Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse Cottage in Scotland: In-Depth Review

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January 17, 2022
If you're looking for a truly unique experience, then a stay at the Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse Cottage in Scotland will not dissapoint! Here's our thoughts
Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse Cottage in Scotland

Before we came to Scotland, we put together a bucket list of experiences we wanted to have. It looked something like this ...

Photographing Highland cows ...

Eating a deep fried Mars bar ...

Trying to pet a wild haggis ...

And, oh yeah, staying in a lighthouse!

Scotland is home to some of the most rugged and wild coastlines anywhere in the world, as well as some incredibly romantic places to stay.

And we wanted to experience all of these things to the max.

So staying at the Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse Cottage was just the adventure we were looking for!

Here’s a look at our stay and how you can book your own wonderful visit here.

Full disclosure: Our stay here was in collaboration with Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse Cottage. But as always, the opinions expressed are 100% our own.

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Where is the Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse Cottage located?

Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse Cottage

On the beautiful Isle of Skye of course, on Scotland's western coast.

In the far southern end, just a short boat ride off the mainland, this Isle of Skye lighthouse is on its own private island.

One of the wonderful things about staying here is that it is entirely secluded, and you are the only people living on the island (expect for 3 or 4 sheep).

The lighthouse itself has been automated since the 1980s, so there isn’t even a lighthouse keeper around to bother you.

When the tide is at it’s lowest, it’s possible to walk over onto the larger adjoining island of Ornsay, and possibly over to the mainland itself where there is a pub/restaurant (at the Hotel Eilean Iarmain) that you can visit.

Just be sure to make it back before the tide comes in!

Accommodation at the Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse Cottage

bedrooms at eilean sionnach

The cottage is a large, 4 bedroom building, with sleeping for up to 8 people (7 in proper beds).

Each room has its own en-suite shower room, with the main bedroom having a large bath as well.

Each room is beautifully decorated and you can see....AND, this was honestly one of the comfiest beds we've ever slept in...you just sink into it...bliss!

eilean sionnach bedrooms

We choose the room that had the bath in the en-suite...

This bath was the best part of our entire stay!

After a month of living in our campervan, wild camping around Scotland, this is a luxury we made full use of!

It is huge and we each used it every day. The views are wonderful, and it's really nice relaxing in the bath whilst hearing the wind and rain outside. Grab a good book and a glass of wine and you are sorted!

bathroom at eilean sionnach
I didn't want to leave the bath...:P
bathrooms in eilean sionnach

The second best part of the cottage is the living area, which is home to comfy sofas and a log burning fire.

This is where we spent most of our time.

Curled up under blankets, the fire roaring, listening to the howling wind outside.

And, oh yeah, finishing off the rest of the Harry Potter series haha.

living area at eilean sionnach

You’ll also find a “garage” area with plenty of chopped wood for the fire, as well as a spacious dining room.

This property is self catering and the kitchen has everything you need to cook up some delicious meals..

kitchen at eilean sinnoach lighthouse cottage
romantic places to stay in scotland

It honestly is one of the cosiest places we have ever stayed, and the entire cottage is filled with so much charm and authenticity.

Despite being recently modernized to a really high standard, it still feels as if you are stepping back through time and experiencing life in the cottage as it has always been.

You get all the mod-cons of running water, underfloor heating and double glazing, but the rest of the building is the exact same as it has been for more than 100 years.

Making this one of the most unique Isle of Skye self catering cottages you could choose to stay in.

staying on a lighthouse in scotland
Our idea of perfection.....

What is there to do at the Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse Cottage?

The Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse Cottage is hands down the best place to stay on the Isle of Skye. And the number one thing you can do here is to just relax and unwind.

The cottage is almost like a secluded haven, where you can properly escape any stresses back in the “real world”.

There is WiFi if you need it (such as to load Harry Potter on your laptop!) but besides that there is no television.

Instead, you will find dozens of old books filling bookshelves scattered throughout the house.

The bookshelf in the living area is filled exclusively with books on Scotland, and I took the time to read a 100 or-so-year-old version of Bonnie Prince Charlie, by G.A. Henty.

It tells the tale of the famed Jacobite uprising in 1845; which you can learn more about when visiting the Glenfinnan Viaduct.

eilean sionnach lighthouse stay
Rainy weather is a great excuse to bake cookies!

Other things to do

wandering around eilean sinnoach island
Get outside and wander around the island...
  • Go for a walk around the island, and over to neighbouring Isle Ornsay
  • Take LOTS of pictures, the lighthouse and cottage are so photogenic - For help, check out our top travel photography tips
  • Have a fire outside on the patio (as long as it’s calm enough!)
  • Cook! We made use of the large kitchen to cook up some large tasty meals we aren’t able to make in the van. And we also baked some cookies haha
  • Play board games: they've got Monopoly, Risk, Cludeo, i.e everything you could possibly need!

For more quirky ideas of what to get up to, you’ll find a small glass jar filled with ideas lurking on one of the bookshelves.

How to book a stay at the Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse Cottage

lighthouse cottage in scotland
One of our favourite Airbnbs in Scotland!

Despite only opening to the public in 2019, the cottage is quickly becoming one of the most popular attractions around the Isle of Skye, so I recommend booking as far in advance as possible.

There is a minimum booking duration of 3 nights as getting to and from the island requires taking a boat (all included, and a lot of fun!). Please say hi to Gus, your captain, from us :D

For up-to-date pricing and availability, you can check out their official website.

Where to afterwards …

If you plan on visiting the Isle of Skye, then a stay at Eilean Sionnach is a must-have experience.

It is one of the most gorgeous, and unique, lighthouse cottages in Scotland.

The only bad part of our entire stay was having to leave!

However, back on the mainland, you will find so much more to see and do.

The Isle of Skye is one of the most breathtaking parts of Scotland. So much so that, if you only have a week or two then you should probably prioritize Skye as your main point of exploration.

It is so diverse and rugged and contains much of the unique natural beauty on offer across Scotland, as well as many of the best sites. This includes:

  • Old Man of Storr
  • Fairy Glen
  • The Quiaraing Hike

And a whole lot more!

For further afield, check out our guide on the best places to visit in Scotland.

The fairy glen in isle of skye
Skye has some amazing spots!

I recommend spending at least another 3 nights on the island to see everything on offer. 

For more info on planning your visit to Skye, check out the guide Cazzy put together on the ultimate 3 day Isle of Skye Itinerary.

That’s about it, if you have any more questions about the Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse Cottage then just drop them below and I will help where possible.

Over to you, have you ever stayed in a lighthouse in Scotland?

Or maybe you’re planning your own stay?

Drop a comment below!

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