15 BEST Car Rental Sites [Ultimate 2024 Edition!]

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January 1, 2024
Here's the ultimate summary of the absolute best car rental sites (from all around the world). Save time & money in your search for the best rental deal.
Best Car Rental Sites

Having your own vehicle is, in my humble opinion, BY FAR the best way to explore a country. 

It offers you maximum flexibility with your schedule.

Plus it can actually save you money and lost time on slow public transport.

However renting a car can be expensive, and you’re probably thinking …

“How do I find the best car rental deals?” 

Don’t worry I’m here to help.

Below, I’ll be outlining the absolute best car rental sites to save you some research time.

This includes:

  • Rental firm comparison sites
  • Peer-to-peer rental sites 
  • Electric car rental sites
  • Other niche rental sites

Whatever you’re after, you’re sure to find a company in this guide that suits you.

So, let’s dive right in…

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Some Key Things to Note about Renting a Car

Before we take a look at the best websites for rental cars there are a few things you’ll want to consider. Hiring a vehicle can be a bit overwhelming, so make sure you’ve done your research first.

To give you a good idea of what to expect, here are some things that you’ll want to keep in mind!

You’ll want to consider your age

It’s important to note that some car rental sites will only hire a vehicle to you if you’re over the age of 25. While this may seem strange, it’s to do with insurance policies.

For those who are 21 and over some rental companies will offer you a hire vehicle. However, you’ll likely be paying a young driver surcharge. This means the prices can often increase dramatically! 

Some countries do allow you to hire a car from the age of 18-19 but it all depends on where you're traveling too.

Here's a guide to the minimum age requirements for hiring a car in various countries! 

How the no excess cover works

Many rental car websites nowadays offer no excess cover. If you’re familiar with insurance terms, then you’ll know that this is something you’ll want to look out for.

Essentially, no excess cover means you won’t have to pay anything if the car is damaged or involved in an accident. 

However, some policies tend to be a bit more sneaky with the wording. In other cases, ‘zero excess’ policies will have plenty of exclusions, (and some hidden costs) so you’ll want to check the wording before you buy.

Know your car rental insurance options 

person driving a car
Source: ArturVerkhovetskiy, Depositphotos

Some car rental companies will give you basic insurance which usually covers collision damage waivers, theft, and third liability insurance. However, this will vary depending on your country.

Car rental agencies in Europe tend to cover this in your rental deal, but in the United States, you’ll need to pay for it yourself (and you’re often required to do this). 

However, you can save more by purchasing a car hire excess insurance policy. If you can’t find a good ‘zero excess’ policy, then this way you can avoid hefty charges if something were to go wrong.

Research the documents you’ll need 

One of the most important things to research before you hire a car is to check what documents you need. This will generally be the same with each car rental company but will differ depending on which country you’re traveling to. 

While some countries allow you to hire a car with your standard driving license, others require an international driving permit.

It’s likely you’ll also need at least 6 months on your passport and your DVLA driving license code. This again will differ depending on your country of origin and where you’re hiring a car.

Research the fuel policy 

This is something that many people often don’t think about when it comes to hiring a car. However, it’s an important one! 

You’ll find that there are a variety of fuel policies available including:

  • A full-to-full policy
  • A pre-purchase fuel policy
  • A pre-purchase (refund) fuel policy
  • A free tank fuel policy

Here’s some more information on how to choose the right fuel policy

Check for any ‘hidden extras’ in the rental fee 

cars in building
Source: mproduction, Depositphotos

We all know that companies can be naughty with this, and unfortunately, car rental booking sites are no different! 

The last thing you want is to be hit with unexpected charges, and these can include damage charges, admin charges, and taxes. 

You’ll also want to make sure your rental policy has everything you need like unlimited mileage!

Book your hire car early 

Depending on where you’re traveling, car rentals can sell out way in advance. This is especially the case with popular road trip destinations like Alaska, Iceland, and Portugal.

If you’re traveling during peak season in particular, then you’ll need to book your car rental in advance. This will allow you to get the vehicle you’d really like rather than just what’s left.

You can also get some fantastic early-bird deals. Trust us, it pays to plan your trip promptly! 

Before you leave the depot check the car's exterior

I cannot stress this one enough! Before you’ve left the depot, make sure you check the vehicle for any scratches, dents, or marks.

If you don’t notice these when you leave, then you could easily be charged for them when you drop the vehicle off. If you notice anything make sure you mention it to the company before you take the car.

Better yet, take pictures as these will be dated and have a timestamp!

Top Tip: To save more money on accommodation you can always hire a campervan!

motorhome on road
Source: cookelma, Depositphotos

For those trying to travel cheaply, you may want to opt for a campervan instead. This way, you can save money on accommodation too! 

We’re currently driving around the world in our campervan, and we can wholeheartedly recommend this way of travel. Not only does it give you a fantastic experience, but there are plenty of awesome campgrounds around too.

For more information about campervan and motorhome rentals, you can check out some of our guides:

The Best Car Rental Sites

1. Rentalcars - best general car rental comparison site

Rentalscars Home Page

Rentalcars are one of the most popular options when it comes to hiring a car. They offer a simple way of booking a rental, and you’ll find a wealth of options on offer.

All you need to do is type in your dates, your pick-up destination, and the driver’s age. Then Rentalcars will bring together a list of offers from different hire companies.

At first, the list can look a little overwhelming as there are so many options. However, you can filter out these options by car specifications, mileage, price range, and fuel policy.

Rentalcars is undeniably one of the cheapest sites for car rentals as they pull together a list of the best deals. This makes them the perfect option for those road-tripping on a budget!

Rentalcars Rental Units

Pros of using Rentalcars:

  • It’s easy to find the best deals
  • Rentalcars also offer a ‘price match’ guarantee 

Cons of using Rentalcars:

  • The actual hire company may add on extra charges if you’re not careful
  • Not all of the local hire companies will be listed 

2. Rhino Car Hire - best comparison website for North America

Rhinocarhire Car Rental Service

If you’re traveling around North America then make sure you check out Rhino Car Hire!

Boasting 24/7 multilingual customer service, flexible locations, and no hidden fees, there are tons of benefits to booking your rental with this comparison site.

Like Rentalcars, you just need to input the information, and then you’ll be offered a variety of options. Then you can filter out the vehicles based on your preferences.

If you’re still struggling to choose then why not ask Rhino’s expect car hire team for advice? They can help give you an idea of the type of car you need. 

Comparing rental options within Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and Mexico, there are tons of pick-up locations available. This allows you to plan the ultimate road trip!

Rhinocarhire Listed Cars for Rent

Pros of using Rhino Car Hire:

  • Easy-to-use booking system
  • 24/7 customer support team on hand to help with any issues 

Cons of using Rhino Car Hire:

  • There’s no loyalty program
  • You’ll be given a LOT of options which can often feel overwhelming

3. Hertz - best global chain for car rentals

Hertz Car & Van Hire

When it comes to car rentals, Hertz is known as one of the top companies. They offer car hire in 6 of the 7 continents (excluding Antarctica obviously), with over 150 countries being covered.

Whether you’re looking for cheap car rentals, electric vehicle hire, or you’d prefer to splash the cash - this company has something for everyone.

One of the best things about booking a hire car with Hertz is that you’ll benefit from their loyalty program. With Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, you can earn points that are redeemable against upgrades and free rental days! 

Throughout the year, you’ll also find that they have plenty of offers on their website. This can include deals of up to 35% and $150 off monthly rentals.

Not only that, but this car rental site has partner deals that you can take advantage of too!

Hertz The Dream Collection Cars

Pros of using Hertz:

  • Great loyalty program - Hertz Gold Plus Rewards
  • Wide range of vehicles available 

Cons of using Hertz:

  • Some customers report ‘hidden’ fees and charges
  • You have to pay for additional drivers (unless you’re a loyalty program member)

4. Turo - best global peer-to-peer car rental site

Turo Peer-to-peer Car Rental

Turo is the Airbnb version of car rentals and is a fantastic option if you’re road-tripping on a budget. 

It’s essentially a car-sharing marketplace, where you can hire a vehicle from a host, rather than a car rental agency. Although a rather unique concept, it means you’ll save lots of money. 

Not only is the platform simple and easy to use, but you’ll get the exact car that you book. Whereas other car hire companies often state ‘specific makes and models may vary in availability’.

Turo is one of the cheapest car rental websites out there and offers a unique way for you to hire a vehicle. You’ll have lots of options, and it’s a great way to save some cash.

Turo Car Rentals in San Francisco

Pros of using Turo:

  • You’ll save lots of money as there are plenty of cheap cars for hire
  • There’s more flexibility with rental terms (e.g. not having to return the car to the same location)

Cons of using Turo:

  • Availability may not be great for your specific dates and destination
  • Even if you’re 25, you’ll pay a young driver surcharge fee 

5. Getaround - best peer-to-peer car rental site in Europe

Getaround Europe Peer-to-peer Car Rental

Getaround is another peer-to-peer rental site that’s available around the world. However, it covers plenty of locations in Europe whereas other sites don’t.

Also known as Drivy, Getaround is the largest round-trip car-sharing fleet on the European continent. In fact, there are nearly 3,500 cars available to be booked instantly.

One of the best things about using Getaround is that the company provides its own insurance coverage for every rental, rather than the owners having to sort out a policy.

This means that you’ll have a good policy, and not have to worry about the renter skimping out on insurance! 

Not only that, but one of the company's key policies is sustainability. This means you’ll be helping the environment if you decide to hire a car with Getaround.

Getaround Paris Car Rentals

Pros of using Getaround:

  • Complimentary roadside assistance is included with every rental
  • Getaround provides its own insurance for every rental

Cons of using Getaround:

  • It’s not available in every European destination
  • Sometimes rentals can be expensive

6. Zipcar - best peer-to-peer car rental company for short-term hire

Zipcar Peer-to-peer Car Rentals

Zipcar is another peer-to-peer rental company but with a rather unique idea. Rather than specific dates, you can hire a car for the amount of time that you’ll need.

For example, if you’re only looking to do a day trip then you can hire a car through Zipcar but only for the number of hours you'll require.

The great thing about Zipcar is that it’s membership-based and includes plenty of benefits. For only $9 a month you’ll get secondary insurance, gas, maintenance, and 24/7 roadside assistance included with every trip.

Of course, you’ll then need to pay for the hourly car rate after that which ranges between $11-$100.

Zipcar is available in over 400 cities in the United States, and also covers cities in Canada, the UK, France, Turkey, and Taiwan among others.

Zipcar Rental Units

Pros of using Zipcar:

  • Best car rental website for short-term hire
  • Great membership perks

Cons of using Zipcar:

  • Not unlimited mileage - 180 miles per day included ($0.58 per mile after that)
  • There can be limited availability 

7. Driveshare - best peer-to-peer rental site for classic and cool vehicles

Driveshare Peer-to-peer Classic Car Rentals

Next up we have Driveshare - a peer-to-peer alternative for classic and quirky car rentals. This car-sharing platform focuses on classic cars, so is a great option if you’re looking to splash the cash.

It’s owned by the car insurance company Haggerty and is the perfect choice if you’re looking for exotic cars. There are plenty of them on offer including ford mustangs, 1970 triumphs, a Porsche 356 speedster, and Ford Thunderbirds.

You’ll literally be able to hire your dream car from a collector, and you’ll be in good hands as the company is owned by an insurance company.

Although Driveshare specializes in classic cars there are some newer exotic cars on offer too. These can cost up to $1,500 per day, so they’re more of an option for those with lots of money!

Drivershare Classic Car Rental Units

Pros of using Driveshare:

  • Variety of classic cars are available
  • Roadside assistance is covered with every rental

Cons of using Driveshare:

  • Only available in the United States
  • You need to be at least 25 years old to rent a car

8. Driverso - best luxury car hire company in Europe

Driverso Luxury Car Hire in Europe

If you’re looking for a luxury car rental company then you need to check out Driverso! They offer car hire within 7 countries in Europe, and the United Kingdom is included too.

For those looking for something a bit more special and jazzy, then Driverso has plenty of options. They’ve got a variety of luxury vehicles available to hire including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Maseratis.

However, it’s not just sports cars that they offer. Boasting a collection of convertibles, SUVs, and luxury vans, there’s something for everyone.

Aside from the range of vehicles, their booking process is extremely simple too. They offer a hassle-free experience with real-time availability whilst booking, a model guarantee, and a door-to-door service.

Driverso also offers free cancellation up to 3 days before your rental, so they’re pretty flexible!

Driverso Luxury Car Units for Rent

Pros using Driverso:

  • The model you choose is guaranteed
  • They provide door-to-door delivery and pick up of your vehicle

Cons of using Driverso:

  • Not available in all European countries 
  • High daily rental fees

9. Apex Luxury Car Hire - best luxury car hire company in the United States 

Apex Luxury Car Rental

If you’re in the United States rather than Europe, then Apex Luxury Car Hire is the equivalent of Driverso. 

Apex does operate in Europe too, but they also have four sites in the U.S. This includes Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City so their depots are widespread.

They offer a variety of luxury and exotic car rentals, ranging from sports cars and supercars to luxury SUVs and prestige rentals. This means there’s something for everyone! 

Apex Luxury Car Hire also offers chauffeur cars, limousines, wedding cars, and convertibles, so you won’t be short of options - whatever the occasion.

Another great thing about Apex is that they offer long-term rentals. So what are you waiting for?

Apex Luxury Car Models for Rent

Pros of using Apex Luxury Car Hire:

  • Offers a wide variety of luxury vehicles 
  • Customers often comment on the outstanding customer service

Cons of using Apex Luxury Car Hire:

  • Only available in four U.S cities
  • You can’t see the price upfront, you have to submit a ‘quote’

10. UFO Drive - best for global electric vehicle rentals

UFO Drive Car Rental

If you’re used to driving an electric vehicle or you’d prefer to be more eco-friendly then UFO Drive may be the company for you! 

You can book a rental right from your smartphone, which makes the booking process super easy. Pick-ups (and returns) are available 24/7 too as there’s a self-service experience available.

Not only does this make UFO Drive extremely convenient, but all-electric charging for the vehicles is included. You won’t have to worry about finding charging points either, as you can use the app or car navigation system to show you the options.

For those looking to hire an electric car, then UFO Drive is one of the best rental car websites out there!

UFO Drive Electric Car Models for Rent

Pros of using UFO Drive:

  • Offer a variety of electric vehicles, rather than just teslas
  • Electric charging is included! 

Cons of using UFO Drive:

  • You have to be 26 to hire with UFO Drive
  • Debit cards aren’t accepted as a form of payment, but they do accept all major credit cards

11. Teslarents - specializes in Tesla rentals in the United States

Teslarents Car Rentals

This is the leading company in the U.S. for tesla rentals and for good reason! Teslarents is known for its dedicated customer service team, simple car guides, and attention to detail.

For starters, they offer 24/7 access and delivery which makes hiring a car extremely convenient. You can book online too, so you won’t need to wait in a queue at the depot! 

If you’re concerned about the charging situation then you don’t need to be. You’ll have access to Tesla’s supercharger network, so you’ll always be able to find a charging point.

You also don’t need to worry about a re-charging fee when you drop the vehicle off as it’s covered in the rental price!

Teslarents Tesla Cars for Rent

Pros of using Teslarents:

  • Easy and convenient booking and pick-up process
  • There’s no re-charging fee at drop-off

Cons of using Teslarents:

  • You won’t have unlimited mileage - although 300 free miles are included per day (after that, it’s $0.85 per mile)
  • Only has 12 cities as pick-up locations

12. Ev Go - specializes in tesla rentals in the UK

Ev Go UK Tesla Car Rentals

If you’re in the United Kingdom and you’re interested in tesla rentals then check out Ev Go. The depot is located in London, but the company does offer delivery of your vehicle.

If you’ve not driven a tesla before, then you’ll be given a full vehicle handover upon collection or delivery. This way, you’ll be fully prepared to hit the road! 

There’s no denying that tesla rentals can be pretty expensive, but with Ev Go, you can hire one for as little as £99 per day. However, you’ll need to inquire about the exact cost. 

In fact, you’ll need to fill out an inquiry form for everything or you can ring their phone number. Unfortunately, this means you can’t quickly see the company's vehicle availability.

Ev Go Tesla Cars for Rent in UK

Pros of using Ev Go:

  • Relatively cheap car rental prices considering you’ll be getting a tesla
  • Both delivery and collection are available

Cons of using Ev Go:

  • You can’t see the exact price upfront, you have to submit a ‘quote’
  • There’s not much information on the website about specific models

13. Ultimate Drives - best for sports car rentals in Europe

Ultimate Drives Sports Car Rental in Europe

Ultimate Drives is one of the best sites for rental cars if you’re looking to drive a fancy sports car! They have over 10 years of experience in the rental market, and they only work with the best car suppliers in Europe.

There are 6 hubs located in Europe, but the cars can be shipped to other destinations on the continent. The cost will depend on the distance between the two depots, and you’ll be given this information during your quote.

Each rental includes insurance for two drivers and 200 km per day - so just keep that in mind if you’re planning to do a long road trip! 

As well as luxury car hire, Ultimate Drives also offer driving holidays, supercar experiences, and other events!

Ultimate Drives Sports Car Rental Units

Pros of using Ultimate Drives:

  • There are a wide variety of luxury cars available to hire
  • Each rental includes insurance for two drivers

Cons of using Ultimate Drives:

  • Only have hubs in Germany, France, Switzerland, and Italy
  • Some of the cars you’ll have to enquire about 

14. Alamo - best for sports car rentals in North America

Alamo North American Sports Car Rental

Although Alamo is known as one of the best cheap car rental websites, they have much more to offer than that. 

Aside from your everyday vehicles, Alamo also offers exotic sports cars, performance sports cars, and luxury sports cars. Trust me, there are a lot of options! 

Some of the many cars you can hire include a Porsche Cayman, a Chevrolet corvette, and an Infiniti Q60. They’re all automatic transmissions too so are super easy to drive!

Even better, Alamo has over 340 locations in North America, including Canada, Mexico, and the United States. That means no matter where you’re heading, there’s likely to be a pick-up point near you.

Just keep in mind that Alamo doesn’t come with Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), so you’ll need to purchase this for an additional fee. It’s not a requirement but I definitely recommend it!

Alamo Sports Car Rentals

Pros of using Alamo:

  • Over 340 locations in Canada, Mexico, and the United States
  • Endless vehicles to choose from

Cons of using Alamo:

  • You’ll find that base prices are often higher at airports
  • The age limit for rentals can differ based on the location

15. Sixt - best for one-way rentals and long-term hire

Sixt Car Rentals

There’s no denying that Sixt is one of the best places to rent a car from. They’re a popular option for everyday rentals, but they’re also perfect if you’re planning a one-way trip or you need a long-term hire.

Some one-way rentals are free of charge depending on the route, whilst others there will be an additional charge for. However, you’ll still get great rates! 

When it comes to long-term hire, you can rent a car with Sixt for up to 120 days. You’ll often save plenty of money this way, as you’ll be entitled to special offers. 

Sixt operates in over 100 countries, and they have over 2000 locations worldwide, so there’s a good chance you’ll have a location near you!

Sixt New York Units for Rent

Pros of using Sixt:

  • Over 2000 locations worldwide
  • Sixt has a fantastic loyalty program

Cons of using Sixt:

  • Some customers report additional fees that you’ll need to look out for
  • Some rental vehicles will require a credit card to be used for payment

Bonus: American Express Travel - best for earning rewards on your credit card 

American Express Travel Car Rentals

American Express Travel or Amex Travel is a great option for hiring a car if you’ve got a credit card of theirs. This way, you can earn plenty of points to put toward future purchases.

We signed up for the Amex Gold Card (check it out here and get 22,000 bonus points through my referral link).

Technically you won’t be booking a car through American Express, you’re just using it as a comparison site. Just search your location and preferred dates, and then you’ll be given a variety of options.

You’ll then be given a list of cars available through different companies such as Hertz, Sixt, Europcar, and Avis. If you’re overwhelmed with the options, you can filter them by the car company, price, and car type to make things easier!

Not only will you earn points on your card this way, but you’ll often be given special ‘card member rates’ on your rental.

You will of course need to be an Amex card holder to make use of these benefits. 

But in general, if you do spend a lot each month and want to start getting free travel perks, then looking into the Amex Gold Card could be a good idea.

AmexTravel Cars for Rent

Pros of using Amex Travel:

  • Can earn points to put toward future purchases
  • You’ll often get special card member rates

Cons of using Amex Travel:

  • There’s sometimes an overwhelming amount of options to wade through
  • You’ll have to check the policies of individual companies before you book

So which car rental site will you use?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on the best car rental sites!

As you can see, there are plenty of rental car sites to choose from and it all depends on what you’re after. To give yourself a rough idea, ask yourself these questions…

Would you prefer a peer-to-peer rental?

What budget are you working with?

Are you looking for an electric vehicle?

If you’re after cheap rental cars then you’re best off hiring from a peer-to-peer platform. For those with a bit more flexibility, you can check out a comparison site like Rental Cars.

There are also plenty of car hire companies that focus on luxury vehicles like Teslas, sports cars, and fancy range rovers. Just take your time and make the right decision for you! 

Whatever you choose to do, there are endless opportunities when it comes to epic road trips! 

Some of our favourite places to explore this way include Canada, the West Coast of America, Scotland, and the Baltic Countries.

If you’ve enjoyed this guide then here are some others that you may find helpful: 

Disclaimer: Fully research your destination prior to travel, or any products prior to purchase. We can accept no responsibility for anything you experience as a result of the information found on this website. Some posts may contain affiliate links, which means we receive a small commission for some purchases, at no additional expense to you. Read more here
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