20 Best Santorini Hotels With Private Pool [2024 Roundup]

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Here's a look at the absolute best private pool hotels in Santorini. Discover which are the best areas to stay and how to find the ideal villa for you.
best Santorini private pool hotels

When island hopping Greece, a stop in Santorini is an absolute must!

But now it's time to find the ideal place to stay ...

The perfect accommodation where you can unwind and immerse in the picturesque views of the Caldera, while floating in the privacy of your own pool or hot tub.

Don’t worry, because this island is practically teeming with stunning hotels. 

In this post, we have the ultimate list, covering the very best Santorini hotels with private pools.

From the budget-friendly to luxurious option, we got it all!

First up ...

Santorini cliff view
Expect VERY romantic views when staying on Santorini
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Where should I stay on Santorini?

Santorini is a pretty large island in the Aegean Sea, spanning around 73 km². It’ll take you 45 minutes to drive from the northernmost point to the southernmost point.

But which area is recommended for travellers? Here are the best areas to stay in Santorini:

There are four very popular towns in Santorini: Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli and Oia. These villages are perched on the cliffs on the western side of the island, and are connected by a 10Km path that provides spectacular caldera views and endless photo opportunities.

There are also two well-liked beach towns on the eastern side: Kamari and Perissa. These are better options if the main focus of your trip is to spend more time on the beach.

Akrotiri, Pyrgos and Karterados are other towns to stay in Santorini that are not yet on tourists’ radar.

No matter where you stay, you'll have no problems getting around if you decide to hire a car

Most romantic: Oia

For couples and honeymooners, Oia should be your number one choice. It’s perhaps the most romantic town on the island, with its whitewashed houses, rough clifftops, and a rich seafaring history.

It’s also a nice mixture of the more exuberant Fira and peaceful Imerovigli.

Our top pick for Oia: Ducato Di Oia

stay in Oia

Best views: Imerovigli

Here’s another romantic spot for you that also boasts some of the most spectacular views on Santorini. It’s extremely quiet and peaceful, making it a great place to enjoy some solitude.

Plus, the sunsets at Imerovigli are simply unequalled as you watch the sky turn a magical orange over the caldera seas.

Our top pick for Imerovigli: Amber Light Villas

stay in Imerovigli

For families: Fira

Fira is not only the capital of Santorini and the largest city, it is also the busiest, liveliest, and by far most suitable for families.

The shopping and nightlife scene is also the best on the island. Plus, there are tons of cafes, museums, boutiques, and entertainment venues.

Our top pick for Fira: Astro Palace Hotel & Suites 

stay in Fira

Best budget town: Firostefani

Santorini may be thriving with luxury hotels and spa centers, but it’s also possible to stay here on a budget. Firostefani offers affordable accommodations and restaurants, but is still very close to the action in Fira.

It’s also much less crowded! Perfect if you prefer a quieter atmosphere.

Our top pick for Firostefani: Homeric Poems

stay in Firostefani

Best beach town: Perissa

For the best beachside getaway in Santorini, you can’t go wrong with staying in Perissa. It has both upscale hotels and affordable hostels, while the beach itself is much quieter than the more popular Kamari.

Our top pick for Perissa: Antoperla Luxury Hotel & Spa

stay in Perissa

For young couples: Kamari

Speaking of Kamari, this small village is best known as the home of Kamari Beach, the most famous beach on the island. It’s a relatively affordable area for young couples.

Don’t worry, you can still find stylish bars and charming taverns that will make your Santorini experience complete!

Our top pick for Kamari: Blue Waves Suites & Apartments

stay in Kamari

Most unusual: Pyrgos

Finally, we’d recommend Pyrgos for those wanting to stay in a less “mainstream” location. It’s a beautiful and non-touristy village just 7 km away from Fira.

Not only that, Pyrgos is also the highest town on the island, which means you can enjoy an incredible bird’s-eye view.

Our top pick for Pyrgos: Skyfall Suites

stay in Pyrgos

20 Best private pool hotels in Santorini

1. Volcano View by Caldera Collection $$$ - Best overall Santorini hotel with a private pool

If you’re looking for the best overall hotel in Santorini that gives you a private pool, Volcano View by Caldera Collection is the answer.

Located a stone’s throw away from the bustling heart of Fira, you can take advantage of the free shuttle service that will take you to and from the city center.

But the best thing about Volcano View is that there are three different accommodation types to suit your preference and budget.

The Hotel sits on top of the cliffs for the most spectacular views, while the VIP Villas feature private pools for the ultimate luxury.

For those on a budget, the affordable rooms are still elegantly furnished and give you access to all of the hotel facilities.

There are also three pools overlooking the infamous Santorini sunset. Plus, the Caldera restaurant offers an eclectic range of traditional Greek cuisine.

Special Highlights:

  • 3 scenic swimming pools
  • Three accommodation types
  • Airport shuttle

2. Abelis Canava Luxury Suites $ - Best affordable Santorini hotel with a private pool

Yes, Santorini is teeming with five-star hotels and luxury oases. But who says you can’t enjoy your dream vacation on a budget?

Abelis Canava Luxury Suites is perfect if you need an affordable hotel that still provides the quintessential Greek holiday experience.

Built from a former central winery, this charming hotel is home to more than 250 years of fascinating history. You can feel the old-school charisma emanating from its walls and architecture.

We also adore the decor that dates back to its ancient winery days. You’ll find wine barrels, tanks, and other authentic features throughout the rooms and property, transporting you back in time.

The fact that there are only 3 suites, all luxuriously decorated and with a private pool, also make this hotel feel very intimate and cosy.

Only 2 km away from Santorini International Airport, it’s also an excellent location. Especially for solo travellers!

Special Highlights:

  • Former winery in Vothonas
  • Historical decor style
  • Great location for solo travellers

3. Mystique, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Santorini $$$ - Most luxurious 5-star Santorini hotel with a private pool

Don’t worry, we’ve got your luxury getaway to Santorini covered too. For one of the best 5-star Santorini hotels with a private pool, we have the famous Mystique, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Santorini.

It nestles on the scenic cliff tops of Oia, flaunting a beautiful infinity pool complete with a sun deck where you can immerse in the spectacular views of the Caldera.

The interior of this lavish establishment was the work of renowned Frank Leferbvre, who has blended traditional Greek architectural styles with modern tech.

Each guest suite features either a private pool or jacuzzi, or both, and faces the majestic sea. For the most luxurious of experiences here, you can book The Secrecy Villa and The Mystery Villa. 

In terms of dining options, don't miss the iconic 150-year Secret Wine Cave and their signature Charisma Restaurant.

Special Highlights:

  • Infinity pool with stunning caldera views
  • Design inspired by traditional Santorini architecture
  • World-class dining options

4. Grand View - Megalochori Santorini $$ - Best sunset in a Santorini hotel with a private pool

Grand View offers one of the best sunset views in a Santorini hotel with a private pool, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own room.

It is set near the Megalochori Village, an extremely picturesque village with a history dating back to the 17th century. With narrow alleys, whitewashed local houses, and adorned bell towers, it’s a truly stunning place to explore!

The rooms here have a soft pastel colour palette that feels relaxing and calming, while the full AC, fridge, and TV, will make your stay a comfortable one.

In terms of facilities, there is a buffet breakfast, panoramic communal pool, and a pool bar.

Fira is also only 7 minutes’ away by car!

Special Highlights:

  • Spectacular sunset view from room
  • Jacuzzi suites available
  • Near the picturesque Megalochori Village

5. Andronis Boutique Hotel $$$ - Best Santorini hotel with a private cave pool

Andronis Boutique Hotel is an all-round excellent hotel that encapsulates the best of Santorini hospitality and design.

With astounding Caldera views, a strategic location in Oia, world-class facilities including a spa, beauty salon, swimming pool, restaurant, clothing store, and bespoke services, it really has got it all.

The design itself is minimalist and inspired by the traditional Aegean style, while each room comes with a sea-facing balcony and modern amenities.

What’s most unique is the exclusive Cave Pool Suite, which gives you your own private cave pool overlooking the beautiful ocean.

Meanwhile, the Prestige and Signature Suites come with private infinity pools.

The culinary experience here is equally impressive too. The buffet breakfast spotlights Santorini's diverse and unique products, while the poolside bar offers exotic drinks and light snacks.

Special Highlights:

  • Traditional Aegean style
  • Charming former winery
  • Private cave plunge pools

6. Phos The Boutique $$$ - Most scenic Santorini hotel with a private pool

It’s true that most hotels in Santorini can give you beautiful Caldera or city views. But one that has an unparalleled panorama is Phos The Boutique.

This 5-star hotel perches in the front row of Akrotiri to give an unobstructed view of the Caldera.

Each suite and villa comes with private heated infinity pools that also feature hydro-massage jets. You can enjoy the scenery from your private terrace and lounge too.

Plus, they also give you high quality organic toiletries, and plush bathrobe and slippers to make this experience an even more opulent one.

Fusing modern and traditional design together, the hotel architecture is a truly mesmerizing feat of art.

Not to mention that the hotel offers an intimate spot for an unforgettable candlelight dinner. And it’s possible to book spa and wellbeing treatments in your room!

Special Highlights:

  • Unparalleled caldera views
  • In-villa spa treatment
  • Private transfer with luxury SUVs

7. Altana Heritage Suites $$ - Best cave house hotel with a private pool in Santorini

Cave pools are great, but what about cave houses?

The Cave House Suite in the Altana Heritage Suites was restored from an 1834 building and furnished with antique objects to create an authentic ambiance.

It has a low, domed ceiling that makes the room feel cosy, natural stone as part of the structure, built-in shelves in the wall, and a cave pool!

The boutique hotel itself has breathed life into the classic centuries-old style and history of the area. Its 4 suites and 5 apartments manage to feel both historical and contemporary at the same time, which is fascinating.

Set on the highest point of the Caldera in Imerovigli, Altana Heritage Suites is also home to the highest swimming pool on the island. This means stunning views!

Batter yet, it is just 2 km away from the thriving scene of Fira, while Santorini Airport is only 7 km away.

Special Highlights:

  • Cosy cave house design
  • Restored building from 1700s
  • Highest swimming pool on the island

8. Blue Waves Suites & Apartments $ - Best beachside hotel with a private pool in Kamari, Santorini

Kamari is a great beach town that’s also affordable, and one of the best beachside hotels with a private pool in this part of Santorini would be the Blue Waves Suites & Apartments.

The location is any beach lover’s favourite part about this hotel, as it is just 30 m away from the famous Kamari Beach.

Every room in Blue Waves features a scenic balcony, kitchenette, and private bathroom.

The Apartment and Suite options are excellent for those on a budget. With a little upgrade, the Honeymoon Suite also includes a private hot tub!

And for families going on a holiday, the Family Suite can sleep up to 4 people. It comes with a spa bath in the bathroom and a private pool too.

We absolutely adore the area too; there are local bars, scrumptious restaurants, and a mini market within walking distance from this hotel.

Special Highlights:

  • 30 m from Kamari beach
  • Car rental services
  • Family Suite available

9. Santorini's Balcony Art Houses $$ - Best family-run Santorini hotel with a private pool

Everything from the sleek furnishing and neutral colour palette, to the soft furniture and wall edges, the rooms in Santorini's Balcony Art Houses are very modern and beautiful.

It sits on the iconic Caldera in Imerovigli and boasts an equally stunning sunset view over the Aegean Sea.

As a family-run hotel, you can definitely feel the familial values and warmth here: from the staff to the intimate decor.

There is a delicious à la carte breakfast every morning. You can also indulge in a line-up of traditional Greek taverns and global restaurants in the surrounding area.

We especially love how accessible Santorini's Balcony is, as there is a bus stop right next to the property. While in front, there is a pathway connecting the hotel with the town of Oia and Fira.

Special Highlights:

  • Heated private plunge pool
  • Super friendly and hospitable staff
  • Diverse restaurant scene around

10. Tholos Resort $$ - Santorini’s most futuristic hotel design with a private pool

Nothing beats an authentic hotel interior to reflect the charms of traditional Santorini style. But something about the design of Tholos Resort manages to encapsulate that while also incorporating a futuristic atmosphere.

Whether it's the dramatic wall designs and innovative furniture, or curved edges and flowing style, the interior here is nothing short of impressive.

No need to doubt the view as each room features a private balcony that overlooks the spectacular Caldera.

You can enjoy a delicious breakfast in the morning on your own balcony for the ultimate privacy.

There’s also 2 swimming pools with a bar, while other facilities include in-room beauty and massage therapy, vehicle rental, and various boat trips.

Special Highlights:

  • Contemporary and modern interior
  • Beautiful village setting of Imerovigli
  • Private balcony with Caldera view

11. Ducato Di Oia $$ - Best hotel with a private pool in Oia, Santorini

If you’re looking to stay in the best hotel in Oia, we recommend trying the Ducato Di Oia. It boasts breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and Caldera. 

Best of all, you can enjoy your own heated plunge pool, either outdoor or indoor.

The rooms come with a flat-screen TV with tons of channels and a film library. Perfect for when you want to withdraw indoors and have a relaxing, quiet evening.

In terms of the interior, you can expect unique antiques and masterpieces. It all feels naturally luxurious and fitting with the room.

Along with the main bedroom, the bathroom also has the iconic cave house feeling with curved edges and cosy lighting.

Better yet, the hotel offers a limousine airport transfer and organized excursions, so you can make the most of your visit to Santorini.

Special Highlights:

  • Private heated plunge pool
  • Antique and masterpiece in-room decorations
  • Organized excursions

12. Skyfall Suites $$ - Best hotel with a private pool in Pyrgos, Santorini

You’ll find Skyfall Suites right in the heart of the scenic village of Pyrgos, where it is only 6 km away from both Fira and Athinios Port.

This beautiful hotel blends Cycladic style and the best of modern comforts to create an accommodation that is not only luxurious and comfortable, but also welcoming and reflects the traditional Santorini style.

The suites themselves have a minimalist decor style. Here, just like in most Santorini hotels, it’s all about highlighting the outdoors and the breathtaking views outside!

Additionally, Skyfall Suites has a friendly concierge service that can arrange wine tours, boat trips, or even horseback riding experiences for you.

Special Highlights:

  • Outdoor hot tubs
  • Luxurious and minimalist rooms
  • Only 6 km from Santorini Airport

13. Astro Palace Hotel & Suites $$ - Best hotel with a private pool in Fira, Santorini

Fira is the lively capital of Santorini with a bustling local scene and charming architecture. If you want to stay here, check out Astro Palace Hotel & Suites.

Nestled in a strategic yet peaceful location, this hotel offers a wellness centre, a swimming pool and picturesque rooms with ocean views.

There’s a great gym that you can use, as well as a hot tub and sauna where you can relax. Meanwhile, Cassiopeia Spa is known for its excellent massages and facial treatments.

For the food here, Pleiades restaurant serves delicious meals and offers a wine tasting experience. Plus, there’s a poolside bar so you can refresh your drinks while lounging in the pool.

Special Highlights:

  • Excellent spa treatments
  • On-site gym
  • Scenic restaurant venue

14. Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa $$ - Best wellness hotel in Santorini with a private pool

Luxury getaways will never be complete without a nice wellness centre. If that's what you’re looking for, Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa is the real deal.

It’s only 5 minutes on foot from the heart of Oia Village and has lush greenery all around. With 5 outdoor pools and a fitness centre, it really is a haven for relaxation.

The suites have charming white domes and each their own private veranda. Yes, with your own hot tub and sun loungers!

The air-conditioned rooms also come with a kitchenette and cute bathroom space.

Meanwhile, there is an indoor pool in the award-winning spa, as well as multiple rejuvenating treatments.

Don’t forget to drop by their Alios Ilios Restaurant, which serves modern Greek cuisine and has truly delicious dishes.

Special Highlights:

  • Award-winning spa and wellness centre
  • Exclusive sunset views
  • Restaurant with authentic Greek cuisine

15. Casa Vitae Suites $$ - Best small hotel with a private pool in Santorini

The Casa Vitae Suites is one of the best small hotels where you can also enjoy the benefits of a private pool.

And when we say small, we’re talking about 18 boutique suites that are each lavishly yet cosily furnished for the best staycation experience.

The Honeymoon Suite comes with a jetted hot tub and an unparalleled view too!

It’s just 1 km away from the famous Kamari Beach, while Black Beach is 2.5 km away. This can be the perfect accommodation if you’re looking to explore the beaches in Santorini.

Other facilities include an outdoor pool, sun terrace, restaurant, and spa.

As a bonus, this hotel has received recognition for the top 25 best for customer service, romantic hotels, and small hotels in Greece.

Special Highlights:

  • Intimate and quiet ambiance
  • Outstanding customer service
  • 1 km from Kamari Beach

16. Homeric Poems $$ - Most stylish Santorini hotel with a private pool

Homeric Poems is not only the best hotel with a private pool in Firostefani, it is also among one of the most stylish ones in all of Santorini!

Each boutique room feels like a cosy work of art, featuring elegant designs that bring together traditional Santorini style with modern trends.

This hotel has received an award as a luxurious accommodation. WIth majestic views, exquisite interiors, and excellent facilities, you can easily imagine why.

Plus, you won’t want a better culinary experience when staying here. The hotel chef is a well-known and celebrated figure, Skarmoutsos.

You can then enjoy scrumptious Greek specialties cooked with local produce and world-class expertise, right in your own private terrace!

The surrounding areas of Firostefani are very quiet and more affordable, but close enough to Fira that you can still take part in the capital’s bustling nightlife and fun. In fact, Homeric Poems is not even 1 km away from Fira.

Special Highlights:

  • Traditional Cycladic style
  • Very comfy beds
  • Renowned chef Skarmoutsos

17. La Perla Villas and Suites $$$ - Most strategic Santorini hotel location with a private pool

Location is everything when you’re trying to find the right accommodation for your holiday, and the perfect hotel to explore Santorini from would be La Perla Villas and Suites.

Located on the main street of Oia, this hotel is a stone’s throw away from some of the best shops and restaurants in this coastal town.

Not only that, you can get to the vibrant town of Fira that’s only 10 km away, while the airport is 20 km away.

Not to mention that Armeni Beach is only 20 minutes’ walk from La Perla Villas and Suites.

The hotel itself is a mass of cave houses with an excellent view of the ocean and Oia coastline.

Inside each room, the furnishing is simple yet lavish so that it encapsulates the island’s traditional style while also offering familiar comforts.

Special Highlights:

  • Gorgeous cave houses
  • Lavishh furnishing 
  • Located in the main street of Oia

18. Amber Light Villas $$ - Best hotel with a private pool in Imerovigli, Santorini

Amber Light Villas is nestled a short 1.5-km away from Imerovigli, a superb hotel with magnificent views and world-class facilities.

The suites are decorated with elegant designs and come with either a hot tub or private pool, as well as a cosy terrace area.

You can easily spend hours just looking out at the Aegean Sea from here, sipping coffee made in your own minibar and hearing music from the flat-screen TV.

Best of all, however, is the fully equipped spa centre! It includes a sauna and hammam, and various massage treatments.

There is even a beautiful garden right on site, where you can enjoy the cool atmosphere.

If you’re planning to stay at Amber Light Villas, you can consider flying to Thira Airport, which is just 6 km away.

Special Highlights:

  • Spa centre with hammam
  • Cool garden facility

19. CAPE 9 Villas & Suites $$ - Best family-friendly hotel with a private pool in Santorini

CAPE 9 Villas & Suites is the right choice for those of you travelling with families, mostly because it offers spacious family villas.

You’ll get a private plunge pool with (no surprise here) spectacular Caldera views, an outdoor lounge area, outdoor dining area, and enough sleeping space for four.

Oh, and a special wine cooler with some iconic Santorini wines too!

When staying here, you have the option to enjoy breakfast in your private room, but there's also 2 large pools with cosy sun loungers all around.

And for the bride-to-bes out there, CAPE 9 has a special pampering program to make women feel extra special on their special day.

Special Highlights:

  • Family villas available
  • Beauty and massage treatments
  • Excellent location in Akrotiri

20. Antoperla Luxury Hotel & Spa $ - Best hotel with a private pool in Perissa, Santorini

Last but definitely not least, we’ve found the perfect hotel in Perissa: Antoperla Luxury Hotel & Spa.

This 5-star hotel is only 100 m away from the black beach of Perissa, which means you can wake up one morning and literally take only a few steps to the coasts!

Within the property, there is a massive outdoor pool with a bar, Mediterranean restaurant, and a spa centre. This last one features a sauna, hammam, and hot tub.

We adore the interior style of Antoperla in that they fuse traditional elements with contemporary elegance.

For example, the built-in beds are truly beautiful and fit well with the minimal decor of the rooms.

It goes without saying that you’ll have access to a private pool or outdoor jetted tub too. And the on-site restaurant is not to miss, with its authentic Greek dishes and refreshing cocktails!

Special Highlights:

  • Mediterranean restaurant
  • Leading spa centre
  • 100 m from Perissa beach

That concludes our recommendations of hotels in Santorini with private pools.

We hope you could find the right accommodation for your trip!

Remember to think about factors like the area, your budget, and who you’re travelling with.

It’s a truly magnificent island with beautiful sea views and a unique landscape of whitewashed, cuboid buildings.

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