7 Awesome Things To Do In Trondheim (Norway) In One Day

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January 24, 2022
Visiting the beautiful Norwegian city of Trondheim but short on time? Don't worry, our guide on things to do in Trondheim in one day has you covered...
things to do in Trondheim Norway

Trondheim is a beautiful, and popular “port” town in Norway. It’s a popular stop for cruises, but Brad and I actually visited whilst on our 3 month road trip with Tinggly.

We loved Trondheim.

It’s a beautiful place with cobbled streets, lots of shops, a beautiful old town and a great cathedral.

We visited in late November when the Christmas lights were all over town and it was even more awesome. 

So, if like us, you’ve only got one day to explore Trondheim, then keep reading to find out all the great things to do in Trondheim in one day….

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When is the best time to visit Trondheim? 

Honestly, it’s the type of place that looks beautiful in all seasons, but since we went in the winter season, I can recommend that. It was very Christmassy and wintery. I loved it! 

How to get to Trondheim, Norway? 

The best way to get to Trondheim is via your own car or camper.

Trondheim is an easy spot to slot into a Norway road trip, and the country has good road links all over. So either way, rent a car either from Trondheim itself, or before and include it as a stop on your journey.

You can check car rental prices for Trondheim here.

Better yet, I'd recommend you hire a campervan or motorhome in Norway and have an even more unforgettable trip.

You can also fly to Trondheim, and you should check out Skyscanner for all the best prices on flights.

The Top Things To Do In Trondheim in one day 

1. Check out the beautiful “Old Bridge” and take pictures

The “Old Bridge” is the entrance point in the very cute old town and it’s a beautiful red bridge with a fantastic view of all the colorful houses on the river bank. A great place for a picture spot and a romantic couples photo too! The bridge isn’t too busy, so you’ll get a picture without a mass of crowds around you. 

2. Wander around the Old Town 

The old town is beautiful. It’s filled with cobbled streets, cute shops and a really sweet vibe. It’s a great place at Christmas time too thanks to all the little lights that line the street. Have a wander and pick yourself up a souvenir. 

3. Visit the Kristiansten Fortress for amazing views 

Want a free and amazing view of Trondheim city from above? Then walk up to the Fortress and get an amazing view. In the popular season, you can take a tour of the fortress and learn about the history,  but when Brad and I visited this was closed.

However the views were not and it’s a great spot. The area is actually surrounded by beautiful woodland and it’s a great place to just take a walk, which we did too. 

Just be super careful with ice on the roads at this time of year, there is no grit to stop you from sliding and I almost did!

4. Go shopping 

There are lines and lines of shops in the “new” part of Trondheim and if you’re visiting around Christmas, it’s seriously a great place to get some Christmas gifts, or simply spoil yourself.

As you walk along the streets you’ll be surrounded by beautiful Christmas lights too which is always nice. 

5. Grab a coffee in a cute cafe 

Okay, so two things, I’m a coffee addict (actually consider myself to be something of a connoisseur :P ) and I am a sucker for cute little cafes. Combine them both together and I’ll find them.

Well, if you head to the old town area, there are some really cute cafes that offer delicious drink and fresh pastries. 

And actually, in a place like Norway, where everything is known for being quite expensive, I found the little cafes to be more than reasonable. A perfect way to end your day in Trondheim after a day of exploring. 

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6. Visit the beautiful Nidaros Cathedral

I love a Gothic cathedral and this one is super epic. Few fun facts, the cathedral is the northernmost Gothic cathedral in the world. It’s built over the burial site of King Olav II, who is the patron saint of Norway and it’s now the location for the consecration of new kings in Norway. Pretty cool eh!

You can take guided tours of the cathedral almost every day, and really look at the attention to detail of the building and you’ll see how awesome it is. 

They charge you 110 NOK (about 11 euro) into the cathedral, or a joint ticket of 200 for the cathedral and archbishops palace which also has a museum.

Quite frankly, I think it’s a joke to charge into cathedrals, so I don’t do it….

7. Visit the palace (Stiftsgarden)

The palace is a beautiful building in Trondheim and worth a stop on your itinerary. The gardens will be pleasant in the spring and summer and you can take a guided tour for 110NOK. The palace is where the king resides when he visits Trondheim. 

Parking in Trondheim 

If you’ve driven into Trondheim on your own, like Brad and I, then I will mention that parking in the city centre is pretty darn expensive and there isn’t really a way around it (from my research).

It’s about 120NOK for 3 hours, so maximize your time so you don’t waste a lot of money on parking! 

Where to stay in Trondheim 

Brad and I didn’t spend the night in Trondheim, although we did walk past a really nice Radisson Blu hotel and thought, wow that would be cool to stay in!

But if you are looking for hotels in Trondheim, then I suggest you check out Booking.com here for all the best prices. 

So, if you complete all these things to do in Trondheim in one day, then it will be a day well spent.

There are some other cool things to do in Trondheim which include a few museums, but Brad and I are really selective about the museums we see on our travels, otherwise we’d never be out of them! :P

If you’ve got anything else to add to this list of things to do in Trondheim in one day, then drop a comment below. 

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