10 Best Campervan & RV Rentals in Colorado [2024]

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January 3, 2024
Colorado is the perfect state to road trip through as there are so many fantastic places to visit! Here are the best Campervan & RV rentals in Colorado!
Best Campervan & RV Rentals in Colorado

Colorado is the perfect state to explore with an RV or motorhome rental!

With so many national parks and outdoor activities, getting out into nature makes a beautiful getaway. 

If you're not planning to convert a campervan for your epic Colorado road trip, then you'll need to hire one!

Luckily, there are so many RV rental companies that operate in Colorado. However, it can be difficult to know which ones are trustworthy and are good value for money.

That is why we've compiled this list of the best campervan and RV rentals in Colorado this year.

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How to book your chosen rental

If you're looking for RV rentals in Colorado then I highly recommend checking out Gosee!

It takes the stress out of searching, as it's a comparison website that scours the rental companies in that area for the best deals.

GoSee rentals Colorado

All you need to do is input your destination, your dates, and the trip duration, and you'll be given a list of the vehicles that are available for that time! 

GoSee is super easy to use, and they only work with trusted rental companies so you know you're in good hands.

Some other great reasons to do a quick search with GoSee include:

  • They offer a price guarantee - this is for if you find your chosen vehicle cheaper elsewhere
  • 24/7 support team - there's always someone on hand to help with any questions that you may have!
  • Vehicle guarantee - if your rental company lets you down last minute, GoSee will find you a comparable vehicle at no extra cost.

For more info, read our in-depth review of GoSee Travel (Motorhome Republic).

1. Cruise America - The best Colorado RV Rentals for one-way trips

  • Pick-up and drop-off locations: Denver and Colorado Springs
  • Price range: $$
  • Best suited for: Everyone
  • Availability: Check here
Cruise America Motorhomes Rental in Colorado


Cruise America is the largest RV rental company in the United States with the most amount of pick up and drop off locations. 

With 127 different locations, it's the perfect RV rental for longer trips

Cruise America predominantly has Class C RVs available for rental and are a great choice for first-timers. 

They're known for their excellent around the clock customer service and friendly staff that are there to help you every step of the way. 

Vehicles on Offer

Cruise America has 4 different RVs available to rent from Colorado as well as a Travel Trailer. 

The 4 RVs are all Class Cs and vary in size with the smallest only sleeping three people max and the largest having a capacity of seven. 

If the areas in Colorado you're planning to visit need a car to get around, their travel trailer that sleeps four might be a good option. 

This way you can park up your trailer in one of the many campsites around Colorado and go and explore in your own vehicle. This will allow you to visit areas such as Rocky Mountain National Park and other state parks nearby.

2. Outdoorsy - Largest RV marketplace in Colorado

  • Pick-up and drop-off locations: All across the US! 
  • Price range: $-$$$
  • Best suited for: Everyone
  • Availability: Check here
Outdoorsy RV and Motorhome Rentals in Colorado


Outdoorsy is an online peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace in Colorado and the rest of the US. 

They only have trusted reputable owners so you can be sure that any RV in Colorado will be to a good standard. 

Outdoorsy has so many filters that you can list your preferences and find the perfect campervan for your needs. 

Vehicles on Offer

Currently, there are 100s of RVs to rent all across Colorado, from Class C’s to teardrop trailers, so you'll be able to find the vehicle for you. 

As all of the vehicles on Outdoorsy are advertised by private owners, it's the best place to find unique and quirky campervan conversions and RVs for a range of different prices. 

3. Escape Campervans - Best for affordable Camper rentals in Colorado

  • Pick-up and drop-off locations: Denver (midway between the airport and downtown) and several other cities in the US and Canada
  • Price range: $-$$
  • Best suited for: Couples and smaller families on a budget
  • Availability: Check here 
Escape Campervans Colorado Motorhome Rentals


Escape Campervans are known for their affordable and quirky campervans. 

What started as a small business between friends has now grown to 17 locations across North America. 

They offer one way rentals to all of their locations making them perfect for a long road trip! 

Escape Campervans like to make the renting process as easy as possible so that you only need to worry about your travel itinerary. 

They're also one of the cheapest rental companies on the market so ideal for young people or budget travelers. 

Vehicles on Offer

All of Escape’s campervans fleet have unique hand painted fun designs and vary in size. 

They are all Class B camper vans apart from their popular Jeep Camper with the rooftop sleeper, ideal for two people. 

Their Big Sur vehicle is the perfect campervan for families, it sleeps 5 and includes everything you could need including a kitchen, queen bed and popup roof sleeper. 

Escape’s campers are ideal for longer trips due to their fuel efficiency and how easy they are to drive. 

4. El Monte - The best for family RV rentals in Colorado

  • Pick-up and drop-off locations: South Denver (Littleton) 
  • Price range: $$
  • Best suited for: Big Families
  • Availability: Check here
El Monte RV Rental Colorado Motorhomes and RVs for rent


El Monte have nearly 50 years of experience in the RV rental industry and have learned how to make the process as easy and smooth sailing as possible. 

They provide 24/7 on the road support which will help to ease your mind when you're out and about exploring.

Their easy booking system means you can choose your RV online so it can be ready to go on your arrival. Some locations, including Colorado, even have an airport pick-up service, meaning you waste no time starting your adventure! 

Another great thing about El Monte is that they specialise in one-way camper hire so you can easily drop off your RV rental in Dallas, Sacramento, Orlando, and a whole host of other locations.

Vehicles on Offer

El Monte has five different types of vehicles on offer from their south Denver location that sleep between four to seven people. 

Four of their vehicles are Class Cs; small, medium, large, and family sized and their last vehicle is a seven sleeper Class A family model. They pride themselves on having top quality RVs that run well and are clean and spacious. 

All of El Montes vehicles are a 2022 model or even newer! They are ideal for families due to their large size and dog friendly nature! 

5. Britz Campervan Rentals - The best for first time RV renters

  • Pick-up and drop-off locations: Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. 
  • Price range: $$
  • Best suited for: First time RV Renters
  • Availability: Check here
Britz Campervan Rentals Motorhomes and RV Rental in Colorado


Britz USA has rentals in a lot of the major cities in the United States making it an ideal choice for a long road trip

Their brand operates in several countries and is a popular RV rental company worldwide. 

Britz pride themselves on having a simple booking process and high quality vehicles

Their Denver office is the perfect starting point should you wish to explore the nearby national parks or venture further afield to San Diego, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. 

So, if you're looking to rent a camper in Colorado then make sure you check out this fantastic company! 

Vehicles on Offer

Britz USA only has one style of vehicle in their whole fleet. 

Their four bed rentals include everything you could possibly need for your trip. This includes convenient kits, a stove and a microwave, bedding, air conditioning and heating, a full sized fridge and a dry bathroom. 

The RV also has a slide out awning with storage including camping chairs and tables providing an extra outdoor living area. 

Britz USA’s Class C RVs are an ideal choice for first time RV renters as they're super easy to drive, despite being a big vehicle, and extremely comfy. 

6. Road Bear - Our top pick for luxury RVs in Colorado

  • Pick-up and drop-off locations: Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, San Francisco and Seattle 
  • Price range: $$$
  • Best suited for: Luxury campers 
  • Availability: Check here
Road Bear RV Rentals in Colorado


Road Bear is the best RV rental company in Colorado for luxury campers. 

They have been running for over 30 years and specialize in high quality premium vehicles. 

With seven locations across the US and a complimentary airport pick-up service, Road Bear is the best choice for a stress free rental. 

Vehicles on Offer

Road Bear has five different types of vehicles in their fleet including one Class B, three Class Cs and a Class A available. 

All of their vehicles are 2022-2023 models and are known for their luxurious interiors. 

Even though their Class B sleeps four people, it's deceivingly spacious and easy to drive. It also has a pop-up roof tent and an outside awning providing shade for its outdoor living space. 

This vehicle would be ideal for a small family and is the most fuel efficient in the fleet. 

Road Bear’s three Class Cs sleep between five and seven people and are a perfect large vehicle for beginners.

Finally, their luxury Class A vehicle easily sleeps up to seven people while still maintaining spacious living areas. 

7. RVezy - Ideal for unique RVs and campers in Colorado

  • Pick-up and drop-off locations: All across Colorado including Colorado Springs, Denver and Grand Junction. 
  • Price range: $-$$$
  • Best suited for: Everyone! 
  • Availability: Check here
RVezy Motorhomes and Campervans for Rent in Colorado


RVezy is a large online business that saw success after an appearance on Dragons Den. Since 2016 the company has grown exponentially and now operates all over North America. 

Its online marketplace allows motorhome owners to advertise their RV for rental

They provide comprehensive insurance and a 24/7 helpline in case anything goes wrong on the road. 

Not only that, but RVezy has endless amounts of 5 star reviews all praising the quality of their vehicles and their amazing customer service which is a massive plus! 

Vehicles on Offer

All the vehicles listed on RVezy are privately owned so there is a huge variety of RVs on offer. 

Currently, there are options all across Colorado of all different sizes so you won't struggle to find one to meet your needs. 

Their marketplace has filters to help narrow down your search including size, price range, dog-friendly and whether the rental comes with airport pickup. 

8. Kuku Campers - The best for a Colorado road trip 

  • Pick-up and drop-off locations: Highlands Ranch, Colorado 
  • Price range: $-$$
  • Best suited for: A Colorado road trip 
  • Availability: Check here
Kuku Campers RV and Motorhomes Rental Colorado


Kuku Campers operate only in Colorado making them experts in renting RVs for the perfect state road trip. 

Their goal is to provide budget friendly campervans without sacrificing comfort and style. 

While they only operate in Colorado, you're free to take their campervans into different states as long as you return it to their Highlands Ranch. 

Reviewers rave about their great customer service, unlimited miles and the quality of their vehicles. 

As they're based in Colorado they know the area well and can help with your itinerary planning. They have three day, seven day and 14 day road trip itineraries available including trips to Colorado National Monument, Boulder, Gunnison National Park, Pikes Peak and many more! 

Vehicles on Offer

Kuku Campers have five different styles of camper available sleeping from two to five people. All are high quality at a low cost!

However, what sets them apart from other rentals on this list is that they will find a vehicle that fits your needs. 

They have specially designed winter campervans specially designed for ski trips fitted with extra storage and heating. 

All of their campers are designed to be used off grid meaning you don't have to stress about finding campsites. This allows you to explore some of the more 'off the beaten track' areas!

9. Colorado A-Lodge - Perfect for outdoor adventure lovers 

  • Pick-up and drop-off locations: Boulder, Colorado 
  • Price range: $-$$
  • Best suited for: Couples and small families 
  • Availability: Check here
Colorado A-lodge RV and Van Rentals Colorado


Based in Boulder, A Lodge specializes in adventure campervans encouraging their customers to get out and explore the beauty of Colorado in a motorhome. 

Whilst they're based in Boulder, you're free to take their vehicle anywhere in the continental US.

They work with Titan Vans, Boulder Campervans and Campworks providing top quality campervans specially designed for Colorado adventures. 

Vehicles on Offer

A-Lodge Colorado currently has 11 different vans available varying from two to five sleepers. 

They are all Class B van conversions all with different features. 

Their Sky Cruiser has a pop up seating area on the roof, perfect for an early morning breakfast in the mountains. 

Others are specially designed to carry bikes, skis and fishing gear so you can be sure they will find you a camper that meets your needs. 

10. Hightened Path RV Rentals - Ideal for family trips in Colorado and Arizona

  • Pick-up and drop-off locations: Colorado Springs, Denver and cities in Arizona 
  • Price range: $$-$$$
  • Best suited for: Families
  • Availability: Check here
Heightened Path RV Rentals Colorado


Hightened Path is a small family run business operating out of Colorado Springs with other pickup points in Colorado and Arizona. If you're wanting to do a one way trip between Colorado and Arizona, Heightened Path will be the rental for you! 

The family has lived in RVs before and regularly rents out motorhomes so they know exactly what families need to enjoy a stress-free RV trip. 

They have glowing reviews about the quality of the rentals and the excellent 24hr customer service. 

Vehicles on Offer

Heightened Path rent out their own vehicles as well as trusted private owners. 

They have a huge fleet from travel trailers to Class As to pop up trailers, all come fully furnished with everything you could possibly need for your trip. 

All their vehicles are affordable, dog friendly and furnished to a high standard. 

Colorado Campervan and RV Rental FAQs

How old do I need to be to rent an RV in Colorado? 

Legally, you need to be at least 21 years old to rent an RV in the US

A lot of the companies on this list however, will not rent to anyone below the age of 25. Some of the companies including Road Bear, will rent to under 25s with an added young driver fee. 

Where is the best place to rent a campervan in Colorado? 

Most of the RV rentals are based in either Denver, Colorado Springs or Boulder

How much does it cost to rent an RV in Colorado? 

For a small camper, you can expect to pay on average around $75-$150 a night or nearer to $200 a night for a larger vehicle

Most companies will do a discounted lower nightly rate for longer rentals in Colorado.

Can I rent a campervan in Colorado with my dog?  

Yes! Nearly all of the Colorado RV rentals on this list are pet friendly. 

Where can I park my RV overnight in Colorado? 

There are endless amounts of RV and campsites all across Colorado as well as a number of boondocking areas across the state for free and low prices. 

Where are the best places to go in a motorhome in Colorado? 

The options of where to take your RV in Colorado are endless! 

Colorado is home to mountains, canyons, 4 national parks and 42 state parks so you won't struggle for places to explore and get out into nature. 

Colorado is also bordered by awesome states like Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, all epic places for road tripping! 

Is renting an RV in Colorado worth it? 

Yes! Colorado is a beautiful state full of outdoor activities perfect to explore via RV. 

Having your own vehicle means you don't have to worry about public transport and excursions and also keeps your accommodation costs down. 

There's a wide selection of RV classes available to rent in Colorado and we're positive you'll find one that is right for you! 

So, where will you go with your RV?

Now, that you've got a good idea of the best RV rentals in Colorado it's time to plan your trip!

I'm going to start by saying that this beautiful state is full of dramatic landscapes, bustling cities, and its wildlife. Trust me, you won't be short of places to visit in Colorado! 

Some of the must-see places include Denver, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado Springs, Vail, and Boulder. I'd also recommend heading to Mesa Verde National Park and Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve! 

However, if you're looking to travel a bit further afield then why not head next door to Utah, and explore Salt Lake City and Moab

If you're planning a USA road trip then here are some other travel guides that you might find helpful: 

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