27 Awesome Things To Do In Cancun [Mexico] In 2024

Cazzy Magennis
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Cazzy Magennis
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February 15, 2024
Heading to the beautiful Caribbean area of Cancun, Mexico? Then keep reading to check out my amazing list of the top things to do in Cancun for everyone...
Cancun Mexico

Cancun is the man-made beauty of Mexico. Established as a way to create more tourism, I’m amazed that something so unnatural could become so beautiful.

Cancun is the perfect place for all types of travellers, whether you’re a family looking for fun and thrills, a group of friends looking for a party, or a couple seeking a romantic getaway.

Brad and I fall into the couples category, so this is your ultimate guide on the best things to do in Cancun and some of the items are quite relevant to couples!

Whether you’re a solo traveller, a group of friends, or a romantic couple, you can partake in any of these amazing things.

Let's get started...

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How to get to Cancun, Mexico

It’s easy to get a flight to Cancun from both the US and UK. And both are really cheap.

You can get direct flights to Cancun with Thomas Cook (whom we flew with) for as low as $200.

It’s an 11 hour flight and the flight was excellent.

I’ve flown both economy and premium economy with Thomas cook and both were excellent and comfortable.

That being said, I did enjoy the drinks service, and extra touches offered with premium, so if it’s within your budget, I’d go for an upgrade!

Anyway, from the USA you can get cheap flights to Cancun from the likes of Florida, and Chicago.

Generally it ranges from $50-110.

We always use SkyScanner to check for the best flights.




cancun strip

Getting around Cancun

When it comes to getting around Cancun you have a view options.

Car: It’s super cheap to rent a car in Mexico, sometimes as low as $1 a day and in the USA a lot of the time your insurance on your credit card will cover you (but research and find out). Otherwise you need a credit card to rent a car and they will hold around $600.

It’s so worth it if you’re planning to road trip other parts of the Yucatan Peninsula, including places like Chichen Itza, Valladolid, Playa del carmen and Tulum! For more info on this check out our guide on the best car rentals in Cancun.

Bus: You can get the bus up and down the strip in Cancun for around 30 cents. Simply hop on and hop off where you need, and the same bus will take you into downtown Cancun if you fancy experiencing something a little bit more authentic when it comes to Mexico.

Taxi: If money isn’t an object you can rely on taxis. I’m not sure how much taxis are on the ground, but a taxi to the airport is around $40 which is the height of nonsense for the quick journey, but it’s up to you!

Walk: The strip of the whole of downtown Cancun is long, but you can do some walks without assistance. We walked for about 30 minutes to go to a restaurant and the weather was so nice and the atmosphere was great. So if you don’t mind walking, then this is a great way to get around.

Where to stay in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is BURSTING with amazing hotels and resorts. Some of the best I’ve seen worldwide. So you will literally be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a hotel, especially if you're on romantic getaway.

Most of the hotels offer rooms based on an all-inclusive basis, and I actually think this is the best value, simply because it’s a steal.

You get all  your food and drinks (sometimes there are 5 on-site restaurants for variety) for your whole trip, and you get extra perks like jet ski rental, or even massages.

Even if you’re not a big fan of all inclusive, it will almost be better value to do it all-inclusive and still dine out elsewhere on the nights you choose.

Anyway, here our my top 5 resorts in Cancun worthy of a romantic escape…

1. Aloft Hotel

I’ve stayed in a few Aloft hotels around the world, and they deliver on style, functionality and service every time. So I have to recommend them. This property has great reviews, and it’s in a great location. You’ll love the modern, quirky design, the fantastic pool, gym and rooftop garden with views.  

Check the best prices here.

2. Emporio Cancun

With stunning sea views, beach access and beautiful rooms, this 4 star resort in Cancun is perfect for couples looking to relax. It truly oozes class and is highly recommended for its service.

Check the best prices here.

3. Hard Rock Hotel Cancun

This is an all-inclusive beauty. Now, some people are often mistaken that a Hard Rock Hotel might be a little cheesy, but you’d be surprised at just how luxurious these hotels are-- and this one is no different.

It’s an iconic 5 star hotel with stunning swimming pools, views, restaurants and gym.

Oh and you can get a hot tub in your room- imagine that with a glass of champagne. Definitely one of the best things to do in Cancun!

Check the best prices here.

4. Royal Solaris Cancun

Another all inclusive resort in Cancun that’s perfect for couples. 5 restaurants and 2 bars means you’ll never get bored of dining.

There’s a fabulous swimming pool and you can windsurf. Match that with stunning rooms, an on-site gym and much more, then you’ve got a memorable hotel stay.

Check the best prices here.

5. Hyatt Zilara Cancun- Adults only

Had to throw in one adult only hotel here. If you simply just want it to be you and your partner with no children around, then an adults only hotel is probably the way to go. Oh, and it’s all inclusive!

It’s got breathtaking views, stunning sunset views, swimming pools, beautiful surroundings, amazing rooms and so much more. It’s truly an AMAZING hotel!

Check the best prices here.

None of these hotels take your fancy? Don’t worry, you can find the best hotels in Cancun here!

cancun mexico
ventur park cancun

The 27 best things to do in Cancun, Mexico

This list is based on all the awesome things Bradley and I did on our trip to Cancun.

And whilst we visited Cancun as part of a larger trip, we actually went to Cancun last and treated it as a holiday.

I.e NO WORK! It was bliissss!

1. Parasail over the sea

parasailing in Cancun

Cancun has lots of watersports activities on offer that are perfect for couples who seek a little adrenaline. But my fav has to be parasailing.

The waters in Cancun are bright clue, definitely some of the bluest and clearest waters I’ve seen.

And whilst Playa Del Carmen up the road has some nice beaches, none of them compare to the beaches of Cancun.

Simply take a wander down the street and you’ll have people asking you if you want a parasail, or you can book with a company online (like GetYourGuide).

It’s around $30-40 which is a normal rate for such a touristy area. Plus. I think the stunning views are worth it!

2. Relax by the beaches with a cooler

water in cancun

Speaking of the beautiful beaches in Cancun, one of the most popular things to do is get yourself a cooler from the local store and fill it up with drinks.

Then, pop yourself on the beach, listen to music, watch the sunset, or simply chill.

It’s actually a cool thing to do as a group, but I much prefer it as a couple. Turn it into a little picnic with some food, and you could even buy a little half tent to keep yourself protected from the sun at times.

3. Take a day trip to Isla De Mujeres

Isla De Mujeres, Mexico

Isla de Mujeres is located a short distance (boat ride) from Cancun. Around 15 minutes, and it’s a beautiful island to spend the day, or even half a day at.

It’s surrounded by beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters and it makes a good spot for snorkelling.

There's also lots of things to do in Isla Mujeres so don't miss out on this place! 

You can get there yourself via boat and you can go from Cancun hotel zone and Cancun downtown.

For ferries from Cancun Downtown:

“The Gran Puerto Cancun (Ultramar) ferry dock is located in Puerto Juarez, a few minutes from downtown Cancun. The boats leave every half hour from 5:00 am until 9:30 pm and every hour after that.” (Isla-mujeres.net)

If you don’t fancy trying to get there yourself, you can easily organise a tour there, and you can do it in style like this one which heads out on a catamaran for 10 hours and includes all your food and drinks from the on board bar. It’s incredibly great value!

4. Party your heart out at Coco Bongo

coco bongo nightclub

Perhaps one of the most popular things to do in Cancun- it’s a bucket list Cancun adventure and it’s touristy...but come on, you can’t go to Cancun and NOT go to Coco Bongo!

Well we did, and we had a blast. It’s basically 6 tribute shows with dancers, etc and then in between they play a range of music. I will warn you, it’s a little seedy at times, so if you offend easily, then perhaps you should give it a miss…..up to you.

We paid extra for the gold ticket, which gave us a seat to sit on, otherwise you find yourself standing on the bottom floor (great for younger ones, not me haha)

Anyway, the gold ticket gets you premium drinks and waiter service and it’s worth the extra. You can upgrade your seat even further to get a seat near the front, which might be worth doing, depending on how you feel.

Otherwise be one of the first in the door if you want a decent seat for gold membership.

Book your tickets online btw and you get a 5% discount if you sign up for their newsletter, and after you’ve been they will give you a 50% off voucher to come again which makes the whole night very cheap!

You can also combine it with dinner and book a dinner/nightlife experience package, like this one here which is great value!

Coco Bongo is one of the best places to visit in Cancun so don't leave it off your itinerary.

5. Visit Ventura Park (not just for kids!)

ventura park

You’d be mistaken if you think Ventura Park is just for kids. It’s an awesome day out for couples, and btw, you can get a drinks package which includes UNLIMITED alcohol all day (for around $10 extra). I had about 7 margaritas and it felt like a very grown up day for me haha.

Anyway, you can book your tickets via the website and if you book 3-4 days in advance you can get up to 50% off.

There are a variety of packages available, but Brad and I choose the one that allowed us access to everything, which is known as Ventura Unlimited. This includes:

  • Access to the waterpark and water slides
  • Unlimited food and alcoholic drinks at the many bars on site (you can float down the lazy river to your next bar…..hehe)
  • Access to the mini theme park with little rides
  • Access to the go-kart racing, which is in proper race cars with a track...awesome fun.
  • Access to 3 ziplines which were brilliant and offer great views
  • Access to the bungee jump if you want to scare yourself (I did)
  • Access to a virtual reality room if you want to scare yourself silly with zombies... again I did.
  • Free shuttle there and back

The only other thing you can really add on is a chance to swim with dolphins (rescue dolphins), but more on that later.

And the price…$30. Yeah you heard me, a day of fun, food and drinks for $30 each! Amazing value and definitely one of the top things to do in Cancun. Thank me later.

As Venture Park is one of the most popular Cancun attractions, it would be rude not to visit! 

6. Candlelit dinner on the beach at sunset

candelit dinner

There’s really no area as serene and beautiful as the Caribbean during sunset. 

Not only are the waves and atmosphere calmer here than those found along the Mexican Pacific, however the vibe in Cancún feels very special to say the least. 

Whether travelling with your partner, a new flame or even wanting to treat yourself to a memorable experience, there’s no better way than by enjoying a candlelit dinner on the beach. 

The Hotel Zone (which stretches along a thin strip of land by the sea) is the best place to head to, where there are numerous restaurants and hotels to choose from. 

One of the very best is Oleo Playa Boutique, where you can enjoy a perfect meal from either one of the two specialty restaurants, or even the international buffet if you’re feeling more picky.

If you don’t want to spend so much, there are also many restaurants nearby that are more affordable. El Caribeño Cancún is a nice one next to Playa Caracol, that specialises in seafood and other local foods. 

To be completely honest, it doesn’t matter where you go or how much you end up spending given the views will be unforgettable wherever you are along the coast here!

7. Helicopter ride over Cancun

aerial view of Cancun

Regardless if you’re in Cancun for a wedding, as a large group or travelling solo, one thing is for certain - this city is full of epic experiences waiting for you. 

One of the most awesome things that you can do has to be a Helicopter Ride over this incredible Mexican city, which will be one of the most memorable experiences from your time spent here.

You’ll be able to soar high above the Caribbean Sea, where you can see various shades of blue and green as well as the infamous resort strip of the Hotel Zone. 

As well as seeing different islands such as Isla Mujeres, you can also see the jungle in the distance which is home to many ancient pyramids and other gems which are just waiting to be explored. 

Whilst there’s several companies you could browse and pick between in Cancún, we recommend pre-booking your flight with this tour which will save you all the hassle. 

As well as having a 15 minute ride over this Caribbean city, you’ll also have drinks and snacks included as well as time within the VIP private lounge prior to your take-off. 

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a top-dog CEO, then here’s your chance! 

8. Go Snorkelling

snorkelling in Mexico

The Caribbean waters of Cancún (and the Riviera Maya as a whole) are some of the most picturesque and beautiful you can see in all of Mexico. 

Not only is the sea layered in multiple shades of blue and green, the waves here are also much calmer which means transparency conditions beneath are perfect for going snorkelling. 

Here you can see many different tropical fish that range from the exotic Parrotfish to the incredible Sergeant Major.

If you want to swim with Sea Turtles, then we highly recommend heading a couple of hours south to Akumal, which is one of the best spots in all of Mexico. 

Those who want to see the infamous Whale Shark will need to come between the months of May and August.

You can hire gear on virtually any beach in the region, although the shops near Playa Delfines Beach in Cancún are some of the most popular (avoid the hotels since these will be very overpriced). 

Of course the dry season is the very best time to explore underwater (from December until April), however conditions are still really good the rest of the year too! 

We highly recommend joining this guided snorkelling tour, where you’ll sail around the Caribbean on a catamaran heading to the best snorkelling spots. You’ll also have a lunch buffet and open bar included too. 

9. Hit up a day beach party

beach party

One of the ultimate nightlife hotspots in Mexico (and a good contender for the whole of Latin America too!), Cancún has literally everything for everyone. 

Even better, is that you won’t need to wait until the sun goes down to enjoy some really good parties. 

Some of the most popular events happen right on the beach, where you can take turns from dipping in the sea to knocking back beers, tequilas or whatever else takes your fancy. 

Those after a more chill day will want to head to Zama Beach and Lounge (on Isla Mujeres which is just a 20 minute ferry ride away), where you can enjoy fusion cuisine, cocktails and even access to their on-site hot tubs and infinity pools. 

Another option which is great is the Coco Bongo Beach Party, which is a tamer version of the legendary nightclub (however still has a really great atmosphere). 

It’s also a good idea to buy a wrist band and package deal when heading out. 

Many hotels or events offer a set price (usually between $30-40) which includes entry and unlimited drinks, instead of paying for each entrance and drink you consume as usual. 

I don’t know about you - but to me this sounds like a pretty good idea given you know you won’t wake up with an unexpected, mammoth-sized bill!

10. Surf or try bodyboarding

man surfing

I never thought you could surf in Cancun...and whilst you can’t catch any “real” waves, you can still rent a surfboard and surf mini waves. So basically if you’re a beginner, there is probably enough here to get you up on the board.

But, what the little waves are great for is bodyboarding! Rent a bodyboard for the day with your partner and have fun surfing the waves!

There are plenty of awesome activities in Cancun that you can do, but heading out on the waves is definitely one of the best.

11. Day trip to Chichen Itza

chichen itza

Ah Chichen Itza, the most famous Mayan ruins in all of Mexico, and perhaps the world? It’s a day trip away from Cancun and there are lots of tours running there.

It’s actually a great idea to combine a tour to Chichen Itza alongside a stop at Valladolid to check out some of the awesome cenotes available (more on that later).

But anyway, head early and you might have this UNESCO World Heritage Site all to yourself for a little bit, it opens from 8 am to 5 pm.

There is more than just the most famous temple you see here, but they are less impressive, and what is kind of annoying is the miles and miles of people selling the same junk but at a stupidly high price.

The reason they quote such high prices is because some poor soul has actually bought the crap thinking it’s a good price...that ruins it for the rest of us haha

The entrance fee doubled at the beginning of 2019 so its now around $24 instead of $12.

12. Visit the Tulum Ruins

Tulum Ruins

If you want an awesome day trip from Cancun with your loved one, then I’d make a trip to Tulum. Don’t bother with a taxi or anything, just get an ADO bus from downtown Cancun. It’s cheap and very comfortable.

When in Tulum, I suggest renting a bike for the day and using that to cycle to the ruins and any cenotes you might want to see in the near area.

The Tulum Ruins are beautiful and located near the sea which provides a little swimming spot too! Just be wary of the weather, we got caught in a 1 hour downpour and had to hide in a tree for an hour. You can also hop on a tour if you don’t fancy going there yourself.

However, there are tons of other things to do in Tulum too, so allow a full day here if you can! 

13. Romance at the Lobster Dinner Cruise

lobster, seafood

If you're wondering what to do in Cancun then why not check out this experience?

The Lobster dinner cruise is quite well known amongst couples who want to experience a little zest on a romantic trip to Cancun. It’s certainly one of the most lavish things to do in Cancun but if you’re out for an anniversary then I think it’s a great choice.

There are other options than lobster, and vegetarian options. And the wine is on the house, so keep that flowing!

14. Discover Cenotes

cenotes in cancun

A cenote is a sinkhole that basically means the land has fallen away and what’s left behind is a beautiful pool of water to swim in (that also has weird black fish, not a fan).

There are thousands of cenotes in the Yucatan state and they are all waiting to be discovered.

As mentioned before, Valladolid has access to the best cenotes (including Cenote Suytun) and the ones you may have seen on Instagram before, but Cancun also has some, as does Tulum.

You won't have to look hard to find one, and why not ask a local if they known one that’s not too popular with tourists!

If you don’t have a car, then an organised tour or getting buses/renting a moped is the best way to see the cenotes.

15. Discover the secret Isla Contoy

Isla Contoy, Mexico

Whilst Cancun and its surroundings are really beautiful, there’s a lesser-known island in the region that will truly take your breath away.

Isla Contoy is located some 39 km north of Cancún, and is by far one of the most stunning tropical islands you can visit in all of Mexico. 

A protected national park, it’s home to many turtle species such as Loggerheads, Leatherbacks and Green Turtles. 

There’s also dozens of migratory (as well as some endemic) bird species that reside here, making the island a must-visit for those who love nature. 

Only 200 people are allowed to access Isla Contoy per day, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy this island peacefully without the crowds back on the mainland. 

You can only access the island with a tour, and we personally recommend this day trip which leaves from Cancún. Here you’ll have lunch and an open bar included, as well as plenty of time snorkelling on the picturesque Ixlache Reef. 

16. Sunset at the end of the strip

sunset in cancun

Sunsets in Cancun are beautiful and what’s more romantic than enjoying a beautiful sunset with your loved one?

Simply walk along the strip and you’ll find many spots, but from the Hardrock Cafe in the main area, you will see an area of land loop round into the water and it’s got lots of weird blocks that you can walk on (and fish by).

This is a great spot to watch the sunset! 

17. Try a water assault course

sunshine in waterpark

Next to “The Outback” restaurant, well near there, there is a water assault course on the “other side” which basically means, not the sea side of Cancun hotel zone, the lake side of Cancun.

We’ve done some of these before and they're so much fun and great for couples looking for water fun!

Although it does say you shouldn’t swim in the lake due to a risk of crocodiles, so I’m not entirely sure how they keep them away...but..yano.

18. Jet Ski Fun

jet skiing in Mexico

Those among us who love a little more adventure (as well as an extra adrenaline rush) need look no further! 

Jet Skiing is a really popular activity to do here in the Riviera Maya, and especially so given the warmer temperatures and awesome multicoloured waters that you’ll be flying through. 

This means it’s easy to find a jet ski rental, where popular beaches like Playa Delfines (as well as those in nearby Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen) have various companies ready to go. 

The best thing is that you need no prior experience to drive one of these, although you’ll want to first take it slow to avoid crashing out! 

Rentals can start from around $40, although there’s often extra deals you can get when combining activities. You can also get an even cheaper rate if you’re willing to look outside the Hotel Zone. 

You can also head on this fun jet skiing tour, which includes some tequila tasting! 

If jet skiing isn't your thing, you'll find plenty of other water sports opportunities in Cancun...

19. Dine on the beach [Hard Rock Cafe + Chili's]

blue seas in cancun

There are lots of places to dine on the beach front, but I will point out two of my favourites. The Hard Rock Cafe is very expensive, (compared to normal hard rock prices), but it’s the Hard Rock Cafe, so it’s a must, especially if they’ve got live music happening!

Another choice is Chili's, which is excellently priced, the cocktails are amazing (2-4-1 most days) and the food portions are huge!

They don’t rip you off just because you’re right on the beach front with amazing views...which is nice!

This is one of the great things to do in Cancun at night when the atmosphere is rising but you don’t want to party hard.

20. Shop for gifts

Mexican souvenirs

This is a difficult one. Out of everywhere I have ever went in my life, Cancun is the biggest rip off for souvenirs. I wear travel bands from each country I've visited, and they average at around $1.

In Cancun they wanted $8 for a mass produced, not even good quality travel band. I laughed my heart out at that price - crazy!

I have a tip, head to the massive supermarket that’s on the main strip (where CoCo bongo etc are) and you can get souvenirs in there for a normal price.

You can get t-shirts, shot glasses (for $1), fridge magnets, tequila, really whatever you want, and you won’t get ripped off by the silly “souvenir dedicated” shops on the main street, or the so called “flea markets”.

The supermarket by the way, also offers cheap alcohol, cheap food (like 4 different cuisines inside), an amazing bakery and a great coffee shop! It’s a good place to stop.

21. Get a private photo shoot

Cancún is by far one of the most popular honeymoon spots on earth, and rightfully so given the beautiful beaches, perfect weather and the all-round awesome food! 

However you don’t have to wait until you tie the knot to get those perfect photos, and if anything you can hire a professional photographer for literally any kind of reason or purpose.

From getting a scenic shot by the beach to having that blurred-out photo in the nearby jungle, the options are almost endless in the Cancún region. 

What’s even better is that the quality of the photographers here are at the most elite level too (given the high demand), so you’re bound to have a variety of incredible photos that will serve as some true lifelong memories. 

Whilst you could look around town or in the hotels (which will be more expensive), we instead recommend going with this highly-rated experience

Here you’ll have a professional photographer either for a 1 or 2 hour time slot, where you’ll have as many 60 high-resolution photos taken of you wherever you please! 

22. Explore the Underwater MUSA Museum

Underwater MUSA Museum

By far one of the most novel and adventurous things you can do in Cancún, a trip to this museum is pretty unforgettable.

Located several metres underneath the blue waves of the Caribbean, the MUSA Underwater Museum is one of a kind since you’ll need to put some effort in to get there! 

It’s full of different stone statues and artefacts that range from classic cars to somewhat creepy human statues. 

There’s also monuments dedicated to the sea itself too, with the main takeaway lesson being how we can better protect our oceans and all of the wildlife living within. 

Whilst you can head here anytime of year, we recommend coming within the dry season (December until April) where the water visibility conditions will be better. 

You can either snorkel above the site, or go scuba diving where you can get up close with the statues, and also spend longer there to take some pretty impressive photos. 

Given the MUSA Museum is hard to access, you’ll need to go with an organised expedition.

We highly recommend this snorkelling tour which includes all equipment. 

The divers out there will want to head with this underwater tour which includes two tanks as well as drinks included.

23. Eat Authentic Mexican Food

Chilaquiles Mexican dish

Renowned as some of the tastiest food on the planet, it would be a massive sin to come here and not try at least a couple of Mexican classics. 

Of course burritos and enchiladas are already known and are popular outside the country, however you’ll realise just how much better they are when eaten locally. 

Surfin’ Burrito is the best place to try them in Cancún, who do various fillings and also have a nice range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to wash them down with. 

Other national dishes that you may have not heard of (but are worth trying) include Alhambra, which is like a big platter of meat, vegetables and cheese, as well as Chilaquiles, which are fried corn tortillas served with different spices (and are a popular breakfast dish). 

Another fun way of tasting local foods is to join this taco and beer tour, where you’ll visit 5 different joints to sample the local delights. 

You’ll also have a different drink at each place too, as well as all transportation provided. 

24. Visit the Pink Lagoon of Las Coloradas

Pink Lagoon of Las Coloradas

Mexico’s Riviera Maya Coast is already well-known for its stunning landscapes.

From postcard-perfect beaches and tropical rainforests to its cenotes, there’s plenty to explore. 

And if that’s still somehow not enough, then here we can also visit this stunning Pink Lagoon

Located near the fishing village of Río Lagartos we can find this stunning lake, which you’ll of course want that mandatory photo next to! 

It’s actually a man-made salt lake, with the conditions just right for a certain species of algae to grow and flourish in these waters (which then give off this famous pink tint). 

You can visit anytime of the year to see this phenomenon, where you’ll need to take a bus to Valladolid, and then another heading north to Río Lagartos. 

Alternatively you can also head with this organised day tour from Cancún, which includes all transport and a private boat ride. 

You’ll have an authentic Mayan bath experience included, as well as lunch too.

When you arrive just remember that it’s prohibited to go swimming, as the high concentration of salt can easily burn! 

25. Swim with Whale Sharks

whale shark

The Caribbean Sea has many hidden wonders swimming within, from friendly turtles and schools of exotic fish to some pretty awesome sharks too! 

However one of the most incredible has to be the giant Whale Shark, which is the biggest fish on the planet (they can grow as long as 39ft!). 

Whilst swimming alongside them is pretty memorable, what makes them stand out even more are the bright spots all along their body, which kind of makes them glow somewhat. 

During their annual migration, they make their way to the warmer Caribbean waters to mate and raise their young, which is between the months of May through to September. 

Whilst you could look around for a tour agency to take you out, we instead recommend joining this highly-rated Whale Shark Tour

As well as being able to snorkel with these giant fish, you’ll also have all transport, lunch and drinks included. 

The other benefit is that you’ll also see some incredible tropical and sea sceneries too, given you’re going to be on a boat cruise looking for them!

26. Visit Xcaret Park

Xcaret Park Mexico

When we explore new destinations and want to really dive into the local culture, visiting an adventure park doesn’t really seem to fit in. 

However the Xcaret Park is a big exception, which, if anything, teaches us more about the ancient Mayan civilisation whilst getting to enjoy various activities. 

Inside there’s a blue river and picturesque beach which are perfect for swimming and snorkelling in, where there’s many exotic fishes living in the nearby reefs. 

You can even swim with Dolphins here too! 

Those who love animals will especially like the Xcaret Park, where you can spot everything from tapirs, Deer, Manatees and even a cave full of Bats when walking along the dense jungle paths.

There’s many cultural themes running here too, such as a Mayan village, Mesoamerican Ball Game Field as well as a Gran Tlachco which gives us a better idea of how the Mayans once lived. 

One of the biggest events you’ll want to see is The Night Show, which re-enacts the whole ancient history of Mexico up until the more recent times. You can get your ticket here, which also includes access to all areas of the park. 

Xcaret has grown so much in popularity, that they even offer on-site hotel rooms as well as personalised tours around the surrounding region. 

If you're looking for fun things to do in Cancun then don't miss out on this place! 

The Xcaret Park is located just off the main highway that connects Playa del Carmen to Tulum further south, and is around an hour and a half drive from Cancun. 

It’s open from 8:30am until 10:30pm all days of the week.

27. Swim through an Underground Crystal Cave

Río Secreto, Mexico
Source: Río Secreto via Wikipedia

If you’ve already spent time in the Riviera Maya, you’ll no doubt have heard of or visited the infamous Cenotes here. 

However, for those who want to explore deeper into a cave and really get away from the crowds, then you’ll want to head to Río Secreto

Located near Playa del Carmen, this cave system is full of crystal rock formations that look like something out of a trippy sci-fi film. Here you’ll put on a helmet and wade through the famous blue waters (similar colours of those in the cenotes) as you observe thousands upon thousands of beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Given you’ll be heading deep into a cavern (which is easy to get lost in), it's mandatory to go with an organised tour or group. 

We highly recommend heading with this day trip from Cancún, which includes all transport to and from the site, all safety equipment as well as lunch. 

Río Secreto is located close to Playa del Carmen along the 307 Highway, with the drive taking around an hour and a half from Cancun. 

The caves are open from 9:00am until 3:00pm all days of the week (although Thursdays are open later until 8:00pm).

Cancun Travel Tips & FAQ

When is the best time to visit Cancun?

The peak season for Cancun is December to April. The weather is hot and beautiful and there is a great atmosphere in the area.

Bradley and I actually visited in March which was during Spring Break.

It wasn’t as crazy as I imagined in my head when thinking of Spring Break, but it certainly did mean there were lots of great drink promotions.

How long should you stay in Cancun, Mexico?

This will depend entirely on what you want to get out of the city.

If you’re on a hen or stag night, then I’d recommend a week in order to hit all the clubs, and maybe see some surrounding sights.

If you’re a couple, I’d recommend 10 days; enough to truly immerse yourself in the beauty and beaches, and take advantage of that all inclusive resort that you’re gonna book!

If you’re a family, again 10 days is a good amount as there is lots to do in Cancun for families with kids.

You could easily stay 2 weeks, but I actually think 2 weeks is a little too long to spend in one place, but again, it depends on your preferences. Unless of course you want to hire a rental car from Cancun and then head out to explore the surrounding Yucatan Peninsula.

Bradley and I were there for 4 nights in the main hotel zone, and one night in downtown Cancun, but we didn’t sightsee in downtown Cancun.

What can you do in Cancun on a budget?

Okay, so not everyone has lots of money to spend on a holiday to Cancun, and we weren’t flashing the cash. We stayed in the Selina Hotel Zone which was the cheapest option on the hotel zone (they did have a great swimming pool!).

We ate in most days, and kept a tight budget, so I have some little tips if you want to save some of your dollars.

  1. Use the OXO shops: beer, snacks and food like tacos etc are all very cheap, so you can easily make picnics to bring with you to the beach etc.
  2. Book Ventura Park online 3 days in advance, you get a 50% discount, but if you leave it late, just go on live chat and they will give you the 50% off anyway.
  3. From the airport, get the airport bus to Downtown Cancun and get the local bus to the Hotel Zone, they leave every 3 mins and it's about 30 pence. Far cheaper than a rip off taxi btw.
  4. Don’t buy souvenirs in the “souvenir shops” or “flea markets”, buy from the main supermarket in the strip.

Where to go after Cancun

If Cancun is a stop on a larger trip in Mexico, then you’ve got some great options. You can head to Playa Del Carmen and check out the many beaches and great nightlife up there, or head further to Tulum for more of the same (all still beautiful!).

Or if you’re really adventurous and what to see another side of Mexico...what I call the real Mexico, then head to Palenque. You’ll notice everything is 75% less than in the Yucatan peninsula, which is just a tourist haven.

Cancun is great, but remember it’s not the real Mexico! Mexico is an incredible country with amazing food and people. So when possible, I’d try and go local, see local and meet local on your adventure.

So there you have it, my guide on the best things to do in Cancun. There are lots of great options here to create a wonderful Cancun date night for you, and your partner.

Whether you’re celebrating a romantic anniversary, or simply treating yourself, Cancun is the perfect spot for couples.

If you’ve been to Cancun, Mexico and have something to add to my list of the best things to do in Cancun, simply pop it below!

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