20 Best Things To Do In Medellin [Colombia] in 2024

George Alvarez
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George Alvarez
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December 31, 2023
Here's a rundown of the best things to do in Medellin, Colombia. Discover what to see and do here, and discover insider tips on saving money too.
Best Things To Do In Medellin

If there’s a single particular destination that cannot be missed when in Colombia, it has to be Medellin. 

Whilst this city was once plagued by violence and corruption as Pablo Escobar ruled the lands, in recent decades it has seen a massive transformation. 

Now many travellers are safely heading here to learn about the past, the current Paisa culture as well as to enjoy an abundance of awesome things to do in the city and nearby region.

I have been a here a few times over the years and absolutely love the city!

As such, it's one of the world's best destinations in my opinion, and I'm sure you'll think so too! 

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know about Medellin.

This includes where to stay, the very best things to see and do as well as my own top recommendations and insider tips.

Let's get straight into it ...

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Getting to Know Medellin 

Why Visit Medellin

Why visit Medellin

Medellin truly is a thriving city, and walking around you’ll be able to experience Colombian culture at its very finest. 

Whether visiting the local markets, wandering its plazas or enjoying some typical foods, you’ll quickly see why this city is the most popular of all in this South American nation. 

The nightlife is another big pull for those heading to Medellin, where it’s unofficially known as the entertainment capital of Colombia. El Poblado is by far the most popular (which we’ll explore later in this guide),  however there are many other barrios such as La 33 and Las Palmas which are also overflowing with almost unlimited styles and options.

Those heading to Medellin will also find that there’s many incredible things to see and do in the surrounding region of Antioquia. 

From visiting the mural-laden town of Guatapé to climbing the imposing monolith of La Piedra del Peñol, don’t be surprised if you end up staying more time than originally planned!

How to get to Medellin

Getting to Medellin

Medellin is located within the state of Antioquia, which sits between the central and northern regions of Colombia. It’s very easy to get here, with travellers mostly arriving either by plane or bus.


Although Bogotá is the capital and is well-connected, Medellin is also known for its international airport that is easy to fly into.

Those already in Latin America can fly into Medellin quite cheaply. A one-way direct flight from Panama or Mexico can cost as little as $100, which is great seeing as these countries are also the cheapest to fly into from further afield (which you can transit on the way to Colombia).

If flying from the United States, then the cheapest cities to choose from are Fort Lauderdale, Miami and New York. A one-way from these cities will cost between $160-220.

For anywhere else in the rest of the world, it’s best to first fly into Bogotá, as it’s home to the overall best connected airport of El Dorado. 

From here you can either take a short flight over to Medellin (it takes just an hour and costs between $25-50 USD without baggage fees), or take the bus which is around 9 hours (and costs as little as $15 USD). 

You can check out the different flight routes and prices here on SkyScanner

By Bus

Whilst flights are growing in popularity, most travellers are still using the bus to arrive into Medellin.

It’s by far the cheapest option, and is great as Medellin is well located along the typical Colombian backpacking route. The most popular method is to first fly into Bogotá (since international flights tend to be cheaper here than directly to Medellin), and then take the overnight bus over.

Other popular destinations to take the bus from include Manizales (which is within the Coffee Zone) that takes 5 hours and costs around $15 USD, as well as Cali further south, with the journey here taking roughly 10 hours and costing $20 USD.

You can see all routes and prices here on CheckMyBus

Getting around Medellin City

Getting around Medellin City

Medellin is quite big, and walking will only serve you when exploring the district you’re staying in.

When it comes to visiting other neighbourhoods or barrios, then the best way by far is by using the Metro.

In Medellin it connects right through the city from the north to south, and also includes stops at certain attractions such as the cable car up to Parque Arví. It’s pretty cheap too, with a one-way ticket costing roughly $0.70 USD.

Another popular way is by taxi. This is best for those arriving from the airport with all their belongings, since a ride on public transportation could be more stressful than it really needs to be. Just make sure to use registered taxis, and also to agree the price before setting off. 

Using Uber is also becoming increasingly more popular in Medellin, given its much safer than a traditional taxi or public transportation. It’s best to use Uber during the night over the other options.

Where to Stay in Medellin

Where to Stay in Medellin

Whilst there’s many nice neighbourhoods located around the city, the best by far to stay in has to be El Poblado. 

Here you’ll find all kinds of accommodation options, restaurants, a range of nightlife as well as a cool feel to the area too. 

Patio Bonito is another area that's right next to El Poblado, which is better for those who want a little more peace and quiet (given El Poblado is pretty busy at the best of times!).

Those who are looking to stick to a tight budget will want to stay at the Selina Medellin. Located close to Parque Lleras, here you’ll be situated in an upscale hostel which is known for its comfort and social atmosphere, along with a free breakfast included in the room rate. 

If you want a more mid-range style accommodation option, then the Origen Hotel Boutique is a great option. Situated right on the Parque Lleras, here you’ll be staying in a deluxe private room close to the heart of all the action. There’s many great restaurants and bars right at your doorstep in this hotel! 

When it comes to luxury and living the best life, then the best option hands down has to be The Marquee Medellin. Located on the other side of the Parque Lleras to the Origen Hotel, here you’ll be staying in a king-sized room with an on-site restaurant, as well as a swimming pool for dips between trips into the city. There’s also a bar inside as well as daily entertainment in the evening. 

Best Things to do in Medellin, Colombia

Now we’ll explore the very best things you can see and do when in Medellin.

1. Explore the Parque de El Poblado

Parque de El Poblado, Medellin

Kicking things off we have this very underrated park, which is located in the heart of El Poblado. 

Here you can sit within this idyllic green space, which almost feels like a calm oasis compared to the 24/7 hectic streets that surround it! 

And as such, the Parque de El Poblado is the perfect place to relax for some time between trips and also to get a different perspective of this area. 

To the east of the square is the church of San José, which is worth a short stop when here. 

The Parque de El Poblado often has many pop-up markets (more likely in the evening), where you can find locals selling a variety of tasty Colombian dishes. 

Given its location close to the El Poblado Metro stop, it makes for a good place to chill after a long day of exploring, or for grabbing some breakfast and a coffee before embarking on a trip into the city. 

Also as most travellers base themselves within El Poblado, this strategically-located park is the perfect reference point for comparing distances and times for journeys around other parts of Medellin (which we will be using for this guide).

2. Visit the Pablo Escobar Museum

Pablo Escobar Museum

Let’s be honest - most travellers heading to Medellin (or Colombia as a whole) already have a stereotype of the country buried in their head from series like Narcos and other films.

Most fixate on the life and activities of Pablo Escobar, who was one of the most ruthless drug cartel leaders to ever exist in South America

Now whilst these series are entertaining, they often miss the true reality of how things were actually like during these unstable times. 

We highly recommend coming to the Pablo Escobar Museum, where you can learn the true story of his life, as well as hearing personal anecdotes from his family and close friends. 

It’s also full of rare and interesting memorabilia such as bullet-ridden sports cars, and some awesome murals to get a snap of too. 

Given it can get quite busy here (as you can imagine), we recommend purchasing this online ticket in advance which allows you to skip the queue at any time of the day. 

The Pablo Escobar Museum is located within the barrio of Las Lomas I, which is close to El Poblado. It's one of the top things to do in Medellin so don't leave it off your itinerary! 

You can drive here from the Parque de El Poblado in around 10 minutes, with the museum being open from 9:00am until 7:00pm all days of the week.

3. Day Trip to the town of Guatapé


If you ask anyone who’s been to Medellin what their favourite part was, there’s a good chance they’ll say Guatapé. 

This stunning, colourful town is located within the mountains of the Antioquia region, and is known for its collection of stunning murals that line the houses and streets. 

It’s by far one of the most beautiful places to see in Colombia, and in our opinion simply cannot be missed! 

Once inhabited by the ancient Caribe tribes, this town evolved after the arrival of the Spanish, where cobblestone streets and mesmerising murals were built all over. 

We highly recommend heading on this highly-rated day tour from Medellin, where your professional tour guide will teach you the history of Guatapé as well as showing you the very best murals and landmarks. 

As well as having breakfast and lunch included, you’ll also visit the legendary Piedra El Peñol too (more on this gigantic and unusual rock later!). 

As you can imagine it’s a really popular place to visit, with most tourist buses arriving around midday. It's best to come as early as possible, where you can enjoy the almost deserted streets all to yourself. 

Guatapé is located roughly 82 km east of Medellin, with the drive taking around 2 hours to reach.

4. Enjoy Nature in the Botanical Gardens

Orquideorama in Botanical Garden of Medellin

Whilst it seems that Medellin is bustling most hours of the day (which to be fair it is in most parts), many think that you can only have a relaxing day out when heading into the surrounding region. However this is not the only way! 

The Jardín Botánico de Medellín is the perfect option for exploring nature without leaving the city. 

Over 100 years old, this site has grown exponentially in size, and is now home to over 1000 different species of native Colombian plants. 

You’ll be able to walk through several biomes here, with each depicting a different area of Colombia such as the Tropical Rainforest as well as the Arid Desert. 

There’s even a butterfly garden too which is worth a stop at! 

On your adventures here you’ll also be able to spot a variety of different bird species who live inside these gardens. 

The overall best thing about these botanical gardens is the fact that they’re completely free, which is incredible given the amount of nature and wildlife you can spot here.

The Jardín Botánico de Medellín is located within the heart of the city, in the district of Brasilia. 

It’s located roughly 10 km north of El Parque de El Poblado, and the best way of getting here is to take the Metro and get off at the Caribe stop, from which it’s just a short walk. 

It’s open from 9:00am until 4:00pm, Tuesday through to Sunday.

5. Go Salsa Dancing

Colombian culture is as spicy as it gets in Latin America, and a big part of the lifestyle is dancing the night away. 

Salsa is one of the most popular dance styles found within the country, which also has strong historical roots here in Medellin (although of course Cali will always be king for salsa).

Now, there will be some of you reading that have never danced a step of salsa before in your lives, or even feel cursed with two left feet (we’ve all been there at some point!).

However you can easily find a class to get things started, and at Dancefree you can take one of their free lessons which are held every Thursday night. 

Whilst it can get pretty busy, it’s quite a fun experience where your instructor will show you a few basic moves to kick things off. 

And once you feel ready (or already know how to dance Salsa) you can then find a large variety of venues and clubs where you can enjoy this sizzling scene. 

El Eslabón Prendido is a popular choice among locals, and is also one of the oldest Salsa establishments in the city. 

You can also head to Son Havana for the alternative Cuban styled music. 

However to be honest, most bars or venues will play salsa at some point of the night anyway, so it’s best to get your basics down and take your shot when the music comes on!

6. Try typical Colombian Food

Bandeja Paisa

Most heading to South America (You can find an epic South America itinerary here) will of course already know about the famous cuisines of Mexico and Argentina (and even perhaps Peru), however Colombia doesn’t usually receive the same reception.

The truth is that there’s many tasty and hearty dishes to be tried here, with local favourites such as Arepas and Empanadas being some of the very best. 

Medellin in particular is considered to be the food capital of the nation, where you’ll find even more local specialties that are worth digging into. 

One of these is the Bandeja Paisa, which is the National dish of Colombia! 

Paisa refers to the same word which is used to describe someone from Medellin, and this overflowing dish comes with egg, avocado, beans, meat, rice and more. 

It’s definitely the best option for those who are extra hungry, given how much food you will be getting. 

Other dishes that are native to Medellin include Mondongo, Pasteles Paisas as well as the hearty stew of Cazuela Frijoles. 

When it comes to finding the perfect place to try these dishes, it all depends on your budget and preferences. 

Those on a budget will want to visit Mondongo’s who serve a plethora of local foods, whilst El Cielo is a much more fancy restaurant that will take you on a 22-course journey through the typical (and innovative) dishes of Colombia.

7. See Sculptures in the Plaza Botero

Beautiful Botero Plaza in Medellin City, Colombia

A leafy square situated in the heart of Medellin, Plaza Botero is another great area to wander around. 

Named after the legendary artist of Fernando Botero, here we can find 23 different and unique sculptures made by the man himself. 

When they were first made, many were actually transported to far-flung areas of the world including the USA and Europe to be displayed, however have since made a return to their home of Medellin. 

Some of the best of these bronze sculptures to look out for include the Hombre a Caballo, as well as the Mujer con Fruita. 

We highly recommend heading to the Plaza Botero in the early morning around 7:00am, just as the sun has risen. It will be very relaxed, allowing you to enjoy the sculptures and also learn more about the developing art scene in Colombia. 

Plaza Botero is located within the neighbourhood of Candelaria (not to be confused with the popular barrio in Bogotá). 

You can get here from the Parque de El Poblado in roughly 15 minutes by driving, which is located around 5 km to the north.

8. Enjoy the best of Medellin on a City Bike Tour

Medellin City, Colombia

Exploring a new city often starts as a very exciting prospect, but after a couple of days you may start to dread the public transportation or the way things are done. 

One of the best ways to alleviate this and bring back the fun is by heading on a city tour of Medellin (but, by bicycle).

Not only will you get around quicker and hit many birds with one stone, you’ll also get to exercise in a fun way too which is perfect for those who are starting to get complacent! 

We highly recommend joining this popular city bike tour, where you’ll visit many awesome places including the Plaza Botero as well as the Estadio Atanasio Girardot. Not only will your guide teach you about these places and Medellin as you ride around, you’ll also make several stops for beers and local food too.

For those who are feeling extra lazy or want to conserve their energy, then you can also consider this electric bike tour where you’ll visit similar sites as well as effortlessly riding up to a mirador for the very best views over Medellin. You’ll have non-alcoholic drinks and snacks provided too. 

9. Take the Gondola up to Parque Arví

Gondola up to Parque Arvi

Whilst areas of Medellin like El Poblado are quite attractive and a nice break from what you’ll usually find in Latin American cities, sometimes you may still yearn for some more peace and quiet. 

El Parque Arví is a great contender for spending your day in nature, and is also one of the easiest areas to access given its prime location within the city. 

Situated on the hills of the Aburrá Valley, here you’ll find a massive green area full of forested paths and epic views. 

Whilst at the top you can also ride a horse around too, which makes it easier to head further into this beautiful park. 

Getting here is half the adventure too, where you’ll first need to take the metro to the Acevedo stop. From here you can then head onwards to the Santo Domingo stop, where you will then connect to the Arví Metrocable. 

On this gondola ride you’ll first spot many colourful and historic barrios beneath you. Higher up you’ll then get some truly amazing aerial shots of the forest below, with the gondola feeling like it’s transporting you over an otherworldly terrain. 

El Parque Arví is located some 40 km from El Parque de El Poblado, with the combination of the metro and gondola taking around an hour and a half to arrive. 

It’s open from 9:00am until 6:00pm Tuesday through to Sunday, although it’s best to head earlier to have these lush trails all to yourself.

10. Learn in the Casa de la Memoria

When it comes to exploring the various museums found within Medellin, this one is perhaps the most sobering and moving of them all. 

The Casa de la Memoria shows exactly how the reality was for those living in this city during the height of the drug empire, as well as the levels of devastation that occurred too. 

Inside the museum there are three separate floors that highlight the different areas of the city that were most impacted, as well as paying tribute to the many victims that were both willingly and unwillingly caught up in the associated violence. 

It also contains videos of those impacted explaining what these times were like in Medellin, which is a strong reminder for future generations to come about what happened, and how this city has transformed for the better since.

The Casa de la Memoria is located inside the Parque Bicentenario, within the district of Bombona. It’s around 6 km north of Parque de el Poblado, which you can get to in around 15 minutes by driving. 

It’s open from 9:30am until 5:30pm, from Tuesday until Sunday.

11. Visit the legendary Piedra del Peñol

Piedra del Peñol

If you’re up for seeing something that’s truly bizarre yet captivating (to say the least), then you’ll want to visit the Piedra del Peñol during your trip to Medellin. 

Standing at a total height of 220m, this prehistoric monolith is essentially a massive rock surrounded by vast flatlands and lakes, which creates a real air of mystery about why it’s even there in the first place. 

Once you’ve arrived at the base, you can then proceed to walk up the 700 stone steps that lead to the top of the rock. 

Be sure to take your time, given the ascent is quite tiring, and also bring lots of water as it can to get hot too (especially if heading around midday). 

At the very top you’ll be greeted by an outstanding 360° view of the region, which is famed for its several blue lakes. 

It’s also worth exploring these too, where there’s many boats taking tourists out to explore the various shores. 

We recommend joining this day tour, which includes entry, breakfast and lunch as well as a boat ride around the nearby lakes.

La Piedra de Peñol is located within the region of Guatapé, and is only a 10 minute drive from the town (which is ideal as both can be combined within a single day trip).

12. Enjoy the nightlife of El Poblado

Medellin at night

When it comes to finding the spiciest nightlife of all in Medellin, you’ll quickly hear the locals mutter something about El Poblado.

And it’s true - this district is by far the best place to come to head out at night and dance the night away! 

The epicentre of nightlife here is found around the Parque Lleras, where you’ll find a tonne of bars and nightclubs that range from reggaetón to alternative and more

Buena Vista is a great option that plays a mix of Latin genres, and is a fantastic place to meet locals and get those first drinks in. 

Those after pure salsa will find the scenes in Mi Habana pretty good, although if you want more local then you’ll instead want to head to the district of Laureles. 

One of the most legendary nightlife options is Vintrash, which is often ranked as one of the best venues in the entire country. 

Here you’ll find good parties all week, however Gringo Tuesdays is the most famous as you’ll find a large international gathering which starts as a language exchange and ends up as a free for all.

There are plenty of things to see in Medellin but sometimes it's just as important to relax and let loose! 

13. Go Paragliding

man paragliding

Those who love a good fix of adrenaline will also be glad to know that the region surrounding Medellin is perfect for taking part in different extreme sports.

And one of the very best activities to do here is Paragliding, with the windy conditions and steep mountains proving optimum for taking flight. 

Once in the air you’ll get the perfect birds-eye views of the Colombian Andes, which range from steep grassy plains to many crystal blue lakes that make up the scenery. 

You can find many activity providers in the city centre, which are similar in price but will differ in packages and what is offered. 

We recommend instead heading with this paragliding experience, which includes an internationally certified pilot flying you as well as a short lesson before to make sure you’re feeling comfortable. 

As well as including all safety equipment, you’ll also have all transportation to and from your accommodation in Medellin. It’s also possible to get recorded footage of your flight too for an extra fee.

If you're wondering what to do in Medellin, Colombia then make sure you check out this activity!

14. Browse Local Produce in the Plaza Minorista Market

market in Medellin

Within Medellin you’ll find a tonne of markets, which sell everything from authentic foods to handmade souvenirs and more. 

However, for those who want to buy fresh fruits and meat, there’s no better place to head to than to the Plaza Minostra Market

Considered one of the best farmer markets in the city, here you’ll find a tonne of stands selling fresh staple foods as well as some more authentic Colombian fruits and herbs. 

You’ll also find many local restaurants inside too, which is a great opportunity to try out some of the more authentic dishes of the country and city, such as Paisa Bandeja and Empanadas. 

This market is also another great place to come for a more authentic outlook on real Colombian life, where you can see locals conversing and chatting (which will feel much more authentic compared to the more touristy parts of El Poblado). 

The Plaza Minostra Market is located within the district of La Candelaria, which is roughly 7 km from the Parque (around a 10 minute drive). 

It’s open all days of the week from 4:30am until 6:00pm, although heading early is best for getting all of the good products before they’re gone!

15. Explore the infamous barrio of Comuna 13

The safety situation in Medellin has improved incredibly in the last few decades, changing this city from what was once one of the world's most dangerous places to a must-see for tourists in Colombia. 

And of all the different neighbourhoods, Comuna 13 was one of those most affected. 

Rampant with drug wars and violence, it’s since had a major face-lift where local projects have eradicated the majority of these issues. 

Now there are many tourists heading here to see this colourful barrio, which is known for its incredible street art and murals that weave throughout the streets and houses.

Those travelling on the overhead Gondola (it passes above Comuna 13 towards the top of the mountain) can get some really awesome aerial views too.

Of course it’s still best to go with a tour, given you’ll learn much more with a knowledgeable guide than if you were to go by yourself. 

We highly recommend heading with this all-inclusive tour,  where you’ll have the gondola ride and scenic bus tour tickets included. You’ll also make a stop to try some local ice-cream and drinks for good measure too! 

If you're wondering what to see in Medellin, we highly recommend heading to Comuna 13.

16. Head on a Day Trip to the Cañón Del Río Claro Reserva Natural

Nature along the Cañón Del Río Claro Reserva Natural

Those who love escaping for the weekend will definitely want to consider heading to this stunning region, which includes remote forested trails as well as many rivers for swimming and exploring. 

Cañón Del Río Claro Reserva Natural is best known for its rapids, where rafting enthusiasts come to take on a range of different levels. 

There are also many awesome, otherworldly caves to be explored too, which have bright white walls due to the concentration of marble in the rocks. 

Other popular activities to do here include riding the canopy line through the trees, trekking along its scenic paths as well as bird spotting where you can see everything from colourful toucans to the white-footed tamarin (which is endemic to the area). 

Whilst day trips are popular, what’s even better is that you can stay for several nights in one of their rural accommodation options. 

The Cañón Del Río Claro Reserva Natural is located some 150 km east of Medellin, with the drive taking roughly 3 hours to complete. 

The visitor centre is open from 8:00am until 6:00pm all days of the week.

17. Go Souvenir Shopping

souvenirs in Medellin

Whilst travel is all about collecting memories and unforgettable experiences, it’s also nice to get a physical souvenir too to remind you of all the good times you had. 

Medellin in particular has many different things worth bringing back home with you. 

For starters, coffee lovers will want to bring back a sack or two of these rich coffee beans (which I’m sure would be in demand with those who love coffee back home too!). 

Within El Poblado, you’ll find a variety of local coffee shops who sell all different sized bags, with Pergamino one of the best to buy from. 

Those who like fun memorabilia can pick up a Pablo Escobar or Colombia FC T-shirt, or even a mini-statue of the artist Fernando Botero. 

One of the overall best souvenir shops to visit is Monstera, which is also located within El Poblado (it’s quite clear now why everyone’s staying here of all places), which sells many unique goods. 

Here you can find everything from wooden handicrafts to knitted bags with the Colombian stripes, and even more authentic products made from the more remote towns in the Andes and Jungle too.

For more inspiration of what you buy, be sure to check out this awesome guide.

18. Horseback Riding in the Countryside

Horseback Riding in Medellin

One of the best things about Medellin is its breathtaking scenery and landscapes that surround the city. 

With many rolling hills and mountains in the distance, it makes this area perfect for exploring on long hikes. 

Whilst the shorter routes can easily be done on foot, with the longer ones it’s much better to head on horseback and get further than you otherwise would.

We highly recommend joining this horseback riding tour, where you’ll spend the day exploring the grassy plains and mountains in a mid-sized group. 

You’ll also want to bring your camera too, as you’ll pass by some beautiful waterfalls and coffee farms along the way too. 

It doesn’t matter if you have no experience either, since they have horses of all skill levels (and can also teach you basic skills before setting off on your adventure). 

This tour is also a good pick since you’ll have all transportation included, as well as direct hotel pick-up and drop-off. 

If you're looking for activities in Medellin, then don't miss out on horseback riding! 

19. Visit El Castillo Museo y Jardines

El Castillo Museum in Medellin

Having already explored several museums of Medellin, you’d be forgiven for perhaps wanting something that isn’t related to Pablo Escobar or the drug war of the last century. 

This is where the El Castillo Museo y Jardines will come in perfectly, as this museum instead features many beautiful pieces of art and sculptures. 

In our opinion, it's one of the best places to visit in Medellin, as it's home to a comprehensive collection of stained glass as well as antique paintings. 

The building itself is also worthy of some snaps, which has many gothic features that were typical of the early 20th Century. 

As the name suggests, the gardens here are worth wandering around too, which feature perfectly shaped areas and walkways surrounded by lines of trees. 

El Castillo Museo y Jardines is located within the barrio of El Castillo, roughly 5 km south of the Parque de El Poblado (it’s around a 10 minute drive by car). 

It’s open from 9:00am until 6:00pm Monday to Friday, whilst on the weekend it’s open from 10:00am until 5:00pm.

20. Head on an Authentic Coffee Tour

coffee beans

If there’s one thing that Colombia is best known for (aside from Pablo Escobar), it would be its coffee.

The local varieties in this country are renowned as some of the best in the world, and if you’re a coffee lover then you will need to take advantage when here! 

Whilst the region of the Eje Cafetero is home to the very best coffee, the plains and hills that surround Medellin are also great for their rich produce. 

And as such you’ll find many great places to try coffee in the city, which serve a range of varieties from the bitter tinto to the more cosmopolitan blends which are drunk all over the globe.

Whilst you can find several different tours that explore these farms, we highly recommend joining this particular coffee experience tour.

Here you’ll head out to the town of San Sebastián de Palmitas, where you’ll visit a renowned coffee farm and also get a personal lesson on how to make the sweet stuff yourself. 

As well as tastings of different blends and even a lunch provided, you’ll also have hotel pick-up and drop-off as well as a horseback ride included in the tour too. 

Medellin Travel Tips & FAQ

When is a good time to visit Medellin?

Compared with the rest of the country, Medellin has a more varied climate that changes several times throughout the year. We’ll take a look at them now to give you a better idea of what to expect as your packing list will inevitably change depending on when you visit.

It’s first important to mention that temperatures throughout the year barely fluctuate at all. 

Daily averages hover between 68-70°F, with highs of up to 78°F and lows of down to 62°. This makes Medellin quite a comfortable city to explore, where it never gets too cool nor overbearingly hot like with destinations that are found along the coast.

The dry season runs from December until March, however still surprises most visitors with the amount of rain that falls. Between these months we can expect anywhere from 4-6 inches of rainfall, and it's the best overall time for exploring the outer region on longer day trips.

There are then two wet seasons, which run from April until May as well as from September until November. Here we can expect between 9-10.5 inches of rainfall per month. This of course puts many travellers off, however you can also find good hotel and flight deals during these periods too.

Lastly we have the shoulder months of June until August, which give a slight relief from the wet seasons. Here we can expect between 7-8 inches of rainfall. Although still not ideal for long and dry days, it’s a good time to visit given it coincides with the summer vacation time.

You can check the weather for Medellin here on WeatherSpark.

How long should you spend in Medellin 

Travellers end up spending all sorts of different time periods here, and often change their plans quickly after arriving too. 

Whilst many come for just a few days, some come and then never leave! 

For those who want to get a good feel for the city and see its best highlights, then we would recommend spending a minimum of 5 days here.

As well as getting to know Medellin and its history well, you’ll also have time to head on some of the very best day trips including those to Guatapé and Piedra de Peñol.

What is a good budget for Medellin?

Medellin really is great since it can cater for all kinds of budgets, as it's one of the world's most affordable destinations

Here you’ll find many lively hostels, as well as luxury hotels too.

Those who want to live on a “no thrills” budget, then you can expect to spend around $20-25 per person per day. With this budget you will be staying in a cosy dorm room within a nice area of the city (such as El Poblado), and you will mostly eat at local restaurants. You’ll also have some money leftover for some beers or for visiting an inexpensive attraction.

If you’re after a more luxurious escape to Medellin, then you’ll want to budget anywhere from $35-40+ per day. Here you’ll be able to upgrade to either a private room in a hostel or to a nicer hotel. You can also enjoy meals in more fancy restaurants, as well as use taxis to get around.

It’s important to remember that these budgets are only for accommodation and food costs, with just a little left over for an attraction or taxi ride. It doesn’t account for flights, travel insurance, tours or buses between destinations.

Here are some top tips on how to travel cheap if you're on a budget, with a free walking tour being one of our top recommendations! 

Can you just book a tour for Medellin?

Booking a tour for Medellin is perfect for those who are short on time. 

This way you can see many of the city’s highlights in a day, where it would otherwise take you longer independently. 

We highly recommend joining this private full day tour, where you’ll see the very best landmarks of Medellin such as Comuna 13 as well as La Plaza Botero and its surrounding streets. 

As well as having all transportation provided, you’ll also get to ride along the infamous Metrocable which gives some awesome aerial views over the Colombian city. 

Where to go after Medellin?

Once you’ve enjoyed this awesome city and everything it has to offer, you may be wondering where next to head in Colombia. 

Whilst there’s many great destinations close-by, we recommend heading to the thriving capital of Bogotá. This bustling city is a great place for experiencing true Colombian culture, as well as exploring the past through many of its comprehensive museums. 

There’s also a tonne of day trips on offer here too for those who like to get outdoors, such as to Lake Guatavita and to the infamous Salt Cathedral in nearby Zipaquirá. 

Those who are short on time here will want to head on this day tour, where you’ll explore the highlights of the Candelaria neighbourhood as well as the Historic Centre. 

You’ll have all transport included (as well as a gondola ride up Monserrate mountain), and also fruit juice and coffee tastings too! 

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