Carl Friedrik Carry-On Pro Luggage [In-depth 2024 Review!]

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January 1, 2024
Looking for the right luxury luggage? Here's an in-depth and unbiased review of the Carl Friedrik Carry-on Pro to help you decide if it's what you need!
carl friedrik the carry-on pro REVIEW

Carl Friedrik is known for its luxury travel products that use premium Italian leather.

High craftsmanship, beautiful design, and excellent functionality, you got it.

As travellers, having a good carry-on luggage is essential and I’ve been super impressed by this one.

If you’re looking to buy your next luxury travel luggage, you might be considering the Carl Friedrik Carry-on Pro.

This hard sided luggage review aims to dissect the ins and outs of this product to help with your decision.

I’ll also be comparing it briefly to the normal Carry-on model.

Some of the things I’m covering include:

  • Build quality and durability
  • How good of a travel luggage it is
  • Who I think it’s for

And, naturally, whether it’s worth getting!

Let’s go…

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Quick overview of Carl Friedrik luggage

The Carry-on 

  • Weight: 3.9kg (8.6lbs)
  • Capacity: 40 L
  • Dimension:  Width 37cm (14.6 inches) x Height 55cm (21.6 inches) x 24cm Depth (9.5 inches)
  • Great for: Travel, business trips, weekends away 

The Carry-on Pro 

  • Great for: 
  • Weight: 4.3kg (9.5lbs)
  • Capacity: 43 L
  • Dimension:  Width 38cm (15 inches) x Height 55cm (21.7 inches) x 25cm Depth (10.6 inches)
  • Great for: Long-haul travel & business trips

Who exactly is Carl Friedrik?

Carl Friedrik is a London-based brand founded and run by two brothers.

Since 2012, they’re now known for their luxury travel accessories and premium leather that range from luggage and briefcases to wallets.

As a company, they have been focusing on combining elegance and functionality.

This means innovative and beautiful design as well as quality build.

Carl Friedrik even offers lifetime warranty and a 100-day trial!

Their products use handcrafted Vachetta leather from a family-owned tannery in Tuscany, Italy. It’s durable and has a luxurious, smooth finish.

Carl friedrik the carry-on pro review

Where can you buy Carl Friedrik luggage?

So far, the single best place to buy Carl Friedrik luggage is directly from their website.

This is because they offer free shipping to the UK and rest of Europe.

For the US, Canada, and other international destinations, the shipping cost is still very reasonable.

What’s unique is their 100-day trial period on all orders

This means that you can get a full refund if for some reason you’re not satisfied with your product.

Plus, free exchanges and returns (with a small fee fee for US & international addresses).

Carl Friedrik also accepts customized products in batches. Whether for corporate gifts or private events, the personalization will take your gifts to a new level.

Not to mention the lifetime warranty that covers repairs and replacements for functional damages. 

Alternatively, Case Luggage is a good option if you want to buy their luggage along with products from other brands.

Carl Friedrik The Carry-on Pro Luggage Review

My first impression is that the Carry-on Pro is doubtlessly a luxury luggage.

It’s absolutely stunning, sleek, and stylish. It also has a unique exterior and I do love anything that’s different. 

How well-made is the Carry-on Pro by Carl Friedrik Luggage?

I’d give the build, material and hardware of this luggage is 10/10.

They’re truly what makes it look and feel like a luxury product to me.

Overall, the Carl Friedrik Carry-on Pro has a professional and modish aesthetic with excellent build quality and materials.

The luggage comes with a duster cover, which is a nice touch for storage purposes when not in use. You can even use it as a laundry bag while travelling!

Additionally, I tend to worry when buying a product especially at this price point, if it’s going to look exactly as the image.

The good news is that for this case, the Carry-on Pro does look EXACTLY as viewed online.

Get Your Carl Friedrik Luggage Here

What do we like about the Carry-on Pro by Carl Friedrik?

1. Hard shell exterior

The hard shell exterior is one of my personal favorite things about the Carry-on Pro.

I love suitcases with a hard side as it ensures added protection for the valuable I have inside. This is because I’ve noticed that soft materials don’t usually protect in terms of spillage and getting bumped around on the plane.

There are little rubber stubs outside that are also a thoughtful touch.

If you’re ever in a rush, flinging things about, these protruding stubs can minimize the impact on your actual items inside.

Inside, you’ll find two sides with compression straps. One of them has a removable compression pad that makes it convenient to hold more items.

Usually, carry-ons have an adjustable strap on one side and zippered compartment on the other, so I appreciate that the Carl Friedrik luggage offers adjustable straps for both sides!

They’re very sturdy and secure.

The interior also features running zippers to separate your shoes or laundry.

2. Easy-access laptop compartment

Of course, the main feature of the Carry-on Pro is the laptop compartment. It’s especially handy for going through airport security.

This front pocket opens up to a nice degree for easy access.

It comes with buttons and velcro on the side so you can adjust how far or little you want it to expand. 

In comparison to the Level 8 suitcase which only has velcro straps, I definitely prefer having the additional buttons as you won’t be spending all day trying to level up the velcro — buttons are faster to fasten.

The compartment has a lot of organisation including some mesh pockets.

They don’t specify the exact dimensions for the laptop compartment, but it’s quite spacious and I can fit my 11-inch laptop easily with some wiggle room left.

It’s overall nicely detailed with a subtle CF print and water resistant fabric material.

3.TSA-approved aluminium lock

The aluminum lock mechanism on this bag’s main compartment is super unique and noteworthy.

This is something I’ve never seen before in a bag and was excited to try.

Surprisingly, the TSA-approved lock is so easy to latch and unlatch, even when I stuffed it full.

Essentially, the main compartment has no zippers, just this locking mechanism.

It’s something different and once your stuff is in, they’re immediately secure.

4. Smooth and silent spinner wheels

I also love the 360 Japanese spinner wheels that feel absolutely smooth to roll around.

You know that having smooth wheels is a gamechanger during transit.

It’s really great for getting about.

On a similar note, the extended handle also goes up and down easily.

5. Premium Italian leather detailing

The Vachetta leather used in this bag is handmade in Italy.

Handmade by a team of artisans, our leather is characterised by its smooth surface and natural finish.

The lining itself is a polyester from China, whereas the Nylon zippers and silent wheels are Japanese.

6. Stylish design

The Carry-on Pro has won the Wallpaper Design Awards for the 2022 Smart Luggage category.

It’s no surprise since the luggage looks super gorgeous and elegant!

All its three colors of black, chocolate, and cognac are very earthy and neutral, which adds to that luxurious style.

I personally have the cognac which is their signature color!

The contrast between the leather and shiny metal frame is both sleek and attractive.

7. Customizable

Finally, another unique thing about this Carl Friedrik bag is the customisation.

You can personalise the luggage for an additional cost, choosing a color and stamping on your initials or name. 

While this may be unnecessary, it’s definitely a cool option that will set your bag apart!

What don’t we like about the Carry-on Pro by Carl Friedrik?

When looking at competitors in terms of high-end luxury suitcase such as Tumi or Roam, you’re bound to have high standards that need to be met.

This means focusing really deeply on the manufacturer and how durable and long-lasting the product itself will be.

The bag itself has a super solid structure and is well-built, but the stitching feels a bit flimsy and untidy. This could be for many reasons but you’d expect everything to be superb at this price point.

Inside the bag, the team leaves a note detailing how to clean the suitcase, which is useful. But they do mention to be careful of stickers being placed when at the airport as they might discolor the leather material.

There’s also no lock on the front compartment, which I would’ve appreciated especially since it’s meant to hold your laptop and electronics.

Another thing they could’ve added is a packing cube of some sorts. I feel like additional features like these will go a long way.

For example, Horizn Studios provide branded packing cubes and a built-in powerbank for their M5 Smart model, which is around the same price.

(Although they don’t have that hard shell at the front that I love so much about this Carl Friedrik bag.)

Is the Carry-on Pro a good upgrade to the normal Carry-on?

The key difference from the regular Carry-on is that the Pro luggage has an additional front compartment for your laptop, gadgets, travel documents, and other small accessories.

It’s 0.9lbs heavier and offers 3L more in capacity.

In terms of dimensions, the Pro is slightly wider and can be further expanded by 2cm. 

It’s still compliant with most airline cabin sizes, but the normal Carry-on is a safer bet as it’s smaller.

Verdict: Is the Carry-on Pro by Carl Friedrik worth buying?

Want a quick answer? You’ve come to the right section.

So, should you buy the Carry-on Pro?

I think the answer is a resounding yes, particularly if you travel a lot and needs a luggage that looks sleek and professional.

If you want premium material and a luxurious design, this is the luggage for you.

It’s got a hard shell and lovely finish.

However, if you want something more affordable or won’t be using it a lot, the Carry-on Pro may not be for you as the price is quite premium.

Get Your Carl Friedrik Luggage Here

6 Month Performance Review

  • Continues to be a high end product with a classy feel to it
  • Does scratch but expected with the hard shell exterior
  • Easy to move and the wheels have held up nicely
  • Can't say I am a fan of the leather handles just for comfort but they do the jo

Other products from Carl Friedrik 

Carl Friedrik offers a huge range of products, from men and women’s leather bags to small accessories and home office goods.

Palissy Briefcase

This briefcase fits up to 16-inch Macbook and is an absolute essential for those of you who go to the office. It’s chic and functional, and has plenty of compartments for easy organization.

Day-to-Day Backpack

The Day-to-Day Backpack is great for both travelling and daily life. With a main and front compartment, it’s big enough for a 16” laptop and all your accessories.

Moreover, it can collapse to a smaller size for days when you don’t have lots of things to carry around.

Key Organiser

The Key Organiser is another embodiment of the brand’s elegant yet practical design. Made from surgical-grade stainless steel, it’s the perfect way to store your keys neatly.

The Charging Tray

Carl Friedrik also makes home office accessories like this sleek Charging Tray. It offers wireless charging as well as organization for your basic office supplies.

That’s it for our in-depth review of the Carl Friedrik Carry-on Pro luggage.

Have you ever tried Carl Friedrik's products before?

We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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