Carl Friedrik The Large Check In Luggage Review

Orlaigh Magennis
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Orlaigh Magennis
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February 5, 2024
The Carl Friedrik Large Check-in Luggage offers a huge capacity, durable framing, and premium leather detailing. But is this the right luggage for you?
Carl friedrik The Large Check-in luggage review

The Large Check-in by Carl Friedrik is a high-end luggage with a large capacity, durable framing, great hardware, and impressive leather detailing.

This is a bigger version of their classic Check-in Luggage, and the perfect go-to for those who need a huge suitcase for travelling.

Carl Friedrik Check In Large

With aluminium locks, Japanese spinner wheels, and more, it’s a serious contender as one of the best checked-in suitcases out there.

But how convenient is it really?

Is this the right luggage for you?

Today, I’ll be reviewing the Large Check-in, including its features, convenience, build quality, and even drawbacks.

Rating: 9.5/10

Let’s get stuck in!

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Who exactly is Carl Friedrik?

Carl Friedrik is a London-based brand known for their unique premium leather and high-quality travel accessories, including luggage and wallets.

Their products aim to use solution-based designs, excellent craftsmanship, and durability.

hardware of the TSA locks on the carl friedrik check in luggage

They blend functionality with understated elegance for a look that’s modern, sleek, and professional.

The company uses sustainable materials and provides a transparent supply chain, which is always great if you’re looking to make more eco-conscious choices when getting new products.

In terms of quality, they really aren’t messing around, especially when it comes to the leather.

Using only full-grain Vachetta leather from a single family-run tannery in Florence, their leather is a by-product from meat production, which is natural and thus more environmentally friendly too!


Where can you buy the Carl Friedrik Check in?

The best place to get your Carl Friedrik luggage is directly from their website.

You can enjoy a lifetime warranty that covers any functional damage, including things like stitching, zips, metalwork, and handles.

This means that you can pretty much use your luggage for a long time, and take durable to a whole new level.

According to their official site, there are several approved retailers where you can also purchase Carl Friedrik’s luggage and still get this warranty:

  • Harvey Nicholls
  • Case
  • Baltzar
  • The Gentleman Store
  • Urban Traveller
  • Louis Copeland
  • Matches
Get the Carl Friedrik Large Check-in here.

Quick overview: Technical Specifications

  • Price: £565/$745
  • Weight: 6.2kg (13.7lbs)
  • Outer Dimensions: 53.5cm (21.1 inches) x 72cm (28.4 inches) x 33.5cm (13.2 inches)
  • Color Options: Grey/Cognac, Grey/Chocolate, Grey/Black, Black
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty
  • Capacity: 105L

Who should get this check in?

Those who need a huge bag for travelling. The build quality and materials of this Carl Friedrik luggage is truly amazing, so if you want something to last you a long time, this is it.

Who should not get this check in?

But if you mainly travel with a carry-on or prefer a more lightweight checked-in luggage, then the Large Check-in may not be for you. It is on the heavier side and might reduce what you can pack, especially if you’re travelling with weight restrictions.

Carl Friedrik The Check In Luggage Review

When testing this luggage, I travelled to a lot of places: from Glasgow to London, London to Antigua, Antigua to London, and then back to Glasgow.

hardware of the carl friedrik checked in luggage large

Spoiler alert: it held up super well and came out on the other side with barely any scratches.

Yes, some scratching was bound to happen, but not as much as I would’ve expected. Even comparing it with previous Tumi luggage I’ve had before, this Carl Friedrik was much tougher.

How convenient is the The Large Check-in Luggage?

Overall, the The Large Check-in luggage has proven to be fairly convenient, mostly if we’re talking in terms of space.

Because of how roomy and large the interior is, it’s super easy to pack all your belongings without having to worry about not being able to fit everything in.

With a 105 liter capacity, you won’t be wanting for more space.

packing up the large check in luggage from carl friedrik

But the other side of the coin is that this volume comes with weight, which means it can be pretty heavy.

In this case, it’s not the most convenient luggage if you want to travel light and have something compact to maneuver around a busy airport or station. 

With that said, the wheels run smoothly and I’m quite impressed with how easy the luggage is to move around despite its size.

In addition to the two combination locks on the side, you also have four more locks to hold both sides together, which is really nice in giving you that extra peace of mind.

What makes the Carl Friedrik Check in luggage?

1. Spacious interior

It’s incredibly spacious inside the luggage, which for me is one of the most appealing features of The Large Check-in.

You have two main compartments where you can organise everything to your liking as they’re mainly just large, empty spaces.

inside the carl friedrik check in luggage

There are no pockets or whatnots to overwhelm you, which I’m a fan of.

The whole bag is also well sealed and water-resistant. Always a plus point when you’re travelling, considering you never know when you might be caught in a rain!

2. Organisation

As I’ve said, the organisation in this luggage is just right and not overdone at all.

In addition to the two main compartments, there are two small pockets where you can keep knickknacks lke your cables, toiletries, and such.

organisation pockets inside the carl friedrik check in luggage

One of the compartments come with one one removable compression pad, which is useful for pressing down your clothing.

You can even opt in for a second compression pad, if that’s something you’re interested in. This would definitely be great in keeping your clothes in place instead of going everywhere when you’re opening (or even closing) the luggage.

However, I can also recommend just using your own packing cubes, as it’s nice to have something you can easily reuse with different suitcases.

Carl Friedrik, of course, has their own cubes too as well as other travel accessories.

3. Durable frame

The polycarbonate frame or body may not be the most attractive thing if you prefer plain hard cases. 

There are ridges on the body that make it look like aluminium, but that’s part of that “modern” and sleek style.

That said, this luggage is very tough and hardy!

frame of the carl friedrik luggage

There really isn’t much I could elaborate about this, except that the metal frame is super durable and well-constructed. You can feel just how strong and solid everything is.

You also have secure combination locks to make sure that your valuables are protected at all times.

4. Strong and comfortable handles

The leather handles held up well I thought they wouldn't be strong enough to take the luggage of the luggage belt but they were and no damage was made with the sticky labels on the leather, one wee scratch on one handle but that can be cared for with leather wax

leather handles on the carl friedrik luggage

The main extractable handle was enough for me, nothing comfy about it but didn’t need it to be. It was great for getting about and you can adjust to your height 

extractable handle on the carl friedrik check in luggage

5. Silent Hinomoto wheels

The Japanese Hinomoto spinner wheels are known for being some of the best in the world, and this Carl Friedrik luggage has got them.

silent spinner wheels on the carl friedrik large check in

Not only are they whisper-quiet, but they’re just fantastic to roll around. Super smooth, and you don’t feel tired at all lugging it around.

In fact, I was jet lagged and exhausted after long travel days when testing it out, and the The Large Check-in proved to be a breeze to maneuver.

6. Sleek, business-friendly design

Last but not least, I love the sleek and professional aesthetics of this luggage.

If you’re on a business trip, this could also be the ideal luggage to bring.

sleek design of the carl friedrik luggage leather design

It’s simple and modern with only the most subtle branding so that you get a more premium and high-end style.

Moreover, the Italian leather detailing on the handles and sides make it look even more chic. These parts are handmade by artisans, smooth to the touch, and have a gorgeous finish!

Get the Carl Friedrik Large Check-in here.

Cons of the Carl Friedrik The Large Check In Luggage 

All in all, I’m just very satisfied with The Large Check-in, but if I had to nitpick, there are some cons that I could think of.

In terms of protection on the exterior, there are several side bumpers that will keep your luggage from directly hitting the ground.

compression pad inside the carl friedrik luggage

These in themselves are already great and have held up well, but I think that some more reinforced bumpers on the corners would add to that longevity and durability even more.

The weight was the main downfall because it restricted me so much in terms of how heavily I could pack (it’s already 6.2kg on its own), and I got charged for it being overweight.

I also ended up removing the compression pad just trying to reduce the total weight, which made closing the luggage hard as the straps were the only things keeping the clothes pressed down.

Carl Friedrik The Check In Luggage: Performance over time

How does The Check in compare upon first impressions and over time? Here’s what I think!

First use:

  • Noticed the weight right away. This is not the most lightweight luggage I’ve tried
  • Plenty of space to pack up with, making it easy to just stuff in up to a few weeks’ worth of clothes
  • Highly durable, thanks to the solid hardware and quality craftmanship

After 2 weeks:

  • Barely any scratches on the aluminium exterior, which I’m super pleased about
  • Very easy to move and maneuver. Handles are strong and sturdy, while the wheels are ultra smooth
  • The weight is still not my favourite thing about this luggage; it definitely will cut back how much you can pack in terms of weight, and I even had to pay for it being overweight on a flight

Overall verdict: Are Carl Friedrik Luggage worth buying?

If you’re still here (or skipped forward to this part), you’re probably wondering whether I think this luggage is worth getting.

Well, you’ve come to the right section.

Should you buy the Carl Friedrik Large Checked In Luggage?

For me, the answer is a thousand times yes!

I can say that the brand actually deserves all the hype because this luggage is well-built, durable, and high performing.

I’ve travelled with it through a couple of countries and have loved every second.

For me, this is the type of luggage you invest in for the materials and build quality. It’s not the most affordable, but perfect if you don’t want to keep replacing your luggage after just a few years.

What else does Carl Friedrik sell?

Carl Friedrik Carry-On Pro

This is a high-end and smart carry-on luggage. It’s a little on the expensive side but if you’re looking for something with premium material and a luxurious style, I’d recommend the Carry-On Pro in a heartbeat.

Carl Friedrik The Check-in

The regular Check-in can be a great alternative if you don’t need anything too massive, but still want the space of a checked in luggage. It has a 69L capacity, and you can even get The Luggage Set for both the regular Check-in Luggage and the Carry-on suitcase!

Carl Friedrik 72-hour Backpack

The 72-hour Backpack comes with a unique front-loading design and is made for, you guessed it, trips of up to 72 hours. It’s spacious, has a separate laptop compartment, organisational pockets, and even a quick access side and top pockets.

Carl Friedrik Alternatives

Do you think the Check-in Luggage might not be for you? Try some of these other alternatives:

Level8 Voyageur Check In

Also a polycarbonate hard shell luggage, the Voyageur Check In is pretty large at 99L and might be for you if you like more organisational pockets in a suitcase. It’s got a more unique design and bright colour options too.

Read my full review of the Level8 luggage here!

Horizn Studios Luggage

Both the H6 and H7 by Horizn Studios can be excellent alternatives for a checked in luggage. They’re sleek, lightweight, with interiors made from recycled materials, and come in a huge variety of colours.

July Checked Luggage

The July Checked Luggage uses aerospace-grade German polycarbonate shell and has custom corner bumpers. It’s overall a hardy luggage with some chic leather finishes, a Y-Strap compression system, and even has an expandable version.

You might also enjoy some of these other luggage reviews and roundups:

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