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March 27, 2020
Planning a visit to the capital city of Thailand? The wonderful Bangkok! Check out our 5 day Bangkok itinerary for what to see and do with your time there.
5 day bangkok itinerary

Bangkok, Thailand is a capital city that people either love or hate. Me? I actually really like Bangkok.

I think I’ve visited around 4 times now, and each time there is something new to discover. Yes there is no doubt that Bangkok is over-crowded, manic and a little unclean, but honestly, it all adds to the charm and atmosphere that this city exudes.

That being said, people often want to do all the sites of Bangkok, then leave as quickly as possible, but I think you should give it at least 5 days to see it all, and the areas surrounding it. 

So I present to you my 5 day Bangkok itinerary! Keep reading to plan your Bangkok adventures. 

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Why visit Bangkok, Thailand?

Because it’s crazy! Yes that is a reason to visit.

But actually, it’s not as “crazy” as other cities I’ve been to (Mumbai, I’m looking at you.) Bangkok is modern, techy but has some of the most beautiful temples and cultural experiences possible. Whether you want to learn how to cook Thai food, eat countless Thai dishes at one of the MANY Thai food markets, or even watch a traditional Thai boxing match, you’ll find it all in Bangkok. 

Unless you fly into Chiang Mai, you’ll usually find it impossible to avoid Bangkok altogether on a Thailand trip, and you shouldn’t! 

views in bangkok

Planning the ultimate 5 day Bangkok itinerary 

So this Bangkok itinerary is based on 5 days because I think that’s enough time to really see all that the capital has to offer and a couple of nearby day trips too. If you wanted to see it all in less, it’s possible, but will be rushed. However, I’ll make some suggestions at the end of this post. 

Bangkok Itinerary: Day 1

It’s time to get acquainted with the city. I suggest you start with culture! Bangkok is packed with amazing temples and since it’s so easy to get around Bangkok, either via the boat services, metro or tuk tuks, you’ll be able to achieve a lot in one day. 

Temples you should see on your first day in Bangkok include: 

  • Wat Arun (Temple of the dawn): You should try and get here for sunrise. There will be less people and the light is beautiful. 
  • Temple of the Golden Mount (Wat Saket): I think this is a great temple for later in the day. It offers wonderful views over Bangkok city and there’s a nice little cafe at the top. 
  • Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha): This is a massive (gold Buddha) and it’s very beautiful. There are a variety of other smaller Buddhas and statues in the area, and this is worth a visit. 

After exploring these temples, head to a night market for a bite to eat, or the Hard rock Cafe. I know you’re probably wondering why I’m suggesting a Hard Rock Cafe, but they have the best live band there called Hubris, and it’s worth visiting for a drink just to see them play. 

war arun temple of dawn in bangkok

Bangkok Itinerary: Day 2 

The second day is also going to include temples, but it’s going to include a visit to the most famous temple in all of Bangkok. 

  • Visit the Grand Palace: This is my favourite spot in Bangkok and should make it on any Bangkok itinerary regardless of how long you stay. 
  • Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew): This is another wonderful sight among the Grand Palace. 
  • Get a Sak Yant Tattoo: Okay, I know this is pretty specific and only appeals to those wanting to get a tattoo, but you can get a tattoo the traditional way from one of the most famous monks (Who did Angelia Jolies). Anyway, the temple where the tattoos are undertaken is actually very beautiful, and I think it’s worth a visit just for that. Bradley got his tattoo here, so you can read all about it here, or you can just go ahead and book your trip. 

You can book a combination tour of the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha right here (It’s skip the line too) 

In the evening you can head to the “Sky Bar” in Bangkok (which is the famous bar featured in the Hangover 2) for epic views accompanied by delicious cocktails. (Try the hangover cocktail...but you may suffer from one :P) 

grand palace bangkok

Bangkok Itinerary: Day 3 

Day 3 should be dedicated to the floating markets of Bangkok! Typically your floating market tour starts around 7 am, so it’s an early start. You’ll visit Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and the really cool Maeklong Railway Market. (I highly recommend this tour!) 

After you’ve finished buying souvenirs and having fun at the floating market, you can head back, relax for a little bit, then head out to a Muay Thai Thai boxing match in the evening for some local fun! 

You can book VIP ringside tickets right here. 

floating market bangkok
You can pick up some cute presents!

Bangkok Itinerary: Day 4 

Today will be a day of checking out some of the best museums in Bangkok! Below I’ve compiled a list of the ones I think are worthwhile.

  • Bangkok National Museum 
  • Bangkok Art & Culture Centre
  • Museum of Siam 
  • Samut Prakan Ancient City

In the evening it’s time to visit the epic Chinatown and eat your heart out! We loved the food in Chinatown, it’s seriously delicious, and there are lots of cheap massage places where you can opt for a famous Thai massage after dinner. If you’re feeling really can go watch a Ping Pong Show in Patong (it’s not for the fainthearted! :P) 

toursit attractions in bangkok

Bangkok Itinerary: Day 5 

Assuming this is your final day and you’ll be heading off to somewhere else, these suggestions can be done in the morning or lunch time. I suggest you check out the beautiful Bangkok Flower market for an epic picture spot, or head to one of the massive malls for a spot of shopping. If you’ve got time you can check out these final two pretty cool temples. They are Wat Suthat and Mariamman Temple (which is a cool Hindu Temple).

If you want to make the most of your time in Bangkok, you can take tours that will help take you to many of the best sights in a shorter period of time. Below I list you 3 of my favourite tours! 

  • Bangkok Instagram Tour: If you want to discover all the best (and secret) Instagram spots in Bangkok, then this is the tour for you. 
  • Ayutthaya Ancient City: If you’ve got a late flight on your last day, then you should definitely fit this tour on your Bangkok itinerary. 
  • Temple Tour: This walking tour takes you to the best temples in Bangkok. 
temples in bangkok

Other itinerary suggestions 

3 days in Bangkok: If you’ve got only 3 days in Bangkok, then I suggest you stick to the details I gave on days 1, 2 and 3. This covers the essential things to do and see in Bangkok and you won’t be missing out on anything too important. 

2 days in Bangkok: Two days will only give you time to do some temple hopping and the chance to see the awesome night markets and maybe a Thai boxing show. Definitely include the Reclining Buddha and Grand Palace on your 2 day Bangkok Itinerary.

Where to stay in Bangkok 

Bangkok is super big and there are a lot of different areas to stay in. I’ve gone into detail on where you should stay on my Bangkok city guide, but I’ll sum it up for you here too. 

  • Khao San/ Banglamphu Area: Great for backpackers/party goers. Lots of hostel style accommodation here. 
  • Bangkok Riverside: Great for couples, many mid-range and beautiful hotels in this area 
  • Sukhumvit Area: Close to all the shopping districts so perfect for those who love to shop till they road 
  • Silom Area: This is basically the financial/business district, so lots of high rise, classy hotels! We stayed in a great hotel that had a brilliant rooftop hotel. 

That’s actually my only suggestion: Choose a hotel with a rooftop pool if you can. The views at night when you’re sitting in the pool of the Bangkok Skyline are pretty amazing! 

You can look for all accommodation in Bangkok right here.

grand palace in bangkok

Budget for Bangkok

Honestly, Bangkok can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. You can get hotels for $5-6 a night, and you can get fancy hotels for around $40 (of course you can spend a lot more!), but if you stick to street food, or local restaurants, then you’ll not spend a lot on food either. Drinks in Bangkok are fairly cheap and getting around shouldn’t be expensive if you use the metro, Grab or tuk-tuks. 

You can get to and from the airport via the Sky Train, or you can book a private shuttle driver online for more convenience. (It’s not expensive) 

Getting around Bangkok 

You’ve got a few options when it comes to planning the logistics of your Bangkok itinerary. 

  • Grab/ride sharing: Super cheap and convenient when getting around Bangkok. The only drawback is you can get stuck in traffic, and there’s no avoiding it. It is the capital city afterall.
  • Metro: Use the metro and sky trains to get around quickly in Bangkok. This is a cheap option and it’s never usually too far a walk to find the nearest station. 
  • Tuk-tuk: It’s always fun getting around by Tuk-Tuk, but you’ll have to negotiate on price as they will try and rip you off. I suggest taking whatever price they quote you and half it, then start your work from there. I’m pretty sure you can order tuk-tuks on Grab now too…
getting around bangkok

So there you go! My 5 day Bangkok itinerary. I hope you’ve found this post useful and it’s helped you plan your trip to Bangkok. If you’ve got any more questions or suggestions, then just drop a comment below. 

Happy travels! 

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