Woolloomooloo Belmont Shoes Review [In-depth & Unbiased]

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Orlaigh Magennis
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September 11, 2023
Check out my full and in-depth review of the Belmont shoes by Woolloomooloo. These merino wool sneakers are lightweight, comfortable, and ideal for travel.
Woolloomooloo Belmont shoes review

Merino wool shoes are becoming more & more popular these days.

And one question that springs to mind is ... what is the ultimate brand that does it best?

Well, Woolloomooloo specializes in shoes made from digitally knitted Aussie Merino wool.

A sustainable company that’s all about simple and comfortable shoes.

I have been lucky enough to spend a few weeks personally trialling and testing the Belmont shoes.

Discovering what makes them great & also thinking hard about what could be improved.

And below, I’ll be sharing my honest thoughts and opinions about the Woolloomooloo Belmont, including:

And, of course ...

Are they worth buying!

Let’s go!

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Who exactly is Woolloomooloo?

Woolloomoolo was founded by native Australians who wanted to bring their homeland’s merino wool to the rest of the world, by creating the ultimate sustainable shoes.

They were tired of watching the shoe industry struggle to progress towards more eco-friendly standards and practices.

Thus, the brand is all about creating shoes that are sustainable, breathable, and truly comfortable.

Sourcing their merino wool from local Australian farmers, Woolloomoolo spins the wool into superfine merino thread, which is then run through digital knitting machines for the softest, most durable material.

The technique allows for minimal waste, as opposed to the traditional, less eco-friendly method of boiling wool.

woolloomooloo belmont review

Woolloomooloo Belmont Video Review

Where can you buy the Woolloomooloo Belmont Shoes?

The best place to buy this shoe is over on their website.

You can browse through their other products which range from sliders to slip-on shoes.

They do not offer international shipping, which is a bummer because I really would’ve loved for my friends and family in Ireland to be able to experience these shoes.

Hopefully, they’ll expand in the future!

Woolloomooloo does offer flat-rate shipping of $10 for orders above $100 to the contiguous US.

Get Your Woolloomooloo Belmont Shoes Here

Quick overview: The Belmont by Woolloomooloo

  • Price: $150
  • Noteworthy Material: Australian Merino wool
  • Color Options: 8 options, including Ice, Black, Natural, Red, and more

What exactly is Merino Wool & what’s good about it?

You might be wondering: what’s the deal about merino wool?

It’s essentially wool that comes from Merino sheep and is known to be ultra-soft and fine.

Compared to synthetic fibers and cotton, merino wool is odourless thanks to its antibacterial properties, can keep you both warm and cool, and wicks away moisture from your skin.

Most notably, it’s impressively warm in relation to its weight, and you can enjoy warm shoes that are still lightweight (great for travel and comfort!).

At the same time, it does a pretty good job of keeping your feet cool when the weather is warmer.

Not to mention that they’re a sustainable and environmentally friendly material!

So, Woolloomooloo claimed to have created the most comfortable shoes from this wool... Read on and see what I found!

woolloomooloo belmont

Who should get the Woolloomooloo Belmont Shoes?

I would say that Woolloomooloo’s Belmont Shoes are perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable pair that is long-lasting, lightweight, and versatile.

They don’t specify what the peak ability for this shoes is, in terms of performance, but I’d say that it’s a well-rounded product you can use for walking and everyday wear.

They make for a great travel shoe as you can easily wear them for long journeys on the plane or train, sightseeing in the city, walks on the beach, and even for evenings when you want to dance the night away!

woolloomooloo the belmont

The style of the Belmont is right up my alley. I think it’s very classic and can go well with all sorts of outfits.

Plus, the platform is flattering and the shape itself suits my personal preference.

Who should not get these shoes?

If you’re into barefoot shoes with little to no platform, the Woolloomooloo Belmont may not be for you.

This is because it has a bit of a platform, which although not too much, may not be what some of you are looking for.

Woolloomooloo Belmont Shoes Review

The Belmont is a casual shoe that works well with a T-shirt and a black dress.

All in all, it’s super versatile in both performance and style.

In terms of sizing, the brand only has whole sizes, which I immediately noticed because I usually go for half sizes.

But I ended up getting the Belmont in size 38 and they fit perfectly.

So, no sizing issues for me!

woolloomooloo belmont shoe sizing

Now, on to specific aspects of these shoes…

How well-made are the Belmont shoes?

One of the factors that can tell you how durable a shoe will be is its tread pattern.

The Belmont’s tread pattern is super solid and gives you that running shoe style.

Meanwhile, the pop of orange colour adds some jazz to the shoe which I like.

woolloomooloo belmont tread pattern

I have to say that these shoes feel very well-made overall, including the stitching that is extremely neat and tidy.

The main difference if you compare it to similar shoes like Allbirds Tree Runners is the midsole, which uses sugarcane while the Belmont uses EVA material.

One thing is that the top of the shoes feel like it could rip easily if caught on something.

Furthermore, these shoes are water-resistant but not waterproof, which is something to keep in mind!

How comfortable are the Belmont shoes?

When it comes to comfort, I have to say that these are among the best walking shoes I’ve ever tried.

Initially, I got the impression that because of the inflexible back of the shoe where the heel sits, it would be uncomfortable.

BUT they turned out to be well-padded and fit nicely.

I believe they have an 11mm heel drop, which can be a good or bad thing depending on what you want from a shoe. These ones offer a lot of platform.

For me, I love this because they make the shoes look flattering and are actually easier for walking.

Moreover, I’ve recently moved house and I wore these shoes for 5 days straight doing all sorts of activities and moving about, and they were great!

The grip was fantastic even when the floor was being cleaned and a little slippery.

Another plus point is that there’s no breaking in period, which I LOVE.

What makes Woolloomooloo Belmont a great pair of shoes?

1. Merino wool lining and insole

The Aussie merino wool material is definitely the biggest selling point of these shoes.

They are digitally knitted and, once again, offer the utmost comfort and breathability.

The removable insole is great if you prefer to use your own insoles, but these ones already have a lot of cushion to it.

woolloomooloo belmont removable insole

2. Lightweight and breathable

I will say that they don’t look like they would be lightweight, but I was pleasantly surprised!

The base is the heaviest part of the shoes and turns out, even that is pretty lightweight.

I think this is hugely due to the Merino wool material that’s naturally light.

Overall, they’re also not too bulky, and can therefore pack very nicely for travelling.

All-in-all a great lightweight travelling shoe!

woolloomooloo shoes

3. Versatile style and function

Can I work out in them? Yes.

Can you dance in them? Absolutely.

Can you go to nice restaurants in them? YES!

In short, the Belmont shoes are absolutely versatile, which is a huge benefit if you want to take them on trips.

woolloomooloo the belmont shoe

I’ve used them for working out (including HIIT) and the shoes offer excellent stability, which is nice.

I actually wouldn’t be opposed to wearing them on a hike, but the only thing is that stones may get caught in them because of the gaps.

There is no real dip so if you find your feet turn in or fall down, there is enough support. I’d be intrigued to know in a few years’ time how slanted it would be.

4. Elastic lace system

The elastic lace system is one of the highlighted features too. Something we first discovered when reviewing Tropicfeel shoes.

I love this because you don’t have to constantly deal with loose laces and keep retying them.

woolloomooloo belmont elastic laces

When you’re walking a lot and moving between places, such a little thing can actually be a huge convenience.

They are removable for cleaning or changing purposes, and there is a tutorial online on how to redo them.

Do note that they don’t come with an extra set of laces, which is not a problem but would have been nice.

5. Sockless and odor-free

Thanks to the natural properties of Merino wool, these shoes are odour-free and will not smell!

And yes, even if you wear them sockless.

I can attest that they’re super cozy and comfortable without socks.

But one thing to note is that there isn’t as much airflow, which although is fine for cool weathers and slightly warmer ones, I would be wary of wearing them in exceptionally hot conditions…

Cons of the Woolloomooloo Belmont Shoes

One of the only drawbacks I can think of is the fact that cleaning takes a bit of effort.

With that said, the main shoe is still machine-washable.

You just need to hand wash the insole and make sure to use some wool cleaner for the liquid.

I think the comfort of these shoes (which is next-level, I can assure you) does outweigh the “effort” of cleaning them.

After wearing it for a while, I also notice that small stones can sometimes get stuck in the holes in the bottom of the shoe, and these can then scratch wooden floors if you have them.

Maybe not the biggest thing, but still worth noting!

woolloomooloo shoes review

Woolloomooloo Belmont Shoes: Performance over time

Let’s take a look at my impressions after wearing the Belmont shoes for the first time, and three weeks later.

First use:

  • Highly comfortable
  • No break-in period, which is fab
  • Can effortlessly be dressed up and down

After 3 weeks:

  • Comfort remains the same
  • Great tread pattern making it adaptable in terms of performance 
  • Cleaning the shoe is a bit of an effort and dirt catches easily

Overall verdict: Are Woolloomooloo Shoes worth buying?

My review comes down to one question…

Should you buy the Woolloomooloo Belmont Shoes?

For me, the answer is yes.

I gave them a 9/10, very high from all the female travel shoes I have so far been fortunate enough to test!

travel shoe review

If you are on your feet for long hours then this is a great shoe, they are affordable, sustainable and attractive!

They make a great travel shoe as they aren’t too bulky and are adaptable from day to night.

While they’re not the most flexible for packing reasons, they perform super well and are extremely comfortable to wear.

And even for that reason alone, I can still highly recommend these shoes.

Get Your Woolloomooloo Belmont Shoes Here
woolloomooloo belmont shoes

What else does Woolloomooloo sell?


The Woolf shoes are the max cushion construction that Woolloomooloo offers, which is perfect if you’re looking for the ultimate comfort and support. It comes with a flared outsole for the most effective stability.


The Suffolk is the definition of the everyday shoe. It uses Aussie Merino for the upper and a wool-lined insole for the bet comfort. These slip-in shoes are great if you want a pair of shoes without any laces!


If you’re looking for something more like sandals than shoes, you might love the Camden. It also uses Woolloomooloo’s trademark digitally knitted Aussie Merino wool, and combines it with a cloud EVA outsole.

That’s all for my full Woolloomooloo Belmont Shoe review!

I hope it could help you decide if these are the right shoes for you.

What do you think?

Have you ever tried it or their other products?

Don’t forget to comment with your thoughts…

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