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January 4, 2024
Your guide to the top things to do in Split, Croatia. The beautiful seaside city is filled with sights to see, stunning beaches, great wine, and much more!
Things To do in Split

Split is one of the many beautiful seaside destinations in Croatia. Bradley and I lived for 5 weeks just a 15-minute drive from Split in a place called Kastel Kambelovac (which I recommend).

So, naturally, we visited Split a number of times. So I thought, I’d do a round up of the top things to do in Split as suggested by me.

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1. Swimming and laying by the beach

Split is a summer destination, and a popular stop for cruise ships, so naturally there is lots of wonderful swimming spots and beaches and therefore one of the top things to do in Split.

Bačvice beach is perfect for those who enjoy a cocktail with their sunbathing as there is an array of nightlife. Lots of people swim at this beach and there are also a couple of cliffs in which you can jump off if you can brave the water. People swam in April and May, but it’s not warm in the water then, so only for the fainthearted.

The other beach I would recommend is Kaštelet. It’s a little quieter, but with clear water so ample swimming opportunities. There are lots of other beaches in the area. Just take a stroll and find one that suits you.

beautiful beaches in Split
Filled with beautiful waters

2. Majarian Hill

This is one of my favourite top things to do in Split because it’s different. Majarian Hill is the perfect place if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Split and go somewhere for a romantic stroll. The highest peak is known as Telegrin and it’s a 314 step climb to reach.

There are lots of park benches around too, so you can stop for a picnic whilst exploring. There are ample hiking and even cycling opportunities too. You will also get amazing views of Split from above here, and you won’t be charged for it! Perfect.

fountain in split

3. Dine out by the beach

There are many beachside restaurants that offer cocktail deals and meals along the beach fronts, and they are lovely to dine for an evening, or even spot for a light lunch. This is a particularly good idea if you’re looking for cheaper drink deals.

Split isn’t ridiculously overpriced, especially when compared to Dubrovnik, so you can wine and dine for a reasonable price outside of the “old town”.

4. Day trip to Brac Island

This is one of my ultimate top things to do in Split, if not the only thing you should do. But it’s technically not in Split!

Oh, Brac island. One of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. You can get to Brac island via a ferry which takes around 30-40 minutes. You can also bring a car if you’ve driven to split, which isn’t a bad idea as you can navigate Brac Island more easily. If you aren’t driving, you simply go as a foot passenger and use taxis and taxi boats to get around the island.

There is so much to do on the island, and I’ve got a full blog post on that coming up. But, if you want the most beautiful water I’ve seen in the world so far (yes the world!), then head to Zlatni Rat.

Brac Beach view in Split

It’s the most famous beach on the island and you’ll recognise it from its shape. The water is crystal clear, beautiful blue, a nice temperature in April and filled with beautiful fish. The fish are a silver colour, so I literally didn’t notice them until Brad pointed them out!

But this is one of my favourite spots ever. There are restaurants and bars on the beach too, so you can chill with a cocktail. If you want to get to the beach from the ferry port, a water taxi takes you over for a couple of pounds which is great value.

If you are parking, they tend to advertise “day parking” rates, which works out around £8-12, but you can negotiate a price if you are only there for a couple of hours (like us!)

Another great thing to do on Brac island is getting a view from the top of Zlatni Rat via Vidova Gora. Lots of people hike from the very bottom road to the top, which would take a couple of hours or lots of people cycle. (there are lots of cycling routes on the island itself).

But there is also a carpark near the bottom and it’s a short 10-minute climb to the top and you’ve got sweeping views of the ocean. It’s beautiful!

brac island, Split
The view of the beach and beyond is beautiful 

5. Check out the 4D cinema at Mall of Split

This is a little random, but Brad and I wanted to see the new Avengers movie whilst in Croatia, and we headed to Mall of Split. We discovered the do viewings in 4D.

Now, we’ve done 3D but didn’t realize 4D was a thing in cinemas yet. It was around 7 pound for a ticket (which in comparison to UK prices is cheap!), and it was amazing!

The chairs move as the movie moves when it snows, it snows in the theatre, air gushes out, you get water over you, it was quite the adventure! So, if it’s raining one day, or you'd like a romantic movie night, then do this.

Mall of Split

6. Go Shopping

You're probably wondering why shopping would make a list of top things to do in Split, but...the Croatians love a mall! Speaking of the Mall Of Split, if you would like to do some shopping whilst you are in Split, then this place is a good choice.

It’s not as big as USA or UK malls, but it is Splits biggest. There's also some nice rooftop restaurants and bars to grab a nice Croatian wine.

7. Discover the Old Town

Diocletian's Palace is a lovely place for a romantic evening. It’s always buzzing with tourists since it’s right beside the ship port. There are lots of beautiful restaurants, ice cream shops, and more. It’s also the setting of the palace and of course, it’s worth looking at too. This area is filled with culture, atmosphere, and beauty. My only regret is not spending more time here!

Old Town in Split

8. Head out on a Pub crawl

We had our friend visit us in Croatia and we decided to do a bar crawl! I love a good bar crawl every now and then (especially if it’s in Amsterdam). There are a couple of companies that offer pub crawls, but we went with Tower Pub Crawl.

It was 20 euro for two hours of unlimited drinks, drinks in each bar/club we went too, and if you book online a free t-shirt (which I actually wasn’t given in the end but oh well!).

It’s really good value with the two hours of unlimited drinks. It’s held in a venue with beer pong tables, darts, various other drinking games to get you socializing and meeting people.

I think it’s great value and you head to about 4 different bars and finish on the beachfront. To get to and from the bar crawl you should use Uber as it’s cheap, cheerful and safe!

Loving Brac, near Split

9. Amuse yourself at the Frog museum

We didn’t actually do this ourselves, but our friend who visited, went off exploring one day (whilst Brad and I had to work), and he visited the froggy museum. It made my list of top things to do in Split because it’s different.

It’s basically stuffed frogs in random real-life situations. It’s weird, and I guess he thought it was wonderful and he had a great time! So if you are stuck for something to do, then this might be it!

Frog museum in Split

If you’ve got any more suggestions for top things to do in Split then comment below.


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