How To Get Affordable Type 1 Diabetic Travel Insurance

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Cazzy Magennis
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April 18, 2021
The next thing to sort on my checklist is my travel insurance. It's extremely important & you need to make sure you are covered for every emergency.
Type 1 diabetic travel insurance provider
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Having a chronic illness can really bump the price up for travel insurance, especially if you have any complications. Thankfully as of writing this, I have no complications with my diabetes, so filling in the insurance forms online is fairly stress free. 

This is my longest stretch of a journey, so I was curious as to how much travel insurance would cost me for this 4 month trip- I did what I always do, a three-step system I follow to try and get the best deal. I always look for something with around £10 million for medical, £3000 for cancellation, and an excess of £100ish. I dunno why, but that's what always feels comfortable for me!

Our #1 Travel Tip!
Travel insurance tip
Psst!! ... Do you have travel insurance sorted?

Before traveling anywhere, make sure you have your travel insurance in place. We recommend SafetyWing.


Here's a few reasons ...

  • They Cover for Covid-19
  • You can pause and restart policies each month
  • They are more affordable than many providers

System to find the best deal

1) Use price comparison sites

These sites are great for comparing hundreds of companies at once, I always use two:, and (bonus if you buy for the 2 for 1 cinema tickets for a year lol). GoCompare best quote was £151.51 for my requirements, and Compare the market was £141.28 (they did have a quote for £120, which was medical expenses of 7.5 million) So, here the clear winner so far is Compare The Market!

2) Check with Diabetes UK

Someone suggested them to me before for insurance, so I was curious at what the cost would be, hoping it would be something reasonable since it's a diabetic charity picking the insurance companies. Unfortunately, the cheapest they could offer me £322 and that was for 5 million medical expenses, so on this occasion, Diabetes UK was off my list.

3) Negotiate!

Once you have chosen your insurance company, give them a call, and bargain. I usually state I am choosing between two different companies at this time, to see if they can do me a better deal, and in my case I had a success! I got £20 off my insurance, meaning it came to a total of £121.28. YAY! :D This works out £32 a month and I think I can live with that!

When I am choosing an insurance policy, I always check the Defaqto . If you don't know what this’s basically an independent researcher of financial products. I like to go with something 3 star and above & in this case my insurance was a 4 star rating

Now I can travel with peace of mind that I am fully covered on my trip with my type one diabetes….PHEW!

What insurance companies do you use?

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