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June 3, 2024
Check out this honest and in-depth review of the Roll Top Backpack by Stubble & Co, a sustainable backpack with bike-friendly features and simple style.
Stubble & Co The Roll Top Backpack

As far as sustainable backpacks go, it can be hard to find the right one that combines design and functionality well.

One of my favorite waterproof roll top backpacks is actually the Roll Top Backpack from Stubble & Co.

When looking for a bag, I’m always looking for all-in-one versatility so I can use it for work, travel, and even hitting the gym.

The Roll Top Backpack ticks all those boxes.

It’s also reasonably priced for the absolute value you get. 

In today’s in-depth review, I’m going to cover:

  • Quality and durability
  • What makes it a good backpack
  • Who I think should get it

Finally, whether the backpack is worth buying!

Let’s get started.

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Who are Stubble & Co?

Stubble & Co is known for their mission to ‘do more’.

They’re a UK-based brand that ships worldwide, creating bags that combine functionality and performance.

They have more than 6,000 positive reviews.

One thing about them that’s particularly impressive is their commitment to sustainability, upholding ethical and sustainable practices through each stage of their process.

From donating 1% of their annual sales to environmental nonprofits and being Climate Neutral Certified to using sustainable materials and durable designs, it feels pretty good to know that you’re purchasing from such an eco-conscious company!

First impressions

stubble and co backpack green

This is my first ever Roll Top backpack and I have had the opportunity to test it out in different environments. 

First off, how much is the bag?

15L - $160

20L - $170 on average as sometimes there are discounts and offers.

My first impression is that it’s incredibly well-made for something so simple.

The bag isn’t bombarded with flashy details. It’s sleek, stylish, and classic.

I do like that it’s a roll top backpack because it’s quite secure and easy to access, plus the extra G-hook adds another layer of security.

Where Can You Buy Stubble & Co The Roll Top Backpack?

First off, where should you go to buy the Stubble & Co Roll Top Backpack?

The Stubble & Co website is the best place to get their products.

They ship worldwide with free next-day shipping in the UK for orders over £75, and free standard shipping to all other destinations if you meet the minimum transaction.

Best of all is their extended returns period of 90 days. 

This is great to ensure that you’re happy with the quality, appearance and functionality of your bag!

Get Your Stubble & Co Backpack Here

My Stubble & Co Video Review

What Makes Stubble & Co The Roll Top Backpack Unique?

So, what are some of the features that make the Roll Top Backpack from Stubble & Co so unique?

Let’s take a look…

1. Direct access laptop compartment 

The direct access laptop compartment is hands-down its main appeal, which can come in handy when you want to retrieve your laptop without opening the bag from the top.

It can fit laptops of up to 16 inches, and because mine is only 11 inches, it does flap about a little.

However, the back padding feels very secure so you don’t have to worry about damaging your laptop.

Note that it does open on one side so don’t forget to zip it back up!

2. Adjustable chest strap

The adjustable straps on both side are very comfy, and there’s an extra chest strap to stabilise the load of your bag .

This is a useful feature especially if you’re using it for commuting because it means less pressure on your shoulders and more support with your back.

I’ve personally never had a day-to-day bag with this feature.

Typically, you’d need to buy extra straps off Amazon when a backpack doesn’t have a chest or sternum strap.

It feels very thoughtful!

3. Vertical YKK zip pockets

On the front side, there’s a vertical pocket with YKK zip that has proven to be very handy.

I like to use this to place knickknacks like keys, hair elastics, snacks, and others.

Of course, be careful if you decide to keep valuables like passports in here!

4. Bike lock pockets & reflective base

The Roll Top Backpack comes with a bike light anchor point, so you can attach it onto this bag easily.

If you bike around daily, this would be a great bag to get.

Not to mention the reflective bottom, trim, and branding, which gives you additional safety when biking in the dark.

There are also two side pockets to fit your bottle, umbrella, or even bike lock.

5. G-hook closure

Finally, there’s the G-hook closure on the roll top closure.

It’s super fast to clip and unclip while still offering excellent security.

It's definitely much more secure than the standard clips you find in normal bags!

Pros of the Stubble & Co The Roll Top Backpack 

1. Multiple pockets and organization

I love how spacious the inside of this backpack is.

Here’s how it looks on me when fully packed:

There are plenty of organisation pockets, which to me is more useful when travelling. 

For everyday life, I often end up putting all my items in the main compartment.

Then again, it’s an awesome option to have.

2. Very comfortable to wear

Despite being so well-built, I find the bag to be super comfortable to wear.

It’s got the breathable back cushion, adjustable straps, and chest strap.

The size is large enough to fit a ton of stuff when you’re travelling, but it will also work for daily use such as the gym.

3. Bike-friendly features

As mentioned above, this Stubble & Co backpack comes with multiple bike-friendly features.

From the side pockets to reflective surfaces and a bike light anchor point.

I’ve seen lots of photos of people wearing this back on their bikes, which I think works out well in terms of the weather in the UK and Ireland.

The waterproof material ensures that your valuables will stay dry when it starts to pour out of nowhere.

4. Easy to clean and durable

stubble and co easy to clean

In terms of the bag getting dirty, it’s quite easy to wipe.

I’m thinking about when hitting the gym and I use some chalk, the marks wipe off seamlessly.

The brand claims that it’s built to last, and so far it definitely feels that way. 

This is what you ideally want and the Roll Top Backpack is the kind that will deliver.

Get Your Stubble & Co Backpack Here

Cons of the Stubble & Co The Roll Top Backpack

If you're hoping this section would be a lot longer, then I am going to have to disappoint you....which is probably a good thing!

I’m genuinely struggling to find the cons with this bag.

If I had to compare with other brands and models, maybe it could do with features like cables for a power bank as seen on the Matein Laptop Backpack.

It also doesn’t have a slit to put over a luggage, which would have been another nice addition.

And just in terms of anti-theft, the front pocket isn’t really protected, although the main pocket is.

Stubble & Co The Roll Top Backpack: Performance over time

Below are some of my thoughts and impressions after using the Stubble & Co Backpack for the first time, and then three weeks later.

First use:

  • Sturdy and made up of materials that are easy to clean and wipe down
  • Brightness inside makes it super easy to see what is inside
  • Dedicated Laptop compartment that is tucked nicely in the back

After 3 weeks:

  • Mesh material on the back of the bag is highly comfortable with a lot of airflow
  • Reliable in keeping your belongings safe
  • Has external features to attach for those wanting to use it as an active backpack, I usually attach my headphones around the bag and it keeps them nice and safe
  • Perfect for fast-paced lifestyles

6 Month Performance Review

  • without a doubt the best backpack I have personally. I have used it continuously, mainly as my gym bag and it has been amazing and held up well
  • Condition remains great, easy to clean (although I am lazy and haven't cleaned it much)
  • The comfort of the bag is next level, very lightweight and supported with the sternum strap if needed
  • A really easy, super convenient reliable backpack that I will continuously recommend
6 month review of the Stubble & Co backpack top of bag
6 Month performance review of the Stubble & Co Backpack

Is the Stubble & Co The Roll Top Backpack worth buying? FINAL VERDICT!

If you need a quick answer, you’ve skipped to the right part.

Should you buy the Roll Top Backpack?

For me, the answer is a big, fat yes.

It’s all in all a very solid backpack that you can use for everyday errands, commuting, and even travel.

It has a fairly simple yet timeless design, as well as sustainable materials and premium build quality.

The drawbacks are few and just me being nit-picky.

I honestly can’t really fault it and highly recommend the bag if this is the style you’re looking for. 

Stubble & Co The Roll Top Backpack: FAQ

What colors does the Roll Top Backpack come in?

There are a total of six color options, including All Black, Concrete, Earth Red, Tasmin Blue, Urban Green, and Arctic White.

I got to try the Urban Green, which is a very lovely and neutral shade.

It’s surprisingly very colourful inside!

The orange fabric makes it much easier to find your belongings as dark interiors make looking for something harder. 

Is the Roll Top Backpack eco-friendly?

The main reasons I was attracted to this bag is due to its sustainability and it being ethically made. 

From the 600D Recycled PET and 200D Recycled PET Lining to the Recycled PET Webbing!

Stubble & Co is a brand that emphasizes their target to do more in every part, from improving the planet to customer service. 

This Roll Top is made with recycled sources but not before ensuring they pass a stringent performance test. 

Is the Stubble & Co Roll Top Backpack waterproof?


The main body of the bag uses waterproof materials that have been taped.

They also use water-resistant YKK Aquaguard Zips, which will help protect your valuables from the rain and other weather elements.

Other products by Stubble & Co 

Don’t miss out on their other products too, including:

The Roll Top Mini

Essentially the smaller 14L version of the Roll Top, it comes with a 13-inch padded compartment.

It still features waterproof recycled materials and the ultimate versatility!

The Backpack

The Backpack is a slightly larger model and is even more suited for everyday adventures.

Its British Millerain Tekwax® canvas is water-resistant and extra durable, making it the perfect companion for exploring the city and beyond.

The Daypack

At just 17L and 25% smaller than the Backpack, the Daypack is great for sightseeing and quick errands.

It’s got a magnetic top cover in addition to the drawstring closure, plus useful side pockets and compartments for full functionality.

That’s all for my in-depth review of the Stubble and Co Roll Top backpack.

Don't forget you can get your bag right here.

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