2024 Jibs Classic Shoes Review [In-Depth & Unbiased!]

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January 1, 2024
Trying to find the ultimate travel shoes? This in-depth and unbiased Jibs Classic shoe review might help you decide whether or not it's worth buying!
Jibs classic shoes review 2023

When we’re not traveling between countries, it’s always nice to have stylish travel shoes. 

Of course, what makes a great travel shoe is also how comfortable they are.

Especially if you’re planning to explore cities and walk a lot…

I’ve recently gotten to try the Jibs Classic and absolutely loved it. It’s a chic version of the iconic slip-on model with breathable (and biodegradable) leather.

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect travel shoes and want to know more about the Jibs Classic, let me help you out!

Below, I’ll be talking in depth about:

  • Quality of the material and build
  • How comfortable they are
  • Whether or not it’s worth getting

Let’s get started!

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Who are Jibs?

I really believe that the best travel products are created by travellers to solve real pain points.

This is the case with Jibs, which was founded by globetrotter Natalie Kathleen in 2015.

She was inspired to create a shoe that’s functional for an active lifestyle and travel while still being fashionable enough to wear on nights out and to fancy venues.

The brand uses proprietary leather for its shoes, which in addition to being 98% biodegradable also ensures maximum breathability and stretch.

This means that the material can fit seamlessly around your feet in no time, making it feel more comfortable and worn in.

In terms of style, Jibs’ shoes are designed to be ‘chameleons’. They’re simple and neutral enough to complement your fashion style, no matter what.

Even better, their shoes are handmade in Brazil, using less water usage and eco-friendly chemicals.

The name Jibs itself was drawn from the jib of sailboats and represents the passion for exploring and enjoying the journey. Definitely an awesome philosophy!

Where can you buy Jibs shoes?

There are several options where you can get Jibs shoes.

They’re a direct-to-consumer brand, so I highly recommend ordering from the Jibs website.

This is because you can get free shipping within the continental USA, or choose express shipping via FedEx and UPS.

They also accept exchanges and returns.

If you’re in the States, you can check out their stores in real life, including Lillo Bella in North Carolina, Lollie in Pennsylvania, and The Biltmore Hotel and Vêtu in Florida. 

They’re great if you want to try the shoes in person before buying them.

Jibs has partnered with Zappos, so you can buy their products on their website too.

Jibs Sizing Tips

If you’re getting the Classic, Jibs recommends ordering one size down from your usual size.

This is because their shoes design naturally fits large as the unlined, soft leather can stretch to adapt to your foot’s unique shape.

In fact, if you walk in your Jibs shoes for a day, expect them to stretch up to half their size.

I’m a 5 ½ in UK sizing and wish I went down a size, so while it’s super comfy to wear, it doesn’t fit as perfectly for me.

Also, it’s important to note that Jibs don’t do halves! Again, it’s best to go smaller in this case.

Don’t worry if they feel too snug at first, as long as it’s not painful, as they’ll relax and stretch the more you wear them.

JIBS Classic Shoes Review

I’m reviewing the Classic model specifically.

Upon first impressions, the shoes come in a beautiful recycled box, which I think is a nice touch.

The white color looks super clean and fresh, and like they’re very well-made.

I was excited to test them out!

How well-made are the Jibs Classic Shoes?

The craftsmanship is hands-down one of my favorite things about the Jibs Classic shoes.

They’re advertised as being handmade in Brazil, which is a plus point because it means that each product is paid attention to with great detail.

The shoes also use locally sourced materials, while the build is super sturdy and durable.

I personally love the lined grip at the bottom of the shoe, which helps keep you stable when walking.

This isn’t really a downfall, but the shoe itself isn’t fully eco-friendly.

Their leather is “98% biodegradable”, which although isn’t exactly saving the planet, is pretty good.

In fact, Jibs’ leather can compost in less than 200 days, compared to average leather that takes 50 years to compost!

It’s always better if we can be more eco-conscious, including our clothing choices.

How comfortable are the Jibs Classic shoes?

Overall, I think the Jibs Classic is quite comfy.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I got the wrong size and wish I went down a size.

I’d imagine the fit being so much better, and thus the shoes even more comfortable and snug.

Still, I found that they’re pretty good as is, especially for simple sightseeing and everyday walks.

One thing to note is that the leather cuts on my feet without wearing socks, which can be a downside if you don’t like to wear socks with your sneakers…

Another thing is that we don’t get the most sun here in the UK, so I’ll be keeping these Jibs shoes in the closet until it gets hotter.

All in all, the shoes are comfortable for light walks and sightseeing, but not for super long, intense walks.

(For that, you might want to try their Mid Rise model, which I’ll touch on briefly in the last section)

The most important thing is to get the right size and maybe wear some socks.

What makes Jibs a great travel shoe?

So, what exactly makes the Jibs shoes, especially the Classic, great for travel?

Let me break it down…

1. Easy slip-on

Everybody loves slip on shoes. No more fumbling with shoelaces!

They’re so convenient, and I think this is great for travelling when you want to get out the door quickly.

In addition, the shoes are really flexible and easy to get into!

2. Comfortable and airy

The shoes themselves are made of diamond perforated leather that can contour to your unique feet shape. In other words, more snug and comfortable!

I love the lined grip on the bottom of the shoes which gives you more stability when walking.

They’re pretty lightweight, which is always nice for wearing, but also means they’re light to pack.

The leather material and holes all over ensure that the shoes are highly breathable.

So, even if it’s super hot out, your feet will still get some nice ventilation and breathing room.

3. Odor-free

Another fantastic feature of the Jibs Classic is that it’s designed to be odor-free.

The material choices are deliberate in this regard, as both the natural cork and memory foam are moisture-wicking.

Not only do they make wearing it comfortable, but your feet can also enjoy enough airflow so they don’t get sweaty.

4. Super versatile styling

While the shoe design itself is versatile, I went with the soft white colour and am glad about the choice.

The white colour goes with everything and it doesn’t get easier to dress it up or down.

The only downside is that the white may retain more dirt and dust, so maybe go for a darker color if this is something you’re worried about.

Thankfully, I found them to be pretty easy to clean, thanks to the leather material.

5. Removable cork insole

Finally, I love that the neutral arch support cork insole is removable.

You can use your own higher arch or orthotics insole if you need them.

It’s a thoughtful detail so that everyone can enjoy the best support and comfort while wearing the Jibs shoes.

Get Your Jibs Classic Shoes Here

How do Jibs Classics shoes compare to their other shoes?

The Jibs Classic is just as its name suggests. It’s as classic as it gets.

It’s the iconic slip-on made to be comfortable and travel-friendly.

All the Jibs shoes are an iteration of the sneakers, but the Slim mimics the flats more while the Mid Rise is like boots.

So, if you want something truly ‘neutral’, the Classic model is the way to go.

Overall verdict: Are the JIBS Classic shoes worth buying?

This entire review boils down to one question…

Should you buy the Jibs Classic shoes?

For me, the answer is yes.

It’s comfy and looks fashionable.

I think they’re great to have handy on your travels, as they can handle light walks and sightseeing and still be dressed up.

As long as you choose the right size and fit, you shouldn’t have any major issues.

The mid-range pricing gives you the best of both worlds: durability and high quality without breaking the bank!

With that said, the Classic shoes are neutral and versatile, so they work better in complementing your outfit rather than being a statement piece.

And if you’re going to do lots of hiking on rough terrains, you should probably invest in specialty shoes for both comfort and safety!

Get Your Jibs Classic Shoes Here

6 Month Performance Review

  • I think these shoes are lovely to look at
  • They have nice are flow and different designs makes it super easy to style with
  • My only downfall is comfort, they ripped the feet off me, wearing socks is ok but doesn't look right with the shape of the shoe

What else does Jibs sell?

Jibs offers an array of other shoes, all slip-ons with their signature perforated leather.

Jibs Slim

The Jibs Slim slip on shoe is inspired by the classic flat, but is much more comfortable and can endure long days. It’s pretty much a combo of dressy flats and sneakers. Take it from the office to the bar. They’ll make you look and feel good!

Jibs Mid Rise

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Jibs Mid Rise covers up to your ankles. It’s a modern and more casual take on the boots. The stylish silhouette is definitely unique, but the design still prioritizes comfort and breathability.

Men’s Jibs

Men, I got you too. Or rather, Jibs does. The Classic and Mid Rise models are available in men’s versions and sizing. Who says you have to sacrifice comfort for style? Moreover, the tons of color options mean there’s something for everyone.

That wraps up my review of the Jibs Classic shoes.

Have you tried it? Or maybe other Jibs products?

Feel free to comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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