2024 APRICOAT REVIEW: EcoDown VS Adventure 2.0 [Unbiased]

Cazzy Magennis
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Cazzy Magennis
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January 4, 2024
An honest review of Apricoat Jackets: A comparison of their EcoDown VS Adventure 2.0. Check this Apricoat review out if you're wondering whether to buy.
apricoat review

Bradley and I are constantly on the road and spend a lot of time outdoors adventuring in nature (we love it!).

So when we were given the chance to review two of Apricoats jackets, including the new Adventure Jacket 2.0, I said hell yess! 

I still hadn’t found a lighter style jacket to add to my packing list that I could use when on long walks, or hiking, so I thought this would be the perfect excuse to see if I could find one…

We received both of these products in collaboration with Apricoat, but if you’ve read any other of our product reviews, you’ll know that we give honest, non-biased-reviews! 

And that’s exactly what this review post is … genuine!

I want it to be a useful and detailed review of Apricoats Adventure Jacket 2.0 (its headline, groundbreaking product) as well as the EcoDown Jacket. 

After using each one for a month (to date) I want to share …

  • How well they hold up
  • How well they do their job
  • Who I think they are best suited to

And of course …

Is either one worth the price tag!

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First things first, 

Who are Apricoat?

Apricoat is a company that was created by a group of international explorers who wanted to create the best, high-quality, adventure clothing for adventurers and travelers!

Like any innovative company, they researched for months, gathered feedback, created prototypes until they came up with their flagship adventure jacket. 

They had a very successful crowdfunding campaign back in 2017, with their first jacket, with $1,778,861 pledged! (Pretty good, eh?!)

After feedback from 15,000 backers, they grew Apricoat from a single product to a full outdoors clothing company, which it is now today! 

As of right now, they’re producing jackets, but they’ve even got a new Kickstarter for new adventure travel pants, which I have to say, look pretty darn good! 

apricoat kickstarter

You can read more about their story here.

Where Can You Buy Apricoat jackets?

To keep things simple, you can buy Apricoat jackets directly on their website here. 

They offer free shipping to the US & Canada, but ship worldwide. 

Apricoat video review

Check out our video-based review of both Apricoat jackets right here!

Apricoat EcoDown Review

Apricoat EcoDown Review

Okay, let’s get started with this first section of this Apricoat Review. 

I (Cazzy) was given the Apricoat EcoDown jacket to review and I can tell you that I do genuinely think the product is great. 

How Well Made the Apricoat EcoDown Jacket?

How Well Made the Apricoat EcoDown Jacket

On first impression, I really liked the quality of this jacket.

It felt soft to touch, and I liked that it’s lightweight.

Lightweight products are essential to us on our travels. 

The zips across the jackets all feel like good quality, and it looks like quality material. 

It doesn’t look cheap, or tacky. 

So we’re off to a good start! 

How Comfortable Is The Apricoat EcoDown Jacket?

Apricoat EcoDown Jacket cosy gloves
I love the little glove function...

I think this is such a comfortable jacket. 

It’s super cozy, and kept me warm without the need for layers underneath on a cold winter's day in England. 

This was really useful, because it doesn't feel like a heavy jacket, yet it keeps you warm. 

I found the fit really excellent, and I really liked how soft the inside pockets at the front of the jacket feel. 

When I forgot gloves, I could just pop my hands in there and it felt like they were warming up. 

Also, it comes with built-in sleeve gloves, which were very comfortable. In the past, I’ve tried these and they’d usually feel tight and awkward, but on this jacket, they stretch, feel comfortable, and actually help keep your hands warm! 

What are the unique features of the Apricoat EcoDown?

hiking with apricoat jacket

There are a few unique features that the Apricoat EcoDown jacket boasts and I’ll go through them individually and tell you whether they’re worth it or not. 

Advanced BackBreeze™ ventilation system

Apricoat boasts an innovative ventilation system that claims when you work up a sweat, you’ll be cooled down with ease thanks to the Down Jacket’s upper back slit that opens to circulate the air. Extra slits under the arms keep everything easy breezy.

So I tested this: I went out for a walk with my jacket on, on a pretty cold winter's day.

The jacket kept me warm throughout the walk, and when the sun did start to shine a little, I did start to feel sweaty, and the breeze offered at the back slit is a pretty cool idea. It works! 

11 IntuPockets™

pockets on the eco down apricoat

I’ll be completely honest with you and say that I think 11 pockets is overkill on this jacket.

Whilst I could definitely see the use for some of the pockets, I just don’t think anyone is going to use 11 at once because it would start to feel pretty bulky in there. 

That being said, I really did like the front pockets, and the soft, cosy lining inside, and when I had more bulky items in there (like my hair clip and keys), I couldn’t feel anything digging into me.

The pockets at the front are very well layered. 

I could see myself using 1 or 2 of the inner pockets, but I definitely don’t need 11 pockets.

But if you like options with your pockets, then you’ll definitely have them!

Lightweight (less than 1kg)

This product is extremely lightweight without compromising the quality and I really like that. 

It’s perfect for taking with you on adventures, and it’s perfect for us in our van, as when we were converting our campervan, we knew space is limited and we don’t have room for heavy, bulky items.

Water repellent & winter resistant 

waterproof apricoat jacket

This product claims to be water-resistant and it’s been tested in temperatures down to -10ºC (14ºF).

I have not yet used it in rain, or extreme cold weather conditions, however, I’m pretty sure I’ll have the chance to test it in those conditions in the future and will update as and when! 


ecodown jacket

I’m throwing this one in because I think the jacket looks good! I feel like it is a perfect blend of outdoorsy fashion, and goes well with my jeans. 

So if you’re interested in something that’s both fashionable and practical, then this is a cool choice. 

Plus it comes in a bunch of colours, including vibrant yellow and blue!

These are some of the other features of the EcoDown Jacket: 

  • Adjustable drawcords (hood & hem)
  • Removable hood
  • 100% Recycled polyester (synthetic down)
  • Extremely tear-resistant
  • RipStop fabric (just like in tents)
  • Sizes go from XS up to XXL

Who Do I Think Apricoat EcoDown Jacket Is Best Suited To?

I think it’s a good product for keeping warm when on a city break, heading out for a walk, or even going on a hike. 

I think it’s a product that’s fashionable, but practical, and therefore useful for women like me who find themselves looking for an all-around jacket that you can use in both day-to-day sightseeing and for hiking. 

I haven’t used it in snow, so I can’t recommend it for skiing, or cold weather sports! 

Want it? Buy your Apricoat Jacket here!

Apricoat Adventure 2.0 Review

Apricoat Adventure 2.0 Review

The next section of this Apricoat review will focus on the Flagship item: The Adventure 2.0 which Bradley tested out.

How Well Made the Apricoat Adventure 2.0 Jacket?

apricoat adventure jacket 2.0

On first impressions, Bradley found the jacket to be well made.

Stitching looked good, the material feels like good quality, and there were no issues with the zippers. Always a good start! 

How Comfortable Is The Apricoat Adventure 2.0 Jacket?

apricoat adventure jacket

Bradley found the Apricoat Adventure 2.0 Jacket to be comfortable to wear.

He thinks it’s stylish, and I agree, I think it’s looks really good! 

It comes in a range of colours: grey, blues, green, & black, so there’s something to suit everyone. 

Sizes range from Small to XXXXL.

What are the unique features of the Apricoat Adventure 2.0?

16 IntuPockets™& DWD™

If we thought 11 pockets in the first coat was too much, then you can imagine that 16 pockets in this coat is a bit of an overkill.

If you actually put everything in each of the pockets, it would make it feel much heavier and bulkier than you’d desire. 

Bradley also found that if you put something in the pockets that wasn’t meant to be there (they have little labels for suggestions of what you should use the pockets for), then it was actually quite awkward trying to get the item back out with the Velcro. 

But again, if you like a lot of choice when it comes to pockets, then you’ll not be short of it here. 

Also DWD stands for differential Weight Distribution.

Apricoat say the pockets are essentially well balanced throughout the jacket so no one side or area would be over loaded. Which is true, there are a range of pockets on the front, sides and backs, but just too many pockets! 


This coat actually has a smart compartment for a hydration pack, which is perfect if you’re going on a long hike, or a full day of adventure, and need access to water. 

It fits perfectly in the jacket design so you don't even realize it’s there, which we didn’t at first use!

All weather jacket

all weather jacket

The Apricoat Adventure 2.0 is claims to be an all-weather jacket perfect for 3 seasons! 

Whilst Brad’s only tested in one season so far, it was warm and comfortable for the winter season and it’s been tested up to -5ºC (23ºF). 

We’ll definitely be trying them out in different seasons in the future, but on impressions of winter, I think it would also work well in spring time, warm enough to keep you cosy when it’s cold, but lightweight enough that you won’t be overheating if the sun makes an appearance! 

Lightweight (less than 1kg)

Just like the EcoDown Jacket, the Apricoat Adventure 2.0 jacket is super lightweight, which makes it a perfect choice for travelling. 

It’ll keep you warm and dry when you need it too, then when you want to take it off, it’s lightweight and small enough to roll up into a backpack without taking up space or adding extra weight.

Other features the Apricoat Adventure 2.0 Jacket has too include:

  • Windproof
  • Waterproof (10,000-15,000 mm)
  • Breathable fabrics
  • Fully seam-sealed
  • High quality zippers
  • Adjustable drawcords (hood & hem)
  • Built-in sleeve gloves
  • Removable hood
  • 100% Recycled materials
Want it? Get your Adventure 2.0 Jacket right here!


One thing I also want to note, is that I love that both these jackets are eco-friendly.

 Bradley and I are always trying to make better decisions for the planet when it comes to clothing, and daily life.

These jackets are made from 100% recycled materials, and I think that’s pretty awesome!

ECO DOWN VS ADVENTURE 2.0- which is better?

eco down vs adventure2.0

This is a really hard decision to make because Brad and I both tried our own jackets and not eachothers, but I think the jackets are good for different styles of people.

I feel like the EcoDown is more female orientated, and I think it’s super stylish and comfortable, plus it can be used in a variety of settings, from city break causal to hiking in the mountains. 

The Adventure 2.0 looks good, can be worn both casually and practically and if you do find yourself carrying a lot of items on a hike, then at least you'll have the space for them with this jacket.

Are Apricoat Jackets worth the money?

are apricoat jacket worth the money

The EcoDown Jacket comes in at around $190-240 (depending on if there is a deal running) and the Adventure 2.0 comes in at around $175- 240 which would be considered a mid-range jacket, if you’re comparing it to something super expensive such as Arcteryx jacket, or a cheaper jacket from amazon. 

I’ve bought cheaper jackets similar to the EcoDown style, and I can say that I think Apricoat is a better investment.

My cheaper jacket was flimsy in material in comparison, didn’t keep me as warm, the pockets weren’t deep enough to hold anything decent, and it ripped eventually! 

Buy the Apricoat EcoDown Jacket here!
Buy the Apricoat Adventure 2.0 Jacket here!

6 Month Performance Review

  • Both jackets remain in tact and well worth it.
  • They do have an overwhelming amount of pockets that I don't find as useful as others might find
  • The EcoDown jacket is super light weight
  • The Adventure carrys some weight but retains a lot of heat
  • Both have special features to ensure wind proof
  • Both highly water resistant and are made from great materials

Other products by Apricoat

adventure pants by apricoat

Orlaigh recently had the chance to try out the adventure pants by Apricoat, and she truly only had great things to say about them!

Some of her main pros included: 

  • Honestly the most comfiest trousers ever
  • They are very flattering on your body
  • Lots of pockets which is perfect for storing stuff when out and about on walks
  • Material is water proof, which again is what you need for hiking!
  • The material is stretchy also so doesn't feel suffocating

And, her only con was that perhaps they should have a greater colour range on offer!

They currently offer black, beige and blue.

So if you want to complete your Apricoat look, then add on these Adventure pants with your order.


So there we have it, my Apricoat review.

I’ll update this Apricoat review in the future as I get more use of the jackets and use them in more scenarios and climates, (which I will do since we’re driving around the world!).

But overall, I think these jackets are both stylish and practical for a decent price point. 

They’re not so expensive that it’ll break the bank, but expensive enough that you expect a certain level of quality, and I think you get that.

It feels like the jacket will last a long time, providing you look after it, and they can be used in a wide variety of situations which makes them quite versatile, and when I’m travelling, I’m really looking for one jacket that can “do it all”.

But, I don’t love the overuse of pockets, but I don’t think that undertimes the quality of the jacket, I just won’t be using it for the pockets! 

I think this is an item that should definitely make your travel packing list, and I think it's a pretty good gift idea for backpackers & fellow travelers.

If you’ve found this Apricoat review helpful, or you’ve got any questions, then please do drop a comment below. 

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