15 Best Canon M50 Accessories [Full 2024 Buying Guide]

Bradley Williams
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Bradley Williams
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June 13, 2024
This is a rundown of the best accessories you can buy for the Canon M50 camera. Discover what you actually NEED to buy, and the best brands out there.
best Canon M50 accessories

Well, the Canon M50 is hands down one of our top blogging camera recommendations.

Which means, there are tons of Canon M50 accessories out there.

So many in fact, it's hard working out what you actually NEED.

Which ones will actually help you take better travel photos, rather than helping to drain your bank balance.

We've rounded up the best ones out there. Including ...

  • The best extra batteries to ensure daylong photo sessions
  • The perfect M50 memory cards to store all your photos and videos
  • The best external mic to provide higher quality audio when vlogging
  • And even the best camera backpack for the M50, to help protect your gear

Let’s get started!

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1. Extra battery - BM Premium LP-E12

BM Premium LP-E12 batteries

Why get this:

  • Extends camera usage time
  • Great for travellers
  • Comes in a pack of two

A spare battery is a crucial thing to have for any camera! But for the Canon M50, the top one we recommend picking up is the BM Premium LP-E12.

If you have other cameras, this battery works for a lot of them too, including the Canon EOS M50 Mark II, M100, and even M200.

Swapping out batteries anytime and charging them won’t cause any memory effect, which will ensure you always have maximum performance when photographing or vlogging with your camera.

We particularly love how convenient it is to charge the BM Premium LP-E12.

You can use the normal micro-USB on a wall or car charger, so that you can keep your camera batteries at a max anywhere you are.

This battery pack also comes with a dual digital charger, which means you can charge two LP-E12 batteries at once.

The LED indicator will be red when it’s charging, and turn green once the battery is full. It can help prevent overcharging.

It’s also fire-resistant!

2. Memory cards - SanDisk SDXC SD Ultra

SanDisk SDXC SD Ultra memory card

Why get this:

  • Store all your photo and video files
  • Waterproof, magnet-proof, shockproof
  • Faster file transfer

There are a number of different memory card suppliers out there but based on personal experience, SanDisk is your best choice and here’s why …

SanDisk offers a number of different ranges, and the Ultra is best for the M50 because it’s engineered specifically for mirrorless cameras.

The SD model comes in a number of different storage sizes, and which one to get really depends on your needs. This includes:

  • 32GB - holds up to 1066 photos (at 30MB each)
  • 64GB - holds up to 2132 photos
  • 128GB - holds up to 4264 photos
  • 256GB - holds up to 8528 photos

Another great thing about this memory card is that it’s waterproof, shockproof, and magnet-proof.

It’s also super easy to transfer files with a speed of up to 100MB per second.

And while you’re at it, you might want to pick up a memory card hard case to help you store multiple cards and protect it from damage.

This can be crucial once you start having numerous memory cards.

Best Prices
SanDisk Ultra
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3. Battery charger - LP-E12 Battery Charger

LP-E12 Battery Charger

Why get this:

  • Compatible with any LP-E12 battery
  • Protection for overcharging, short circuit, and high temperature 
  • Portable yet durable

Let’s say you already have enough extra batteries, but just need a charger to keep them all running. There’s no need to buy an entire two-pack battery.

Instead, this LP-E12 Battery Charger would be perfect for you!

It has standard compatibility, which means it can work with any LP-E12 battery and works with various Canon cameras.

No need to worry about the safety aspect either. This charger features overcharge, short circuit, high temperature, and surge protections.

We also love how it’s lightweight and portable, yet still durable, thanks to its high quality ABS material.

Plus, purchasing from the official LP Store on Amazon gets you 30 days of window for refund, a year of free replacement, and lifetime service.

4. Screen protector - AKWOX Tempered Glass

AKWOX Tempered Glass

Why get this:

  • Protects from scratch and spillage
  • 9H glass hardness
  • Includes 3 pieces + wet and dry cleaning paper

If there’s a simple but proven way to make your camera screen last as long as possible, it’s by using screen protectors.

You’re probably familiar with these on smartphones and tablets, but did you know cameras have their own screen protectors too?

This one from AKWOX is made from tempered glass and works wonders to protect the screen from scratches and breakage.

It can also prevent dust from building up and provide an additional coat of protection from spillages.

They’re easy to apply, compatible with multiple camera models, super durable, and boasts an impressive 9H hardness (from a scale of 1 to 10).

Moreover, the 99.99% clarity and accuracy means you won’t have any problem with the touchscreen sensitivity of your screen.

Oh, each pack also comes with 3 tempered glasses, cleaning kits, and stickers!

5. Solid, all-round Lens - Canon 18-150mm F/3.5

Canon 18-150mm F/3.5 lens

Why get this:

  • Silent autofocus
  • Versatile for various photography types
  • Extremely sharp images

Yes, the Canon EOS M50 is an ideal choice for amateurs. That’s because it’s affordable, lightweight, and offers superb performance.

But if you’re looking to enhance your photography even more, it might be a good idea to buy an addition to your kit lens.

The Canon18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 is our top recommendation for an all-rounder.

It’s an excellent wide-angle and zoom lens, which means you can use it for shooting close-up portraits and stunning landscapes alike.

Plus, it comes with quiet autofocus, so that it's also ideal for everyday and travel vlogging.

Our other Canon M50 lens recommendations include:

6. ND lens filter - K&F Concept ND Fader

K&F Concept ND Fader lens filter

Why get this:

  • Improve long exposure shots
  • Get a shallow depth of field
  • Slower shutter speed

People often use ND filters when flying their travel drones because it helps reduce the amount of light captured and achieve a slow shutter speed.

Of course, they are also great for cameras, which is why we recommend this K&F Concept ND Fader.

What we really love about it is that you can easily adjust the neutral density number, from 2 up to 400, depending on the situation.

It comes with a microfiber lens cleaning cloth too, which you can use to ensure that your lens remains clean.

Moreover, the super slim design means you won’t get any vignetting effect on your photos!

Note that this particular filter can fit 58mm lenses. If you want to use it for your other cameras or with other lenses, make sure to check its thread size first.

7. UV lens filter - JJC Multi-Coated 49mm

JJC Multi-Coated 49mm lens filter

Why get this:

  • Reduce bluish hue in photos
  • Protect against dust, dirt, and scratches
  • Extra protection from accidental bumps

When it comes to camera lenses, we always recommend using a UV filter. It’s a simple thing that can protect the glass from scratches, dirt, and other elements.

It’s essentially a cheap shield for your lens, and one example is the JJC Multi-Coated 49mm.

This filter is compatible with lenses with 49mm filter thread. Its slim design will prevent any vignetting, especially when you’re shooting wide open.

Morevore, the UV filter can actually absorb UV light and reduce the bluish tinge in your photos, creating much more stunning results.

The filter itself is made from Japanese optical glass and features 12 layers of durable coating for various resistance against dust, dirt, etc.

Not only that, but using a UV filter can also help protect against accidental bumps.

8. Tripod - Endurax 60'' Camera Tripod Stand

Endurax 60'' Camera Tripod Stand

Why get this:

  • Keeps your camera perfectly still
  • Great for all sorts of photography and videography
  • Lightweight and compact

There are many reasons why a tripod is a quintessential accessory for almost any camera, including the Canon M50.

It keeps your camera perfectly still and allows for great flexibility. Whether you’re looking to capture night skies or fast-paced sports action, you’ll probably need a tripod.

For that, there’s no better recommendation than the Endurax 60'' Camera Tripod Stand.

It features 360-degree swivel (so you can shoot in portrait AND landscape), quick-release plate for convenience, and built-in bubble level.

Oh, it even comes with a universal phone holder and remote.

At just 1.4 lbs, this tripod is actually pretty compact and lightweight, so you can still bring it on your travels.

If you’re interested in a smaller, more flexible tripod, try a GorillaPod instead. It’s much sleeker and compact, but can still offer excellent stability when shooting.

Our top recommendation for that would be the Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 3K Kit because of its flexibility and versatility. It’s also super precise and you can arrange the legs to stand on almost any kind of surface!

9. Gimbal - Feiyutech G6 Max

Feiyutech G6 Max Gimbal

Why get this:

  • Essential for videographers
  • Handle stills from tricky angles
  • Shoot steady and blur-free videos

The Feiyutech G6 Max is portable but offers all the benefits of top grade DSLR camera gimbals. Its 3-axis motor lock design and physical locks work together for the best balance and performance.

It comes with an OLED screen that is easy to use and navigate, and will display information like the working mode, power consumption, and various parameters.

This compact design also makes it easy to pack, so that you can still bring it along even on a backpacking trip.

Plus, the long battery life can last you for up to 9 hours!

If you’re shooting more professional videography with the M50 and want something more premium, I recommend the Zhiyun Weebill S. This one can even support DSLRs if you have them.

10. Camera backpack - CADeN Camera Backpack

CADeN Camera Backpack

Why get this:

  • Essential for travelling
  • Keep all your gear in one place
  • Protect camera against shock and bumps

When it comes to camera backpacks, there are so many options that choosing the best one for your Canon M50 can be challenging.

If we had to recommend just one, it would be the budget-friendly yet high quality CADeN Camera Backpack.

It’s affordable, lightweight, compact, and comes with all the features you’d want in a good camera backpack.

This medium-sized bag can even fit a 15.6” travel laptop in addition to your camera and other accessories.

It’s also waterproof, so that your gear and electronics will be protected even if you travel under light rain.

Meanwhile, the inner padding is super durable and multi-layered, which means your camera is safe from accidental bumps and shocks along the way.

The shoulder straps are made from memory foam and a breathable fabric. This makes it comfortable to carry even in hot, sunny places!

Not to mention the easy-access front pocket, side pockets for water bottles, and a special buckle for tripods.

11. Bluetooth remote control - Canon 2140C001 Wireless

Canon 2140C001 Wireless Remote Control

Why get this:

  • Long exposure photography
  • Perfect for solo travellers
  • Works up to 16 ft distance

The M50 has no infrared sensor and doesn’t support wired remote. So if you’re looking for remote control, the Canon 2140C001 Wireless is the way to go.

One of the main reasons you might need a wireless remote control is to take long exposure shots. This is when you use a wide aperture and don’t want to shake the camera by pressing the shoot button.

It’s great for taking breathtaking shots of the night sky and in dark environments.

The Canon 2140C001 Wireless can also be used for wireless focusing, taking still images, and recording videos. Its operating distance is an astounding 16 feet

This would also make a great backpacking gift, especially for people you know will be travelling solo for part or most of their trip! A Bluetooth remote control ensures they can still take stunning self portraits in the most picturesque destinations.

12. External Mic - Rode VideoMicro Compact

Rode VideoMicro Compact on-camera microphone

Why get this:

  • Better audio quality
  • Improve vlog production
  • Minimize background noise

The Rode VideoMicro Compact is a compact external mic engineered specifically to enhance your audio quality.

But if the M50 already has an internal microphone, why get an external one, you may ask?

Not only can it improve your audio quality and thus your video production, using an external microphone lets you place the mic closer to your audio source. This makes it especially perfect for filming interview content!

This mic weighs only 1.5 ounces and measures 80 mm long, and can be mounted directly on the camera. It’s a perfect companion for when you’re travelling!

It also operates on your camera’s power and doesn’t need its own battery.

Moreover, this mic comes with a Rycote lyre shock mount and furry windshield to minimize wind and background noises

If this Rode mic doesn’t seem like a good match for you, no need to worry. We have a complete guide to the best vlogging microphones too! 

13. Camera strap - Peak Design Leash Camera Strap Ash

Peak Design Leash Camera Strap Ash

Why get this:

  • Ultralight and versatile
  • Recommended for travellers
  • Super quick and easy to adjust

Whether you’re a travel blogger or simply love to take snapshots of everyday moments, you can never go wrong with buying a camera strap.

It will make your life infinitely easier as you adjust objects or direct your subjects without having to worry about holding your camera.

For a small mirrorless like the Canon M50, we’d recommend the equally compact Peak Design Leash Camera Strap.

It’s super lightweight and versatile, features aluminum anodized elements, as well as a dual aluminum adjustment system.

Thanks to the Anchor Mount design, you can configure the strap as a sling, neck, or shoulder strap - whichever is comfortable for you.

We also love how the connectors make it easy to take off or put on your camera, but they’re still strong enough to secure it.

Oh, the soft and smooth material of this leash also lets it glide seamlessly across clothing fabric, which makes them comfortable to wear.

14. Additional lighting - VILTROX L116T CRI95

VILTROX L116T CRI95 led light panel

Why get this:

  • Customize lighting wherever you are
  • Adjustable brightness and temperature
  • Produce flattering portraits and close-ups

One of the challenges of travel photography is lighting, especially if you’re shooting in poorly lit environments or the wrong time of the day.

That’s why having additional rig light can come in handy.

The VILTROX L116T CRI95 features 116 lights to produce 987 lumens output at a 120-degree beam angle.

Its intuitive LCD display shows everything from the light intensity to battery level.

But what we love most about this VILTROX light panel is that it’s straightforward and easy to use. You can adjust the temperature and brightness depending on what you need.

For the price it’s offered at, it produces a pretty flawless color of sunlight and can make any portrait you shoot stunning.

It also comes with a diffuser, which means the light that comes out is soft and much more seamless.

The one downside is despite being quite slim for the light it generates, it can still be quite bulky to be used as an on-camera light.

For something even more compact and tiny, try the Aputure Amaran AL-M9. It’s very thin and lightweight, but the 9 bulbs can produce up to 900 lux!

15. Mount adapter - Canon EOS M Mount Adapter

Canon EOS M Mount Adapter

Why get this:

  • Compatibility with a wider range of lenses
  • Can support longer lenses too
  • Compatible with image stabilization and AF

The Canon M50 comes with an EF-M lens mount. While this in itself should be enough for general photography and usage, it’s still quite limited and restrictive.

With a mount adapter, you can use any Canon EF and EF-S lenses on your camera, which opens up endless possibilities for your mirrorless.

For this, we highly recommend getting a mount adapter from the official Canon store like the Canon EOS M Mount Adapter.

That’s because lots of third-party adapters are flimsy and don’t really offer the most secure and perfect seal.

With that said, this one can support various lens functions like the autofocus and image stabilization. 

The detachable tripod adapter also allows you to use long lenses with your M50!

Canon M50 accessories FAQ

Is the Canon M50 a good buy?

If you want a good starter camera that’s great for photos and videos alike, the Canon M50 will be a good choice. It's easy to use, has excellent autofocus, and is affordable. While this mirrorless camera won’t be as high performing as a DSLRs, it’s much more portable and suitable for travelling lightly.

What do you need with a Canon M50?

In general, which accessories you need with a Canon EOS M50 depends largely on what you’re using it for. If photography is the main goal, you’ll probably benefit from a good tripod and lens filter. And if you’re vlogging a lot, then a gimbal is a must have!

But in both cases, you might want to buy a solid camera backpack that will protect your camera and keep your gear in one place. Small accessories like a UV filter and screen protector can also go a long way.

Does the Canon M50 have image stabilization?

Yes, the Canon M50 comes with digital image stabilization as well as optical image stabilization in the lens. This means that the two work together for a five-axis system, which is often enough to provide steady stills and non-blurry footage. Of course, if you’re looking to shoot even more professional results, a tripod and gimbal will be your best bet.

Is the Canon M50 weather sealed?

Unfortunately, the Canon M50 is not weather sealed. We really do not advise using the camera as it is, even under light rain, as the water might seep inside and damage the electronic parts. You can always try buying a rain cover if you want to!

Which Canon M50 accessories will you go for?

That’s pretty much it for the best Canon M50 accessories you should consider getting.

From Bluetooth remote and E-12 batteries, to various lenses, filters, and gear, we’ve tried to cover a range of accessories for all kinds of photographers and vloggers.

We hope this post could provide all the information you need for choosing the right accessories for your M50.

Which of these camera accessories do you think you’ll go for?

Have we missed any essentials for the Canon M50?

Drop a comment and let us know!

Disclaimer: Fully research your destination prior to travel, or any products prior to purchase. We can accept no responsibility for anything you experience as a result of the information found on this website. Some posts may contain affiliate links, which means we receive a small commission for some purchases, at no additional expense to you. Read more here
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