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Orlaigh Magennis
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Orlaigh Magennis
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January 15, 2024
This is my full and honest review of the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L, a versatile and adaptable everyday backpack suitable as a camera carry!
Peak Design Everyday Backpack review

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack is an award-winning carry designed for both daily use and photographers.

It’s comfortable, expandable, and travel-friendly, and thus a great all-rounder that would suit most people.

But is it the right backpack for you?

How’s the quality and durability?

Today, I’ll break down everything you need to know about the Everyday Backpack, including features, comfort, build quality, and drawbacks.

Rating: 8.5/10

Let’s get started!

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Who exactly is Peak Design?

Woman standing with Peak Design Backpack on at train station

Peak Design’s story dates back to 2010 when its owner uploaded his invention on Kickstarter.

Said invention was born out of a real-life problem he’d encountered: the pain of carrying around big cameras while travelling.

To me, the fact that he created something to solve a problem he’d encountered is the sign of a great brand.

This means that Peak Design products are all intended to solve real, everyday problems, particularly in the travel niche.

Their designs are honest, thoughtful, and radical.

What’s greater is that the company is fully carbon neutral, donating 1% of their revenue to environmental nonprofits.

Quick overview: Technical Specifications

  • Price: $279.95
  • Weight: Without Dividers: 1.66kg (3.66lb), With Dividers: 2.01kg (4.43lb)
  • Dimensions: 33 x 46 x 21 cm
  • Noteworthy Materials: 400D double poly-coated DWR-impregnated nylon canvas shell, 100% recycled post-consumer material, 900D waterproof bottom liner, high-visibility grey nylon interior, and more
  • Color Options: Black, Charcoal, Midnight, Ash
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty
  • Capacity: 17L or expandable to 20L (also available in 30L, can be compressed to 22L)
Peak design everyday backpack fully packed

Who should get this backpack?

Overall, anyone could benefit from the Everyday Backpack, but it’s geared especially towards those who are carrying big cameras around. I can recommend this to someone who is starting out in photography and looking for a simple backpack that will protect their limited gear.

The adaptability of this bag is what makes it super versatile, as you can change it easily from camera to daily pack, from travel to creative.

Who should not get this backpack?

Those who are not interested in high-end hardware with delicate features. It isn’t suitable for someone wanting a simple design and isn’t interested in the build of this bag.

It also looks quite bulky from the outside, and there are other more modern, sleek-looking backpacks if that's what you want.

The high price of this backpack becomes worth it only if you are using and appreciating all of the features it offers.

woman on the train with peak deisgn everyday backpack


Peak Design Everyday Backpack Review

I’ve reviewed the Peak Design Travel Backpack 30L before, but I do prefer the Everyday Backpack.

With that said, I think Peak Design has done a great job in executing their backpacks based on the categories.

It comes in two sizes: 20L and 30L. But I’ll be reviewing the 20L.

opening of the peak design everyday backpack

You’ll actually get a manual with your purchase that tells you the different ways to adapt the bag for different purposes, which is pretty handy.

This is because there are quite a lot of parts that come with the bag, including:

  • The backpack itself
  • 3 FlexFold dividers
  • 1 sternum strap
  • 1 anchor link key tether
  • 4 cord hook external carry straps

It’s a bit on the pricey side of backpacks, yet this is understandable considering all the features and solid quality.

How well-made is the Peak Design Everyday Backpack?

The bag uses weatherproof materials, including 100% Recycled 400D Nylon Canvas shell with double PU coating.

This is done very well, as with other Peak Design bags I’ve tried, and water does seamlessly roll off the exterior of the backpack.

All the small details and hardware are sturdy and strong. Using anodized aluminum and glass-reinforced nylon.

peak design everyday backpack materials

In particular, the zips are great and have their own self-locking system which comes in handy for that extra security.

I also love the hooded zips, which add more protection and make it look very sleek.

In terms of craftsmanship, I also appreciate the accents in leather that come with the other colors (not for the Black version, unfortunately).

And not to mention that Peak Design offers a lifetime warranty and a returns scheme, which can hopefully be useful if need be.

Peak design woman wearing the everyday backpack in the city

How comfortable is the Peak Design Everyday Backpack?

I will say the Everyday Backpack is more comfortable in comparison to the Travel Backpack 30L as it has more cushion.

It’s got really nice back padding with quick-drying mesh for the best breathability.

The shoulder straps can rotate at axial points to optimize comfort with all body types.

rotating shoulder straps on the peak design everyday backpack

They feel nice on but because I like having the bag so tightly in and want it almost hugging me. I always get this gap between my shoulders at the top of the straps.

There are three handles which makes it convenient for moving in small, tight spaces. I use the top handle the most, but they’re still very handy to have.

The bag itself isn’t heavy, but it’s also not the most lightweight. The good news: it doesn’t take away from the comfort.

Finally, there’s a stowable sternum strap for when you need it, although like with most backpacks, I still feel that it doesn’t have enough give and can become uncomfortable when I’m wearing a jacket.

Sternum strap on the peak design everyday backpack

What makes the Peak Design Everyday Backpack a great backpack?

1. Use as a camera carry

The fact that it’s so adaptable and flexible has to be the highlight of this bag. Especially for camera use.

You get three FlexFold dividers that you attach via Velcro to organise your camera and lenses. But the best thing is that it also works for organising non-camera items.

If you like, you can also remove them and have more space for larger stuff.

This is what the backpack looks like with the Flex folder in

Peak design everyday backpack camera flexfolds

Or without and just using the space overall.

space inside the peak design backpack without flexfolds

The FlexFolds are cushioned and they have some strength while ensuring protection for your tech.

I ADORE the range you get to adapt it however you want, which is super unique.

2. Useful, easy access

Another feature I love from the Everyday Backpack is the varied and easy access to the inside compartment.

You have two side openings, plus a one-handed top access via MagLatch hardware. Which, for me, is fantastic and premium design.

Maglatch design everyday backpack from Peak Design

The side access offers full range so you can open them at different points, and there’s no need to open up the whole bag if you just need to get one thing out.

For me, the side access is especially useful if you’re using the bag for cameras.

Opening of the everyday backpack peak design

All the openings use extra-durable UltraZip that are, once again, weatherproof and can protect well against water seeping in.

3. Great organisation

The Everyday Backpack offers clever customization and protective internal organisation.

Flexfold on the peak design everyday backpack

Obviously, you have the FlexFold dividers I’ve mentioned, but there are also smaller pockets to store loose items like USBs, hard drives, SD cards, and more.

Outside, there are two side compartments for your bottle that don’t compromise the space inside.

water bottle compartment on the side of everyday backpack peak design

These pockets even have two drainage holes, which I suppose you can use for cables when you keep a portable charger here!

Moreover, I HIGHLY recommend using Peak Design Packing Cubes as they are fantastic and will help you fit more stuff inside the bag. Really helpful if you’re going on a weekend away with this backpack.

4. Laptop sleeve

The protective laptop sleeve comes with several pockets for tablets and documents, again making this bag ideal for work purposes.

inside the laptop compartment to peak design everyday backpack

It’s also got a u-shaped sling that you can adjust for smaller laptops, which I appreciate. 

Laptop compartment peak design everyday backpack

This means your laptop won’t be resting on the bottom of the bag for added protection, and it’s always high enough for easy access!

pockets inside the peak deisgn laptop compartment on the everyday backpack

5. External carry features

This bag has a lot of external carry features.

First is the anchor link key tether, and 4 cord hooks that you can attach in various positions and adapt to your needs.

hook holds on the peak design everyday backpack

These are great to stow or hang things like your jacket, tripod, bike helmet, or even barbell pad!

Then, you have a storage area for the straps on the bottom of the bag for when you’re not using them.

On one of the side pockets, there's also a key catcher with a unique way of clipping in your keys!

key lash on the everyday backpack from peak design

6. Expandable and travel-friendly

Last but not least, is the expandable feature of this bag.

The MagLatch hardware provides internal expansion of +3L on the 20L bag and +8L on the 30L bag.

Peak Design outdoors reviewing

This means you can compress the bag to 17L when not in use, or expand it to 20L to fit more.

There are four latches that are quite easy to use and maneuver.

Not to mention other travel-friendly features like the luggage slit, padded handles in three different positions, and a stowable waist belt (sold separately).

Peak design front pocket train station outside in review

Cons of the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 

woman on the go in train station wearing peak design everyday backpack

There aren’t many red flags or glaring cons to this backpack.

But the main one is that all these add-ons and features mean you need some time to get used to them and remember what goes where.

Furthermore, I would have loved a lower zip to access the laptop compartment fully, but you could argue that it’s much more secure this way.

The water bottle compartments are also not as deep as my liking, as I prefer my water bottles to fit more snuggly.

The laptop compartment has a one-way zipper that doesn’t open fully too, which is a shame because there are a lot of pockets and organisation inside. This would make it easier to use them all.

woman standing with peak deisgn everyday backpack on her back

Peak Design Everyday Backpack: Performance over time

Here are my impressions after using the Everyday Backpack  for the first time, and then three weeks later.

First use:

  • Great materials on the fabric and hardware, feel sturdy and durable
  • Love the adaptability of this bag in term of organisation and volume
  • Very comfortable, especially compared to the Travel Backpack 30L
  • Might be a bit of learning curve to figure out all the features and pockets

After 3 weeks:

  • Love the build quality and weatherproofing
  • Weight-wise it’s not heavy but not light either
  • Very versatile, but the various features might be fiddly if you’re not using them all
  • Excellent as a camera carry for budding photographers or tech enthusiast, although dividers are unnecessary for everyday users

Overall verdict: Are Peak Design bags worth buying?

woman outside who has peak deisgn everyday backpack on her back

TLDR: is the Everyday Backpack worth getting?

In short, I really think it is!

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack is great for creators and photographers who also want a day pack, especially for those starting out and don’t have that much equipment.

I’d recommend checking out their website further for their camera gear and bag accessories that just add to this experience.

The price is a little high but you’re really paying for the quality of the backpack, as well as all the fun features it comes with.

What else does Peak Design sell?

Peak Design 30L Travel Backpack

The 30L Travel Backpack is a strong and versatile carry designed specifically for travel. With a clamshell opening, excellent comfort, and spacious interior, it’s an all-in-one solution for those who needs a larger backpack.

I’ve done a full review of this backpack, which you can read here.

Everyday Messenger

The Everyday Messenger is a brilliant messenger-style bag that can also be adapted for camera gear. It comes with a 13-inch laptop compartment and other organisational pockets.

Packing Cubes

The Peak Design packing cubes have a minimalist and sleek design, and fit nicely into your backpack. They come with a fantastic expansion/compression zip, dual compartments, and just the best, most durable materials.

Peak Design Alternatives

Not sure that the Everyday Backpack is for you? Here are a few alternatives you might want to check out:

Knack Bags Series 2 Medium Expandable Backpack

Knack Bags offer more organisation but it is still adaptable. You have the option to expand it into a great travel bag or compress it to a smaller backpack for day-to-day use. 

Peak Design 30L Travel Backpack

This one has a similar style as it’s quite simple too. It’s slightly more expensive but Peak Design is a reliable brand. This is perfect if you’re looking for even more padding in the laptop compartment and a clamshell opening.

Or a comparison between the two?

Alright, that’s all for my review today. 

Have you ever used this Peak Design backpack?

Let me know in the comment section below!

In the meantime, here are more reviews you might find useful:

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