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April 28, 2024
Are you wondering whether a stay at the Hilton Garden Inn on the Faroe Islands is worth it? We spent a week there and delve into all the details ...
hilton garden inn faroe islands review

In March 2024, Bradley and I spent a full 7 days in the Faroe Islands.

And with so much to see and do, we were hunting for somewhere to stay that was:

  • Reasonably-priced
  • Well-situated
  • Had great reviews

Plus we were keen for somewhere that had on-site food, and bonus facilities like a gym.

Well, on paper at least, the Hilton Garden Inn sounded like it was up to the job.

But in reality, how great is it really?

Below I want to give you an in-depth review of the Hilton Garden Inn Faroe Islands, based on us spending a full week here (with their all-inclusive package). 

Allowing us to review all aspects of our stay, from start to finish; and help you decide whether or not it really is worth staying here.

Let’s get straight into it …

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Why did we stay in only one hotel?

The Hilton Garden Inn Faroe Islands

You might be wondering why we decided to base ourselves in just one hotel for the entire duration of our Faroe Islands trip, rather than staying across multiple hotels in different islands. 

The truth is, the islands aren’t particularly big, and if you’ve rented a car in The Faroe Islands (or driven your own car there as we did), then staying in Torshavn puts you in the perfect center point for visiting all of the islands. 

Our furthest point was only 1 hour's drive away, so it made sense to base ourselves just outside the capital.

Sure, there are a bunch of other towns around the Faroe Islands, and we considered doing a few nights in multiple quirkier Airbnbs.

However, what ultimately swung it for us is that, knowing we had long days of exploring every day, it was nice to think we could come back to a single base where we didn't have to reload clothes each morning.

Plus, they offered an all-inclusive breakfast and dinner package, meaning we never had to worry about cooking for ourselves. Which would again, save us a lot of time.

How good is the location of the Hilton Garden Inn?

The Hilton Garden Inn isn’t located right in the heart of Torshavn, but that’s okay! 

It’s just slightly further north, which means it’s well placed for going out and exploring the islands every day.

Then, if you do want to head into other restaurants in the evening, it’s not a far drive to town.

It’s also the perfect location if you’ve rented a car in the Faroe Islands, as it offers plenty of free parking.

Better still, they have super cheap EV charging stations on site (more on that below).

You’re around a 25-minute walk to the heart of Torshavn town, so still not too far if you decide to walk into the city center, or even grab a taxi if you don’t fancy the (most probably windy) walk. 

Rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn Faroe Islands

rooms at the hilton garden inn

As it’s a chain hotel, you ultimately know what you are getting. And as it’s a relatively new built hotel (opened in ) all rooms are still very modern and in good shape.

Regarding the exact type of room, you have a few options available:

  • Standard king
  • Standard queen and
  • Standard twin room with no view
  • King with viewing, 
  • Queen with a view (which we chose)
  • Twin with a view which has an amazing view
  • King junior suite

They also offer accessible rooms and family rooms.

Obviously, I recommend opting for the room with a view if your budget allows it. It really is a wonderful direction to look out on, over rolling green fields and the seas beyond.

The alternative stairs at the entrance driveway and some buildings, it really is worth paying the little extra 100%.

The rooms all come with massive windows so therefore the views are incredible. Offering the chance to chill and relax and just take it all in.

rooms with a view at the hilton garden inn faroe islands

In terms of the space, we had a large double bed, then a sofa which sat by the window, perfect for enjoying those views. 

There was also a large TV, and desk area with a large fridge, kettle, and tea and coffee facilities. 

The bathroom is split with the toilet being in one cubicle, and the shower being in another, then outside is the sink. There are drawers and a rack for hanging clothes.

bathtoom setup at the hilton garden inn

Overall the room is a great size and we had no complaints whatsoever. It allowed us to unpack our clothes and store them tidily for a week, and stream movies to the TV in the evening when we just wanted to chill.

Best of all, the room staff are extremely friendly and make the room look lovely each day (one of those great perks of staying in a hotel!).

You can check all rooms available for your dates here.

Food and drink at the Hilton Garden Inn Faroe Islands

One of the unique perks of staying at the Hilton Garden Inn Faroe Islands is that they actually offer a half-board option, which will include your breakfast and dinner. 

We decided to opt for this because we didn’t want the stress of finding somewhere to eat every single night, and because we are vegetarian, the options would be limited elsewhere. 

The Faroe Islands tend to be a very heavy fish and lamb-eating population! So trying to hunt out affordable food every night would have no doubts amounted to a Margherita pizza or pesto pasta. And even then would have the stress of feeling like we’d get ripped off every night.

When we called ahead at the Hilton they explained that the included meal would be two courses, and basically “chefs choice” so they would cook us up something they’d think of, and it would be vegetarian! 

This turned out to be pretty cool as I got to experience a variety of different dishes and flavors throughout our stay. 

Also, breakfast at the Hilton Garden Inn is excellent.

We actually ranked it as our 4th favorite breakfast buffet we have had anywhere in the world (that’s covering 80+ countries by the way!)

It’s got everything you want, and a breakfast buffet that includes bowls of fresh avocados is always going to be a winner with me! 

Eating out in the Faroe Islands is expensive, so we thought the half board would be good value, and it was!

The restaurant at the Hilton is called “Restaurant Hallartún” and it’s a French-inspired bistro, which would be considered high-end if you are just coming here to dine (which people do!). 

They have a cool bar and a wide range of drinks, but morally I refuse to pay $20 for a cocktail, and $65 for the cheapest bottle of wine. But then again, it is the Faroe Islands.

I did try the local vodka that they make on the island here (they also make their own gin and whisky), and it’s the world's only vodka made from seawater below the sea bed. I have to say it was excellent and very smooth. I am a vodka drinker, so I appreciate smooth vodka! 

Facilities at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel 

Another thing that swung it for us, is that there are a range of on-site facilities available at the Hilton Garden Inn hotel

Firstly, they have a well-equipped gym with beautiful views which is included in the cost of your stay. Going out for runs in the windswept Faroe Islands can be a daunting (even treacherous) task, so Brad appreciated being able to run each evening all while having an epic view to do it to.

They also have one hot tub and sauna that you can pay an additional fee for. It works out to around $75, which is a little overpriced for the location. 

But hot tubs aren’t a common occurrence on the Faroe Islands (say, compared to Iceland), so perhaps it’s in line with the price of others. 

Another random, but massive perk is that they have a complimentary on-site laundry room with one washer and dryer. This is a rare occurrence for a hotel (for it to be included at least!), and a very welcome surprise because you’ll find that whilst hiking in the Faroe Islands, your clothes can get muddy quite quickly! 

EV charging: Another great feature for this property is that they offer EV charging at 11KW speed. This is perfect for slow charging your vehicle overnight, and it’s cheap too at 2.00 DKK per kwh! 

The cheapest elsewhere was 2.24 DKK per kwh, and they are usually busy anyway, so this is a huge selling point if you’re an EV owner or renter while here.

Finally, there is also an on-site shop that sells reasonably priced drinks, snacks and even coffees (if you want one to go).

Does the Hilton Garden Inn offer value for money?

In my honest opinion, yes!

In total, our stay worked out at £200 per night. Which at the time of writing is about USD$252 or 1,739 DKK.

When you factor in that a meal out will cost (at the very cheapest) £20 per person for a burger and fries, closer to £40 per person if you want to try actual decent cuisine.

So as well as being super convenient, I would argue it’s extremely cost-effective to stay at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Bundled in the fact that it’s a really lovely hotel with epic views and a great location, it’s almost a bit of a no brainer!

That being said, if you want to have greater variety in where you stay each night, or immerse yourself in the landscape a little more, there will naturally be other choices. 

There are some wonderfully cute Airbnbs dotted around as well as other homestays with or without cooking facilities. 

Ultimately, you need to consider what sort of things you prioritize above others. I would then recommend using Booking.com as a great starting point to see what’s available for your budget, and also Airbnb if you wanted to find any other cute places to stay.

But overall, we are so happy with our decision to base ourselves at the Hilton Garden Inn for the duration of our stay in the Faroe Islands. 

It was an excellent base, offered excellent food and drink, and the rooms were wonderfully sized and beautifully decorated. WiFi was also excellent too! 

Overall the half board option we felt provided us with great value, offering perfect accommodation alongside an excellent breakfast buffet each morning and a fabulous two-course dinner each evening. 

It was nice being able to go out exploring the best things the Faroe Islands have to offer, then after a long day, simply know our dinner plans were already taken care of!

If you are interested in booking, I recommend looking on both sites below. Surprisingly there are discrepancies over price depending on which room option you go for (as well as meal plan). And the best price varies depending on what you go for, so look carefully before booking.

Over to you …

Well, that’s about everything, I hope you found that useful in helping to plan your own trip to the Faroe Islands and deciding where to stay.

But now over to you …

Are you thinking of staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in the Faroe Islands? 

Do you think we missed anything above that you still wanted to ask?

Then drop us a comment below! 

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