Tropicfeel NS40 Jacket Review [In-Depth & Unbiased!]

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November 27, 2023
Looking for the ultimate travel jacket? Look no further than the Tropicfeel NS40 Jacket. Read our review to find out why it's a stand out product...

Packing warmer layers for a trip is always a challenge. I mean, when you live out of a backpack or suitcase for several months at a time, you can really only afford to bring along one solid jacket. 

But it can be hard to find the perfect travel jacket… A jacket that will keep you dry, warm, and still fit in your carry-on.

That’s why we’re so crazy about Tropicfeel’s newest addition to their travel gear, the Tropicfeel NS40 Jacket

This travel jacket packs easily, is warm, waterproof, and suitable for a whopping 80% of travel destinations. 

We absolutely love it, and are excited to now share our Tropicfeel NS40 Jacket review. 

Starting with..

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Who are Tropicfeel?

Tropicfeel is an emerging Barcelona-based travel company committed to “inspiring conscious travel and leaving a positive footprint”.

Since 2017, they’ve done exactly that, and created a wide selection of products specifically made for travelers

Tropicfeel started with sustainably made, versatile, and high-performance travel trainers. Since then, they’ve expanded to now create backpacks, clothes, and now the NS40 Jacket! 

Best place to buy NS40 jacket

The best place you can purchase the NS40 Jacket is directly from the Tropicfeel website

Their online payment system is easy to use, and provides payment options in over a dozen different currencies! 

They also offer international shipping, so you can ship your NS40 Jacket all over the world. 


In-depth Tropicfeel NS40 jacket review

Two piece design

One of the best features of the NS40 jacket is its unique two piece design which combines the vest, and the layer. 

The layer is weatherproof, breathable, and has lots of great features like a roll-up hood, pockets, and thumbhole cuffs. 

It’s also made using a combination of graphene technology and thermofibre insulation, which helps keep it warm and waterproof

The vest is the other half of the design.

It’s also made with graphene technology, which keeps it waterproof, and also equipped with a 100% vegan down filling, which helps it to retain heat

The vest is reversible, meaning it can be worn 2 different ways. One way keeps it waterproof, and the other way shows off the vest’s stylish look.

When you pair the vest and layer together, you have an incredibly warm jacket that’s also waterproof, and functions as a windbreaker. 

However, you also have the option to wear either piece on its own, which extends the wear of the jacket to a wider range of temperatures. 

Keep in mind though, only the upper half of the layer is waterproof, and it needs to be worn in combination with the vest to keep it fully waterproof. 


waterproof design NS40 jacket

The Tropicfeel NS40 Jacket is truly waterproof. Whether you’re caught in a light drizzle, or some heavy monsoon rains, the NS40 will keep you nice and dry! 

The zipper on the NS40 is completely sealed, and won’t let any water in at all.

The pockets on the jacket are also completely waterproof, so not only will you not get wet, but neither will your phone, wallet, and other important belongings! 

Self packable

This is another reason we love this jacket so much- it’s entirely self-packable! The jacket comes with its own carrying pocket, and essentially folds into itself

This makes it super easy to fit the jacket into your carry-on backpack, or even attach it to your daypack! 

When it’s folded into its pouch, it even has a few storage pockets you can use. It’s so soft you can even use it as a travel pillow on the plane, or on the road! 

Roll-up hood

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide if you want a rain jacket with a hood or not, as there are benefits to both. 

With the NS40, you get the best of both worlds, because the jacket’s layer comes with a roll-up hood!

If you want the hood to keep you warm or dry, you simply unroll it. 

If you don’t want a jacket with a hood, it’s as simple as rolling it back up onto itself, and you can’t even tell it’s there. 


is the NS40 jacket stylish?

Not only is the NS40 Jacket warm, waterproof, and versatile, it also looks really good.

You can wear this jacket not just on hikes, but also feel comfortable wearing it around town, as it also fits an urban look, especially when the vest is reversed. 

The NS40 jacket also comes in some really sharp colorways, including: core black, clover green, night blue, and citadel blue.


Versatile design of NS40 jacket

When packing for a big trip, you need a jacket that’s versatile, and the Tropicfeel NS40 is exactly that. 

Because it’s a two piece jacket, you have plenty of options for layering, and you can add/remove layers at your leisure to suit different temperatures throughout the day, or in different destinations entirely. 

The Tropicfeel NS40 is actually so versatile, that it can function as the only jacket you need to bring to 80% of travel destinations in the entire world! 


practical pockets in NS40 jacket

There are actually quite a few storage pockets within the NS40 jacket, making it a useful choice for when you're out and about on an adventure.

We particularly love the hidden style pockets, alongside the main pockets in the front! 

Just remember to check all the pockets when you think you've lost something ;) 


sustainable NS40 jacket

We love that this jacket is comfortable, versatile, and stylish.

Combine those features with the fact that it’s sustainably and ethically made, and this is one of the best travel jackets on the market! 

Some things that make it a sustainable jacket:

  • It’s made from recycled polyester
  • It uses 100% vegan down
  • It’s 100% carbon neutral
  • The jacket is ‘certified by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production for lawful, ethical, and humane production’
  • The packaging it comes in is made from recycled materials

Other great features of the NS40 Jacket:

  • The zipper zips and unzips smoothly without catching
  • The jacket fits true to size
  • The colors are true to the website
  • It has a discreet logo

Overall verdict - Is the NS40 jacket worth buying?

Is the NS40 jacket worth buying

After testing out the NS40 jacket, we absolutely think it’s worth buying. The jacket itself is very high quality. 

It’s also comfortable, cozy, warm, and stylish. 

When packing for a big trip, you have to be very selective about what exactly to bring. We know that one of the most difficult packing decisions is what warm layers to bring, because warmer layers tend to take up way more precious backpack/suitcase space. 

The NS40 Jacket makes this packing decision really easy, as it’s a suitable jacket to bring along to 80% of travel destinations in the world. 

Because it also packs so easily and compresses so much, it takes up very little space in your bag. 

Basically, if you’re keeping to more mild or tropical destinations then the NS40 Jacket is perfect. 

If you’re traveling to places with harsher winters, the NS40 is still great for the warmer/shoulder seasons, but it is not suitable for a winter jacket in places like Canada, Northern Europe, Chile, etc. 

6 Month Performance Review

  • Perfect jacket and vest to pack up and go with
  • Found it really suitable for skiing, which I don't think they recommend but I used it and layered underneath and it was fab
  • Go up a size to layer up
  • It does get wrinkly especially the vest when in the self packable pouch
  • Only took me a couple of weeks to realise you can pack the best into the layer pouch too
  • Really weather resistant and retains a lot of heat whilst remaining lightweight

What else does Tropicfeel offer?

Tropicfeel Backpacks

Nest Backpack

The Tropicfeel Nest Backpack is perfect for day trips and short city breaks. It has a sleek, urban appearance that we love, and expands all the way from 16L to 30L for a multitude of uses.

With its smaller size, the Nest is a great backpack to accompany one of Tropicfeel’s larger backpacks, like the Shell. 

Hive Backpack

The Tropicfeel Hive Backpack has the same sleek urban look as the Nest, except it fits way more.

The Hive backpack expands all the way from 22L to 46.5L, and even has a built-in closet that fits perfectly with it to help you stay organized on the road.

Due to its larger size it’s a great choice for backpacking, and it also has a hip strap to support the extra weight!

Check out our review.

Shell Backpack

The Shell Backpack is another great Tropicfeel pack for backpacking. It fits anywhere from 22-24L, and also comes with supportive hip and sternum straps to carry the extra weight. 

It has a stylish yet more sporty look, and is ideal for longer trips.

Cruiser Backpack

The Tropicfeel Cruiser is a 20L backpack that packs into itself to take up only a tiny amount of space. It’s super comfortable and weatherproof, making it a great bag to take along with you on hikes, and beach trips. 

Again, this is a great backpack to use alongside any of Tropicfeel’s larger packs as a small daybag, or hiking backpack.

Tropicfeel Shoes

  • Lava - The Lava is an all-terrain, water friendly sneaker that’ll keep you comfortable during higher-impact activities.
  • Monsoon - The Monsoon is a lightweight, stylish travel trainer with extra cushioning and support.
  • Canyon - These quick-dry travel sneakers are perfect for long travel days, touring cities, and even getting out in nature.
  • Sunset - The Sunset is a more stylish, urban shoe that pairs well with activewear, and also works when you want to dress up a little. 
  • Jungle -The Jungle is right up there behind the Lava in terms of comfort and support, plus they have ultra-high grip to keep you steady on all terrains.
  • Dune - The Dune can be worn as sneakers or slippers, and fits completely flat in your travel bag.
  • Geyser - The Geyser Tropicfeel’s first waterproof shoes. There are two options, the Geyser Great and the Geyser Litli, with the latter being the more lightweight option. We've actually written an in-depth review of these shoes if you're looking to find out more...

Will you try the NS40 jacket?

Once again, we are super impressed by Tropicfeel's entrance into a completely different product range!

When they stepped up from shoes to backpacks, it was interesting to see whether they would indeed create anything new, and they did! As you can read in my Tropicfeel backpack review guide.

Now, it seems they've hit it out the park once again, creating a fantastic quality jacket, designed for the modern traveler.

With some unique features that other brands simply aren't doing.

At least that's just our humble opinion.

Now over to you…

Will you buy the NS40 Jacket?

Do you have any other questions about the Tropicfeel NS40 jacket?

If so, drop a comment below! We’re happy to answer any more questions about the Tropicfeel NS40 Jacket, and help you to determine if it will work for you.

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