10 Best Hotels In Antigua, Guatemala For Couples [2024]

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January 4, 2024
We stayed over 2 weeks exploring beautiful Antigua, so below we present the best hotels in Antigua Guatemala, that are great for couples, since we are one!
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I love Antigua, Guatemala and Bradley and I spent over 2 weeks in the area. There is so much to see and do and there are an array of fantastic hotels in Antigua Guatemala. Below I discuss my favourites including an option outside the city with a short commute!

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Should I book my hotel in advance?

Typically if you book your hotel in Antigua, Guatemala in advance, then you’ll probably get a great deal and more choice. However, it’s not essential.

Even in peak tourist season, we still managed to find brilliant hotels in Antigua, Guatemala by only booking a few days in advance.

Types of Accommodation in Antigua

So when it comes to staying in Antigua, Guatemala, there are a lot of options available.

Whether you want a classic 5 star hotel, boutique hotels, a stay in an authentic building with a lot of history, your own place on airbnb or a hostel for backpackers, Antigua has it all, and at a great price too!

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The 10 Best Hotels In Antigua, Guatemala

Okay, so here it is, the list of the 10 best hotels in Antigua Guatemala based on research, reviews and staying there!

There is a LOT of choice when it comes to choosing hotels in Antigua, so hopefully this will help you make a decision!

1. Casa Santo Domingo

So this is actually the most “famous” of the hotels in Antigua Guatemala, and even if you don’t decide to stay here, you should definitely visit the grounds and perhaps have a late breakfast.  

This is probably one of the most luxurious 5 star hotels in Antigua and it truly oozes beauty and sophistication. I think it’s perfect for a romantic getaway for two!

It’s also got an outdoor pool and set in the centre so you’re close to all the best sights that Antigua has to offer. You can even get a room with a spa bath...

Prices start at around £80 per night based on two adults sharing.

Book your stay here.

2. El Convento Boutique Hotel

When it comes to boutique hotels in Antigua, this is my favourite! It offers an outdoor pool, amazing views and fantastic rooms.

The rooms are so pretty and most come with a luxurious bath and great city views. I wanted to stay in this property, but it was actually sold out on our dates, so I say book quick if you want to experience it too!

Prices start at £168 per night based on two people sharing and breakfast is included.

Book your stay here.

3. San Rafael Hotel

A beautiful 4 star hotel in Antigua Guatemala that oozes beauty. Cosy rooms, beautiful surroundings and access to a real fire, what could be more perfect?

Housed in a colonial style building in a great location, this is a real gem of a property that’s also highly rated for its cleanliness and WiFi.

Prices start from £100 per night based on two people sharing.

You can book your stay here.

4. Casa De Leon

This is more like a homestay and it was one of the places Bradley and I stayed in Antigua. It’s actually lovely. The home is beautiful, the rooms are clean, comfortable and spacious and you can get your washing done.

The best thing is the rooftop area that offers a view over antigua and you get a brilliant breakfast up there.

It’s very cheap and fantastic value with prices starting at £16 per night based on 2 sharing and with breakfast.

If you likes homestays in Antigua, then this is your best choice.

Book your stay here.

breakfast at casa de leon

5. Selina Antigua

Selina has hotels all around central, south america and other parts of Europe. It’s a great choice for all types of travellers, from backpackers, families, couples and digital nomads.

They are a wide range of rooms, and in this particular location they offer the chance to stay in glamping style tents which are pretty cool!

Antigua has a cooler climate, so don’t worry about not having air conditioning. We never needed it!

Prices start at £80 per night based on two people sharing (it’s a lot cheaper for dorm rooms of course!)

Book your stay here.

6. Filadelfia Coffee Resort & Tour

Combine a beautiful hotel with my second favourite thing, coffee and you’ve got an amazing hotel in Antigua, Guatemala.

The surroundings are what really sells this place, alongside it’s fabulous outdoor pool. But it’s also got beautiful rooms with spa baths and stunning views.

Plus you can take a coffee tour and taste the amazing coffee. Since breakfast is included, you’ll also get to experience the delicious coffee there too.

I also think it’s great value for money. Prices start at £120 per night based on two people sharing with breakfast...what a steal for the location!

Book your stay here.

ruins in antigua

7. Camino Real Antigua

This is one of the great hotels in Antigua, Guatemala. It’s super stylish, super authentic and it has a gym yay! There is also a fabulous swimming pool and I think it’s in a great location.

It’s quite the luxurious hotel and rooms start at around £170 per night based on two people sharing.

Book your stay here.

8. Naif Boutique Hotel and Gallery

A great 4 star hotels in Antigua Guatemala that has beautifully designed rooms. It’s housed in beautiful gardens, and yes there is a gift shop on the property.

I think for 4 stars, this is an absolute steal at £50 per night for two people sharing, including breakfast!

The property is also in a great location and highly rated on all levels.

Book your stay here.

9. Los Olivos Boutique Hotel

Another of the great value boutique hotels in Antigua Guatemala. This property is colonial style with beautifully decorated rooms. You even have access to Netflix.

The rooms also include fabulous baths. Housed in a great location and with breakfast included, this place is brilliant value at £90 per night per 2 people sharing.

Book your stay here.

10. Hotel Palacio de Doña Beatriz

With a stunning outdoor swimming pool, amazing views, beautiful surroundings an stunning rooms, this is a great option to stay in Antigua!

I think the rooms are beautifully designed and the colonial style oozes throughout the property. It’s also great value at £60 per night based on two people sharing with breakfast!

You can see why it’s so popular!

Book your stay here.

Airbnb options in Antigua Guatemala

We actually stayed in 2 airbnbs during our time in Antigua Guatemala, and both were fantastic value and perfect.

The first is in the city centre known as “Casa Rita”, just a few minutes walk into the centre and you book a room in a traditional Guatemalan home (which is pretty much like a mansion).

It’s super clean, you have access to a cosy living room with real fire, a kitchen, free use of washer and dryer (always a bonus) and communication with the owners is great.

The second is location just 15 minutes via uber (20 via chicken bus) from the city centre and it’s probably the most beautiful bed and breakfast I have ever seen in my life.

It’s known as “Balmoral Suite”. The woman who owns it is actually an interior designer, and you can tell. The home is cosy, LARGE, you have access to the kitchen, 4 living areas, swimming pools, vast gardens, and you get a complimentary breakfast.

It’s located in an area called “Los Aples” and is close to lots of local restaurants and shops so it’s in a really good location.

If you do decide to give these options ago, feel free to use our Airbnb Sign up code to get money off your first booking!

wine in antigua

How to save money on hotels in Antigua Guatemala

Use our discount codes

You can use our sign up codes for both Airbnb and Booking.com to get some money off your first booking (if you’ve never booked with them before...or use a different email, cough).

Book in advance

Sometimes this matters, sometimes it doesn’t. It really depends on how popular the property is. But if you know you want to stay in quite a famous hotel (some above), then booking in advance may get you a better deal!

Be flexible

Weekend prices are typically cheaper than weekend prices. So if you can include a week day night in your stay such as a “Thursday to Sat”, then it will be cheaper than a friday to sunday!

So there you go, my guide on the best hotels in Antigua, Guatemala! I hope you’ve found this useful and if you still don’t like any of the hotels I’ve suggested, then you can check out all the hotels in Antigua here.

Happy travelling!

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