The Ultimate Buggy Tour In Marrakech With Dunes & Deserts

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Cazzy Magennis
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February 16, 2022
Looking for the ultimate buggy tour in Marrakech? Then look no further. Dunes & Deserts offer a high quality tour that will satisfy your adrenaline needs!
buggy tour in Marrakech

In January I had the chance to check out the amazing Agafay Desert whilst driving a buggy with the awesome Dunes & Deserts. Below I take you through the amazing day and how you can enjoy this experience too. 

Our tour was a half day tour, but you can also do a full day tour if you fancy something longer.

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We were picked up at our hotel (The Aqua Mirage) at around 9 am and it took around 30-40 minutes to get to our base. The starting point is held at the Dunes & Desert office and you fill out your form whilst enjoying a glass of Moroccan mint tea (which is a must-try when in Marrakech). The views here are amazing and there are toilets and places to store any coats or luggage you may have with you. 

After you’ve gotten used to your surroundings, it’s time to get dressed for the buggy ride. The guys at Dunes & Deserts offer you a jacket to protect your clothing (they’re going to get dusty!), helmet, balaclava, and gloves. Then it’s time to meet your vehicle. 

You’ll be shown instructions on how to use your buggy, and you’ll get to practice before you head off. If you are with your friend or partner, you can switch who is driving the buggy half way through. 

There are a couple of basic rules to follow (which help keep you safe). 

Drink some tea and get briefed on the day here! 

The experience….

And off we go! We started whizzing through the sand then made it to the desert and got to drive up and down awesome dunes. The terrain changes a lot and sometimes you’re driving on sand, sometimes on road and then on hard rocks and puddles.

It’s a lot of fun and it feels like it’s just you on the road with no one around you (which it is), and you’ll drive past locals, camels, donkeys, dogs, whilst being surrounded by beautiful views. 

What we really loved about the buggy tour with Dunes & Deserts is the fact that you don’t have to drive at a snail's pace. We reached decent speeds, of course slowing down and being safe when necessary, but actually got to experience the speed of the buggy.

A lot of companies don’t allow you to reach higher than 25km per hour, and whilst that may be fun for some, it’s not for adrenaline seekers! But don’t worry, Dunes & Deserts satisfy those adrenaline cravings. 

When you get to the desert you stop for around 10 minutes to take some pictures and really appreciate the surroundings. We had a little chat about Morocco's history and I actually learnt quite a lot! 

action sho ton buggy

Afterwards it’s time to head to a local Berber village for Moroccan pancakes and more mint tea. We arrived and there was a cute seating area set up. We enjoyed our snacks for a while and chatted among ourselves, then it was time to hit the road again! 

This time we switched places and I took the driving seat, whilst Brad “relaxed”. I’m actually not a confident driver back home, but on a buggy, I LOVE it! I whizzed around, having fun and just enjoying the landscape and adventure. My guide told me I was a good driver afterwards….oh yeah! :P 

It was brilliant that we actually got lots of time to drive too. I’ve been on buggy tours before where you only get to drive for around 20 minutes, but not on this tour! We did lots of driving and I felt I got a lot out of the experience. 

Another awesome factor of our buggy tour in Marrakech was that our guide took our go pro and managed to drive and film us driving too (talent!), which meant we got some amazing footage to take home with us to always remember this awesome day. 

Cute breakfast set up! 
So delicious! 

Positives of our Buggy Tour in Marrakech with Dunes & Deserts 

  • Could drive at decent speeds, it actually felt like a real buggy experience! 
  • The local village experience was awesome and a unique look into the lives of these villages 
  • We got to spend a lot of time driving, so you get value for money 
  • The tour is high quality, as are the vehicles 
  • The guides are super friendly, funny and just want you to have a great time
  • They can help take videos of you driving to always remember the experience 
  • Your tours are private so you can create perfect memories with people you know and love
  • Welcome facilities are clean, modern and even have WiFi! 
  • English and French is spoken by all staff 
  • New opening office in Agafay means you can try a camel ride too if you wish 
  • You can pay securely online with Dunes & Deserts 
  • For the half day buggy tour in Marrakech you can choose between a 9.30 start or a 2.30 start.
Those views!!

How can you book your Ultimate Buggy Tour in Marrakech? 

Of course I recommend you book your buggy tour with Dunes & Deserts. If you want a highly rated, high quality company who will make sure you have a fantastic day, then look no further. You can check out the tours they offer on their website here. 

Dunes & Deserts have also just opened a new starting point in Agafay where it’s possible to ride a camel if you wish. This means you can enjoy two experiences if you wish! 

You can get 10% off with the code DBTF10 when you book direct with Dunes & Deserts.

The new starting point makes it possible to experience a camel ride.

Don’t forget if you don’t fancy riding a buggy, you can also opt for a quad biking experience in Marrakech, which honestly is awesome too. 

Brad was just taking a travel picture...always wear a helmet! :P 

So what are you waiting for? Honestly, just imagine the adrenaline reaching a high point as you drive by the beautiful Atlas mountains (the second highest peak in Africa!), gorgeous palm trees, stunning desert and a completely unique landscape…..this is the best thing to do a visit to Marrakech. Book the best Marrakech buggy tour there is, with Dunes & Deserts today! 

(Don't forget 10% off with the code DBTF10)

A special thank you to Dunes & Deserts for hosting our wonderful day. As always, all words and opinions are my own. 

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