July Carry On Review: The Strongest Carry-on in the Market?

Orlaigh Magennis
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Orlaigh Magennis
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October 6, 2023
The July Carry On is a strong luggage with a hard polycarbonate shell, smart features including a power bank port, and attractive colour options.
July Carry On Review

Are you looking for a new carry-on for your travels?

You might have heard of July and their signature product, the Carry On.

It’s overall a great product with excellent features and durability.

But is this the right luggage for you?

How well-made is it really?

I was recently able to test out the July Carry On and will be sharing my thoughts about it with you!

Rating: 9.5/10

Let’s go…

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Who exactly is July?

outside with july

July is a brand that sells functional products focusing on making the travel experience easier and more convenient.

Their offerings range from luggage and backpacks to passport holders, tech kits, and other accessories.

They pride themselves on designing products based on common problems when travelling.

This includes fixing issues found in mass-produced luggage and travel bags, like poor durability and practicality.

Their mission is to “democratise unbreakable and lifelong design”, which I do think shows through their unique models and innovative features.


Where can you buy the July Carry On?

July carry on

The best place to buy the July Carry On or their other items is directly on their website.

If you’re based in the US, you can get your Carry On from this link.

Meanwhile, head over to the UK website for those buying from the UK.

July offers a lifetime warranty for all their luggage, which includes product defects, from the wheels and handles to the nylon straps and even the polycarbonate shell.

Another great incentive is the 100-day return policy

You can get a full reimbursement as long as you haven’t used the bag and it’s still in the original condition and packaging.

Quick overview: Technical Specifications

  • Price: $295
  • Weight: 3.4kg (7.4 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 21.5" H x 15" W x 8.5" D (including wheels
  • Materials: German polycarbonate shell, nylon lining, nylon straps, and YKK zippers
  • Color Options: Forest, sand, clay, shadow lavender, moss, navy, charcoal, monochrome, sky
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
  • Capacity: 42L

Who should get the July Carry On?

Those who are looking for a simple yet effective carry-on luggage for business or leisure travel. If you need something with the smart features needed for those longer journeys but the convenience for shorter trips, the July Carry On might be for you.

Who should not get the July Carry On?

For those looking for a laptop compartment in the front of their luggage, the Carry On is probably not for you. But I would recommend the Carry On Pro SnapSleeve, which comes with a detachable sleeve compartment for your tech and other essentials.

July Carry On Luggage Review

woman waiting on train with blue July Carry on as trian arrives

Today I’m reviewing the Carry On Original, as opposed to the Carry On Essential.

The Original comes with a power bank and outer metal bumpers, whereas the Essential has only inner bumpers and no power bank. 

It’s also slightly lighter at 3kg, while the Original weighs 3.4kg.

There’s also the Carry On Pro, a heavier and ‘upgraded’ version that includes a detachable tech sleeve, which I briefly mentioned earlier.

For an even more lightweight option at only 1.8kg for 32L, you’ll want to check out the Carry On Light. This model comes in an expandable version to 40L at 2.2kg.

A great thing about July luggage is they often come in various pretty colours. Mine is Sky, which I absolutely adore as it’s modern and stylish.

Moreover, for an extra $50, you can add some personalised monograms. There are, again, tons of options and colours to choose from, which is definitely a nice touch.

Now, let’s move on to the details!

It also has a combination lock which I know people do love. I personally like it as a feature but can’t say I have actually locked it when using this luggage to travel...

How well-made is the July Carry On?

July Carry On hardware inside luggage

Before diving into all the different features of this luggage, you might be wondering just how well-built it is.

The brand itself was inspired to make an indestructible carry-on after reading and researching the most common negative reviews people have for other carry-on luggage.

I have to say that I have seen, reviewed and used my fair share of luggage, and July did an excellent job in this regard!

Woman outside holding July luggage in briefcase mode

The design is not only easy on the eye, but they have unique eggshell-shaped corners that protect the bag fully, even when the weaker parts of the polycarbonate might not be able to hold. 

It’s also perfect if you want to check in the luggage, so you know it has that extra bit of protection. And it’s always nice to know that your belongings are protected even when you’re not holding them near.

This curved eggshell design is also used in their other luggage products.

In terms of design, I like how simple and straightforward it is, which is perfect if you’re looking for a no-frills carry-on.

July strap

I prefer having my laptop in a backpack on flights or transits, so I never really use the laptop sleeves that come with some of the more techy luggage anyway.

The German polycarbonate shell is also water-resistant and water just runs off this bag!

July Carry on Front of luggage

It’s easy to clean and wipe down, which is important especially for the lighter colours if you want to keep them looking clean.

The YKK zips have a clothed material so they can soak in the moisture of any water, but as far as seeping through, the interior is still protected.

The mesh material inside is great. It’s strong and would be hard to cut through.

There’s also some branding throughout the bag, including on the side, on the handles, inside, and on the wheels. They’re fairly subtle and create an overall elegant aesthetic, which I love!

July zips

How convenient is the July Cary On?

Next up, how convenient is this luggage, and how much will it contribute to the ease of your travels?

The July Carry On is, as its name suggests, is a cabin bag that you can easily take on a flight without having to check it in.

It’s perfect for domestic trips and shorter getaways, and I’ve personally tested it in busy environments like London airports.

It holds up super well… So well, in fact, that I tried sitting on the bag and can confirm that it’s very solid and strong.

Another point for convenience!

The wheels are ultra smooth and quiet, which makes maneuvering the luggage effortless and silent.

July Carry On Luggage wheels

Not to mention the telescopic handle that has multiple heights and easily adjustable.

Plus, the rubber handle itself is soft-to-touch and extremely comfortable to hold.

Best features of the July Carry On

1. Smart power bank port

July carry on luggage power bank with personalisation underneath

The power bank port is cleverly designed and easy to use.

It comes with a lead for the power bank and an extra pack you can use for organisation.

The USB and USB-C means you can charge both your phone and laptop!

power bank july

Much like the Horizn Studios carry-on, it’s not overly visible but super easy to remove.

I also love that you can take the power bank out and use it with other smart backpacks that don’t come with power banks!

So, let’s say you’re travelling with this Carry On and another smart backpack with a charging port, you don’t have to carry around two power banks and simply use this one.

2. Large capacity and organized interior

inside july case

The luggage itself has a capacity of 42L, which is quite spacious for a carry-on and enough to pack a few days’ worth of clothes.

One of the main compartments inside has a mesh covering to keep its content in place.

There’s also a zipper here to access the hardware of the bag, which I find it handy to put my shoes.

The luggage comes with a wash bag which you can compress (more on this below). It’s stain-resistant and odor free, and there’s a dedicated hidden compartment where you can store it.

July laundry bag

It’s another nice detail that will help you keep everything organised.

3. Great strength and durability

July top handle

The next thing where this July luggage excels in, obviously, is in strength and durability.

The curved eggshell design I’ve mentioned helps minimise damage to the bag itself, while the extra anodised aluminium bumpers provide even more protection on hard drops.

This is helpful in transit when luggage are often thrown around, as the aluminum corners will protect will lessen the impact.

This ensures the frame and exterior last longer compared to other luggage's.

July Carry On Luggage outside at railway station handle up

4. Excellent SilentMove 360° spinner wheels

back of july

These days, spinner wheels are a must as they will make your transit through an airport or other places much easier.

And I can say that the wheels on this luggage are great.

They’ve proven to actually be silent and thus ideal for those early or late arrivals.

5. Y-Strap compression system

inside july bag

Last but not least is the Y-Strap compression system which comes in the compression pad.

It’s perfect for holding down all your clothing and locks in by a buckle, making packing a lot easier.

July Carry On compression pad inside their luggage

On this side of the compartment, you do have a zipped pocket that you could use for a laptop, though be sure to pad it up because there’s no dedicated protection for tech.

Cons of the July Carry On Luggage

July side handle

There are honestly not many drawbacks to this luggage.

The main one would be despite being super strong and hard on the exterior, you’re still bound to end up with some scratches over time.

Then again, this is true for any luggage and the fact that it will be able to hold up longer than average is excellent.

It’s not really a con.

One thing I could mention is that there’s not a lot of give on the side handle. I have small hands so this isn’t a problem, but I imagine that someone with thicker hands might struggle a little bit with the grip.

It’s definitely not the comfiest to grab, but I guess they had to prioritize the strength and durability over comfort.

July Carry On TSA approved comindation lock

July Carry On: Performance over time

July branding

How did I find the July Carry On upon first use and over time?

First use:

  • Strong, sturdy, and easy to maneuver 
  • Love the sleek design and fun details, plus the additional features inside 
  • Perfect for fast-paced travel and movement
  • Plenty of space inside makes for easy packing

After 3 weeks:

  • Great materials that hold up during turbulence and movements
  • Smart but sleek design, with the power bank giving it a high-end feel 
  • I wonder if scratching on this material might begin to happen with the test of time

Overall verdict: Is the July Carry On worth buying?

If you don’t have time for the entire review, you’ve skipped to the right section.

It all comes down to one question:

Should you buy the July Carry On Luggage?

My answer is yes, I do recommend getting this luggage.

It’s simplistic yet effective, uses high-end quality material, and has a sleek, eye-catching design.

This luggage is everything you’ll want from a carry-on.

It’s simple, clean, and unique with smart features like the integrated power bank port and compression system.

And of course, great hardware and build overall, so you know that it will last you a long while!

Get Your July Carry On Here!

What else does July sell?

Carry On Pro with Snapped Sleeve

This is the same Carry On with a detachable sleeve for your laptop, documents, and other essentials. I would recommend this one if you’re planning longert trips and want to carry your laptop in your luggage instead of backpack.

Checked Luggage

The Checked Luggage is worth considering if it’s what you’re looking for. The Carry On nests perfectly inside this luggage, which can be perfect for holidays and long trips when you might go home with more stuff than when you left!

July Carry On Alternatives

Are you worried the July Carry On Luggage might not be for you? Check out these other alternatives; maybe one of them will suit you better.

Horizn Studios Luggage

Like July, they have many carry-on options to suit your needs, varying from simplistic to pro versions. And I can assure you that their products have been amazing on all our adventures!

LEVEL8 Aluminum Carry-On

Aluminum is said to hold up even longer, and this is a great budget aluminum carry-on with amazing features and style!

Carl Friedrik Carry-On Pro

This is a high-end and smart option. It's a little on the expensive side but is a reliable carry on aimed for people wanting a sleek and smart design.

That’s all for today’s review!

Do you think the July Carry On is for you?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

In the meantime, check out these other luggage reviews and roundups:

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