Epic Guide To The 7 Best Waterfalls In Bali To Visit This Year

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Cazzy Magennis
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August 9, 2021
Searching for the best waterfalls to visit in Bali? Then look no further, I take you through 7 of the most epic waterfalls Bali has to offer you......
waterfalls in bali

The words waterfall and Bali go hand in hand!

Bali is famous for its waterfalls and searching for waterfalls is one of the best things to do on the island!

I’ve visited A LOT of must see waterfalls in Bali, so below I take you through my guide of the best waterfalls in Bali to visit on your next trip.

These are in no particular order, just as I remembered them!

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1. Aling Aling Waterfall

aling aling waterfall bali

This is the best waterfall in Bali if you want to have FUN! Basically Aling Aling has a string of waterfalls and you head in with a guide and you jump off the cliffs into the waterfalls. There is even a natural waterfall slide that looks awesome. I rarely jump off cliffs into falls (unless I’m feeling brave), but Bradley does it in a heartbeat so I took lots of really cool pictures of him having fun! 

You could easily spend a full day having fun at this waterfall, so don’t rush it. I’ve done a whole guide on visiting Aling Aling waterfall, but a few things to note include: 

It’s located in North Bali, so you’ll need to either get a driver, or rent a moped and drive yourself and I suggest you stay up north over night so that you can visit some of the other cool waterfalls in Bali that are up north. 

aling aling bali
Natural slide! 

2. Kanto Lampo Waterfall

kanto lampo waterfall
Our friend Jamie...loves a good pose! :P 

This is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Bali. I remember seeing the pictures of this one on Instagram and thinking, wow I need to visit! It really is a cool waterfall that cascades over a bunch of rocks, so it makes for a really cool picture when you climb on the rocks. 

A few things to note, it’s a dodgy climb and you could slip, so if you have water shoes, bring them with you as you could easily cut your feet when climbing in the water and on the rocks. 

We went with our friends and funny story, we asked Brad’s brother to take a picture of us, so we climb on the waterfall and found and area where no one else would be in the shot, and basically he zoomed in on the picture, completely missing the point of wanting the waterfall in the background, so the picture did not turn out good haha. 

But never mind, I took a picture of our friend and it turned out pretty cool as you can see below!

Some other things to to note about Kanto Lampo waterfall: 

  • Entrance costs 15,000 IDR
  • Parking is free 
  • It’s only about 30 minutes outside of Ubud, so one of the great waterfalls near Ubud 
  • It’s only a short walk to the waterfall from parking via steps 
  • There is a really cool cafe/restaurant half way down that does cheap food and great cocktails! 
  • Visit early in the morning to avoid the crowds 

I’ve got a short guide on visiting Kanto Lampo that you can check out too. 

3. Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan Waterfall

It’s been many years since I visited this waterfall in Bali, but I still have fond memories. It was the first ever waterfall in Bali we visited and it was super refreshing. There are changing rooms here, which is useful if you’ve not got your swimming gear on. And you’re going to want to swim here, it’s great! 

The waterfall is really powerful, so the challenge is to stand underneath without being swept (you won’t go very far!), it’s a really cool spot and very refreshing. But it gets very busy!

Some things to note about Tegenugan waterfall include: 

  • Entrance costs 10,000 IDR
  • Toilets are 3,000 IDR 
  • It’s super touristy so lots of shops and markets to buy stuff 
  • I believe there is now a “bali swing” which are basically everywhere in Bali now 
  • Parking is free for scooters 

If you take a Bali waterfall tour, then it’s likely all of them include this waterfall as it’s one of the most accessible and easiest to visit waterfalls in Bali! 

But more on tours later…

4. Git Git Waterfall

Git Git Waterfall Indonesia

Git Git waterfall is another really cool waterfall in Bali that’s located in the north part of the island. It’s fairly easy to visit and only requires a short walk that passes through many (far too many) souvenir shops on the way. 

Now, when you park up for Git Git, it’s free, but you will have a couple of people come over and tell you that you need a guide, because Git Git is “hard to find” and it will support the local economy etc etc, then they proceed to quote you something shocking like $30. It’s a scam, it really is and there is no need for it. You can easily find GitGit and you can support the local economy by buying something from the stalls. 

Some things to note about Git Git waterfall: 

  • Entrance costs 20,00 IDR 
  • You can swim at GitGit
  • There are toilets and changing rooms but no lockers 
  • It’s slightly colder up north when driving on a moped, especially in the evening 

I’ve done a little guide on visiting Git Git waterfall too that you can check out for more information. 

git git watefall

5. Sekumpul Waterfall

sekumpul watefall

Sekumpul is one of the most famous waterfalls in Bali, and one of my favourites. It’s located in the north of the island, so requires either the use of a moped, or hiring a driver to take you there. But it’s totally worth it! 

When you visit you’ve got a couple of options, you can simply visit the viewing platform and view from above, or you can take one of the trekking options and go underneath the waterfall (and visit nearby Fiji Waterfall too). 

But don’t worry, I’ve done a full guide on visiting Sekumpul waterfall and it’s suggests an awesome place to stay close by so you have time to visit a couple of the waterfalls in north Bali! 

6. Peguyangan Waterfall

At the base of the falls, enjoying the epic views

This waterfall is located on the island of Nusa Penida, so it will technically require you to get a boat! Nusa Penida is filled with beautiful places to visit and you can see them all in one day if you head over on a tour, but if you find yourself on the islands for a few days (like Brad and I did), then you should visit Peguyangan waterfall. 

Now, the walk down to this waterfall is basically on stairs that lead you down the cliff, so it’s quite narrow. The walk back up is murder in the heat, so just take your time! 

This waterfall is quite “weak”, but it’s the pools you can relax and swim in that really make it, oh and the stunning views of the sea and blue blue waters that surround you. I suggest you pack a lunch, make your way down, relax and have a dip in the pool, eat some food then head back up! 

Entrance was 10,000 IDR when we visited and about 3,000 to park the moped. You also have to wear a sarong, and I can’t remember if they charged us for it. The waterfall is a religious temple area too. 

TOUR: If you’d like a great tour of all the best spots on Penida, then check out this one. 

7. Tukad Cepung (best waterfall near Ubud)

I actually had never heard of this waterfall before I visited, and the only reason I visited was as part of a ForeverVacation Bali Instagram Tour. It was such a good find and one of the prettiest waterfalls in Bali thanks to the ray of light that shines through the cave presenting you with a really cool photo opportunity. Plus our private tour guide was awesome at taking photos and knew all the best angles! 

Some things to note about visiting Tukad Cepung waterfall: 

  • Entrance cost is 10,000 IDR 
  • Parking is free 
  • There are some cool cafes serving great food and drink 
  • There is a changing room and toilets to use for for free
  • You have to walk through water to get to the falls, so water shoes are a good idea 
  • You’ll probably have to queue for the light ray photo 

This is one of my favourite waterfalls in Bali, simply because of how the pictures turned out. It’s not a heavy waterfall, it’s a simple one with a unique feature! 

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Other waterfalls in Bali I haven’t been to

There are a number of waterfalls in Bali that I haven’t had the chance to visit yet, but I’ve seen them all over Instagram! These include:

  • Munduk waterfall (had every intention of going to this one, but we got lost and ran out of time!) 
  • NungNung Waterfall (only discovered this in 2019!)
  • Banyumala Waterfall (Twin waterfalls) 
  • Leke Leke waterfall (everyone seems to be talking about this!)

Should I take a Bali waterfall tour?

In order to see all the best waterfalls in Bali, you’ve got a few options: 

  1. Hire a driver: You can hire a driver online and arrange for him to take you to all the best waterfalls in Bali that we’ve mentioned. Book a driver online here.
  2. Drive a moped: If you are confident, then you can easily get to all the waterfalls in Bali via moped. The majority of them offer free parking for mopeds, and moped rental in Bali is very cheap. You can actually book it online and it’ll be dropped off to your hotel!
  3. Take a tour: So if you don’t fancy hiring a driver or driving yourself, then you can take a tour. A great thing about a waterfall tour is that it takes out all the stress of planning and you can simply enjoy the waterfalls on offer. Below I’ve listed some of my favourite tours. 

What is the best Private Waterfall tour in Bali? If you’re looking for a private tour with a fantastic guide (who will help you take amazing pictures), a delicious lunch, air conditioned car and a great day, then I recommend you go with ForeverVacation. They actually offer two waterfall related tours: 

1. Secret Bali Waterfalls Tour:

  • Banyumala Waterfall
  • Munduk Waterfall
  • Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall
  • Leke Leke Waterfall

2. Breathtaking Waterfall Tour:

  • Tegenungan Waterfall
  • Tibumana Waterfall
  • Dunsun Kuning Waterfal
  • Views of Mount Batur

So since that’s who I’ve toured with, I can highly recommend them, 

If you just want to visit waterfalls near Ubud, then this is a great option from GetYourGuide. 

I think a private tour is better than a group tour, plus if you’re travelling with friends, then it’ll be a “private group tour” with all the people you love which will make it much better. Just a personal opinion, but I’ve taken a lot of tours over the years and there is a clear difference in quality with group tours and private tours. 

Final tips and tricks for visiting waterfalls in Bali 

  • Remember to pack a towel, and maybe a change of clothes for the end of the day 
  • When packing for Bali, water shoes are cheap to buy and super useful when visiting waterfalls, it will help avoid cuts on your feet
  • Make sure your camera equipment is waterproof- it’ll get wet!
  • Pack sun cream, and apply it, the Bali sun is strong and you’ll need protection 
  • Don’t rush. You’ll be surprised at how long it can take to see a waterfall, or how long you’ll want to stay, so only do a few waterfalls per day.
  • Carry cash, no waterfalls accept cards (as of yet!) 
  • Earlier the better, less crowds.
  • Leave no trace: don’t leave rubbish behind and if you see some lying about, pop it in the bin. 

So there you have it, my guide to visiting the best waterfalls in Bali! If you’ve only got time to visit some of the MANY waterfalls in Bali, then I suggest you pick these 7. And yes, you should definitely visit Nusa Penida! 

If you’d like to leave other suggestions on waterfalls in Bali for others to visit, then simply drop a comment below to help fellow travellers. 

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