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June 21, 2021
We had the chance to stay at the beautiful Sunset Lodge in Lake Atitlan, you can read about our experience here and how you can stay there too...
Sunset Lodge Lake Atitlan

We visited the beautiful Lake Atitlan, “land of the eternal Spring”, in February and it was truly a wonderful experience.

It is one of the most special places in all of Guatemala and is sure worth a visit. We had the pleasure of staying at the Sunset Lodge and had a wonderful experience, just keep reading to find out more ...

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A little built about Sunset Lodge

sunset lodge lake atitlan

It’s located just before the section of the lake known as “Santa Cruz”.

It’s only a 5 minute boat ride from where buses drop you off in Panajachel and it really does feel like a secluded paradise spot.

The reason it’s called the Sunset Lodge is because the sunset view from this lodge is truly the best in all the area! It’s stunning. Seriously, check it out ...

The Sunset lodge is owned and run by a friendly guy called Armand.

He fell in love with Lake Atitlan over 30 years and decided to stay and live here, instead of France. The passion he speaks of the area and of the lake is contagious, and I almost didn’t want to leave myself!

The rooms at Sunset Lodge?

different rooms at sunset lodge
lake atitlan rooms
Cosy, homely vibes
sunset lodge in guatemala

You’ll find a few different rooms to stay at, with a few being apartments and others being rooms within the main living quarters with Armand and his daughters.

This is where we stayed, and would highly recommend it to others. Armand is a very friendly host and a great chef as well! Meaning, you get chance to actually talk to someone living around the lake and to discover more about this unique and spectacular area.

If you’re not into staying and speaking with the locals, then staying at a guest house might not be for you. As such, you might be better of choosing one of the apartment buildings also located at the Sunset Lodge site.

Why stay at Sunset Lodge?

views at sunset lodge lake atitlan
Picture yourself, a book, and this view....bliss!

The sunset lodge is for those people who want true peace and relaxation. To truly escape the hustle and bustle and stresses of life, a stay at the sunset lodge will revilatilise you for the rest of your journey around Guatemala.

If you don’t fancy cooking for yourself, a beautiful walk along the beach will take you to other restaurants which offer delicious food at a great price.

We went into Santa Cruz one day and found a charming little rooftop restaurant offering views out across the lake. Alternatively, stop off at one of the few restaurants that line the lakeside walkways to Santa Cruz.

What’s great about Sunset Lodge, and what sets it apart from most other properties in the area, is that you have access to the lake right on your doorstep. So if you fancy taking a swim in the warm water, it’s never too far to get too.

Instead, you could try your hand at paddle boarding by taking out one of the boards for a couple of hours. We did this and I recommend going out earlier in the day (before 8:30am) as there are hardly any boats running in the Lake is incredibly calm and tranquil.

Alternatively, if you simply want to relax in the sunshine with a great book, you can lounge on one of the sun loungers on offer.

sunset lodge sunset
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How to get to Sunset Lodge

shuttle to sunset lodge
Hop on the local water boat!

You get a shuttle to Panajachel, which is what I’d call the “capital” of Lake Atitlan as it’s the hub to get to the towns around the lake. Once you arrive, simply walk down to the dock and ask for a public boat to Santa Cruz. It should cost around 10Q, but some may charge you 15Q.

Ask them to drop you off at the Sunset Lodge, or Langua Lodge (depending on what property they are aware of) and you’ll be dropped right outside the property ready to enjoy your relaxing stay.

It’s only a 10 minute boat ride, so if you want to pop onto the main land for shopping or a bite to eat, it’s never hard to wave down a boat to pick you up!

How can you book a night at Sunset Lodge?

how to get to sunset lodge

Armand lists different rooms here on both Airbnb and on Here are the links you’ll need:

A special thank you to for hosting us during our stay. We stayed in the guest room and we had an absolutely wonderful experience with Armand and his daughter. Everyone was beyond friendly with us and we will cherish our time there.

(You can use our Airbnb discount code to get money off!)

I cannot express how much you should stay in this property when visiting Lake Atitlan. You certainly won’t regret the experience.

*A special thank you to Armand for having us!

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