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Cazzy Magennis
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Cazzy Magennis
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April 10, 2020
Whenever I come across anything that I think will benefit fellow type ones like me, I like to share it! Anything to make life a little easier can't be bad.
Handee Bra
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So, I was browsing the internet one day and came across the “Travel Bra” via a female blogger I enjoy who was advertising them, they had a lipstick compartment, somewhere to put your passport, & a credit card sleeve..and I thought to myself that’s pretty cool, but...instead of a passport..Couldn’t I fit my insulin pump in there!? 

So, I dropped them an email, and they previously had this query, and directed me to another similar product; the “Handee Bra”, which has actually been used by diabetics before to hold their pump, or handsets, testing strips etc. This is a better fit because of its flexibility in sizes.

The passport section of the Handee bra, fits an insulin pump, so its genius for bringing on travel trips so your pump is secure and you can guarantee its safe! It still fits lipstick, etc, and you can put actual travel essentials in it, but I plan on using mine for my pump and some emergency hypo supplies. 

Imagine you misplaced your bag, or god forbid it was stolen, you have can have a little extra peace of mind that your diabetic supplies will be safe in your bra! (I will also keep some Mac lipstick in there, because in case you haven't noticed...I wear red lipstick 24/7 hehe)

Wearing Handee Bra
Me wearing my Handee Bra :)

Recently it seems they have also started selling "Travel Trunks" as well for if you're a guy and maybe you don't fancy wearing a bra! Or maybe you would prefer a strap, or band....So make sure you tune in to my next post so you can benefit from this too!!

The bra comes in three different colours, as you can see I have black & hopefully these pictures can give you an idea of how “handy” it is. It’s actually extremely soft and comfortable, as well as breathable, so I think it’s going to be perfect in the temperature I will be in. Apparently it's Bamboo used in the making of the Handee Bra which is probably why it's so soft, and the fact I can machine wash it means it will work well for on the go! It's the perfect ingredient for an active bra- which is brilliant because I intend on being super active on my travels throughout South America.

My Diabetic pump
Perfect fit for my pump!

You can check out their website here. and have just noticed that they donate $5 to the National Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which can’t be a bad thing!! It is an Australian brand, but they ship worldwide, hence why they got one to me!

Also I want to mention that we do get a small commission if you were to buy one of their products by clicking through our link. Any small amounts of money would naturally go towards helping to keep this blog going. I honestly absolutely love this product and would not have recommended it unless I really saw the value in it.

On top of this the company have actually kindly allowed us to give an exclusive 10% discount to anyone purchasing a Handee Bra! You just need to enter the discount code "CAZZY" at the checkout. I'm not sure how long this discount will be available so if you like the look of it I really would say its worth getting one for yourself or someone you know.

Buy Handee Bra now sign

This really is one of my favourite travel hacks- and the fact it unintentionally benefits type one diabetics is even better!

If you aren’t Diabetic, I still think this is extremely useful to carry important things with you that you don't want to be seen to the public eye!  I fully intend on using this bra all the time when in South America, and on the rest of my travels across the WORLD.

What travel hacks do you have to make life easier?

Happy Travelling!

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