DRiiBE CITYC Laptop 2 in 1 Travel Backpack Review

Bradley Williams
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Bradley Williams
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December 7, 2022
Looking for the ultimate 2-in-1 travel backpack? Then the CITYC Laptop Backpack may be just what you're looking for. Keep reading to find out....
driibe cityc laptop backpack review

Whether you’re traveling through cities, or simply need a good urban backpack for your commute, the DRiiBe CITYC Laptop Travel Backpack is certainly a contender.

Something sleek and modern looking, as well as practical and durable.

Recently, we were able to try one of DRiiBE’s flagship products: the CITYC Laptop 2 in 1 Travel Backpack.

It was exciting not only because we’ve heard great things about it, but also because I LOVE its overall style and design.

As you’ll see below, it’s packed full of clever features and unique design ideas.

I will be giving these a full rundown and then offering my personal overall review of the CITYC Laptop Backpack to see whether it’s worth you buying one.

Let’s get stuck in!

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Who exactly is DRiiBE?

DRiiBE's story began in 2018.

Its founders hopped on a 30-hour trip from Switzerland to Sydney and soon realized that their travel gear (namely backpacks and clothing) were unsuited for long-term travels.

So, they set off to find the perfect solution for their problems—and the problems of many other travelers.

From having to pack too many pants, wearing the same t-shirt in all your pics, to backpacks that aren’t travel-friendly.

The result? Adjustable pants, T-shirts with changeable designs, and various convertible bags.

The idea is to sell products that will make your trip much easier and more comfortable.

Plus, DRiiBE is big on sustainability, using only renewable and recycled materials while keeping their supply chain super short.

They embrace the "+ in 1" philosophy by focusing on creating multifunctional products so they can reduce production cycles and minimize pollution.

Where can you buy DRiiBE backpacks?

The best place to buy DRiiBE’s backpacks and other products is their official website.

It usually takes around 1-7 business days to ship, depending on your location.

AND you can enjoy free shipping via UPS Express Saver when you order more than $150.

We also appreciate the generous refund policy that lets you return the product within 30 days if you’re unsatisfied!

But the best thing yet? 

The company donates $1 for every product sold to Domestic Shelters (US) and The Circle (international)!

Quick overview: DRiiBE CITYC specs

Dimensions: H 15.4 "x W 11.4" x D 4.4” (normal) and H 19.8 "x W 11.4" x D 4.4” (expanded)

Max capacity: 17 L

Weight: 900g (1.98 lbs)

Material: Water resistant nylon, recycled polyester (RPET)

DRiiBE CITYC Laptop Backpack review

I must say that this backpack is quite impressive, especially in terms of how practical and functional it is!

It also feels premium and high quality, which is important considering its mid-level pricing.

Let’s jump into the specifics…

How well-made is the DRiiBE CITYC Laptop Backpack?

quality of driibe backpacks

With a more expensive product, one non-negotiable thing is a high quality finish, and the CITYC offers exactly that!

There is no dodgy stitching and the entire bag is put together admirable for the ultimate premium feel.

Its exterior is made of durable water repellent materials, which can be quite useful if you’re suddenly caught in a light rain.

The interior material is surprisingly well-made too! 

It’s very smooth and neatly made, which isn’t something you can say about many backpacks.

Also, there aren’t any awkward texts and wonky patterns on the inside.

I love that DRiiBE has put as much attention to the interior as they have to the exterior look.

Another useful detail is the built-in luggage strap, which means you can use this backpack beyond the everyday!

It’s a small detail, but can make your travels and commute so much easier when you’re bringing a suitcase.

How comfortable is the DRiiBE CITYC Laptop Backpack?

Let’s not forget an essential factor of any backpack: comfort.

Whether you’re commuting to work or exploring a new city, it makes a lot of difference how comfortable your bag is.

Using this one as an urban day pack, I’ve found that it’s super comfortable to wear.

The shoulder straps are thick and padded sufficiently, whereas the back panel is also padded for added breathability.

I gotta say that the CITYC isn’t the best bag for heavy loads because it simply isn’t designed for that.

It doesn’t do well when overloaded.

However, this isn’t so much as a flaw as a misuse of the bag’s intended purpose.

So, as long as you stick to using it as an everyday daypack in an urban environment, it’s super comfortable!

What makes the CITYC a great urban backpack?

When it comes down to it, what do I think makes the CITYC Backpack such an ideal bag to use in an urban setting?

Here are some of its best features:

1. Excellent organizational function


Hands-down one of its biggest strengths is the organizational features.

The bag may look simple, but is very well organized!

There are two side pockets, two internal pockets, and a hidden anti-theft pocket, and two pockets on the shoulder straps to keep your sunglasses or transport card.

What I really loved is that the many zippers and compartments hide away these compartments for a secure feeling.

With that said, it may take some getting used to before you can instinctively remember where everything is. 

But this is actually a plus point as it makes it much safer for you to store your belongings and harder for pickpockets to target.

More uniquely is its jacket holder front flap. Just zip it open and you can slide your jacket through it.

Other than jackets, you can use this to carry a yoga mat or storing some documents for easy access.

2. Padded laptop pocket

With an urban daypack, you almost always need a laptop compartment.

So if you need your laptop at work or are a digital nomad, don’t worry!

The CITYC features a 15.6-inch padded pocket, which is large enough for most travel laptops.

Note that despite the expandable design of this bag (I’ll talk about this in a bit), the laptop compartment doesn’t change even when in the expanded state.

3. Large capacity and expandable bottom

expandable bottom on the dribbee

One of the backpack’s unique features is its expandable bottom in addition to an already large capacity.

You can enjoy the extra space when you need it as it gives you 25% more volume in just a few seconds.

It’s super easy to fold up and down, literally with just a single zip!

One thing I don’t love as much about the bag when fully expanded is the visible zipper. 

I feel like it takes away from the modern and sophisticated look that I’m quite fond of.

Obviously, this only happens when you expand it, so I’ve mostly just stuck with the original, contracted form.

Besides, on a day to day basis, I’ve found that the capacity offers more than ample space for me!

4. Modern and minimalist design

sleek and modern design backpack

Another huge plus of the DRiiBE CITYC Backpack is that it has such as sleek and minimalist design.

I’m a big fan of the color scheme as well as the brand’s overall branding.

And I think this is why it appeals to a pretty wide audience, including females.

Oh, and I enjoyed the unboxing experience because the bag comes in an elegant golden sleeve with the DRiiBE logo, which makes it great for gifts too.

This also means you can use the outer packaging as an extra packing bag or for storage!

5. Machine washable

This next one may not be revolutionary, but I adore machine washable bags!

Not only has it saved me lots of time, keeping my backpack clean has never felt any easier.

All you need to do is chuck it into the washing machine along with your other clothes.

Don’t worry about ruining the material or durability.

Super convenient, right?

6. For daily use and traveling

best urban backpakc

Last but not least is simply how versatile the CITYC Backpack is.

It’s marketed as a laptop backpack because it comes with a special padded compartment, but I’ve found it to be useful for everyday urban uses too!

This is great for carrying all your work essentials: laptop, tablet, notebooks, stationary, files, bottles, umbrellas…

Moreover, some additional features like the anti-theft pocket, sunglasses strap, and front flap holder also make this bag travel-friendly.

And if you need to go on a short business trip or any flight, this backpack can easily fasten to your luggage with its handy strap!

Who should get the DRiiBE CITYC Laptop Backpack?

DRiiBE CITYC suited for

Again reiterating its versatility, I think the DRiiBE CITYC is well suited for all sorts of users.

Whether you’re a daily commuter, student, or traveler in a city, you will love it!

It’s super high quality and makes for an excellent urban day bag.

On top of that, the bag’s neutral and minimalist design is suitable for men and women, youngsters and adults alike.

Yes, the price tag can be a bit expensive and you may find a lot more cheaper backpacks.

But considering how well-made and durable it is, DRiiBE's commitment to sustainability, as well as its versatile design, the investment can be well worth it!

Overall verdict: Are DRiiBE backpacks worth buying?

Are DRiiBE backpacks worth buying

If you’re looking for a quick answer to this important question, then you’re reading the right section.

Should you buy the DRiiBE CITYC Laptop Backpack?

My answer to that is yes!

It’s comfortable, very functional, stylish, and makes for the perfect urban backpack.

I’ve enjoyed using it when exploring a city as it can fit my cameras, spare jumper, passport and wallet, as well as laptop.

Not to mention some hidden pockets to stash valuable items.

And if you’re looking for something to commute to and from work, this is also perfect!

At just 1.98 lbs, this backpack is pretty lightweight too!

What else does DRiiBE sell?

DRiiBE is known for its multifunctional products and innovations, so here are some of their other popular ones:

DAKOTA 3 in 1 Convertible Bag

The DAKOTA is also a convertible bag, designed for women wanting to combine elegant design with practical function.

It’s a handbag, daypack, and backpack all in one.

The best thing is that each style has its own unique shape and volume, so it’ll look like you own three different bags!


Do you find yourself in the same shirt in all your travel photos?

The MULTI shirt features an innovative construction in the chest area so you can use interchangeable patches to instantly change the look of your shirt.

It’s unisex, comfortable, and very breathable, making it perfect to wear on long trips.

DownUNDERS Men's Travel Pants

The DownUNDERS is a must-have travel pants with four laces so you can shorten it up to your knees.

With a single pair of these pants, you’re ready to hit the beach and jump on a long-haul flight!

Better yet, it comes with multiple deep pockets for safe and easy storage of your keys, wallets, and cash.

And here’s the women’s version!

That wraps up our review of the CITYC Backpack.

Have you tried it or DRiiBE's other items?

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts below!

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