12 Best Luxury Carry-On Luggage of 2024 [In-Depth Review!]

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February 26, 2024
Here's a look at the best luxury carry-on luggage currently available on the market. Discover what makes each brand unique and find the right one for you.
best luxury carry-on luggage

It’s hard not to get a little excited by luxury carry-on luggage.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of spending money for the sake of it.

But when we finally got around to upgrading our carry-on and trying some of the high end models out there, it’s really no surprise that people got hooked!

It really does make the difference when traveling, allowing you to save weight, pack more away, have a smoother roll through security, and even benefit from some premium features.

*ahem, built-in portable chargers … ahem*!

While the initial price tag may be steeper; designer and high quality suitcases often last for many years and have many functional features.

So it can actually be a pretty savvy long term investment.

Without further ado, we’ll reveal the best carry-on luggage on the market and some of our favorite luxury luggage brands!

Want a quick answer? Go for Horizn Studios ...

M5 Essential
Based on personal experience, I can confidently say that Horizn Studios is a top choice for luxury carry-on. With a range of advance Smart features (such as built-in portable chargers) as well as advanced customisation features, these bags really are amazing. They are clearly built-to last and help make travelling through airports a breeze!
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Quick Roundup

Size (cm)
H5 Essential
Horizn Studios
2.9 - 3.1kg
40 x 55 x 23
Our top pick
M5 Essential
Horizn Studios
40 x 55 x 23
Sterling Pacific 35L
35L Cabin Travel Case
5 starsCustomer reviews
Sterling Pacific
36 x 57 x 22
Nomatic Carry-on Pro
Carry-on Pro
4.5 starsCustomer reviews
35 x 56 x 23
Rimowa Essential Cabin
Essential Cabin
4.5 starsCustomer reviews
40 x 55 x 23

What to look for in a luxury carry-on luggage brand 

Size options 

You don’t want to spend all that money for a supposedly high-quality product only to realize (too late) that it doesn't fit in the overhead locker. 

Nowadays, the standard for carry-on size has decreased.

So, make sure that the luggage can fit in your airlines, and that there are different options within the carry-on space. Some of you may only want a smaller case for an overnight stay, whereas others may need something larger for a city break. 

Extra features 

When buying a luxury carry-on luggage, you’ll expect something different from the average luggage. We’re referring to the special, extra features that can make a high-end luggage actually feel fancy and worth your money.

This could be in the form of it being super lightweight (so you can use more of the weight for your stuff), smart tech features, like in-built charging capabilities, or extra storage options, such as a dedicated compartment for your travel laptop and travel documents.


Luxury luggage should offer exceptional quality and convenience when it comes to the security of your bag. This can give you peace of mind when traveling, as you’ll know that your belongings are safe inside.

Also, they should come with their own locking mechanism rather than expecting you to purchase your own safety lock. It’s even better if the lock system is TSA approved, which can be quite useful.


Lastly is the quality of your luxury suitcase. When you’re spending more for a luggage, it should be because you can save money in the long run by not having to constantly replace it.

A designer suitcase should be designed for the optimal durability, so that a single purchase can last you for many years (if you take care of it well, of course).

Read reviews and see what existing customers have to say. Make sure that the brand is offering a quality product with great zips, strong shells, good wheels, etc!

12 Best Luxury Carry-On Luggage 

1. Horizn Studios M5

Horizn Studios M5 carry-on luggage

Base weight: 3.4 kg

Size: 40x55x23 cm

Capacity: 33.5L

When we talk about luxury suitcase brands, the first one that’s on top of our mind is Horizn Studios.

Known for their fantastic quality and commitment to sustainability, there are many things to love about their cabin luggage. Eco-friendly, stylish, durable, and functional, you name it.

It is easily our top pick.

We’ve personally reviewed their luggage for traveling and have only good things to say about them, especially the M5!

The M5 is the kind of carry-on luggage that you buy and use forever. Its 33.5L capacity is perfect for any short trip you have planned.

Horizn Studios M5 Essential carry-on closeup

It comes with a front pocket that can fit up to a 15-inch laptop, which makes this bag ideal if you’re a digital nomad.

You can use this pocket to store travel documents or other things for easy access. It’s also water-resistant, which can be useful if you’re caught up in light rain.

There are other excellent features, including the 360-degree spinner wheels that roll super smooth and a one-click removable smart charger if you go for the Smart line.

Not to mention the tons of color options! From the eye-catching True Red to the more muted and sophisticated Night Blue.

Using Horizn Studios M5

Plus, we love the fact that it’s sustainable and vegan! All the leather features in this luggage are fully vegan, while the production is 99% waste-free.

Even if you order it online, the brand will ship your product carbon neutrally AND with eco-friendly packaging.

And if you want to make your luxury luggage feel even more personalized and exclusive, you can opt for a three-letter monogram to your luggage tag!

Get 22% off with our code DBTFxhorizn

Special features:

  1. Water-resistant vegan front pocket 
  2. 360° Japanese spinner wheels
  3. Aerospace-grade German polycarbonate
  4. Sustainable and eco-friendly
  5. Customizable luggage tag monogram

2. Horizn Studios H5

Horizn Studios H5 carry-on luggage

Base weight: 2.9 to 3.1 kg

Size: 40x55x23 cm

Capacity: 35L

The H5 is another model from Horizn Studios that is just as well-made, premium, and all-round great.

Although the difference is not much, we’d recommend this over the M5 if you want slightly more space in the inner compartment and a slightly more lightweight luggage.

Note that this model also forgoes any front pocket, but does come with a hidden, premium laundry bag inside!

It also features a compression pad, which can make packing so much easier and help you fit more clothes and items.

Horizn Studios H5 Smart carry-on closeup

The H5 is certainly a brilliant choice if you’re planning a relatively longer trip or simply have more stuff to bring.

Like the M5, this luxury suitcase also offers two lines: Essential and Smart. What we truly love is the removable smart charger that comes with the Smart option.

This is a game-changing feature for when your electronics are running low on battery—no more looking around for charging ports in impossible places! The best thing is that this smart charger is cabin-approved in ALL airlines.

Horizn Studios H5  Lock closeup

The smart charger has a 10,000mAh capacity and comes with a 1m USB charging cable.

The luggage itself also features a compression pad, which keeps all your stuff in place and shirts wrinkle-free. If you’re going on a business trip, this will be a lifesaver!

Read more: In-depth Horizn Studios review
Get 22% off with our code DBTFxhorizn

Special features:

  1. Removable smart charger (cabin-approved!)
  2. 360° Japanese spinner wheels
  3. Compression pad for easy packing
  4. Built-in hidden laundry bag

3. Db Ramverk Front-access Carry-on

Db journey luggage review

Base Weight: 3.9 kg

Size: 55 X 39.5 X 23 cm

Capacity: 38L

inside of the db luggage carry on

The Db Ramverk Front-access Carry-on is all about making travel more convenient.

The most unique feature is, as its name suggests, the front access face that comes with a 16-inch padded laptop sleeve. With mesh pockets, this is the perfect place to store your boarding pass, passport, or more.

The main compartment is quick-access so that it’s easy to remove essentials during security checks, which you will definitely appreciate if you’re a frequent flyer.

One thing I’d say is to be careful because when I first opened the front access, I didn’t realise it would have exposed my clothes.

In terms of hardware quality, everything feels solid and high-quality. From the ultra silent Japanese Hinomoto spinner wheels to the sturdy, custom-built telescopic handle.

It’s super easy to maneuver and has plenty of space inside (38L) for quick getaways.

Of course, not to mention the numerical TSA lock, plus the additional TSA-approved locks you can purchase for the front lid.

Moreover, if you’re trying to be more eco-conscious with your travel products, Db might be a great brand for you.

This carry-on in particular uses a 70% recycled polycarbonate shell and 100% recycled lining. Components like the wheels, trolley, and handle are designed to be replaceable, which means you can use this luggage for many, many years to come!

hardware of the db carry on luggage



Special Features:

  1. Front-access lid with laptop sleeve
  2. Fast access into main compartment
  3. Custom-built telescopic trolley handle 
  4. Ultra silent Japanese Hinomoto 360° wheels
  5. Replacable key components for longer lifetime

4. LEVEL8 Voyageur Carry On 20”

LEVEL8 Voyageur Carry On 20”

Base weight: 3.7 kg

Size: 38.5 x 25 x 54.5 cm

Capacity: 43L

The LEVEL8 Voyageur Luggage is a spacious carry-on that’s perfect if you have a lot of stuff but still don’t need a check-in luggage.

It’s not over complicated with tons of features, but has just enough netted and closed pockets to give you packing options.

LEVEL8 Voyageur Carry On luggage

It uses high quality materials, including the Germany Makrolon® polycarbonate hard shell with a beautiful matte finish. This material is very easy to clean.

Overal, LEVEL8 is an excellent brand with reliable quality and I’ve found their products to all be well-made.

You can use the Voyageur Luggage for trips up to weeks if you pack smart!

Many other bags can be wobbly, but this one is extremely sturdy.

But what stands out are the thick extendable handles that make this luggage much easier to grip and control, especially if you add to that the smooth 360-degree wheels.

This carry on also fits nicely in the bigger version, so it's handy for storing away.

Finally, while it doesn’t have a padded laptop compartment either in front or inside, this shouldn’t be a problem if you have your own laptop sleeve.

LEVEL8 Voyageur Carry On

Special features:

  1. Creative handle design for more capacity inside
  2. Interior compression system
  3. 360° spinner wheels

Read our full review of the Level8 Voyageur Carry On.

5. RIMOWA Essential Cabin 

RIMOWA Essential Cabin luggage

Base weight: 7.1 lbs

Size: 21.7 x 15.8 x 9.1”

Capacity: 44.5L

Next up, we want to recommend one of the most coveted luxury French luggage brands: Rimowa. Our pick for today is the perfect companion for a 3-day trip.

The Cabin is part of their Essential collection, which had been the originator of polycarbonate suitcases and incorporated German engineering to produce the best quality and technology.

There are 11 whopping varieties to browse through, from gloss to matte, green to black. So really, it’s impossible not to find the right color for you!

Apart from its quality and high-tech construction, the most appealing thing about Rimowa luggage is hands-down their trademark vertical line design.

But its actual features aren’t to ignore either! We love that the Cabin has the adaptable Flex Divider, which makes it easy to organize your belongings the way you like it.

There is also the TSA-approved lock and telescopic handle.

Of course, we won’t forget the pioneering, high-end Multiwheel system that ensures the most breezy and effortless steering, thanks to the cushioned axels on the wheels.

Special features:

  1. The original polycarbonate suitcase
  2. 11 gorgeous colors in matte or gloss
  3. Pioneering Multiwheel system

6. Carl Friedrik: The Carry-on Pro

Base weight: 9.5 lbs

Size: 15 × 21.7 × 9.6”

Capacity: 43L

The Carry-on Pro from Carl Friedrik is a beautifully made and designed cabin luggage that comes in three luxurious colors. I have the cognac one, which is ultra gorgeous!

It features premium Italian leather detailing for a more natural and smooth finish.

Carl Friedrik The Carry-on Pro

The bag itself is not overwhelmed with pockets so you can actually fit more of your essentials inside.

Still, it has an easy access front pocket with individual compartments for your laptop and travel documents, as well as pens and other accessories. It uses a hard shell to protect from bumps and knocks.

The main compartment has no zippers, which is unique for a carry on luggage and makes it more durable.

The Carry-on Pro won the Smart Luggage category in the 2022 Wallpaper Design Awards.

carry on pro review

It’s all thanks to the airport-optimised design with TSA-approved lock, which makes travelling through airports faster and more convenient.

Not to mention the secure combination locks, water resistance, and hard-wearing metal frame that makes this luggage a truly tough travel companion.

Moreover, the Japanese spinner wheels are both silent and smooth, which in addition to sturdy, extendable leather handles, ensure that it’s very easy and effortless to move around.

Special features:

  1. Easy access laptop & document compartment
  2. Silent Japanese 360 wheels
  3. TSA-approved lock
  4. Beautiful and gorgeous colors

Check out our full Carl Friedrik review!

7. LEVEL8 Full Aluminum Carry-On 20''

LEVEL8 Full Aluminum Carry-On luggage

Base weight: 4.6 kg

Size: 38.1x21.3x55.4 cm

Capacity: 36L

Another fantastic luxury carry-on that I love is the LEVEL8 full Aluminum luggage.

It’s classic and super durable, thanks to the aerospace-grade aluminum magnesium alloy. You can definitely tell that this luggage is built to last!

The amazing exterior features metal corner protectors, scratch-resistant anti-wear stand, and bi-metal bearing, ultra-quiet spinner wheels.

With that said, this bag has an industrial, business feel that may be a good or bad thing depending on you.

The interior is equally impressive. You can pack your items the way you want, and I personally like pairing it with LEVEL8 packing cubes.

LEVEL8 Full Aluminum Carry-On

Although I think the buckles that clip inside the luggage could have been made from better materials as it feels cheap, but everything else looks and feels grand.

What’s unique about this Full Aluminum Carry-On is that it’s both keyless and zipperless, giving it a truly luxurious sense.

There’s no front laptop compartment on the exterior but you have enough space and compartments to pack your laptop inside.

While it doesn’t have the wide handle of the LEVEL8 Voyageur, I do think it works better for this style of the bag, what with the sleek and classic feel of the aluminum.

LEVEL8 Full Aluminum Carry-On review

Special features:

  1. Aluminum luggage with durable hardware
  2. Keyless and zipperless
  3. Smooth and silent 360° spinner wheels

Read the Level8 Aluminum Carry On full review.

8. Nomatic Carry-on Classic

cazzy carry on

Base weight: 7.46lbs

Size: 22" H x 14" W x 9" D

Capacity: 30L

For those who love designer luggage, you will adore Nomatic’s Carry-on Classic.

This is the perfect option for business people, travel bloggers, and digital nomads who want a classy carry-on that's hardy and durable.

It features a unique magnetic compression panel that can compress the entire compartment so you can fit more things inside while keeping them neat and secure.

With a 3-stage aluminum handle, silent Hinomoto spinner wheels, and TSA locking YKK zippers, there really isn't much more to improve on this!

Not to mention the 100% Makrolon polycarbonate material, which is measured to the 10th of a millimeter for extra strength and durability.

nomatic carry on

This hard material is for sure one of this luggage's winning feature!

Special features:

  1. Unique magnetic compression panel
  2. Strong 100% Makrolon polycarbonate
  3. 3 Stage aluminum handle

Read more in the Nomatic Carry-on full review.

9. Osprey Transporter® Wheeled Duffel 40 - Best soft case carry-on luggage

osprey transport 40 L outside testing

Base weight: 2.72 kg

Size: 60H X 36W X 28D cm

Capacity: 40L

back of the osprey duffle carry on

The Osprey Transporter® Wheeled Duffel 40 is a rugged carry-on that's very lightweight.

This is a great option if you want a soft case luggage, which is actually harder to find these days as most brands tend to make hard case luggage.

While the dimensions are a little big for airlines in the UK, the flexible material means that it will still fit as a carry-on for most airlines.

There's plenty of space to work with without being overwhelmed with pockets.

wheels on the osprey duffle carry on

What I like the most is the backpack look and style, which is really unique! It provides you the space of a workhorse duffel and the convenience of a luggage, so that it won't weigh you down during your travels.

The rugged chassis has large wheels for a smooth roll even over rough surfaces like gravel roads and carpet floors.

inside the osprey transporter carry on

The bag itself comes with a wide main access so you can pack easily, a zippered mesh pocket inside, ID window panel, internal compression straps, and aspecial pocket that fits most luggage trackers.

Outside, you have large external pockets for your knickknacks, 6 lash points, YKK zippers with lockable sliders, and 4 grab handles!

In terms of colour options, Osprey offers three neutral shades that make it a versatile luggage style.

Special features:

  1. Lightweight soft case luggage
  2. Compression straps and pockets inside
  3. 6 lash points and 4 flexible grab handles
  4. YKK zippers with rain flap protection
  5. Oversized wheels for smooth rolling

10. Sterling Pacific 35L Cabin Travel Case

sterling front

Base Weight: 11.5 lbs
22.5" x 14" x 8.5"

Capacity: 35L

The 35L Cabin Travel Case by Sterling Pacific might be the only luggage you’ll ever need.

It’s by no means the most affordable carry-on, but if you travel a lot want something premium and reliable, this is it.

The quality, build, and overall hardware are impressive and do justify the price. With a sleek, clean, and unique design, this is definitely the best high-end suitcase you can get.


The gorgeous aluminum frame is a 10/10, but the ring spun twill weave lining interior just makes the whole experience even better. It has such a luxurious finish!

Of course, the aluminum material may not be everyone’s taste, but this style of luggage seems to making its way through the market and this one is pretty elite.

This Sterling Pacific carry-on comes with reinforced corners and stainless steel rivets to ensure the most incredible strength and protection.

In addition, the top and side handles are made from full-grain Italian leather and provide a nice detail.

sterling inside

And to sweeten the deal even more, each purchase gives you an amenity bag, leather care wax and cloth, and an aluminum pen.

Special features:

  1. Reinforced A380 Aluminum Corners and Extruded 6063 Aluminum Frame
  2. Italian Full-Grain Leather Handles
  3. Ring Spun Twill Weave Lining
  4. Large 35L capacity
  5. Amenity & Care Kit

11. Road Runner Carry-on with Laptop Pocket 20'

Base weight: 8.9 lbs

Size: 14.5”L x 9.1”W x 21.9”H

Capacity: 38L

Looking for a classy, practical hand luggage that also suits business needs? Then look no further than the Road Runner by Level8 Luggage!

Excellent in both quality and design, this is a perfect luxury carry on luggage option.

It's constructed from Germany Bayer Makrolon® Polycarbonate Hard Shell, which is a solid and durable material.

There are many organization elements, letting you pack smarter for a longer trip, and it even comes with a TSA approved lock, and silence 360 spinner wheels (which make ALL the difference when you're stressed running last minute for your flight...)

Special features:

  1. Dedicated laptop compartment
  2. 360 silent spinner wheels
  3. Well organised interior

Here's a full review of the Level8 Road Runner!

12. July Carry On - Best carry-on with beautiful colour options

july suitcase

Base weight: 7.4 lbs (3.4 kg)

Size : 21.5" H x 15" W x 8.5" D (external dimensions)

Capacity: 42L

The July Carry On is a well-made luxury carry-on with a huge capacity of 42L made from crush-proof German shell.

I love the colours this carry-on offers and you can even add on some personalisation, complete with a huge variety of fonts and styles.

This will make your luggage so unique and feel personal to you, which I love!

july personalisation suitcase

The telescopic handle has 20 height settings, which is unheard of, while the luggage itself has a TSA lock, hidden laundry bag, and Y-strap compression system.

Moreover, the SilentMoveTM wheels are very quite and easy to manoeuvre.

What's great about July is that they offer a lifetime warranty and 100 day returns, and not to mention, free shipping within Australia.

Another unique feature here is the clever ejectable battery built into the luggage, so you can charge your phone on the go!

Special features:

  1. 15 colour options
  2. Personalisation available
  3. Built-in USB charging unit
  4. SilentMove 360° spinner wheels
  5. 20-height multi-stop telescopic handle

Don't miss the full review of the July Carry On.

Which luxury carry-on luggage do you want?

Yes, there are a ton of luxury carry-on luggage brands out there that it can take hours just to narrow them down.

We’ve done the tedious work for you and hope that this list can provide the best recommendations for you.

Of course, our top pick remains the M5 and H5 from Horizn Studios, which are durable and packed with various high-tech features. 

That said, which of these fancy luggage do you think you’ll get?

Or do you have any other recommendations?

Just drop a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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