Allbirds Tree Loungers Review [In-Depth 2024 Review!]

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Cazzy Magennis
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January 1, 2024
This is my honest and in-depth review of the Allbirds Tree Loungers shoes, including their comfort level, build quality, and why it's great for travel.
allbirds tree loungers review

Are you searching for the comfiest slip-on shoes that works well for daytime and nightclubs?

You may have heard of the Allbirds Tree Loungers and are considering buying them.

I’ve recently tried and tested these sustainable shoes for daily wear as well as travel, and will be talking about them in-depth today.

I’ll cover points like comfort level, build quality, and what makes them suitable for travel.

All in all, the Tree Loungers are excellent slip-on shoes that’s lightweight and comfy!

Rating: 7/10

Let’s get started…

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Who are Allbirds?

Allbirds has become a prominent player in the sustainable footwear industry, and for good reason. 

The founders were initially inspired by the incredible qualities of merino wool, and they set out to create some of the very first shoes made entirely from natural materials.

Allbirds tree loungers

What sets them apart is their unwavering dedication to using materials found in nature, instead of opting for cheaper synthetic alternatives like most other brands. 

I love how Allbirds prioritizes sustainability and strive to develop products that have a positive impact on the environment.

I’m talking about things such as using clean fuels, reducing their production’s carbon footprint, and making real progress towards zero emissions.


Where can you buy Allbirds Tree Loungers?

The best place to buy your Tree Loungers is straight from their website.

You can find regular discounts and promotions on the shoe and other items, which is real nice.

Allbirds also has offline stores throughout the world, from London, Paris, and Hamburg, to New York City, Toronto, and many more.

Allbirds tree loungers review

Another advantage to shopping directly from Allbirds is their generous 30-day return policy, so you have the peace of mind that you can return it for whatever reason.

If you’re based in the US, you can get your Tree Loungers from this link.

Whereas those in the UK can go ahead and get them here!

Allbirds Sizing Tips

Allbirds shoes are in whole sizes and they recommend for you to go up one size.

I got it in the size US 8, which rounds up to 5/5.5 in women’s and they fitted perfectly.

Their shoes are true to size for the majority of customers, so the sizing shouldn’t be an issue for most.

If you’re not sure, you can order anyway and utilize their easy 30-day return policy and exchange your sizes after trying them on!

Allbirds Tree Loungers Review

The Allbirds Tree Loungers is slightly cheaper than the Tree Runners, retailing at US$100.

(Not adding the many discounts they offer!)

For me, this is a great deal for such an eco-friendly and versatile travel shoe.

I’ve broken down my opinions on particular aspects of the Tree Loungers below…

How comfortable are the Tree Loungers?

The Tree Loungers are easily the best slip-ons I’ve ever tried.

Compared to other shoes, for example Jibs, these are better in terms of overall comfort. Where the Jibs shoes have leather that may rub on your feet, the Tree Loungers are cushioned nicely for zero pain guaranteed.

Allbirds tree loungers back view

I’ve found that there’s also no breaking in stage required with these shoes.

The moment I put them on, they’ve felt very snug and comfortable.

Allbirds tree loungers shoe review

The upper part of the shoe is Eucalyptus tree fiber, which is famous for its strength and efficient moisture absorption, aka no sweating!

The material is also very gentle, which is great for someone like myself who has eczema flare-ups and sensitive skin.

One thing I’d say is that I went on a 1-hour walk in a hotter environment (Greece) in these shoes without socks, and my heels hurt so I had to squish down the back on the heel to make them like flip-flops.

However, I noticed that in colder weather such as Ireland, they did not hurt at all. 

The soles also have great grip, which is always a bonus if you’re walking around a lot.

Allbirds shoes grip

What makes the Tree Loungers a great travel shoe?

There are several features that I feel make the Allbirds Tree Loungers especially well-suite for travel, such as:

1. Designed for slip-on and go

That it’s a slip-on shoe is probably my favourite thing about the Tree Loungers.

When travelling, it’s really convenient to have shoes that take no time to put on.

Especially if you’re going somewhere where you may have to take them on and off multiple times, say in Japan!

Allbirds tree loungers slip on shoes

2. Comfortable & breathable eucalyptus fiber

Again, slip-on shoes can be a hit-or-miss as they often use hard materials that rub on your feet, but this is not the case with Allbirds.

Their proprietary knit feels silky smooth and breathable.

The eucalyptus tree fiber is naturally thermoregulating (pleasantly cool!), making the shoes nice to wear during warmer days too.

3. Lightweight

The shoes themselves are very lightweight, which not only means more comfort, but also that they pack great!

I know that certain travel shoes can be folded. While the Tree Loungers don’t have much give or flexibility in this sense, you can still press them together for compact packing.

Allbirds shoes easy packing

4. Low density sole

These Allbirds shoes are expertly cushioned.

The proprietary foam features an S-curve tread to make the utmost lightweight soles so you can feel absolutely light on your feet.

Plus, the soles mimic your feet’s anatomical flexibility.

Get your Tree Loungers here

5. Machine washable

Another travel-friendly feature I love is that it’s machine washable.

Washing by hand can be a real hassle when you’re on the go.

So, chuck the shoes in a delicates bag, put them in a gentle cycle, and you’re good to go!

They even have a full care guide for the shoes!

The insoles are removable and you can wash them separately too.

6. Versatile everyday wear

Ultimately, when buying a shoe you’re buying it for a purpose.

Whether it be for everyday, running, walking, lounging, travel or style, this shoe falls well into multiple categories!

Its timeless style goes well with everything, even if you choose the brighter colours.

I personally opted for the white.

In terms of travelling, you want a versatile shoe for both casual sightseeing and hitting the club. The Tree Loungers have worked wonders for me.

Allbirds tree loungers travel shoes

How sustainable are the Tree Loungers by Allbirds?

Overall, I’d say that these shoes are pretty sustainable, both in terms of material used and production.

The shoe has a carbon footprint of 4.11 kg.

Meanwhile, it uses eco-friendly FSC-certified TENCEL™ Lyocell or eucalyptus tree fiber for the upper fabric, a sugarcane-based green EVA midsole, and castor bean oil-based insole foam.

Cons of the Allbirds Tree Loungers

I think the main drawback of these shoes is in its name: Tree Loungers.

This means they’re perfect for casual walks and lounging, but I wouldn’t wear them for extensive walks.

Hikes are a straight-up no because these aren’t very supportive shoes.

Plus, they’re also not waterproof, so if you only have room in your bag for one travel shoe, you might want to choose something hardier.

Otherwise, they’re perfect as they can be styled up and down as you need.

While the shoe are pretty cooling, I gotta say that they’re not as breathable as I would like, compared to say Jibs which have holes that visibly allows for airflow.

I haven’t had any problems when wearing the Tree Loungers in cool weathers, but without socks in a hot environment, unfortunately my feet were sweating.

Also in terms of cleaning the shoe, it’s not as easily wiped as something made from leather, so you might get visible marks if you walk on dirt or wet ground.

One other thing is that the memory foam means there’s an imprint of the top of your feet when walking. This may not be an issue for most people, but it’s something to consider.

Allbirds shoes toe imprint

Performance over time of the Tree Loungers

I’ve worn the Tree Loungers for about two months. Here’s how they hold up over time!

First thoughts: Excellent

  • Super comfortable and lightweight
  • Classic style, works well for daytime and formal wear
  • Very easy slip-on

Two months of use: Holds up great!

  • Still as comfy and breathable
  • For me, the shoe works better with no socks in colder weather, and with socks in warmer weather (mainly because my feet get sweaty and more irritated, and thus rub on the back of my heel)
  • Can’t be wiped down easily, but being machine washable is pretty useful!
allbirds women's tree loungers

6 Month Performance Review

  • I really did love these shoes and I felt instant comfort at first
  • Overtime the comfort level decreases and I found myself in pain
  • I would wear half cut socks with these shoes to prevent rubbing
  • Dirt catches easily

Tree Loungers VS other Allbirds shoes

I’ve only tested the Tree Runners so far, and both feel very similar in terms of comfort level.

However, the Tree Loungers have a slightly smarter and more formal style.

They don’t have the decorative laces of the Runners and are more suited for super casual wear.

If you want to do some long walks or even running, I’d recommend going for the Allbirds Tree Runners instead.

Meanwhile, the Wool Loungers is a similar model but made with a different material, the thicker and warmer ZQ Merino wool that’s better for cold weathers.

Overall verdict: Are the Allbirds Tree Loungers worth buying?

If you need a quick answer and conclusion, you’re at the right section.

You may be asking:

Should you buy the Allbirds Tree Loungers?

My answer is probably yes, if you’re looking for a comfortable and versatile slip-on shoe for both travel and everyday wear.

They’re great to wear especially in cool weathers, but you may want to wear socks in warmer environments.

Allbirds shoes tree loungers

With great support and sturdiness, a classic design that can be dressed up or down, the Tree Loungers might be exactly what you’re looking for!

Get your Tree Loungers here

Allbirds Tree Loungers Shoes FAQ

Do Allbirds shoes run true to size? 

Yes, Allbirds shoes are true to size for most people, including the Tree Loungers and their other models.

Are the Allbirds Tree Loungers waterproof?

No, the Allbirds Tree Loungers are not waterproof.

Other products from Allbirds

Allbirds also have a variety of other shoe and clothing products…

Wool Loungers

The Wool Loungers use thick ZQ Merino wool that feels soft and cosy, making them suitable for cooler weather. They have a very similar design to the Tree Loungers and can be great for dressing up or down.

Tree Pipers

The Tree Pipers are a good alternative if you want something with a tad more pizazz. Using the same breathable eucalyptus fiber, these shoes feature oversized accents and an embroidered collar for a stylish look.

That’s all for my review of the Allbirds Tree Loungers shoes.

Did you find it useful?

Or have I missed some aspects you would’ve loved to know about?

Feel free to comment!

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