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January 2, 2024
Let's look at the Allbirds Tree Runners shoes, including their quality and material. These eco-friendly everyday shoes are great for running and traveling.
allbirds tree runners review

If you’re a traveller and workout enthusiast like me, it’s nice to have a pair of reliable running shoes that also work as everyday wear.

Recently, I got to try the Women’s Tree Runners by Allbirds and I’m here to review them in-depth.

From comfort level and quality of the materials, to features that make them great for travelling, I’ll get into them all!

Overall, though, these are comfortable and sustainably-made shoes which I quite adore.

Lightweight, breathable runners with a versatile style for travel!

Rating: 8/10

Let’s get stuck in…

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How about my video review of Allbirds?

Who are Allbirds?

Allbirds is a big name in the sustainable footwear industry.

The co-founders were first inspired by the strong qualties of merino wool, and went to create some of the world’s first shoes made of entirely natural materials.

They’re especially motivated by using materials found in nature, foregoing cheap, synthetic alternatives that most brands seem to like.

I really admire their commitment to sustainability and creating products that don’t negatively impact the environment.

Allbirds go to great lengths to keep track of their carbon footprint and offset their emissions, and use cleaner fuels in their process.

The awesome thing is that they’re consistently getting closer to their goal of zero emission!

allbirds tree runners review

Where can you buy Allbirds Tree Runners?

So far, the best place to buy the Tree Runners is straight on the Allbirds website.

This is because they often have large discounts and sales, which are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

If you prefer shopping offline, they have several stores in London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Paris, Berlin, Massachusetts, NYC, Toronto, and more!

Allbirds also have a 30-day return policy with no questions asked.

If you’re buying from the US, use this link.

And if you’re located in the UK, you can get your Tree Runners from here.

allbirds tree runners shoe review

Allbirds Sizing 

Only available in whole sizes, they recommend you go up a size, I got them in a size 5 US womens 8 which is 5-5.5 and they fitted fine 

Allbirds fit true to size for most customers. If you have wide feet or are between sizes, we suggest you size up for all styles except our Plant Pacer (size down for those).

Still debating? No worries—our hassle-free 30-day return policy allows you to try us on for size and find the perfect pair.

Allbirds Tree Runners Review

The Tree Runners retail for $105 dollars, which I think is a good price for the quality you get!

Especially considering it’s made from sustainable materials and that Allbirds is carbon neutral business certified.

Below are my thoughts on specific aspects of the shoes.

How well-made are the Tree Runners?

The Tree Runners are an excellent option for those of you who want to know that their shoes are sustainable.

The shoe has a carbon footprint of only 4.99kg. 

The midsole is made of sugarcane sweet foam, while the laces use 100% post consumer recycled polyester. It’s amazing that old plastic bottles can turn into a pair of shoelaces!

The laces feel strong and solid, but unfortunately you don’t get an extra pair like you do with some other products such as 8000Kicks.

Other parts of the shoes also use equally eco-friendly materials, including castor bean oil-based insole foam, eucalyptus tree fiber, and bio-based TPU eyelets…

All in all, the Tree Runners look and feel extremely well-made, which I appreciate.

Due to the material, the shoes aren’t easy to wipe down when they get dirty. They require a cared wash, but the good news is: they’re machine washable!

How comfortable are the Tree Runners?

I was pleasantly surprised, but they’re without a doubt the most comfortable runners I’ve ever tried on!

I prefer a shoe that has a platform and cushion, so there’s no need to break into them as it’s auto comfort.

The Tree Runners are lightweight, which is a must for travel shoes.

I also love that the eucalyptus fiber is naturally thermoregulating and breathable, providing utter comfort when worn.

They’re especially suitable for warmer days as the silky material is soft and doesn’t rub on your ankles!

allbirds tree runners close up

What makes the Tree Runners a great travel shoe?

So, what exactly do I think makes the Tree Runners great for travel?

Among others:

1. Easy slip-on

For me personally, the fact that it’s easy to slip on is one of its best features!

Yes, the laces are there if you want a tight fit and for additional style, but you don’t actually have to tie or untie them all the time.

This is great when you’re travelling because you don’t have to fumble with laces every time you want to put them on or off.

Plus, it’s perfect if you’re ever in a rush!

allbirds tree runners laces

2. Lightweight and breathable eucalyptus fiber

The next best thing about the Tree Runners is its proprietary knit made of the responsibly sourced eucalyptus fiber.

The material is smooth as silk, very breathable, and cool.

In short, everything you want for the best possible comfort.

In addition to being lightweight, the shoes tie well together, so they’re easy to pack and won’t weigh much in your bag.

allbirds tree runners tied

3. Works as everyday shoes

Moreover, the cushioned midsole of these shoes ensure all-day support for your feet.

The Tree Runners were designed for running in mind, but they work perfectly as daily wear.

I’ve done long walks and HIIT workouts in them, and they felt grand each time!

So if you’re travelling (long-term or on short trips), these are great shoes to pack and bring with you.

4. Removable insole

These shoes also come with removable insoles, which is super handy.

allbirds tree runners insole

The insole foam is made from a castor bean oil-base and you can easily swap them out to refresh your shoes.

This also means the shoes won’t smell!

5. Machine washable

Because of the fabric-like surface, you can’t wipe down these shoes as easily.

But don’t worry because they are machine washable!

It’s perfect to keep your shoes looking and smelling new all the time.

All you have to do is remove the insole and laces, then chuck them in a machine on gentle cycle.

No more washing by hand!

6. Versatile design

Last but not least, the fact that its design is neutral and versatile makes them suitable for travel.

Some of the colours like Forage Tan and Bloom Pink may pop more, but the rest will go with everything, no matter what style your outfit is!

I love pairing them up with a smarter top and bottom, and voila, you can wear the Tree Runners to a nice dinner just as well as to the gym.

Get your Tree Runners here
allbirds running shoes review

Cons of the Allbirds Tree Runners

One of the only drawbacks I’ve found is that Allbirds shoes kind of imprint your foot, so you can see the outline of the top of your toes. Whilst this doesn’t bother me, it might others.

Another thing is that the Tree Runners wouldn’t be able to hold up on a hike or anything too strenuous.

The material is the kind that can wear and tear over time. BUT they do have specific hiking shoes, which you can check out if you’re looking to do lots of hiking.

Allbirds say that these shoes are designed for hotter weather (especially compared to the Wool Runners), and though I’ve only worn them in Ireland which is fairly cool, I’d suspect that your feet would still get sweaty in a much hotter country…

The shoe is also not tear-resistant, but this shouldn’t be an issue if you’re wearing them in cities and such.

Performance over time of the Tree Runners

I’ve used the Tree Runners for about a month and here’s how they hold up over time…

First use: Excellent

  • Comfort level is amazing; no need to break in the shoe
  • Adaptable in various performances 
  • Casual but still stylish
allbirds tree runners shoes review

One month of use: Still excellent

  • Comfort level remains the same, including on long walks
  • Not as easy to clean as I would hope 
  • Shoe itself is very breathable, even after intense walks and workouts

6 Month Performance Review

  • Still amazing for comfort, performance and day to day life
  • I have never had an issue with digging or rubbing with this shoe, instant comfort
  • Is a bit of an effort to clean when dirt catches, but just don't be lazy like me
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly recommend, especially if on your feet for long hours

How do Allbirds Tree Runners compare to their other shoes?

The main difference between the Tree Runners and other models, like the Wool Runners, is the material.

While the Tree Runners use cooling, breathable eucalyptus fiber that’s great in warm weathers, the Wool Runners are designed for cooler weather as they use the thick and cozy ZQ Merino wool.

Meanwhile, compared to the Tree Loungers, the Runners have a more casual and sporty look.

This makes them suitable for casual running and long walks. I’d recommend getting the Tree Loungers if you want something a little more formal and smart.

However, it all comes down to the kind of material and style you prefer!

Are Allbirds Tree Runners waterproof?

Unfortunately, Allbirds Tree Runners are not waterproof.

As such, I wouldn’t recommend wearing them during the rainy season or in wetter countries.

But the fact that it’s not waterproof allows the shoes to feel very breezy and breathable, which is nice too!

As long as you mainly use them for walking on concrete, asphalts and relatively dry surfaces, the Tree Runners will do just fine.

allbirds running shoes

Overall verdict: Are the Allbirds Tree Runners worth buying?

If you don’t want to read this entire review, you’ve come to the right place.

My review boils down to this question:

Should you buy the Allbirds Tree Runners?

In short, the answer is yes!

I wouldn’t recommend it for serious runners who want to focus on their performance, nor is it the best choice for hiking and trail runs.

But overall, these are excellent shoes that can cater to different sorts of people.

eucalyptus tree fiber shoes

The Tree Runners is a versatile, multi-purpose shoe you can wear for working out and long walks, sightseeing, and even to more formal dinners.

Get your Tree Runners here

What else does Allbirds sell?

Tree Loungers

The Tree Loungers also use the comfy and breathable eucalyptus tree fiber for that breezy feel, making them great for walking. It’s a classic slip-on design without any laces, and goes equally well with almost all outfits!


Wool Runners

The Wool Runners are made from superfine ZQ Merino wool that’s soft and more suitable for warmer weather. It’s just as lightweight and has that classic style also suitable for travelling.

Women’s Apparel

In addition to footwear, Allbirds also have other apparel like ankle and crew socks, sweatshirts, cotton tees, and even underwear. They all use sustainable materials and are made with eco-friendly approaches.

That wraps up my full review of the Allbirds Tree Runners!

Have you ever tried them out, or perhaps their other products?

Let us know through the comments below…

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