15 Best Campervan & Motorhome Rentals in UK [2022 Guide!]

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May 13, 2022
Here's an overview of the top campervan and motorhome rental companies in UK. Find what vehicles are on offer, and help decide which is best for your trip.
Best Campervan Rentals in the UK

Since we converted our campervan back in 2020, the UK is the place we have been fortunate enough to explore the most.

From the northern most tip of Scotland, to the southeasterly stretches of Cornwell, we have seen it all!

And by far the best way to explore the UK is by motorhome or campervan.

Offering the best flexibility and freedom in exploring all the wonderful sites on offer.

And luckily enough, there are plenty of different options when it comes to choosing campervan and motorhome rental firms in the UK, with pickup locations found up and down the country. 

This article is going to delve into the best companies out there, what they offer and which types of campers/motorhomes are available to rent.

Helping you decide which company is best for you when planning your trip!

Want a quick answer? Our top pick is definitely Yescapa.

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How to book your chosen rental

When it comes to booking your campervan in the UK, you’ve got two options. 

  1. Yescapa: The Airbnb for Rental Vehicles 
  2. Motorhome Republic: The best search engine for professional rental companies 

1. Yescapa- using a peer-to-peer company 

yescapa campervan uk

Yescapa is essentially Airbnb, but not for houses, for campervan & motorhome rentals. 

They offer a wide range of rentals all across Europe (OVER 10,000)  including everything from self-converted campervans, and motorhomes, to off-road vehicles.

The difference with Yescapa, compared to a traditional rental company, is that you’re renting your vehicle off a fellow adventurer rather than an actual company.

There are some great benefits to renting with Yescapa:

  • You’re fully insured: They also offer FULL INSURANCE cover with every rental for you and the vehicle owner. AND this includes a 24-hour breakdown cover. Not bad eh?
  • You get a wide range of vehicles: Rather than being constrained to one type of vehicle, the Yescapa website offers everything from traditional motorhomes and quirky campers to 4x4 with rooftop tents. 
  • Supporting locals: You’re renting from a local, so in turn, you’re supporting locals! 

2. Motorhome Republic - the ultimate comparison site for rentals

Motorhome Republic UK rental

Your second rental option for campervan rental in the UK is Motorhome Republic.

The guys at Motorhome Republic offer by far, the largest database of campervans and motorhomes across the UK. Basically, they’re a comparison site that lets you search via your chosen dates, pick up & drop off locations to find the best deal on the internet. 

How does this help you? It saves you a ton of time.

You’ll get the cheapest and best options available to you instantly, rather than having to go through each individual website and gather multiple quotes.

They also have a brilliant, unique feature with their “vehicle guarantee”.

If, for whatever reason, you book with a firm and then something happens like your vehicle suddenly becomes unavailable due to an accident or some other unforeseen incident, Motorhome Republic will personally find you the equivalent rental with a different company.

This isn’t being offered by anyone else, so it’s pretty cool. 

Other benefits of using Motorhome Republic for your UK campervan rentals: 

  • 24/7 support team: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the team at Motorhome Republic are there to support you, should you have any issues or questions about your booking. 
  • Vehicle guarantee: As noted above, the vehicle guarantee is a unique feature and a super useful quirk for booking your UK motorhome rental with Motorhome Republic. 
  • Trusted brand: With over 3 million rentals processed, you can be sure you’re using a trusted search tool & they’re the leading motorhome comparison firm in the UK.

1. Yescapa - our top pick for UK campervan & motorhome hire 

  • Pick up/drop off location/s - Nationwide 
  • Price range - $-$$
  • Best suited for - Couples, Friends & Family
  • Availability - Check here
yescapa uk


Yescapa is the Airbnb of campervan/motorhome rental vehicles in the UK.

It’s a simple concept: you rent campervans from people rather than larger companies. 

A quick search is conducted online.

You simply put in the location of where you want to rent from, and the dates, and you’ll be greeted with over 10,000 campervans, motorhomes, and unique vehicles located all across the UK and Europe. 

You will be connected to a campervan host after choosing your vehicle and location for pickup based on your requirements.  

There are lots of benefits to renting with Yescapa but my top 3 are: 

  • Full insurance included for both you and the renter AND 24-hour breakdown cover 
  • Typically cheaper for a longer rental (due to the long-term rental discounts offered by owners)
  • You can get tips and unique places to visit from the owners you’re renting from!

Vehicles On Offer:

There is a wide range of vehicles available with Yescapa.

You can opt for classic motorhomes, self-converted vans, traditional campervans, off-road vehicles, and more. There is literally something for everyone.

When you search, you will be able to see a detailed outline of what is included in the price of each campervan or motorhome. 

The listings also come with reviews, so you will be able to view feedback from previous guests.

2. Spaceships Rentals - Our top pick for UK campervan & motorhome hire

  • Pick up/drop off location/s - London & Edinburgh
  • Price range - $-$$
  • Best suited for - Couples and families
  • Availability - Check here
Spaceships Camper and Motorhomes rental UK


Whether you're hiring a camper / motorhome in Edinburgh or London, Spaceship Rentals is known to be the UKs most reliable and trustworthy company. 

They provide unlimited mileage, 24-hour roadside assistance and a range of comprehensive insurance options. 

They also pride themselves on having a no hidden costs policy meaning you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Another bonus of hiring from Spaceship Rentals is that during your hire period, you will get a temporary access code to the Caravan and Motorhome Club. 

We rented a campervan from them in Ireland and had an incredible time!

Spaceship campervan for rent UK

Vehicles on offer:

All of Spaceship’s vehicles are compact, easy to drive and fuel-efficient making them more

The company offers three different vehicles that sleep between 2-7 people. 

All vehicles come with built-in awnings, cooking & kitchen facilities including a fridge/freezer, washing facilities and storage areas. 

However, if you choose a motorhome they also come with a cooling and heating unit, meaning you can travel around the UK at any time of year. This comes in handy, as the winter season includes the cheapest rental months of the year. 

3. Apollo - One of the most affordable rental firms in the UK

  • Pick up/drop off location/s - London, Edinburgh & Belfast. 
  • Price range - $-$$
  • Best suited for - Couples and families
  • Availability - Check here
Apollo campervans for rent UK


Apollo is a campervan rental firm that operates in Europe and the UK. It offers motorhome rentals in Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland, which makes picking up your hire van pretty easy. 

They have an app you can download called ApolloConnect which offers features such as 24/7 roadside assistance and local vehicle support teams.

Apollo is known as one of the most affordable motorhome rental firms and depending on when you book, you may be able to get yourself a campervan for less than £100 per day. 

This is incredibly cheap for motorhome hire, and not something many companies in the UK can match. 

Apollo camper van rental UK

Vehicles on offer:

Apollo has five different vehicles to hire ranging from 2-6 berths. 

Each vehicle comes equipped with onboard heating, cooking facilities, a shower and a toilet, to cater for everything you could need. 

When it comes to size, all of Apollo's vehicles are relatively big so you will have plenty of room. That means lots of room to relax, move around and have enough storage space for items. 

4. Bunk Campers - Has one of the biggest ranges of campers in the UK

  • Pick up/drop off location/s -  London, Edinburgh & Belfast
  • Price range - $-$$
  • Best suited for - Any type of traveller
  • Availability - Check here
Bunk Campers van rental UK


Bunk Campers is one of the best campervan rentals in the UK, as it offers such a wide variety of vehicles. 

With each rental, they provide unlimited mileage, driver insurance, 10% discount on ferry crossings during your trip and 30% off UK Camping and Caravan Club campsites. 

During your trip, you will have access to 24/7 roadside assistance, a vehicle support team and videos on how to use your motorhome. 

When booking with Bunk Campers you also have complete flexibility to change the dates of your booking, the duration of your trip and the pickup location.

Bunk Campers UK camper rental

Vehicles on offer:

Bunk Campers currently has one of the widest choices of campervans in the UK and Ireland, with 7 different vehicles to choose from. 

All vehicles come with cooking facilities, a toilet, shower and heating, meaning you can travel through the UK no matter the weather.

You also often benefit from a built-in sat-nav and reversing cameras, which are a massive bonus if you aren’t used to driving large vehicles. 

The vehicles available to hire range from 2-6 berths, and there are some smaller options available if you don't want to drive something big. 

5. Just Go - Great choice for large motorhomes in the UK

  • Pick up/drop off location/s - London & Edinburgh
  • Price range - $$
  • Best suited for - Groups or families
  • Availability - Check here


Just go claims to have the largest choice of rental motorhomes in the UK with 10 different vehicles to choose from. 

They specialise in larger motorhome rentals and their fleet is replaced each year, so you know the vehicles are modern, clean and safe. 

With a range of competitively priced vehicles, on the road phone and email support and a wide variety of vehicles, Just go is a great choice. 

When taking in the cost, it’s important to note that Just go automatically adds a charge of £5.00 per night to each motorhome hire. This is to support the government's low emission tax. 

Vehicles on offer:

With 10 different motorhomes to choose from, you’ll likely find something to your fancy. 

With newer technology such as reversing cameras, Bluetooth and a GPS, each vehicle is well equipped to make your trip smoother, and more enjoyable. 

The motorhomes range from 2-6 berths and are incredibly spacious with extra luxuries including a TV, oven and full electric system

If you can’t decide which is the ideal van for you, then the company offers a mystery option for a 2,4 or 6 berth motorhome. This often works out cheaper, and you are still guaranteed a top-quality van. 

6. Land Cruise - Is one of the best budget-friendly rental firms in the UK

  • Pick up/drop off location/s - Chichester
  • Price range - $-$$
  • Best suited for - Any type of traveller, especially pet owners
  • Availability - Check here
Landcruise motorhomes rental UK


Land Cruise offers a wide variety of rental vehicles ranging from smaller campervans to large motorhomes.

With such a variety, it can be difficult to choose based on your budget. Luckily Land Cruise has a budget motorhome hire section, meaning you can eliminate some of the more expensive options easily. 

Breakdown cover, a membership to the Camping and Caravan Club during your rental and secure parking for your car during your trip are provided with any hire. 

Vehicles on offer:

Not only does Land Cruise have a variety of rental vehicles available, but they also have numerous layout options within each model.

Currently, they have a total of 20 different motorhome/campervan layouts, each suited for different travelling styles.

They even have a selection of dedicated dog-friendly vehicles, which feature a dog area at the rear of the motorhome. 

Land Cruise offers a variety of vehicles ranging from the smaller 4 berth campervans to spacious 6 berth motorhomes.

The campervans are a lot smaller in size so there is no onboard toilet or shower, but the motorhomes come with a toilet and shower inside. 

7. McRent -  Biggest motorhome hire company in Europe

  • Pick up/drop off location/s - Bristol, Edinburgh, London, Preston & Rye
  • Price range - $$
  • Best suited for - Families or groups of friends
  • Availability - Check here
McRent UK campervan and motorhomes rental


McRent is Europe’s biggest Motorhome hire company, which means they have a tonne of experience and are a trusted brand throughout the UK. 

With 5 different pickup spots up and down the country, McRent offers more flexibility than most other rental companies. 

Each rental includes unlimited mileage (depending on the vehicle), WC chemicals, and comprehensive coverage. 24/7 Camper Care and 24hr roadside assistance also come included.

With pick up spots located all across Europe, we have comes across their rentals in Portugal, Spain, France ... basically all over the place!

McRent is a great company to choose from if you are planning to travel around Europe after your trip to the UK.

Vehicles on offer:

With 10 different vehicles available ranging from campervans to luxury motorhomes, there is something for everyone.

McRent offers vehicles ranging from a 2 berth to a 6 berth but specialises in large vehicles so if you want something smaller this company may not be for you. 

Each rental comes with a full camper water system, and all necessary accessories such as an outside awning, and a water hose and cables. 

8. Open Road - Great rental company for Scotland Travel 

  • Pick up/drop off location/s - Glasgow & Edinburgh
  • Price range - $$
  • Best suited for - Any type of traveller
  • Availability - Check here
Open Road campers and motorhomes rental UK


Before we go any further, it’s important to note that Open Road only has a pickup service in Scotland.

However, although their website mainly promotes Scotland, the vehicle is also insured for mainland UK and any islands such as the Hebrides and Orkney. 

That means it can be taken all across the UK but has to be picked up and dropped off in either Edinburgh or Glasgow. This is a pretty good way to do it if you are planning to do an entire circular route around the UK. 

Open Road regularly updates its fleet of vehicles, and currently, in 2022, all their vehicles are 2018 models or above. 

Vehicles on offer:

Open Road offers both campervan and motorhome rental, so has the best of both worlds. 

It‘s one of the only Motorhome hire companies in the UK that specialises in luxury motorhomes.  

Their vehicles range from 2-6 berths, but if you’re looking for something a bit smaller their 4 berth campervan still comes with everything you need. It’s also a bit handier if you are driving around those tiny lanes! 

Each rental comes with washing, toilet and cooking facilities, utensils, a BBQ set, and a picnic table with chairs.

Open Road also supplies its own linen and bedding, and 1 full gas bottle. Many other motorhome rentals in the UK often charge for these items so it’s important to take that into account when comparing prices and packages. 

9. Touring Cars - One of the best campervan rental companies in the UK

  • Pick up/drop off location/s - Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester & Liverpool 
  • Price range - $$-$$$
  • Best suited for - All travellers
  • Availability - Check here
Touring Cars Camper van and Motorhome Rentals UK


Touring Cars is one of the largest motorhome rental companies in Europe, so is perfect if you want to explore the UK and then head over to Europe. It is actually one of our top picks for motorhome and camper rentals in Norway.

They specialise in high-quality brand motorhomes, that have all driven less than 100,000km so you know you are getting a great vehicle. 

Each rental comes included with airport transfers, insurance, 24/7 road assistance and unlimited mileage. 

No previous experience is needed to hire a motorhome, and the staff will go through everything with you before you head off. 

Vehicles on offer:

Touring Cars offer a range of motorhomes, ranging from 2-6 berths. 

However, although Touring Cars have 2 berth vehicles they are still on the large side, and possibly not the best choice if you don’t want to drive a large vehicle. 

All rentals come with cooking facilities and cutlery, a refrigerator, gas stove, toilet, shower and a heating and air conditioning unit. 

10. Cool Camping - Very convenient when it comes to pick up locations, with vans all across the UK 

  • Pick up/drop off location/s - Everywhere
  • Price range - $-$$
  • Best suited for - Anyone
  • Availability - Check here
Cool Camping UK campervan and motorhomes for rent


Cool Camping is a website that brings together campervan rentals from all across the UK. 

They have listings from people across the country, so you can search the area you want and see which vans are closest to you. 

To make things easier for you they have specific sections for campervan rentals in Wales, Scotland and England, as well as specific areas of the country like the Lake District. 

They also have sections for classic campervans, dog-friendly campervans and motorhomes & RV’s, making it easier to find the type of vehicle you are after. 

Vehicles on offer:

With a huge variety of unique vehicles and various pickup points throughout the UK, Cool Camping is incredibly convenient. 

Whether you want a classic van like a VW or a large motorhome, you will have endless options.

Each listing on the website has images, a description and notes from the owner so you know exactly what you’re getting. 

Some of the listings are even from trusted rental companies like Indie Campers so you know the company is reliable. 

11. Quirky Campers - Most unique campervan rentals in the UK

  • Pick up/drop off location/s - Everywhere
  • Price range - $-$$$
  • Best suited for - Anyone
  • Availability - Check here
Quirky campers camper van rental UK


Like Cool Camping, Quirky Campers aren’t their own hire firm and exclusively list self-built campervans and motorhomes. 

There is a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, and pick up points can be found up and down the UK. 

To help narrow down your search, the website has specific sections on hiring a camper in Scotland, Wales and London, as well as sections for dog-friendly campervans.

If you are looking for a special road trip around the UK in a camper that is different and 100% unique, then this may be the company for you. 

Vehicles on offer:

The range of vehicles at Quirky Campers differs each year, due to new campers being added and old ones being taken down. 

When it comes to the reliability of each vehicle you have nothing to worry about, as each van is converted by approved converters who know exactly what they are doing.

The beauty of Quirky Campers is that as the name suggests, each campervan is different and unique.

With beautiful interior designs and quirky features, each camper offers something special.

12. Camper Rent - Great choice with a variety of campervan and motorhome options

  • Pick up/drop off location/s - Ossett (Yorkshire)
  • Price range - $$
  • Best suited for - Families and groups
  • Availability - Check here


Camper Rent is a motorhome rental based in Yorkshire, that specialises in high quality, modern motorhomes. 

Although they only have one pick up site, they offer discounted airport transfers from Manchester and Leeds airport. 

What makes this company unique is that they provide tailored packages to suit your requirements including several customised options. 

Each rental comes with fully comprehensive insurance, roadside assistance, reversing camera and unlimited mileage.

Vehicles on offer:

Camper Rent offers 6 different vehicles ranging from 2-6 berths.

Some are smaller campervans, whilst others are large motorhomes with a lot of space, so you have the best of both worlds. 

Every vehicle comes with an onboard shower and toilet, a fully equipped kitchen with utensils, an electric hook up cable and a TV. 

13. Goboony - Has a wide variety of rentals all across the UK

  • Pick up/drop off location/s - Everywhere
  • Price range - $-$$
  • Best suited for - Anyone
  • Availability - Check here
Goboony UK camper van rental


Similar to cool camping, Goboony is full of rentals from across the UK. 

You also have the opportunity to get in contact with the owner and arrange a viewing/test drive of the vehicle before you hire. 

This is perfect for less confident drivers, as they get a chance to ‘try before they buy’ or in this case rent. 

With pick up points all across the UK, a wide variety of vehicles and affordable deposits, Goboony is a great choice. 

Vehicles on offer:

Goboony has every vehicle you could think of including small vans, VW’s and large motorhomes. 

There are endless vehicles to choose from and each listing has images available, amenities included and reviews so you know exactly what you’re getting. 

This gives you incredible flexibility over design, size, cost and pickup location. 

14. VW Camper Hire - Campervan hire firm in the UK that specialises in VW campervans

  • Pick up/drop off location/s - Sidmouth & Southampton
  • Price range - $-$$
  • Best suited for - Couples and small groups
  • Availability - Check here
VW Camper Hire van rental UK


VW Camper Hire specialises in (you guessed it) Volkswagen campers. 

Some of the campers are dog friendly and insured to let you travel around Europe at an extra daily cost. 

Each rental includes unlimited mileage, full comprehensive insurance and 24-hour support from VW Camper Hire. 

Vehicles on offer:

VW Camper hire has 11 vehicles in total that are either the T2 Bay model, the T5 model or the T5 California. 

Every vehicle comes with kitchen utensils, a gas hob, a gas bottle and a fridge, so has everything you could need for a road trip. 

If you are looking for a retro camper with a more ‘back to the basics’ vibe then this could be a good company to check out. 

15. Causeway Campers - Great rental company for Ireland Travel

  • Pick up/drop off location/s - Coleraine
  • Price range - $$-$$$
  • Best suited for - Travellers wanting to road trip Ireland
  • Availability - Check here
Causeway Campers van and motorhomes for rent UK


Causeway Campers is specifically for people who want to travel around Northern Ireland and then travel over the border into the Republic of Ireland. 

Each rental comes with full comprehensive insurance, AA breakdown cover and unlimited mileage.

Vehicles on offer:

Causeway Campers has 8 rental vehicles in total ranging from 2-6 berths. 

Each vehicle is a stylish modern design, and the amenities inside depend on whether you choose a small campervan or one of the larger motorhomes.

All vehicles come with cooking utensils and a facility to cook, whilst the larger vans come with a toilet and shower. 

Some vehicles also come equipped with a heating unit, meaning you can travel around Ireland in winter and take advantage of the brilliant off-peak prices.

UK Campervan / Motorhome Hire FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a campervan in the UK?

The cost of campervan rental in the UK varies depending on which company you choose, the time of year, how long your hire duration is, the size of the vehicle and its amenities. 

However, generally expect to pay anywhere from around £100-£160 per day for a larger motorhome, and between £60-£100 for small campervans. 

Can you wild camp in the UK in a campervan?

Wild camping is illegal in many parts of the UK including England, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, wild camping in Scotland is relatively legal. Be sure to research ahead of time as the rules for wild camping in a camper are different to those in a tent.

If you are planning to take your campervan around Scotland, you will find wild camping spots up and down the country. 

Where can you go with a motorhome in the UK?

Generally, most places in the UK are accessible in a motorhome. Large motorways connect the north and south of the country making it easy to travel around. 

However, there are some mountain roads, and lanes in each part of the UK that are very narrow with small passing areas, and steep drop-offs. 

If the road is too narrow, there will likely be a sign to tell you but sometimes you just have to use your judgement.

How old do you need to be to hire a motorhome in the UK?

When it comes to hiring a motorhome in the UK, some companies prefer you to be 25 and over but it varies. Some won’t allow drivers under 30, and some firms will allow you to rent a motorhome if you are aged between 18-24.

However, if you’re under 25 you may have to pay a young driver surcharge so the costs will be higher. You can get more information about this from your chosen rental provider. 

Can you park a campervan anywhere in the UK?

When parking in cities and urban areas, it’s important to make sure you head to the larger car parks that don’t have a height barrier. 

Parking bays in the UK can be pretty small too, so make sure the bay is big enough for your vehicle. 

Wild camping is only "legal" in Scotland, so it’s important not to just park up for the night anywhere else in the UK. 

What are you waiting for?

Now you’ve got your perfect rental sorted, it’s time to get excited for the juicy stuff! 

Are you a bit apprehensive about van life? Well you don’t need to be. Exploring the UK by campervan is a once in a lifetime experience and you will have a blast. 

As the more technical planning part of your trip is now sorted, it’s time to get planning the ultimate adventure around the UK (and Ireland) if you choose. 

We’ve put together some more guides to help you plan parts of your trip around the UK, which is based on our own personal experience. We have included our favourite spots and the best road trip routes to make your planning a little easier!

To get your inspiration flowing, you may find these posts useful..

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop them in the comments below!

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