12 Incredible Things To Do In Verona [Italy] in 2024

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January 4, 2024
Verona is a wonderful place I had the chance to visit a few years ago! Below I discuss my guide on the top things to do in Verona and where to stay...
Verona Italy

When it comes to Italy, there really hasn’t been a place that’s disappointed me yet.

I love Rome, I adored Venice, and Turin was more than I’d ever hoped it could be. As part of my Venice trip a few years ago, I spent some time in wonderful Verona.

Verona is a place I’ve always wanted to visit, mainly because of Romeo and Juliet as it’s the setting in which the story takes place.

Being my favourite piece of Shakespeare and my favourite movie (thank you Baz Luhrmann), I was so excited to visit the city of love.

It did not disappoint.

Did you know that Verona is the fifth most visited city in Italy and 59th in the world?

So, sit back, relax as I take you through the top things to do in Verona.

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Why should you visit Verona?

If you want an Italian city that’s packed with romance, beauty and culture, (plus really good gelato), then Verona is for you.

It has a heart and soul and isn’t as overpopulated as other Italian destinations such as Rome or Venice.

How to get to Verona

You can get to Verona in a variety of ways.

  1. Drive: If you’re from the UK or any other part of Europe, you could choose to drive to Verona. It would make part of an awesome European road trip idea.
  2. Train: The train network in Italy is brilliant and there are trains from all over the country connecting you to Verona. I went from Venice and it wasn’t a long train ride, nor expensive one either.
  3. Fly: Of course your other option is to fly into Verona. It’s only 10 km outside of the main city, so it’s very easy to get to and from.
  4. Bus: You can get the Aerobus which connects the city and the airport, or the Verona Porta Nuova railway station leaves every 20 minutes. It’s only a fifteen-minute journey costing €6. You can buy tickets from a machine at the airport, or buy on board for a slightly higher cost.

When is the best time to visit Verona?

The best time to visit Verona is between late May to early October, but of course, the summer months will be peak time so if you hate crowds, then it’s better to head in the Autumn seasons where the weather is cooler and the crowds are lower.

I visited in peak time however and I was fine with the crowds. It’s not as crowded as say, Venice or Rome.

How long should you stay in Verona?

For me, Verona isn’t a week-long destination. Rather it’s the perfect spot for a city break which means 2 to 3 nights is sufficient enough.

3 nights is optimal! But you could do four if you really want to relax and take day trips (to Venice could be one!)

12 Wonderful Things To Do in Verona Italy

Okay, now it’s time for the part you came for, the list of great things to do in Verona!

When it comes to what to do in Verona, you are actually spoilt for choice. A lot of the best Verona attractions are romantic, so open your heart and you’ll have an amazing time.

1. Visit Juliet's House

This is probably one of the top things to do in Verona (if not the top!). Juliet's house is like a museum that basically tells the fictional Shakespeare story of Romeo and Juliet.

As you walk through the house you will read sections of the play in each room as it tells the story. It’s a gothic style 1300s house and it’s said to have inspired Shakespeare.

As you walk in there is a wall where people have written love letters or phrases to their loved ones. It’s basically a graffiti wall. But since it’s been a few years since I went there, I am unsure as to whether it’s still in existence, so if you know, then let me know!

There is a statue of Juliet in the garden area, and you’re supposed to kiss her for good luck in love.

The highlight of Juliet’s house is the balcony in which you can recreate your very own “Romeo, Romeo, where there art thou Romeo?” and have someone take your picture from below. It’s good fun, so stay light-hearted!

If you’re a fan of the play and the story of Romeo and Juliet, then you’ll like this visit. If you don’t then I don’t think you’ll be a fan. It’s all about romance.

The names Montecchi and Capuleti (from which we get the Capulets and Montagues) were at the time genuine rival political factions, and it is possible to visit their respective houses as well.

juliet house
You leave your love message!

2. Visit the Church in which Romeo and Juliet got married

Okay okay, I know the whole Romeo and Juliet thing isn’t real, but I did say I loved the play, so this church was “supposedly” where they got married, so I wanted to visit it as such.

The church is called Basilica di San Zeno and despite the whole marriage, it’s a beautiful church with lovely gardens and worth a visit just for that. They also hold masses.

3. Eat A LOT of gelato

Italians are famous for it, and they make the best gelato in the world. Verona delivers well on the gelato front. It gets warm in Verona, so I would be eating as much as you possibly could.

It’s typically around 2 euro for a cone in Verona (tourist prices), but there are lots of flavors to choose from.

I don’t have a typical shop in mind, I prefer pondering upon random ones.

gelato in verona

4. Check out the Verona Arena

This is often known as Verona's version of the Colosseum. Back in its peak days (circa 130-1100 AD), it was one of the biggest of its kind in the world and could seat up to 30,000 people.

Today, each year, the arena hosts the Arena Opera festival which hosts famous operatic singers. Both then and now it attracts an impressive crowd of visitors from around the world.

Get your Arena-De-Verona Tickets right here!
visiting Verona arena

5. Visit the brilliant Castelvecchio

Castelvecchio is a brilliant castle in Verona, and easily one of the best places to visit in Verona. It’s now home to a museum which provides lots of interesting history and context of the castle.

An interesting fact is that during World War II, the castle suffered serious damages as in 1945 after the Allies had bombed the eastern wing of the castle, the Germans on the run blew the bridge up!

But the Museum tour is interesting and fun and you can see a weapons room which has a lot of interesting items too.

There are also some beautiful viewpoints that overlook the bridge and river, and these make for romantic photos, so ask someone to take your photo together, or bring a tripod!

We headed early and there weren’t that many people around, which was quite nice. I felt like I had a whole castle to myself!

Ps, there is actually a wine vineyard around here, which is another one of the great things to do in Verona if you’re a wine lover (I am a wine lover!)

visiting beautiful verona
The bridge!

6. Visit the stunning Giardino Giusti

If you’re in seek of a wonderful picnic spot in Verona, then look no further. The Giardino Giusti oozes beauty, romance, and colour!

It’s particularly beautiful in the summer and spring months.

These grounds of Renaissance symbolism of the classic Italian garden will give you the chance to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 16th century when it was once home to one of the most prestigious academies of the city.

7. Go Souvenir shopping

There are lots of great places to find gifts back home for family and friends. Whether it’s a bottle of Limoncello or a bag of pasta (yes that’s a thing when you go to Italy-- I bought a fancy colourful bag about 8 years ago and still have it- haha).

Or if you want shot glasses, travel bracelets, or whatever, simply wander the streets to discover lots of ideas.

Verona is also filled with LOTS of high-end shops, so if you fancy on splurging on a designer item for yourself, then it’s the place to do so.

8. Romantic Italian dinner for two

When it comes to romantic things to do in Verona, this is top of the list (especially if you’re not a Romeo and Juliet fan).

Verona is a romantic setting for an Italian dinner for two. It’s no surprise that lots of people opt to visit Verona for Valentine's vacation.

I didn’t get the chance to have my romantic meal in Verona, but TripAdvisor is bursting with lots of ideas to suit all price ranges. From fancy to budget, you can dine for two in a romantic setting!

9. Head high up at Torre dei Lamberti

This is an 84 m high tower in Verona. It’s just a short walk from Juliet's famous balcony, so it’s a perfect place to visit after falling in love with the essence of Romeo and Juliet.

Basically, in every city I go to, I love finding a high point that gives me a 360 view of the surroundings, and that is the place in Verona.

The views are beautiful and allow you to appreciate the beauty of the city from above.

It’s open every day apart from Christmas and your ticket allows you entrance to the Gallery of Modern Art too.

You can find out more details more details here.

It’s only 8 euro to visit and 5 euro for students, so perfect for those who visit Verona on a budget.

10. Visit the Roman theatre

The Roman theatre is not the Verona Arena (which is often confused). Rather it’s another outstanding piece of beauty.

It was built around the 1st century and today remains the stage, the orchestra, the auditorium, and some galleries.

When you visit you can get a guidebook explaining all about history, or you can even arrange a guided tour, which might be good if you are interested in the history.

11. Take a day trip to Lake Garda from Verona

If you’re looking for a day trip from Verona, then Lake Garda is a must do.

Lake Garda is only around 1 hour and 15 minutes from Verona and you can rent a car and drive there, or take a private taxi.

Lake Garda is known for its sheer beauty, wonderful restaurants, great architecture and much more. You could easily spend a day by the lake relaxing with great food and a glass of wine.

It’s a beautiful area for a day out, and since you’re so close, it would be rude not to visit!

This is a cool tour that combines a wine tour too!

Perhaps you’d like to stay an evening at the Lake, in which case you can check out accommodation options here.

lake garda Verona Italy

12. Take a Verona food and wine tour

When we think of Italy, we think of two things (among others), amazing Italian food and delicious wine. Well, if you want to take the fuss out of experiencing both, then take a guided tour. (This is a great one!)

A tour will take you to all the best spots to allow you to sample the best food and the best wine Verona has to offer.

This means you don’t need to worry about missing out on any of the good stuff!

wine tour italy

Where to stay in Verona: My top 3 hotel recommendations

Below I discuss my favourite hotels in Verona and where I recommend you should stay on your visit to beautiful Verona!

1. Hotel Colomba d'Oro

Stunning interior architecture both inside and out, this hotel oozes class and sophistication. It’s so beautiful!

It has an authentic Italian feel to it and it’s only 150 m from the Verona Arena, so brilliant location in the historical centre.

Breakfast is included and I think at just £105 (ish) per night, it’s an absolute steal for its location, beauty, and everything! (that’s 50 each!)

Check prices here

2. Hotel Gabbia D'Oro

This is a 5-star hotel that oozes luxury, so if you’re looking for a romantic place to splash the case, then this is a good choice.

Just look at the detail in every element of this hotel, it’s amazing. One of the most beautiful I have seen.

It’s also in the heart of the action and includes breakfast.

But, since it’s luxury, it’s a little pricey at around £200 per night!

Check prices here

3. Hotel Antica Porta Leona & SPA

Want a romantic hotel that has beautiful rooms, a great location, AND a spa? Then I’ve found it!

Beautifully designed rooms, in the heart of Verona, it’s no surprise this place books out quickly!

Prices start at just £107 per night for two people with Spa access. I think that’s a STEAL!

Check prices here

Is the Verona Card worth buying?

This is always a question I get asked for various city break destinations, and in this case, the price of the Verona card is quite appealing.

You can get a card for 24 hours or 48 hours, and it’s 20 euro for the day or 25 for two days.

This includes a variety of things such as free or reduced entry to the city main museums, monuments, and churches. You can travel by ATV city bus as well!

Actually, I think it is a good buy if you are speaking a couple of days in Verona. Lots of the great museums are included and even the reduced prices are good.

I don’t think you’ll need the bus, but if you do need transport, then it’s good to use the free bus service available.

It’s so cheap that I do think the Verona card is actually worth it!

Final thoughts

So there you have it, my guide on wonderful things to do in Verona. I hope that this list gives you some inspiration, and I know it’s very romantic heavy-- but Verona truly is a very romantic destination.

If you don’t go here with a lover, then you’ve got a high chance of finding love in Verona too!

If you’ve got other Verona attractions you think I should add to the list, then please comment below.

For help planning the rest of your Italian adventure, here are my other guides:

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