2024 Wayks Travel Backpack Review [In-Depth & Unbiased!]

Orlaigh Magennis
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Orlaigh Magennis
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January 2, 2024
I recently got to try the Wayks Travel Backpack Original. This is my in-depth and full review of this impressive modular backpack with lots of features!
Wayks Travel Backpack Original Review

Are you looking for the ultimate travel backpack that can transform into not one or two, but three different modes?

You might have heard of the WAYKS Travel Backpack.

Today, I’ll be talking about exactly what’s so special about the famous WAYKS backpack and its many, many features.

This all-in-one bag has got you covered, transforming from a light Day Pack to a spacious 45L pack.

Rating: 9.5/10

Let’s go!

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Who exactly is WAYKS?

WAYKS was founded by two siblings who were having difficulties finding their ideal travel backpack.

They wanted a bag that was tough enough to bring on outdoor adventures, but still modern and stylish enough to wear in the city.

That bag was nowhere to be found, and so they decided to create it.

This was back in 2016 and they managed to launch the brand in 2018.

The first product is the WayksOne, aka the modular Travel Backpack Original that I’m reviewing today!

wayks one travel backpack

I always try to look for companies that implement sustainable practices and WAYKS definitely falls under this category.

One way is through the functionality of their products, which combine different bags into one.

Their factory works with the Fair Wear Foundation to ensure fair treatment and working conditions for workers.

Other efforts include reducing water and air emissions, using recycled materials, and improving resource productivity, all of which impact the environment positively!

wayks backpack review


Where can you buy the WAYKS Travel Backpack?

The best place to buy the WAYKS bag is through their website.

Get your WAYKS Travel Backpack here!

They ship worldwide and offer free shipping for several destinations with minimum purchase.

Among others:

  • Germany: Free shipping for orders from EUR 99.
  • EU, Switzerland, UK: Free shipping for orders from EUR 199.
  • Norway: Free shipping for orders from EUR 319.

You can check out the full shipping fees here.

You can return your product too. Note that according to German laws you have the right to withdraw within 14 days after purchase.

Quick overview: Technical Specifications

  • Price: 289 euros
  • Material: 100% recycled polyester for the main fabric and lining
  • Color Options: Black, Sleek Black, Sand


  • Day Pack with rolled top: 48cm (18.9”) / 25L
  • Day Pack with filled top: 68cm (26.8”) / 40L
  • Travel Pack with rolled top: 60cm (23.6”) / 30L
  • Travel Pack with filled top: 78cm (30.7”) / 45L
  • Cube: 7L


  • Travel Pack: 2.4 kg (5.3 lbs)
  • Day Pack: 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)
  • Light Day Pack: 1 kg (2.2 lbs)
  • Cube: 1 kg (2.2 lbs)

WAYKS Travel Backpack review

The WAYKS Travel Backpack is known to be super adaptable and versatile, which is its key strength.

It’s a roll-top backpack in default form and can be transformed into three main modes: at its largest of 45L, with the top tucked slightly for travel purposes, and clipped down for day bag mode.

wayks travel backpack original review

It has proven to be very handy as you can use each version however you want, and your needs definitely change as you travel!

What’s great about the roll top is that the straps for each mode can be hidden. There’s a storage place for the straps so they’re out of sight.

So, with that said, let’s delve into the nitty gritty of this backpack!

How well-made is the WAYKS Travel Backpack?

I can say that the entirety of this bag is extremely well-made and of high quality.

The majority of their materials are made from recycled PET bottles.

The Sleek Black colour offers a slightly different feel to the Sand or Black. That’s because it’s made of 100% recycled polyester, whereas the other two are only 91%.

The fabric feel is much more similar to the Stubble & Co bag, while the Sand and Black versions have a more linen-like texture.

They’re all the same aside from that!

The Travel Backpack Original has a PFC-free and environmentally friendly water-repellent coating too.

I’ve tested its waterproof quality and it worked really well!

wayks travel backpack waterproof

The interior also has a PU coating for waterproofing, which although not as tough as the outside, can still withstand minor spillage and such.

Moreover, the fabric inside is not as bright as Stubble & Co’s, where the orange colour lets you find your items more easily.

Hardware in this bag is pretty solid too, with YKK Natulon luggage coil zippers outside, YKK Natulon coil zippers inside, aluminium buckles, and more.

I love that they’ve added a tag on the outside zippers too, making it easier to zip and unzip while adding a subtle touch of the WAYKS branding.

How comfortable is the WAYKS Travel Backpack?

The overall comfort of this backpack is great!

The back support is harder than other backpacks, but I actually like this because it prompts me to fix my posture. You also have this removeable back system that allows you to build to your comfort via an adjustable velcro strap.

wayks travel backpack back support

While the airflow is nice, I notice that the material tend to stick to your back if you’re wearing a short top and sweating.

All the straps have really good padding, including the hip belt with its waterproof material.

On that note, while I do love a good hip strap for the extra support, I didn’t find this one as supportive as I would’ve liked.

wayks backpack hip strap review

I think all the straps could have done with more material to pull and tighten. Right now, it feels loose and gappy, and my lower back feels more pressure than support. This could be partially down to my own back issues and body shape. However, I just felt that the hip strap was too low for me. Also with the hip strap material it is stiff. I needed an extra pair of hands to help me adjust it to its furthest point, as doing it on my own was a struggle.

wayks backpack hip strap

However, the main straps and sternum strap are all adjustable with a great range of motion. This is great so you can ensure the most comfortable fit for your height and build.

What makes the WAYKS bag a great travel backpack?

This bag was undoubtedly designed for travellers. But what exactly makes it such a fantastic option?

1. Adjustable volume

Here’s a look at what you can get into the backpack when it’s folded down, and then when it’s extended. 

wayks travel backpack original roll top

I love how wide the capacity range is quite large from 25 to 45L, so you can easily adapt it to your current load.

You’ve also got this suitcase-style opening, which is great if you’ve packed the bag full and need to get something at the bottom of it.

wayks backpack opening

In terms of space, you could get a week or even more out of it if you pack smart!

2. Detachable cube

The main highlight, for me, is definitely the detachable bottom part, or “Cube”.

wayks travel backpack detachable cube

With a capacity of 7L, simply attaching or detaching it will drastically transform your bag mode!

It’s great for storing camera equipment, a lunchbox for your hike, some lightweight shoes, gym stuff, makeup, and more. 

One use I can think of is when camping on a site and going to have a shower, you can quickly bring your toiletries and clothes and even if the cube gets soaked, it’s water resistant so your belongings will still be protected.

There’s a hip strap attached to the cube, which you can simply pop back in there when not in use.

Plus, you can use the cube as an additional bag as it comes with some straps!

wayks travel backpack cube

3. 13 impressive modular parts

You might have noticed just how amazingly adaptable the WAYKS Travel Backpack is.

In fact, it comes with 13 modular parts in total!

wayks modular travel backpack

From the aforementioned Cube that if removed could turn your Backpack into a Day Pack, detachable back panel and padded shoulder straps.

wayks travel backpack removable straps

There’s also the option to attach extra straps on the front so you can hang extra items externally, say a barbell pad, tripod, sleeping bag, or a mat.

4. Comfortable back and strap padding

As mentioned before, this WAYKS bag is very comfortable despite being quite large at its fullest capacity.

This a good thing for travel because you want a bag that won’t dig into your shoulders or give you back pains, especially if you’re commuting or backpacking.

When you transform into Day Pack mode, there are lighter straps to attach instead of the thicker ones, but this one has no real grip or support.

Get your WAYKS Travel Backpack here!

5. Laptop compartment and excellent organisation

The inside of this Travel Backpack is no less grand.

wayks travel backpack original inside

It has a 16-inch laptop compartment, which makes it a great work backpack, and this is surrounded by lots of padding so it doesn't interfere with your back support. 

You have the option to access your laptop from the side or the top. 

WAYKS backpack laptop compartment side access

There’s an additional pocket here for your other tech stuff, but there’s no real protection between your two tech, so this is something to keep in mind.

The backpack has two hidden pockets, perfect for anti-theft purposes, with sleek black fabric that they blend into the bag. 

I would store my passport in the one that’s located on your back.

wayks travel backpack original anti theft

The side pockets are worth a mention too. They’re made for water bottles but can also store other items—I love the mesh with elastics and the great depth!

6. Easy to clean

For the Sleek Black in particular, it’s so easy to wipe down. This is important because I get chalk over my bags all the time!

wayks travel backpack easy to clean

The Sand and Black colours are slightly different as you might need to wash them to properly remove any stains. However, I would say that marks are more noticeable on the Sand than the Black.

And note that the bag in these two colours might attract animal hair more.

You can always use a rain cover when you’re in places where it might be a bit more exposed. 

If you’re wanting a travel backpack, I would opt for the Travel Backpack Bundle, which comes with everything you need to accessorize your bag, from a mat strap to packing cubes and a rain cover.

The material inside of the bag itself reminds me of a tent. It’s not 100% waterproof, but enough that you can easily wipe down small spillages.

Is the WAYKS backpack a carry-on size?

If you have it in the Day Pack mode, you will be able to use this backpack as a personal item on a flight. It would otherwise be a carry-on.

If you want to bring the Cube with you, my tip would be to bring it through security and then getting a bag from a shop inside and popping the cube in that. 

As the Cube is also easy to remove, you can have all your electronics or liquids placed in there, so it’s ready to detach for security.

Who should get the Travel Backpack?

If you’re a backpacker or traveller of any kind, the WAYKS Travel Backpack can be a huge investment.

It’s the ideal backpack for the everyday traveller and the adventurer alike.

With great materials and different modes to choose from, one bag can serve you in multiple functions.

That said, if you don’t want a bag that transforms and just want the day bag, WAYKS does sell it separately. Check out the Day Pack!

The Travel Backpack Original VS Travel Backpack Compact

What’s the difference between the Travel Backpack Original and the Compact version?

Which one should you get?

The Travel Backpack Compact is, in a nutshell, the compact version of the Travel Backpack Original. 

You get all the same features including the detachable Cube, but in a smaller size.

The volume is expandable from 17 to 28L.

I’d recommend the Compact bag for shorter trips such as a weekend getaway or even as a work bag.

If you’re travelling long-term but not a backpacker and have an additional luggage with you, this smaller backpack is perfect too!

Cons of the WAYKS Travel Backpack

Time to get into things I found that didn’t work so well for me…

This bag is literally a puzzle! 

Don’t get me wrong, I really do love this bag and how it has great quality, style, and adaptability, but changing it around can be a hassle sometimes.

This is especially true with the gatekeeper buckles that are hard to undo. It’s great in a sense, for security reason, but annoying when you’re in a rush.

The buckle is also quite simplistic, but I have to say it feels a little cheap.

Additionally, if you pack water bottles on the side, then it will compromise the space inside the bag, though this is the case with a lot of other backpacks. 

I also don’t like the fact that the water bottle compartments are inside.

wayks travel backpack water bottle pocket

It’s much harder to access, and the amount of times I have gone to go get my water bottle and opened up the wrong zip are annoying.

Another thing is that there’s only one handle on top, which is also kind of small. I would’ve loved an extra handle on the side to give you more options for carrying.

WAYKS Travel Backpack: Performance over time

Here are my impressions after using the WAYKS bag for the first time vs one month.

First use:

  • Sleek and clean aesthetics 
  • Waterproof material that’s so easy to clean
  • Adaptable and adjustable to all adventures 
  • Very comfortable 
wayks travel backpack original

After 1 month:

  • No real expansion, although not needed as the top of the bag extends and there’s the removable Cube
  • Sweaty material. If out on a hike and your skin is in contact with the bag, it might feel sticky and uncomfortable
  • Would have liked a bit more give on the hip strap
  • Can be a bit of a faff to maneuver into each mode 
  • Overall comfort is amazing and the quality of the backpack remains in great condition!

Overall verdict: Is the WAYKS bag worth buying?

If you need a quick answer to this question, you’ve come to the right part.

Should you buy the WAYKS Travel Backpack?

For me, the answer is a definite yes.

This backpack is so worth the money because you get everything you need to adapt to your own environment.

wayks modular travel backpack original review

From travel to work or gym, this bag truly does it all.

It has enough features to keep you busy and excited, with lots of modes and adjustments to discover and experiment with.

This backpack is safe and secure, which is fantastic for travel and keeping your belongings safe in general.

Yes, it can feel a little overwhelming at first as you do have a lot to get through, but the great thing is that you have that variety and you get more from it than the average backpack. 

Get your WAYKS Travel Backpack here!

What else does WAYKS sell?

Other than the Travel Backpack Original, WAYKS is also known for several other travel products and accessories, like…

The Day Pack Original

The WAYKS Day Pack can fit up to 40L with the expandable roll top and is a great modular option with a clever organisation system. It’s a smaller and simpler alternative to the Travel Backpack, but is large enough for a short day trip or weekender!

This bag has a suitcase-style opening and weatherproof fabric, and includes a removable black panel and padded shoulder straps.

The Sling

The Sling can transform from a compact crossbody bag to a roll-top tote bag/backpack. Despite its simple silhouette, this bag’s capacity can go up to 8.5 L if you fill it to the top.

It comes with an internal organiser and quick access front pocket. It’s a great everyday bag for sightseeing and city tours, when you don’t want anything too big.

The Compression Packing Cubes

WAYKS also sells packing cubes that fit perfectly into both their Backpack and Day Pack. One single cube includes two zippered compartments so you can easily keep your clean and dirty clothes separate. 

Meanwhile, the compression zipper will pack your clothes tight and save space in your bag.

That’s all for my WAYKS travel backpack review.

Do you think you’re going to get it?

Or have you tried their other products?

Let me know what you think in the comment below.

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