Db Ramverk Backpack 21L Review (In-depth & Unbiased!)

Orlaigh Magennis
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Orlaigh Magennis
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January 19, 2024
My honest review of the Db Ramverk Backpack 21L! A sleek and refined everyday backpack with a laptop pocket, Scandinavian style, and great quality.
Db Ramverk backpack 21l Review

The Ramverk Backpack 21L by Db is a sleek and refined everyday backpack.

It’s lovely and minimalist with a durable yet lightweight build.

I’ve recently reviewed several of Db’s bags and have to say that the Ramverk Backpack is my faovurite so far!

It’s simple, effective, and functional.

In this review, I’ll be talking in-depth about:

  • Build quality and comfort
  • Who I think this bag is for
  • Whether or not I recommend it

Rating: 9/10

Let’s get started!

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Who exactly is Db Journey?

Ramverk on back of woman for testing

Db Journey is a Norwegian company founded by a freeski athlete and engineer duo.

This is partly why a lot of Db bags have that outdoor vibe and Scandinavian aesthetics, which I think is quite unique.

The design philosophy here is all about functionality and simplicity while being as low-impact to the environment as possible.

They’re B corp certified too, which is pretty cool!

Plus, all of Db’s products aim to make travel simple through innovative designs and well-thought-out features.

Quick overview: Db Ramverk Backpack specs

  • Price: £179 ($229)
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Dimensions: 50 X 28,5 X 14,5 CM
  • Noteworthy Materials: Synthetic PU leather, 100% Polyester for lining and mesh, Polyethylene Foams, EVA Foams, Neoprene Foams
  • Color Options: Moss Green, Fogbow Beige, Black Out, Blue Hour
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty
  • Capacity: 21L

Who should get this backpack?

The Ramverk Backpack 21L is suitable for anyone wanting a simple and effective backpack. No frills, no overdone organization, just functionality at its finest.

Its materials are great and well-crafted, so this is definitely a durable bag. The urban design also makes it ideal for city life and travel.

Who should not get this backpack?

If a water bottle compartment is something you need out of your backpack, then the Ramverk 21L may not be for you.

While the capacity is big enough for weekend travel and daily life, it’s not the largest for a long-term trip. You could look at the 26L version or even the Hugger Backpack as an alternative.


Db Ramverk Backpack 21L review

Db journey Ramverk 21L Backpack

The Ramverk Backpack comes in the 21L and 26L size. Both have very similar features and layout, but I will be reviewing the 21L version.

In comparison to the Db Hugger Backpack, the Ramverk model is much smaller and compact. It’s better for use in a city or work environment when you don’t need to pack as much.

With that said, this is still a great backpack for travel, especially if you have another luggage to store the bulk of your belongings. You can simply then use the Ramverk for your laptop, tech, and other essentials.

How well-made is the Db Ramverk 21L Backpack?

Material on the Db ramverk Backpack

After reviewing two other products by Db, I can tell you that the level of craftsmanship is up there.

Not only is the style of the Ramverk Backpack refined and sophisticated, but the feel is also high-quality.

From the stitching to the hardware, every detail on this bag is well-done.

The main fabric uses synthetic PU leather, while the front panel, back panel, mesh, and lining all use 100% polyester.

You also get various foams for the padding inside the bag.

This is what the backpack looks like on me. For reference, I am 5ft 6.

The zips are great and run smoothly, and having the pullers are useful.

I would say that the overall vibe and build of this bag suggest that it’s more suitable for colder weather, like in rain, winds, and snow.

But I was only able to test it out in a hotter environment, and in short, it did really well!

front pocket on the db ramverk 21L backpack

How comfortable is the Db Ramverk 21L Backpack?

The Ramverk 21L Backpack is as comfortable as you’d want an urban laptop backpack to be.

It’s not overly maximized in terms of ergonomics and don’t have over-the-top features, but it does the job well.

The straps are thin with some padding and overall pretty comfy.

Back of the db ramverk backpack

There are no external straps here like a sternum strap or hip belt, which isn’t a big deal for everyday use. But I’d imagine when you pack it out and have to travel around, walking with this backpack might not be the most ideal experience.

In fact, I did exactly this during my trip and my shoulder started feeling some pain from the weight after a while.

(On that note, because the bag itself is only 1kg, you’d make the most of it when you don’t overpack!)

straps on a woman's body for testing of the db ramverk 21L backpack

In terms of padding, there is one meshed padding on the back and a little ridge. Nothing fancy, but I found no discomfort with this.

I tested out this bag in a hot weather, and I’m happy to say that it held up great! Wearing it didn’t cause me to sweat or anything.

What makes the Db Ramverk 21L bag a great backpack?

1. Perfect size for everyday use

opening of the Db ramverk backpack

My favourite part about the Ramverk Backpack, and the 21L specifically, is that it’s just the right size for daily use.

It’s not overly bulky or heavy, so you won’t feel hesitant about grabbing it on a day-to-day basis.

You can easily fit in a laptop, tablet, other electronics, office supplies, change of clothes, and still have plenty of space to spare.

At the same time, this backpack is still sturdy and big enough to be a personal carry item on your trips!

db ramverk 21L backpack personal item seat in front of you on a flight

It fits nicely in the seat in front of you on a flight (I flew easyJet), and I used this as my main backpack during my Caribbean trip.

I even packed a bit of clothing and my shoes in here because my suitcase was full, and it worked out well!

packing up the db ramverk 21L backpack

2. Main compartment opens fully (clamshell opening)

The clamshell opening is another benefit of this backpack.

It’s super easy when going through security as you can just plop the bag down, open it up fully, get out what you need and pack it up again in no time.

There’s no need to dig deep to get a specific item too, because you can just unzip the whole compartment and have full visibility.

3. Internal organization and top pocket

mesh pockets in the db journey backpack ramverk 21L

The Ramverk Backpack has the right amount of organization, which is something I love.

Up top is a quick-access pocket which includes a key lash. This compartment is perfect for your phone, passport, cash, or other things you may need frequent access to.

top access pocket with passport and key lash on the db ramverk 21L backpack

This top pocket also ended up being useful for snacks because I stored the bag in the overhead locker and so could quickly get them out without having to go through the main compartment.

Inside the bag itself, there are three mash pockets.

It’s always nice to have smaller zippered compartments to store your loose items and accessories. Definitely helps keep your bag neater and more organized.

4. Laptop pocket

The back of this backpack features a separate laptop compartment that can fit up to a 16-inch MacBook Pro.

This is useful for digital nomads or office workers who always need a laptop with them.

It’s nice to keep it separate from the rest of your stuff to avoid scratches.

Plus, the material is water-resistant for added protection.

The bottom of this compartment has some extra padding. Not the thickest, but enough that I still feel confident that my gadgets are safe.

5. Db Hook-up System

db journey 21L ramverk hook up system

The face of this backpack has solid G-hook straps and external loops, which makes it compatible with the Db Hook-Up System.

If you’ve read my other Db reviews, you will know this is a unique system of this brand that lets you attach multiple bags together for easy and convenient carrying.

I’ve actually used the front straps here to hang my headphones and neck pillow, which was amazing. I’m not sure if this was the intended propose, but it was super helpful!

attaching headphones to the db ramverk 21L exterior

6. Easy to clean materials

side of the db ramverk 21L backpack

The materials on this bag are all relatively easy-to-clean, which is perfect especially if you’re going to use this bag a lot.

While travelling with the Ramverk Backpack, I packed it up with snorkelling gear, towels, camera equipment, and a lot more, which meant it got real dirty real quick.

It was exposed to the elements and got covered in sand, but my valuables remained dry inside.

And, of course, it was easy to wipe down and keep looking sharp!

Note that my experience was with the Black Out colour, so I can’t vouch if the lighter colours, like Fogbow Beige, would be just as easy to keep clean.

Cons of the Db Ramverk 21L Backpack 

woman using the db ramverk 21L backpack

Like the Hugger Backpack, the real downfall on the Ramverk Backpack for me is the lack of a water bottle compartment.

It became a bit of a nuisance to be constantly holding my bottle while travelling. I could have put it inside, but there’s always the worry of leaking.

Next up, this isn’t a big drawback, but the fact that my laptop is quite small and doesn’t fit up the whole compartment, I could sometimes feel it moving around.

Having some kind of strap system to secure your laptop could be great.

Db Ramverk 21L Backpack: Performance over time

Here are my thoughts after using the Ramverk 21L for the first time versus three weeks later.

First use:

  • Super easy to pack, really convenient for space
  • Top loading pocket came in more handy than I thought it would, and loved the key lash too
  • Comfortable and stylish

After 3 weeks:

  • Really easy to pack, lots of space to do so even for a 21L
  • Great size as fits nicely in the seat in front of you on a flight
  • External lashes and hooks made it easy to attach my headphones and travel pillow
  • Not the most comfortable for long periods of carry
  • Feel it is best suited in colder environments that hotter ones

Overall verdict: Are Db bags worth buying?

If you’re in a rush and don’t want to read this whole review, I’ve got you.

You’re probably just wondering: should you get the Ramverk 21L Backpack?

In most cases, I can highly recommend it.

The design of this backpack is quintessentially Scandinavian, which would appeal more to those who like modern styles.

The backpack itself is simple and not overly done in terms of features and pockets, which I love.

It has great materials that apparently hold up in both hot and cold weathers. This is surprising because I really thought the sun would have damaged the leather, but I’ve had no issues whatsoever.

If you want simple yet effective, the Ramverk Backpack truly delivers!

What else does Db sell?

Hugger Backpack

The Hugger Backpack boasts a 30L capacity, which makes it ideal for those wanting a bigger bag. You can easily stuff in camera packs, packing cubes, and more.

Read my full review of the Db Hugger Backpack!

Ramverk Carry-on

If you want a luggage, Db makes a pretty epic carry-on: the Ramverk Front-access Carry-on, which I’ve also tried and reviewed! It’s well-made with a sturdy handle, smooth wheels, and unique front face.

Don’t miss my full review of the Db Ramverk Carry-on.

Ski & snow bags

As I’ve mentioned, one of the founders of Db is actually a freeski athlete. This means that a lot of their products are inspired by snow activities, and this includes a whole line focused on ski and snow bags.

Ramverk Backpack 21L alternatives

Here are some alternatives to the Ramverk Backpack 21L:

Knack Bags Series 2 Medium Expandable Backpack

Knack Bags offer more organization but it is still adaptable. You have the option to expand it into a great travel bag or compress it to a smaller backpack for day-to-day use. 

Peak Design 30L Travel Backpack

This one has a similar style as it’s quite simple too. It’s slightly more expensive but Peak Design is a reliable brand. This is perfect if you’re looking for even more padding in the laptop compartment and a clamshell opening.

Alright, that’s all for my review today. 

Have you ever used this Db bag?

Or their other products?

Drop a comment below and let me know!

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