15 Best GoPro Alternatives In 2023 [Cheaper AND Better!]

Bradley Williams
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Bradley Williams
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February 3, 2023
Here's a look at the best GoPro alternatives currently available to buy. Learn how to pick the perfect action camera for you, saving money along the way!
best GoPro alternatives

We love GoPro.

They’re lightweight, compact, and perfect to capture your adventures. They are a key part of our travel packing list for almost every country.

They can give you unique recording angles when you mount them on sporting equipment, wheels, helmets, and other things. 

This versatility opens a whole new range of filming possibilities that you can’t get from a normal camera.

But here’s the problem.

They are expensive!

Not only that, GoPro accessories are also expensive, largely because of their strong brand name.

Plus, a GoPro isn’t always best suited to the sorts of filming you need.

Instead, there are a whole bunch of GoPro alternatives out there that can offer much of the same features, if not better.

Want a quick answer? Our top pick would definitely be the Akaso V50 Pro. Or for $30 less, and almost the same quality camera, the Akaso Brave 4.

Our top pick
Let's face it, unless you're looking for the most professional footage possible, then the Akaso V50 Pro is the action camera of choice all day long. With a 20mp camera and 4K video at 30fps, spec-wise, this camera is extremely close to the GoPro. It is also waterproof and comes with video stabilization. But best of all it comes in at 75% cheaper than the latest GoPro!
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A breakdown of our top picks

GoPro Hero 10
5 stars
23MP + Super Photo
5.3K (60fps)
4K (120fps)
Hyper Smooth 4.0
Our top pick
Akaso V50 Pro
4.5 starsCustomer reviews
4K (30fps)
Akaso Brave 4
4 starsCustomer reviews
4K (24fps)
2K (30fps)
DJI Osmo Action
4.5 starsCustomer reviews
4K (240fps)
Oclu action camera
4K (30fps)

How to Choose the Best GoPro Alternative

Nowadays, action cameras aren’t limited to just sports and outdoor adventures. You can also use them for casual holidays and events.

Here are 9 key features to consider when comparing cameras similar to a GoPro.

1. Video and Image Quality

Above anything else, the image and video quality of your camera is probably the most important. You want to capture moments in the highest resolution possible, which will let you take great travel photos.

We recommend at least 1080p resolution. In terms of video, most cameras offer 4K and at latest 30fps frame rate.

2. Camera Size & Weight

Make sure the camera is lightweight and small, which lets you carry them around with ease. Paying attention to the size and weight specs is crucial if you’re planning to travel with the camera.

You might want to consider the camera shape too. For example, a square action camera is best if you want to hang it around your neck.

3. Build and Durability

Considering it is an action camera, chances are you’ll be using it for memorializing fast actions. You want it to be durable and able to withstand all sorts of weather and conditions.

Otherwise, it’s not gonna last you long and you will be spending even more to replace or fix it.

4. Battery Life

Choose a camera with a long battery life. When you’re travelling and having the time of your life, you don’t want to worry about your camera running out of battery.

Some action cameras can give you up to 4 hours of recording time in one charge. So, be sure to look at the specs!

5. Image Stabilization

Image stabilization is also an important feature to have, as it will prevent shaky videos and blurred images. Especially if you’re shooting a fast-paced sports or dynamic scene.

Most action cameras nowadays will have electronic image stabilization, which should be enough for casual usage.

6. Water Resistance

While most action cameras are splash-proof, not all can actually operate underwater.

If you’re planning to take videos underwater, or travelling to a beach or tropical island, you might want a water resistant GoPro alternative. This lets you capture moments when you’re snorkelling or diving, kayaking, etc.

7. Price

If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re looking for a cheaper version of GoPro. Before you start, it’s important to determine how much you are willing to spend.

An expensive option may give you endless professional features, but don’t splurge on things you may not even use.

8. Accessories

When trying to capture dynamic activities, you may need additional accessories for your GoPro alternative. From a bike or helmet mount, to tripods and even the carrying case.

Don’t forget to check if the camera comes with any accessories, as well as how easy it will be to find compatible ones.

9. Connectivity

The only reason anyone wants to take photos and videos is to relive those moments later. Maybe you want to share your adventures with your friends and family back home, which is why good connectivity is essential.

Does it come with Bluetooth and WiFi connections? How easy is it to transfer files to your mobile phone?

15 Best GoPro Alternatives

1. Akaso V50 Pro - Best GoPro alternative in 2021

Akaso V50 Pro

Weight: 81 g

Image resolution: 20 MP

Video resolution: 4k

Battery: 90 minutes of 4k recording

Water resistant: 30m with waterproof case

The Akaso V50 Pro is a wonderful product, especially considering its price range. You can shoot in 4K/ 30fps, take 20MP images, and pretty much capture all of your sporty moments.

It comes complete with excellent features like image stabilization so you can have the smoothest and crispest results. Moreover, the tactile silicone chassis means there won’t be any fingerprint marks on your camera.

The large IPS touchscreen makes it easy for you to control the on-screen menus. This includes switching from the different modes (time lapse, fast motion, winter, night, etc) and resolutions.

Meanwhile, the integrated mobile app lets you control the camera and share files. While it can’t directly livestream, you can still use it as a webcam.

But the best thing about the Akaso V50 Pro is the impressive amount of accessories that comes with it. From a waterproof case, remote control, bike stand, bandages and tethers, as well as 10 mounts!

You’ll even get an extra battery and spare protective back door for the case. So, when we say this Akaso camera is worth your money, it truly is.

On the downside, this camera isn’t ideal if you’re looking for the ultimate quality photos as it can’t give you RAW files. It also uses the old-school mini USB, which can be a hassle if you’re trying to simplify your electronics...

Pros of the Akaso V50 Pro

  1. Best value for money
  2. Large 2-inch touchscreen
  3. Includes a lot of accessories

Cons of the Akaso V50 Pro

  1. Microphone and sound quality is only average
  2. WiFi connection can be unstable
  3. Uses mini USB cable, which can be annoying

2. Akaso Brave 4 - Best budget GoPro alternative

Akaso Brave 4

Weight: 62 g

Image resolution: 20 MP

Video resolution: 4k (24 FPS)

Battery: 90 minutes of 1080p recording

Water resistant: 30m with housing (included)

If you want to capture the underwater beauty of the sea on a budget, the Akaso Brave 4 would be your best bet. It can record in 4k up to 30 meters deep with the protective casing, which is included with your purchase.

Overall, it’s a brilliant option for extreme sports, as the camera can withstand reasonable levels of bumps and knocks. You will also get accessories like the bike and helmet mounts, and a selfie stick.

So, be sure to take the Akaso Brave 4 when diving in countries like Sri Lanka!

Additionally, the Akaso Brave 4 has a decent build that feels durable and sturdy. It even takes vivid pictures in bright light with more contrast than a GoPro.

The newest version of this line is the Brave 7, which is more streamlined and sophisticated, though the results aren’t much different from the Brave 4. For those on a budget, this one is good enough.

Pros of the Akaso Brave 4

  1. Mini LCD screen for easy navigation
  2. Comes with remote control and 2 batteries
  3. Great connectivity options, including WiFi

Cons of the Akaso Brave 4

  1. Average image quality
  2. Subpar audio recording quality
  3. Only supports 24fps during 4K recording

3. DJI Osmo Action - Best high-end alternative

DJI Osmo Action

Weight: 124 g

Image resolution: 12 MP

Video resolution: 4k (60 FPS)

Battery: 135 minutes for 1080p recording

Water resistant: 11m without housing

The DJI Osmo Action gives you excellent image quality, incredible 4K video at 60 fps for some of the smoothest results, several different shooting modes, and a great dual display.

The front 1.4-inch screen lights up to 750 nits, making it great to use even in bright outdoor settings. Plus, it’s great if you take lots of selfie shots as it lets you see yourself. Meanwhile, the 2.2-inch rear touchscreen offers a pretty large display for viewing.

Furthermore, the unique custom modes can be handy at times. It lets you remember settings so you can quickly choose between different customized profiles. You can also use the Quick Switch button to change between different shooting modes.

While DJI’s in-body stabilisation system, RockSteady, offers a pretty solid performance, it works only by heavily cropping your footage. It often causes display lag too when in use.

Yet one thing we also love about the Osmo Action is its feature for voice control, which lets you make commands hands-free.

Pros of the DJI Osmo Action

  1. Stunning 4K video at 60 fps
  2. Dual display can be useful for selfies
  3. Excellent built-in slow motion mode

Cons of the DJI Osmo Action

  1. Mounting needs additional housing
  2. Image stabilization causes lagging
  3. So-so image quality

4. OCLU Action Camera - Great GoPro alternative for tight spots

OCLU Action Camera

Weight: 101 g

Image resolution: 12.4 MP

Video resolution: 4k (30 FPS)

Battery: 90 minutes

Water resistant: IPX7 standard (1M for 30 mins)

One of the best things about the OCLU Action Camera is its flat, aerodynamic design with a screen on top of it. This means it’s our number one choice for capturing moments from tight spots.

We’re talking about fitting the camera underneath a skateboard or helmet visor! You can get unique angles with this camera. It’s a great camera to have for adventures to exotic countries like Bali.

On top of that, it features amazing 4K video quality and is lightweight. The Live Cut feature is quite impressive, which lets you keep only the best scenes from your trips. Yes, that means you won’t end up with winding videos and can maximize the storage space.

It’s easy to use, durable, sleek, and extra versatile. In short, everything you love from a GoPro. Not to mention that it comes with a travel case and protective microfiber bag.

You can shoot at 120fps on 1080p, but only 30fps at 4K. Meanwhile, the integrated smartphone app is amazing because you can choose from a range of shooting modes!

While this camera comes with image stabilization, it’s nowhere as impressive as some other action cameras. On the other hand, it does pick up much less wind noise on average.

Another advantage of this action camera is that it is compatible with tons of accessories and mounts from OCLU.

Pros of the OCLU Action Camera

  1. Excellent build and quality for the price point
  2. Impressive live cut feature
  3. Multiple shooting modes (time lapse, low light, looping, etc)
  4. Tons of mounts from OCLU   

Cons of the OCLU Action Camera

  1. Not ideal for diving, as it’s only waterproof to 1m depth
  2. Average battery life
  3. At 4K, only 30 FPS and no image stabilization

5. Olympus TG Tracker - Best alternative for extreme sports

Olympus TG Tracker

Weight: 180 g

Image resolution: 8 MP

Video resolution: 4k (30 FPS)

Battery: 90 minutes

Water resistant: 30m without housing

If you’re into extreme sports and need the most robust action camera, we recommend the Olympus Tough TG-Tracker.

It’s a bullet-shaped camera that can survive tough conditions most cameras can’t. From mountaintops and deep in the forests to 30m underwater, it will capture your most exciting adventures.

Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and freezeproof, you name it. Not to mention its excellent 5-axis image stabilization so you can have smooth recordings.

This Olympus camera has a flip-out LCD screen, incredible 204-degree field of view, and BSI CMOS sensor, which means it’s perfect for low light conditions.

One of its main downsides is that it weighs 180g and can be rather bulky for an action camera. It definitely cannot match a GoPro in terms of portability and compactness.

But remember that you won’t need an extra housing to use it underwater, which is a huge plus for when you go rafting, snorkelling, or even diving. 

Plus, the Olympus TG Tracker can track detailed data like temperature, elevation, depth, and latitude and longitude.

Coupled with the right travel drone, you can capture every moment of your epic activity from any angle.

Pros of the Olympus TG Tracker

  1. Rugged design for extreme adventures
  2. Waterproof to 30m without housing
  3. Excellent low-light performance
  4. Comes with 60 lumens LED lamp

Cons of the Olympus TG Tracker

  1. Quite heavy and bulky for an action camera
  2. Not the best image quality
  3. Complicated menu and app interface

6. Yi 4k +

Yi 4k +

Weight: 96 g

Image resolution: 12 MP

Video resolution: 4k (30 FPS)

Battery: 2 hours

Water resistant: Up to 40m with waterproof case

The Yi 4k+. o offers a lot of excellent features for nearly half the price of the GoPro (making it a much more affordable backpacking gift).

It has a superb 4K video recording, Gorilla Glass touch screen, long battery life, and beautiful image quality. Imagine, you can record in 4k for more than 90 minutes!

The Yi 4k + comes with electronic image stabilization, which although is not as professional-grade as the optical mechanism, is still very decent.

In addition to the small and compact size, we particularly love the large touchscreen on this action camera. You can use this for all the settings, image playback, and other things. The Yi 4k + is hands-down one of our top choices to document epic road trips on a budget.

On the other hand, this camera doesn’t come with any additional accessories and you have to buy a separate waterproof housing.

It does mean that the cost for this budget alternative may not be as low as it initially appears, though it will still be considerably cheaper than a GoPro.

Pros of the Yi 4k+

  1. Large responsive touchscreen
  2. All-in-one app to shoot, edit, and share
  3. Excellent 4K video quality
  4. Great battery life

Cons of the Yi 4k+

  1. Touchscreen is not shatterproof
  2. Must buy waterproof housing
  3. No mechanical controls
  4. Not a lot of shooting modes

7. Sony FDR X3000R

Sony FDR X3000R

Weight: 114 g

Image resolution: 12 MP

Video resolution: 4k (30 FPS)

Battery: 125 minutes at 1080p

Water resistant: 60m with supplied Underwater Housing

Those willing to spend a bit more for a premium pick would love the Sony FDR X3000R, which boasts some of the best image stabilization in an action camera and professional-grade video quality.

No matter if you’re mountain biking, hiking, or kayaking, this camera can shoot crisp and smooth videos in 4K. Note that you still have to put on the waterproof case as the body is only splashproof.

One of its unique features is the Live View Remote. You can wear this like a watch to view the live video without having to stop the recording. This can be helpful to make sure that you have good footage.

Its bullet shape makes it very sturdy, but it does mean it’s a little bigger than most action cameras. It might not fit in tight spots as a cubical camera could. 

But the inclusive tripod mount actually lets you mount it with GoPro accessories, and this can prove very helpful.

Some users also claim that this camera doesn’t have the best battery life, but the good news is you can always use spare batteries to keep you shooting through the day.

Pros of the Sony FDR X3000R

  1. Includes excellent waterproof housing for 60m depth
  2. Live View Remote accessory
  3. Excellent video quality with 3x optical zoom

Cons of the Sony FDR X3000R

  1. Higher price point for a GoPro substitute
  2. Average still image quality
  3. No autofocus for 3x zoom

8. Garmin VIRB 360

Garmin VIRB 360

Weight: 160 g

Image resolution: 15 MP

Video resolution: 5.7k

Battery: 65 minutes

Water resistant: 10m without case

The Garmin Virb 360 offers impressive 360-degree recording at up to 5.7k resolution, which can mean extremely sharp and lifelike videos. Of course, this doesn’t come cheap as the camera is quite pricey for an action camera.

While the quality of 5.7k and its superior optics are undeniable, you still need to stitch the videos together on your computer. It could be a hassle, although having the best travel laptop can make this process easier.

Yet this is an excellent choice if you want to capture your moments in a VR-like experience in the highest possible resolution. Alternatively, you can use the Garmin VIRB 360 for regular videos at 4K or even 720p.

In terms of the design, this camera is quite small and compact, while being very rugged. There’s no problem here for an action camera. It’s easy to navigate and use as the buttons and in-camera settings are intuitive.

While it has no mounting hardware on the body, it comes with two accessory mounts. You can also benefit from the built-in sensors, including speed, elevation, and GPS.

Moreover, this Garmin camera is waterproof to up to 10m deep even without a case, which can be convenient for your snorkelling or rafting trips!

Pros of the Garmin VIRB 360

  1. Unique 360 degree videos
  2. Well-built and waterproof
  3. Sharp and lifelike 5.7k video

Cons of the Garmin VIRB 360

  1. Short battery life with 360 videos
  2. Automatic 360 stitching only available up to 4K resolution
  3. Higher price point for an action camera

9. Campark ACT74 - Best cheap GoPro alternative

Campark ACT74

Weight: 58 g

Image resolution: 16 MP

Video resolution: 4k (30 FPS)

Battery: 90 minutes at 1080p

Water resistant: 30m with included waterproof case

If you need an entry-level camera or the best cheap GoPro alternative, the Campark ACT74 is your answer. It features a decent build with an easy-to-use interface, and delivers up to 4K videos and 16MP photos.

Plus, this camera was one of the first to offer 4 adjustable lenses. Choose from a range of field of views, including 170°, 140°, 110°, and 70°. Yes, it means you can get both beautiful landscape shots and detailed close-ups.

We also love that Campark offers a wide selection of mounts and accessories with the camera. You will get not only a waterproof case, mounts, and adapters, but also an extra battery.

One thing we don’t like is its inability to stabilize motion blur. It’s not a problem if you’re recording on a tripod or other stable surfaces, but attaching it to a bike can result in very shaky videos.

The 4k video is also available only in 30fps, which means the resulting footage may not be the smoothest.

Overall, the ACT74 is an all-in-one purchase and a truly impressive offering for the low price it retails at.

Pros of the Campark ACT74

  1. Very affordable but excellent quality
  2. Adjustable lens with four FOVs(170°, 140°, 110°, and 70°)
  3. Complete accessories included

Cons of the Campark ACT74

  1. Not waterproof at all without the bulky casing
  2. No touchscreen
  3. Image stabilization is not great

10. Polaroid Cube

Polaroid Cube

Weight: 45 g

Image resolution: 6 MP

Video resolution: 1080p

Battery: 90 minutes

Water resistant: Splashproof

The Polaroid Cube may be an old contestant in the action camera market, but it doesn’t make it any less relevant.

It may not be the best camera if you’re looking for top notch performance to withstand extreme conditions. But it’s the perfect choice if you want something tiny, fun, and inexpensive.

True to its name, the Polaroid Cube is a perfect cube only 1.4 inches long, wide, and tall. It’s also one of the lightest cameras you can get which you can easily fit in your shirt pocket.

It comes in black, red, and blue, and features a cute rainbow design on the side. The rubber body is splashproof and can be used under light rain, though you’ll need to purchase an underwater case separately.

In terms of performance, you can get 1080p videos at 30fps, which may not be top grade but is good enough for casual footage to share with family and friends. However, the image resolution is quite poor at only 6MP.

Operation is surprisingly simple and straightforward. The Polaroid Cube has only one button, which you can press long to turn it on or off, press once to take photos, and twice to run or stop video recording.

Pros of the Polaroid Cube

  1. One of the lightest and tiniest action camera
  2. Compact and attractive cuboid design
  3. Can easily mount on magnetic surfaces

Cons of the Polaroid Cube

  1. Not the best image and video quality
  2. Only splashproof, so not ideal for water-based action
  3. No time lapse, burst mode, and many features

11. SJCAM SJ7 Star


Weight: 74 g

Image resolution: 16 MP with interpolation

Video resolution: 4k (30 FPS)

Battery: 120 minutes

Water resistant: 30m with supplied waterproof housing

Another great budget-friendly alternative is the SJCAM SJ7 Star, which comes with 4K recording in 30fps, a responsive touchscreen, and all-round applaudable performance.

The built-in image stabilization is as good as any EIS can be, though it is nowhere near as professional-grade as mechanical image stabilization. But it’s no fault of this camera, because most action cameras support only EIS.

While the camera is not waterproof, the included housing lets you take the SJCAM SJ7 Star diving up to 30 meters deep. You will also get several other accessories with your purchase.

One major downside of this camera is its tendency to overheat easily. When used for a long time, the body can get quite hot and even unholdable. With that said, the aluminum build feels pretty sturdy and durable.

Finally, there are three FOV settings to choose from, from the 70° for close-ups to 166° for wide-angled shots. Meanwhile, you have the option to take photos in RAW files, which is rare for an action camera.

Pros of the SJCAM SJ7 Star

  1. Excellent 4K recording quality
  2. Good image stabilization feature
  3. Bright and clear touchscreen display

Cons of the SJCAM SJ7 Star

  1. Easily overheats
  2. No image stabilization at 4K
  3. Not a lot of included mounting options
  4. Basic app functionality

12. TomTom Bandit - Best battery performance from a GoPro alternative

TomTom Bandit

Weight: 190 g

Image resolution: 16 MP

Video resolution: 4k (15 FPS)

Battery: 180 minutes for 1080p recording

Water resistant: 50m with supplied waterproof housing

Here’s another bullet-shaped camera for you, this time from TomTom. The Bandit is a great camera that can be used up to 50m underwater with the included housing.

It’s one of the best GoPro equivalents in terms of performance, though the weight and shape can be quite bulky than we would like an action camera to be.

Setting that aside, the build is very tough and hardy. Complete with physical buttons and an LCD display, it’s easy to set up and control.

However, the TomTom mobile app is another level in itself. It offers not only the typical remote controls and file transfer, you can use it to edit videos and store key metric datas. The built-in sensors and GPS allow you to track the speed, rotation, and even G-Force.

In terms of video quality, note that it can only capture 4K at 15 fps, which may not be the best performance out there. You might prefer to shoot at 1080p for a higher fps, and this resolution is ample for regular memory-making purposes.

On the upside, this subpar recording quality means you get an incredible battery capacity. In fact, it probably has the longest battery life out of the other cameras on our list today. At a lower resolution, you can shoot up to three hours!

Pros of the TomTom Bandit

  1. Great battery life of up to 3 hours
  2. Easy to use
  3. Excellent connectivity and easy editing

Cons of the TomTom Bandit

  1. Heavy for an action camera
  2. Bullet shape can make mounting inconvenient
  3. Separate lens cover needed for underwater use

13. Insta360 ONE R

Insta360 ONE R

Weight: 130.5 g

Image resolution: 6080 x 3040 (360 Mode)

Video resolution: 5.7k (15 FPS)

Battery: 70 minutes for 5.7k recording

Water resistant: 5m

The Insta360 One R is a unique modular camera that can record 360-degree videos. It comes in several versions, from the small 1-inch Edition, 360 Edition, to the 4K Edition. Each has its own specialties, but today we’ll talk about the 360 Edition, which can capture in 5.7k.

One might even compare the image quality you can get here with many of the best vlogging cameras.

To use it, you have to connect the camera to the core module that consists of an LCD screen with ports and buttons. Then, the combination should be connected to the battery base. You can even attach the core module in two directions for a handy selfie mode!

For the main settings, there is a micro SD card slot, USB-C port, and several physical buttons. Use the integrated app for playback, file transfers, watch tutorials, and even edit footage.

Another great thing about the Insta360 ONE R is that you can choose a range of combination packages, like the Twin or Trio Edition.

While this camera supports images in RAW files, there are often lag times between clicking the button and the camera saving it.

Pros of the Insta360 ONE R

  1. Modular camera with 3 camera options
  2. Great photo and video quality
  3. Images available in RAW

Cons of the Insta360 ONE R

  1. Detachable lenses and modular parts can be lost
  2. Stitching lines are sometimes visible
  3. Menu system and user interface aren’t the easiest to navigate

14. Drift Ghost 4K - Best for cyclists

Drift Ghost 4K

Weight: 120 g

Image resolution: 12 MP

Video resolution: 4k (30 FPS)

Battery: 120 minutes

Water resistant: 40m with waterproof housing

The Drift Ghost 4K can be an interesting option in lieu of the GoPro, with its wide FOV, multiple shooting modes, and 4K video recording.

It also has a unique, low-profile design that makes the camera more ergonomic, as you can hold it much like an old-school camcorder. With that said, it is still relatively lightweight and compact.

While being handheld-friendly, the Ghost 4K still offers a huge range of mounting options, which means you can still mount it on your motorbike, helmet, or any other surface.

Most importantly, this camera is perfect for your biking or cycling adventures, thanks to its rugged body and aerodynamic design. With the waterproof housing, you can also dive up to 40 meters underwater with it.

It comes with an automatic video stabilization to ensure rich details and accurate colors on the footage. However, not that it can’t work on resolutions above 1080p.

A lot of GoPro alternatives can’t give good audio performance, but this Drift camera features two microphones for improved sound quality. While it may not be as professional as a specialized vlogging microphone, you won’t pick up too much interference and background noises.

Pros of the Drift Ghost 4K

  1. Sleek and low-profile design 
  2. Ergonomic design makes it easy to hold
  3. Dual mics for great audio performance

Cons of the Drift Ghost 4K

  1. No image stabilization above 1080p resolution
  2. Awkward controls may not be the most user-friendly
  3. Not the smallest or lightest option

15. Sony DSC-RX0

Sony DSC-RX0

Weight: 110 g

Image resolution: 15 MP

Video resolution: Full HD at 100fps, 4K with external device

Battery: 60 minutes of continuous recording

Water resistant: IPX8 Standard (10m depth)

Another Sony GoPro alternative we’d like to shout out is the Sony DSC-RX0. It’s probably the best choice if your priority is taking gorgeous still images.

With a top-grade 24mm f/4.0 Zeiss lens, you can get crisp images that are both sharp and detailed, while the large sensor can minimize noise. Thanks to its BIONZ X image processing, it can capture realistic photos with rich gradations and details.

Its video performance, on the other hand, is not as strong. You can shoot in full HD at 100 fps, but will need a separate recording device to achieve 4K. So, it might not be the best choice if high definition footage is your priority.

This Sony camera features a tight field of view, making it perfect for those who dislike the fisheye effect from most action cameras. However, it means you can’t capture large scenes and spanning landscapes.

While the better image performance makes this camera feel like a compact camera than an action cam, it is still tiny and lightweight, making it perfect for your travels and sports activities. It’s perfect to stuff in your rucksack when backpacking in countries like Thailand.

Moreover, the Sony DSC-RX0 comes with several ports where you can connect a microphone or even tripod.

Pros of the Sony DSC-RX0

  1. Stunning photos with incredible detail
  2. Fully waterproof without case
  3. Tiny and lightweight

Cons of the Sony DSC-RX0

  1. No internal 4K recording
  2. Can be quite expensive
  3. Narrow FOV

Best Action Camera Accessories

Once you’ve decided on a camera, make sure it’s easy to get compatible accessories too. Here are a few of the essential accessories you'll want to have!

1. Memory Card

Memory cards are important as they are where you store all your photos and videos. Make sure your camera has a slot for an external card, which allows you to swap out a full memory card with an empty one.

When you’re in the middle of an outdoor trip or mountain adventure, having the option to use a memory card means you will never have to miss an important photo or video opportunity.

2. Tripod Mounts

GoPros are no doubt still the dominating brand in the action cam market. If you have a non-GoPro camera, you may want some accessories that let you attach them to a GoPro tripod. Additionally, mounts can make your camera compatible with tripods made for other types of cameras.

3. Tripod or monopod

Every camera needs a good tripod, and it’s true for an action camera too. There are many types to choose from, like the Gorillapod. It has flexible legs which you can bend in any direction to adapt to all sorts of terrain and surface.

Meanwhile, a monopod is a versatile and compact option.that allows you to record yourself as you have fun in a court or park. When travelling, you can easily capture enchanting sunsets and sunrises in romantic spots.

4. Carrying Case

If you’re a travel blogger or simply like to travel with your camera, it’s worth investing in a good carrying case; or even a camera backpack if you travel with more photography gear. Some brands will provide this with your purchase, or you may want to buy a separate one.

Not only can a carrying case protect your camera with the right padding, it features special compartments for all your cables and accessories, making them more organized.

5. Extra Battery

Again, most GoPro alternatives will let you record around 2 hours continuously. That may not be enough if you’re on a long trip and don’t have the time to keep recharging the battery.

Having a spare battery that you can easily swap can prove extremely useful. Some action cameras, like the Akaso V50 Pro, come with an extra battery too.

6. Handheld Gimbal

We cannot stress the importance of stability when shooting actions and sports, as shaky footage won’t be any good to watch.

Keeping your camera steady while doing activities can be hard, which is why you need a handheld gimbal. It’s possible to use only one hand to hold the gimbal and still get smooth videos.

But for the best quality possible, check out our roundup guide on the best GoPro gimbals.

GoPro Alternatives FAQ

What is the best GoPro alternative in 2021?

We’d personally recommend the Akaso V50 Pro as the best GoPro alternative you can get in 2021. You can capture 4K videos at 30 fps and 20MP images with a solid image stabilization. The camera itself is small, lightweight, and has a premium feel thanks to the silicone chassis.

In addition to the handy mobile app, different shooting modes, there’s also the huge variety of accessories that comes with this Akaso camera. You’ll basically have everything you need to shoot your most exciting moments!

What is the best affordable alternative to GoPro?

The Campark ACT74 is another one of the best affordable alternative to a GoPro. This entry-level camera is cheap but has some impressive features, including 4K videos and 16MP still images. Furthermore, it offers four FOV options and comes with a variety of accessories and mounts.

Is there a better action camera than GoPro?

Yes. The DJI Osmo Action arguably offers not only a performance that equals the GoPro, but perhaps even rivals it. It delivers stunning 4K video at 60 fps and a decent photo quality. Its RockSteady image stabilisation system is also as good as the one in GoPro cameras.

One of its unique selling points is the dual LCD display, with a 1.4-inch front screen that you can use when taking selfie footage. This camera even supports customized settings and features a Quick Switch button.

What are some cameras similar to GoPro?

All of the cameras we’ve listed so far are similar to a GoPro. In terms of performance, the TomTom Bandit delivers stunning videos and photos at only a fraction of the price. Meanwhile, the Akaso EK7000 is one of the more obvious knockoffs of this global brand, but offers a surprisingly strong performance.

Is Akaso better than GoPro?

We wouldn’t say that one is better than the other because the winning factor of GoPro is their incredibly powerful brand image and reputation. On the other hand, most Akaso cameras offer a similar set of features, design, and performance at a much lower price point.

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for an entry-level action camera that can still capture your action-filled moments, Akaso would be a great option.

Who is GoPro’s biggest competitor?

When it comes to popular action cameras, Akaso is probably GoPro’s biggest competitor to date. This Chinese company has the competitive edge in terms of price, yet its cameras are surprisingly high-quality and well built, while offering most of the features of a standard GoPro camera.

Which GoPro Alternative Should You Get?

We hope this guide has been useful for anyone trying to find the perfect GoPro alternative for them. We’ve tried to be as detailed and comprehensive as we can in compiling this list.

Whether you are planning to chronicle your wildest outdoor and underwater adventures, or simply looking for a cheap and fun action cam to capture your everyday moments, there should be something for you.

From the most premium options to the more budget-friendly cameras, it’s important that you know what you want an action camera for.

At the end of the day, you’re the one who can make the decision. Finding the best GoPro alternatives can be a gratifying experience.

So, let's hear what you think.

Do you know more action cameras for beginners we didn’t feature today?

Or other cameras similar to GoPro that you really like?

Simply comment down below!

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