On?

After reviewing lots of carry-on and luggages, I would’ve loved to have seen some powerbank integration or compartment. But then, this may take away from the Scandinavian style of the design.

I’d also assumed that the front pocket would feature a separate laptop pocket, which isn’t the case.

It’s combined with the mesh pockets and also access into the main compartment, which just means you have to be a bit more careful when opening it as to not drop any of your clothes.

Another drawback is the weight, which at 3.9 kg is not the lightest at all.

I also think the front pocket is a bit exposed and that another lock in addition to the two loop holes would be nice, especially for the price point.

Db Ramverk Carry On Lugagge: Performance over time

Db journey luggage review

How does the Ramverk Carry On compare upon first impressions and over time?

Here’s what I think…

First use:

  • Complicated to work out at first but became quite convenient and unique once I figured all the features out
  • Lots of space for packing
  • The streamlined style is something that appeals to me personally
  • Laptop compartment is not as accessible as I would like

After 1 week:

  • Moves really well with the smooth 360-degree spinner wheels
  • It feels a bit bulky as a carry-on for the smaller airlines I use, but worked well for travelling via train
  • Not as easy to clean as I would like 
  • The style and colour remains one of my favourites from a carry-on

Overall verdict: Is the Db Ramverk Carry-on worth buying?

If you’re still here (or skipped forward to this part), you’re probably wondering what my verdict is on this bag.

Well, the whole review comes down to one question:

Should you buy the Db Ramverk Carry On?

For me, the answer is yes, you probably should!

All in all, I had a great experience with this carry-on and can easily recommend it to most people.

It’s really strong and well-put-together, and the features are something that most travellers would benefit from.

After a while, there were moments of dirt gathering and little bits of thread coming out that made me think, “what a shame”. 

But overall I’m still a fan of the look, style and colour!

Get Your Db Ramverk Carry-on Here

What else does Db sell?

Hugger Backpack 30L

One of Db’s other bestsellers is the 30L Hugger backpack, an ergonomic bag that’s essential for weekend getaways. It has a streamlined and stealthy silhouette, which is great for travel and urban settings, while featuring the patented Hook-Up System™ webbing that allows you to hook this to Db’s roller bags.

Read an in-depth review of the Hugger Backpack here.

Ramverk Pro Backpack 26L

For the photographers and travel bloggers out there, the Ramverk Pro Backpack is a fantastic choice. It’s compatible with Db’s camera inserts and packs for the ultimate customisation. The bag itself comes with removable hip and shoulder straps, is super comfortable, and includes a separate laptop compartment.

The Ramverk Backpack comes in a 21L version, which I've tested out. Here's the full review!

Ski and Snowboard Bags

More than tech-based backpacks and carry-on, Db also offers a range of bags for outdoor enthusiasts. For example, ski and snow bags! Ranging in colour, size, and features, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your needs.

Db Ramverk Carry-on Alternatives

You’re not sure whether the Db Ramverk Carry-on is for you. That’s okay! I have a few alternatives you could check out:

Horizn Studios Luggage

Horizn Studios’ luggage has been amazing on a lot of our adventures, with the M5 and H5 being their carry-on models. They’re super modern and versatile, and has that minimalist look.

LEVEL8 Aluminum Carry-On

If you’re looking for an aluminum luggage, LEVEL8 is a brand I’d recommend. This one is still affordable while being super hardy and strong.

Carl Friedrik Carry-On Pro

For a higher-end and premium smart luggage, try the Carl Friedrik Carry-On Pro. It’s a luxury product you might love, especially if you’re looking to invest more in your carry-on.

Well, that wraps up our gear review for today.

Have you ever tried the Db Ramverk Front-access Carry-on?

What’s your favorite carry-on luggage?

Let’s share in the comment section below!

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