A Complete Guide To Visiting Git Git Waterfall

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August 9, 2021
Wanting to visiting the amazing Git Git waterfall in Bali? Then look no further, this awesome guide will tell you all you need to know about visiting...
git git waterfall in bali

Bali is famous for its awesome offerings of waterfalls and you could spend weeks exploring them all. North Bali is actually home to some amazing waterfalls, and one of my favourites is Git Git. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about visiting Git Git waterfall in Bali!

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Where is Git Git waterfall located in Bali?

Git Git waterfall is located in the north of Bali, close to Singaraja, or Lovina. North Bali is still quite “undiscovered” by tourists, but that’s what brings it so much charm. It will require a little bit of effort to visit Git Git waterfall, but it’s totally worth it….

How to get to Git Git waterfall 

walking to git git waterfall

Okay, so when it comes to getting to Git Git waterfall, you’ve got a few options available to you. 

Moped: Renting a moped in Bali is almost like a right of passage, and it's definitely the easiest and cheapest way to get around Bali. However, only drive a moped if you have a licence and feel confident on the roads. You can easily rent a moped all across Bali for a super cheap price, and nowadays, you can even book a moped online right here! Parking is free for mopeds at Git Git too. 

Hire a driver: If you don’t feel confident driving in Bali, you can easily hire a driver to do that for you! You can book a driver online (just like this guy!), and complete a waterfall itinerary with him. Or you can even rent a drive off the Grab app for up to 8 hours- pretty cool! 

Book your Bali driver online here. 

Grab/Go-Jek: These apps are used all across Bali and are super cheap and convenient. In North Bali Grab and Go-Jek aren’t always available. You’ll have no issues with getting a ride up there from Canggu/Ubud or even Kuta, but you might struggle to get a driver for the way back. So you can either ask them to wait around, or hire them for the day! 

Tour: If you like the convenience of having everything organised for you and you can just turn up and enjoy yourself, then a Bali waterfall tour might be the best option for you. There are so many tour operators to choose from in Bali. But my favourites are ForeverVacation and they offer a variety of really cool waterfall tours. 

I went on an amazing Bali Instagram Tour with them which you can read all about here. 

How far is Git Git waterfall from Ubud? 

It will probably take you around 2 hours to get from Ubud to GitGit waterfall. However, if you don’t fancy doing the drive up and down in one day, you can always stay overnight. North Bali is super beautiful and there are some really unique accommodation options available, which I will discuss a little further down. 

Can you swim in Git Git waterfall?

Yes and no. Yes, you can bob along in it and relax from the sun, but there isn’t really a lot of “swimming space” but yes, bring swimwear because you can go under it! 

Git Git waterfall entrance cost

The entrance cost as of 2019 was 20,000 IDR. When you park your moped, you can sometimes get men trying to sell you a “tour”. They will explain how important this tour is to the local economy, how they’ll take you to all these different waterfalls, and how hard it is to find Git Git...that’s all lies or exaggerated. They will then proceed to quote you $40 for a tour, which is crazy by Indonesia standards. 

Point being, it’s very easy to find Git Git (it’s super family friendly), and you don’t need a tour guide. If you want a tour guide, sure get one, but don’t get ripped off. 

Git Git waterfall: The experience 

git git waterfall

Okay, so after you’ve parked up, you’ll take a short 10 minute walk to Git Git. As you walk you’ll be walking through, what I can only describe as a mini market. There are stalls to your left and to your right and you’ll constantly have people asking you to buy stuff. There are a couple of restaurants, and whilst it can get a little bit annoying after you’ve said to 10 people already, it’s not too long a walk and you just have to exercise patience. 

When you get there you can leave your stuff and head to the waterfall. I can't actually remember there being any lockers, but if you pop your stuff where you can see it, you’ll be fine.

What’s really cool about Git Git waterfall is the fact that it’s located high up in the mountains which adds an extra powerful nature to it. It’s a photographer's dream and it is a very beautiful waterfall to visit in Bali.

So you can either sit in the pools and relax under the Bali sunshine, or head into the fall to experience the powerful water!

When is the best time to visit Git Git waterfall? 

The most popular seasons to visit Git Git waterfall will be in June/July and August, which is the dry season, however I would imagine it would be even heavier in the wet season. Bradley and I visited in July and it was perfect. 

Where is good to stay close to Git Git waterfall?

How amazing is this !

North Bali is home to some beautiful places to stay and we stayed in a gorgeous Airbnb called Sunset Sala.

It was romantic accommodation situated among rice fields, that offered breathtaking views and a stunning sunset and sunrise. It was truly amazing and quite cheap. It’s also really close to Git Git waterfall, Sekumpual waterfall (10 minute drive) and Aling Aling waterfall. All popular north Bali waterfalls. 

You can check it out here. Lovina is also another popular area in the north to stay in Bali, and it would take around 40 minutes to get to Git Git from Lovina. 

Other waterfalls near Git Git waterfall 

As I mentioned before North Bali has lots of amazing waterfalls on offer, you can check out these ones too whilst you are up there! 

Final tips for visiting Git Git waterfall 

  • I suggest you invest in a pair of water shoes for all your waterfalls dreams. It’s super easy to cut your feet when visiting waterfalls and water shoes will prevent that. They’re very cheap and worth the purchase. 
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen, the Bali sun is strong and it’s important to protect your skin. 

So there you have it, my complete guide to visiting Git Git waterfall in Bali! I hope you’ve found this post useful and if you’ve got any questions, please simply pop them below.

Happy travels

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