The Ultimate Agafay Desert Day Trip From Marrakesh

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February 16, 2022
Looking for the ultimate Agafay Desert Day Trip? Then check out our awesome tour with Musement to find out more about how to plan your adventure...
Agafay Desert Day Trip

The Agafay Desert is located in Marrakech, Morocco and it’s wonderful. If you find yourself in Marrakech, you should definitely venture out of the city centre and explore some of the delights the Agafay Desert offers. If you’re looking for a tour that will allow you to experience the desert in style, then I suggest you opt for the “Traditional Lunch In The Agafay Desert” offered by Musement. 

Below I take you through what the day entails, and how you can book your adventure too! 

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Lunch In The Agafay Desert: Our Experience 

Bradley and I were picked up at 11 am in a private car and we made our journey to the Agafay Desert. We were staying at the Aqua Mirage Hotel (Which I recommend), and it was around a 45 minute drive to the camp we would be having lunch at. 

As you drive through the desert, you’ll come across a selection of camps, but we kept driving further in and this made me even more excited. The landscape of the desert as you drive is awesome, it looks like something from Mars or another planet. I’d never seen anything like it. 

After driving for around 45 minutes, we arrived at the luxury desert camp and it was unlike anything I’ve ever been to before. You can actually stay overnight in this camp and when you visit for lunch, you’ll probably convince yourself to return! 

The camp is beautifully secluded, quiet, and there is an awesome swimming pool (that’s actually a Jacuzzi too!). Imagine visiting in the summer when the temperature is 45 degrees outside and you’re chilling in this awesome pool. It was winter when we visited, so it was a little too cold to take a dip. 

The camp actually had some reservation work going on, which meant we got to dine by the pool and the choice to swim, but when the work is complete you’ll have your lunch separately on your own, surrounded by desert, pretty awesome!

The staff at the camp made us feel so welcome, and kept insisting we feel like we’re at home. They even gave us a tour of the camp and a sneak peak inside the tents (which are awesome!). 

Next, we had some time to relax before lunch was ready, so Brad and I popped on the sun loungers and read our books whilst enjoying the sunshine and peace around us. As digital nomads, we rarely switch off, and the fact there was no WiFi truly was a blessing. It’s a perfect spot for a “digital detox”. 

As we were relaxing, our host brought us some mint tea, which is a specialty in Morocco and it was delicious (not too sweet like lots of other places make it). 

Around 1 pm, our host announced that lunch was ready and I truly didn’t know what to expect, other than authentic Moroccan food of course. 

We were treated to a delicious 4 course meal. We started with a vegetable soup (that had orange in it, something I’ve never tried before), followed by an assortment of sauteed vegetables, followed by classic tagine, an amazing beef version (a specifically of the Marrakesh region) and a tomato and aubergine dish that oozed flavor. Just when we thought we couldn’t eat anymore, a dessert was delivered to us of traditional pastilla with honey and milk with almonds. Brad practically ate mine too (I was pretty darn full at this point!)

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The service was exceptional, the staff truly want you to have a magical experience. After lunch, we relaxed for a while to let the food settle. The guys at the camp assured us there was no rush on leaving, (I did not want to leave at all!), but when we felt ready, our driver was waiting for us and we thanked our hosts and made our journey back through the desert. 

All in all it was a fabulous day and as far as an Agafay Desert day trip went, I think I got a great taste of what it’s like to experience the desert. A delicious lunch with those views is more than I could have imagined and I’d 100% repeat the experience in the future. 

What I really love about this Agafay desert trip is that it’s an “all-year” activity. We visited in winter and experienced highs of 22 degrees Celsius (which is perfect for me!), but just imagine the temperatures in summer, autumn and spring. It’s an awesome activity, regardless of the time of year you visit. 

Don’t forget to bring a camera, you’re going to want to take lots of great pictures! 

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Who are Musement? 

Our Agafay Desert Day Trip was actually organised by Musement who are a platform that allows you to book amazing experiences all over the world. When it comes to experiences in Marrakech and Morocco they have a whole range to choose from, but I highly recommend the one we went on. 

Musement have a WIDE range of experiences, attractions and tickets for all over the world.

desert camp in agafay

Other Agafay Desert Day Trip Ideas

If you don’t fancy a lunch in the Agafay desert then you can do other things too. Some of my favorites include: 

So there you have it, if you fancy having your very own lunch in the Agafay desert, then don’t forget you can book your trip right here. 

A special thank you to Musement for organizing our trip! All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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