Pacsafe® Eco 25L Anti-Theft Backpack (HONEST REVIEW!)

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Orlaigh Magennis
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October 6, 2023
The Pacsafe Eco 25L Anti-Theft Backpack has many security features to give you peace of mind when travelling, but is it what you need? Here's my review!
Pacsafe Eco 25L Anti-Theft Backpack review

Safety and security are always a priority when you’re travelling or adventuring outdoors.

But they’re also the last thing I want to constantly be worried about if I want to enjoy myself.

So, having a backpack with anti-theft features is always helpful.

One example is the Pacsafe Eco 25L Anti-Theft Backpack, which I will be reviewing today!

It comes with cut-resistant straps, an RFID pocket, and smart zipper security, among other things.

But is this the bag for you?

Below, I’ll be breaking down the different features and qualities of this Pacsafe backpack.

Rating: 9.5 /10

Let’s get started!

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Who exactly is Pacsafe?

Pacsafe Eco 25L backpack outside on the grass with flowers

Pacsafe is a sustainable travel brand known for its different models of anti-theft bags.

They have lots of proprietary and unique anti-theft features including self-locking zippers, the Exomesh® slashguard material, smart hooks, lockabout security clips, and more.

It was founded by avid travellers, Rob and Magnus, who had travelled frequently for decades. This means that every detail has been thought out well for travel.

As a sustainable brand, Pacsafe is great in ensuring that everything from their production to shipping is as eco-friendly as possible.

One example is the fact that the Eco 25L Backpack is made from post-consumer recycled polyester that is equivalent to 14 recycled plastic bottles.

Not to mention that they donate 1% of sales to turtle conservation!

Pacsafe Eco 25L Video Review

Where can you buy the Pacsafe Eco 25L?

You can buy the Pacsafe Eco 25L straight from the Pacsafe website.

Orders are shipped from the UK within 1 to 2 working days, and it’s free within the UK if you order over £100.

Free shipping is also available in the US and Canada for orders over $49.

You’re allowed to return your purchase for whatever reason in 30 days.

But what I love best is the Pacsafe Warranty, a limited 5-year warranty for all their backpack products, including the Eco 25L.

Pacsafe also has offline stores across the globe, from the US and the UK to Japan and many more.

Quick overview: Technical Specifications

  • Price: $229.95 USD
  • Weight: 1.87 lbs
  • Dimensions: 19.7 x 10.6 x 7.5 inch
  • Noteworthy Materials: ECONYL® nylon, 320D ECONYL® regenerated nylon Taslon, 75D recycled polyester ripstop
  • Colour Options: Gravity Gray, Canyon, Black
  • Warranty: Limited 5-year warranty
  • Capacity: 25L

Who should get this backpack?

woman standing in hallway with pacsafe eco 25L on their back

As its name suggests, the Pacsafe® Eco 25L Anti-Theft Backpack is perfect if you’re looking for an active backpack with excellent security features. 

It was designed with active people in mind and thrives best in such environments.

It’s durable and tough, making it ideal for those long adventures. This is also great if you want a sustainable backpack with eco-friendly materials

Who should not get this backpack?

woman outside with headphones on with Pacsafe Eco 25L

On the other hand, this isn’t the best backpack if you’re looking for something with a dedicated laptop pocket. While you can still fit a laptop here, the compartment wasn’t designed for that so there is no special padding.

I also wouldn’t recommend this if you aren’t planning on using it actively as you won’t get the most out of its features anyway. 

For example, it might feel like a waste if you don’t use the water pack pass-through hole and the two water bottle compartments.

Pacsafe Eco 25L Anti-Theft Backpack Review

How well-made is the Pacsafe Eco 25L?

Pacsafe Eco 25L standing up against a wall

I can’t praise this bag enough when it comes to its build quality and design.

From the style, it looks very active and outdoorsy, which if that’s what you’re going for then this bag is perfect.

The fabrics are not only eco-friendly and sustainable, but they feel good to the touch, look super high quality, and are water-repellent.

The only thing is the false bottom that doesn’t offer a lot of protection, so just be wary of placing any fragile electronics and devices in here.

Also, the moon-shaped front pocket has a great interior colour, though I feel like they could jazz this up a bit more. Perhaps a mesh pocket or something as now it all seems very plain.

The placement of the key lash here is fantastic, but I think the material could have been tougher and higher quality as the clip feels like it could break easily.

Other than that, the zips run smoothly, and the additional pull tags make them easy to manoeuvre. The rest of the hardware is also solid and well-made.

Finally, I adore the subtle detailing and branding of the bag!

How comfortable is the Pacsafe Eco 25L?

woman in forest wearing Pacsafe Eco 25L

Another category that this Pacsafe backpack excels is comfort.

It’s very comfortable to wear and carry, even compared to the Citysafe CX which is geared more towards city breaks and everyday errands.

In comparison, the Pacsafe Eco 25L has lots of airflow on the back compartment that also goes seamlessly onto the shoulders.

It’s a little rough on the shoulder but I think this will feel better with more wear over time. This is also probably what makes the bag more reliable.

There’s an adjustable sternum strap that is very easy to adapt to your build, though I would’ve liked to see more premium hardware here for this price.

The straps don't really curve with the chest area for those who might have a bigger chest, it would make it more difficult to adjust.

Plus, the removable hip belt is there if you ever need extra support.

What makes the Pacsafe Eco 25L a great backpack?

1. Excellent anti-theft features

For me, the unique selling point of this backpack is its incredible anti-theft features and technology

Pacsafe roobar locking system

All the anti-theft pockets are easy to use once you know them but are still elaborate enough that it’s hard for someone to get into them quickly.

Pacsafe roobar locking anti theft system on backpack

This bag has smart zipper security and cut-resistant materials to protect your belongings.

The cut-resistant anchor strap is great if you ever need to secure your bag around a fixed object when travelling.

Pacsafe Eco 25L locking system

I love the RFID pocket, which can give you extra peace of mind when carrying around credit cards or a passport.

And of course, the fact that the shell fabric is water repellent will also protect your belongings well.

Anti theft feature on the pacsafe Eco 25L

2. Internal and external organisation

The main compartment is not overdone and I love it for that! It’s got space and depth, and the pockets aren’t too far down so you aren’t reaching for days. 

Pacsafe RFID blocking pocket

But the bag is top loading so be aware of what you are packing at the bottom and what you might need access to first.

inside pocket of the Pacsafe Eco 25L

One detail I appreciate is the two flaps on each side that can hold the backpack open so that the main compartment stays open at a certain level.

There is a front side pocket which I love with some anti-theft security.

side pocket to Pacsafe eco 25L

Inside, you have an attachment point for your keys and wallets, as well as other pockets to keep your stuff organised.

Inisde the front pocket of pacsafe Eco 25L

There are also external features that allow you to attach anything you might need easy access to!

3. Ergonomic design

I’ve talked about how comfortable this bag is above, but I have to highlight again how great its ergonomics are!

The shoulder straps offer excellent support and make it quite comfortable to carry the bag even when fully packed.

Pacsafe back of the eco 25L Sternum Strap

Meanwhile, the back panel has not only soft padding but also nice airflow that will keep you cool on hot days.

Woman standing outside wearing Pacsafe Eco 25L

4. Very lightweight and flexible

side of the Pacsafe Eco 25L backpack

At just 1.87 lbs, this backpack is very lightweight and flexible.

I love finding bags that can fit a lot and have functional features without weighing you down.

Pacsafe Eco 25L Sternum Strap

It’s overall perfect for those long adventures and active days.

5. Sustainable materials

Woman sitting on grass with the Pacsafe Eco 25L Backpack

The Pacsafe ECO collection is the brand’s most sustainable collection as it uses (almost) only recycled materials and components.

For me, this is also one of its major plus points, and something that the eco-conscious user would appreciate.

Back of the Pacsafe Eco 25L backpack

The Eco 25L one is made with rPET which is equivalent to 14 recycled plastic bottles!

This material is used to make the lining, mesh, webbing, and even labels.

Mesh water bottle pocket on the Eco 25L Pacsafe Backpack

Meanwhile, the buckles and outer fabric use ECONYL® regenerated nylon that has been created from discarded fishing nets, waste fabric, carpets, and more…

6. Water bottle pockets and separate bladder

Woman outside looking into orange pacsafe backpack

Finally, I LOVE just how spacious and stretchy the two water bottle pockets are.

The mesh material is not cheap-looking and feels very tough and hard to rip.

side pocket with water bottle on the pacsafe eco 25L

As a bonus, there’s a separate compartment for a hydration pack in case you’re using the bag for long walks or hiking.

bladder laptop compartment

Again, designed for travellers in mind!

The material inside this compartment is easy to clean while still being water-resistant with this aqua bright colour that makes it easy to see your belongings.

Cons of the Pacsafe Eco 25L Anti-Theft Backpack

Moving on the some of the cons…

The shell fabric here is water repellent but it turns out to be harder to wipe down than I would like. It’s not too bad, though, as you can still use a damp cloth.

While it’s resistant to light rain and spillage, this backpack isn’t completely weatherproof and I wouldn’t feel too confident in a thunderstorm.

Another thing is that the backpack does not hold its shape and falls over when you try to stand it up.

bottom of the Pacsafe Eco 25L

That said, this may not be a drawback at all for some people as the more flexible material actually gives it a more flattering silhouette when worn.

Also, the handle on top is a bit flimsy, but I think for the overall active style of the backpack, placing a thicker handle would have made it look too bulky. 

There is a space for your laptop here which is held down with some elastic, but the only con is that there isn’t that much padding.

But considering that this is not a laptop backpack and is designed for more active usage, I don’t think this is a big deal at all!

Pacsafe Eco 25L Anti-Theft Backpack: Performance over time

Here are my impressions after using the Eco 25L for the first time vs. three weeks later.

Woman tanding with pacsafe Eco 25L on their bckpack

First use:

  • Beautiful, It has to be one of my favourite colour combinations 
  • Comfortable, great for an active lifestyle and for adventure seekers, thrives best in open environments
  • Some hardware I would have expected to be more premium 

After 3 weeks:

  • Still in awe of how beautiful it is, when it get’s ‘dirty’ it isn’t as easy as I would like for it to just wipe off, depending on the situation it requires care
  • It is a long-lasting backpack with great features and a well-thought-out backpack
  • No real storage for a laptop but the space is there if you need it, also wish I got it in the 18L just for my own build and height regarding the straps

Overall verdict: Are Pacsafe bags worth buying?

handle on the pacsafe eco backpack

If you’re in a hurry and want to know the bottom line, you’re probably wondering…

Should you buy the Pacsafe Eco 25L?

If you need a reliable and lightweight backpack for an active life, I’d say that yes, you should get the Pacsafe Eco 25L.

It’s the perfect sustainable backpack for the environmentally conscious user, while the fact that it’s durable and long-lasting means you’ll never have to worry about breaking and replacing it.

This is the bag to go for when you need plenty of storage for your outdoor hikes and adventures.

With ergonomic straps and support, it’s very comfortable to carry even for long periods of time.

Not to mention features like the water hydration compartment, internal pockets and attachment point, and multiple anti-theft features.

All in all, a very solid adventure bag with brilliant security that’s useful for travelling.

What else does Pacsafe sell?

Citysafe CX Anti-Theft Backpack

Woman outside with sunglasses on wearing Pacsafe Citysafe bacpack

The Citysafe CX Anti-Theft Backpack is an excellent travel backpack with lots of security features. From a smart zipper, cut-resistant anchor strap, and RFID pocket to a Roobar Sport locking system, you name it.

I’ve done a full review of the Citysafe CX, which you can read here!

Pacsafe Eco 18L

This is essentially the smaller version of the ECO 25L I’ve reviewed today. You can go for the 18L bag if you want something more compact but still spacious enough for a day trip or short hikes.

Metrosafe X Anti-Theft 16-Inch Commuter Backpack

If you commute to work every day, you might want to consider the Metrosafe X. Its slim profile, 18L capacity, anti-theft features, and wide opening make it great for daily wear in the city.

Pacsafe Eco 25L Alternatives

Patagonia Black Hole

For a lower budget but still a fab backpack, check out the Patagonia Black Hole. This is also a reliable and sustainable brand, and the bag has a top-loading style and serves an active lifestyle.

Here is my full review of the Patagonia Black Hole Pack.

Osprey Arcane Large Day Pack

If you are looking for more of a casual day pack then I would recommend having a look at this Osprey backpack. It’s simple but cute and has more tech room. The style is more unique and quirky too if that’s your cup of tea!

Check out my Osprey Arcane Large Day Pack review.

Alright, that’s it for my Pacsafe Eco 25L review. I hope this has been helpful for your decision.

Do you think you’re going to get it?

Have you tried Pacsafe’s other products?

Comment and let me know below!

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