Staying at Hotel Mision in Palenque: An Honest Review

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March 17, 2021
We had the chance to stay at the Hotel Mision in Palenque during our trip to Mexico, read more about our stay and overall experience at this resort here..
Hotel Mision Palenque Mexico

Hoteles Misión is a tropical paradise located in the beautiful Palenque, Mexico. If you find yourself visiting Palenque for a few days (which you totally should, waterfalls, Mayan Ruins, amazing food), then you’ll need the perfect place to base yourself.

Thankfully, we’ve found it. Below is an honest review post of the Hotel Mision in Palenque.

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The check-in experience at Hotel Mision

Bradley and I arrived in Palenque around 6.30am after an overnight bus journey from Tulum, Mexico. Super early, I know! Most hotels never let you check in that early, but when we arrived at Hotel Mision, we were greeted with a smile, an offer of coffee (I always say yes to coffee) and to our surprise, our room was ready and we could check in.

Already I knew that this was going to be a great experience, first impressions count, and I was very impressed.

As you drive into Hotel Mision, it’s like you’re driving into a private estate filled with beautiful trees and gardens. The hotel itself is more like a resort and is packed with everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing stay.

The rooms at hotel Mision

Bradley and I stayed in a double room that had a beautiful pool view and it came with air conditioning, towels, toiletries and a safe.

This was perfect for our 2 night stay. The rooms also offer room service, and a menu is included within.

Room service is reasonably priced and the menu looks delicious. There is a variety of dishes and drinks to choose from, and they have a very good wine list!

rooms at hotel mision

The Breakfast at Hotel Mision

When we stay at any hotel, I always find it’s important to sample the breakfast on offer (providing they have offer). For me, breakfast rounds off the experience of a hotel. It sets you up for the day, and the breakfast at Hotel Mision did not disappoint.

On our first morning we experienced the breakfast buffet on offer. It was fabulous! There was so much choice and everything was delicious. There was even an egg station in which a chef would be waiting there to cook you eggs whichever way you liked! I recommend the omelette.

They had food to suit absolutely every individual and servers would walk around the room and serve you tea and coffee (with refills if you needed it!)

On the second day, we experienced the Al La Carte Menu breakfast style. Again, there were a variety of great options available, both local and international choices. I went for the “American” style breakfast which included choice of eggs, bacon, beans, toast, juice and tea or coffee.

It was delicious and set me up for the rest of my day.

The staff during the breakfast service are super helpful and friendly. It’s so lovely to start your day in the presence of such nice people. It brings a smile to your face.

breakfast at hotel mision
Delicious way to stat the day!

The staff at Hotel Mision

The staff at the hotel are a credit to the property. They are always willing to help, and they always greet you and have a smile on their face. It feels like they are happy to see you, and that’s a lovely way to feel as a guest in a hotel. The Hotel Mision is a large hotel too, so it’s even more impressive that this friendly status is maintained for all.

The facilities at Hotel Mision

Hotel Mision has everything you need for a relaxing stay in Palenque.

First things first, the Spa is amazing. It’s not just a traditional spa with massages as you know it. It’s actually much more than that.

You walk through the beautiful grounds to enter the spa and it’s located in what I can only describe as a tranquil forest where you feel like you’ve been transported to another world.

There is an outdoor, authentic mud bath, a hot tub, a yoga area, a reflexology area, amongst others. There is also a small gym.

It has everything you need to just escape and relax.

spa in palenque

The Hotel Mision also has a large swimming pool with sun loungers which is perfect for cooling down from the heat or simply catching up on your tan with a good book.

The pool is a pleasant temperature too, which is always nice!

There is also a tennis court at the property, which is large! The only problem is the rackets they provide are a little weak and dated, so if you have your own you’ll be fine. But if you’ve never played before, you’ll probably not notice too much of a difference.

Tennis is complimentary too.

tennis courts at hotel mision palenque

The grounds of the hotel are also large enough to walk around, and they have suggested healthy routes for you too take. Walk around the hotel and discover beautiful trees and unique animals.

Suggested walks to take!

You’ll also hear the fascinating howler monkeys. Don’t worry, they always sound closer than they actually are!

Hotel Mision also has an on-site restaurant serving both lunch and dinner. Bradley and I didn’t eat at the restaurant, as we enjoy trying restaurants in the area so we can include them in our travel guides. But judging by breakfast, I can say that they food seems like it will be very good!

One thing to note is the WiFi in this area isn’t as strong as other areas. This is in general for the Palenque area as a whole. But the WiFi was strong enough to browse my phone and obtain notifications and emails. It’s just not strong enough to download or upload.

But, I would use that as an opportunity to actually relax and detach from the complexities of life.

swimming pool at hotel mision

You are only a few minutes walk into town from here and all tours to see the ruins or the waterfalls will pick you up from the hotel and drop you back there.

You can find out more about what to do in the area in my Palenque guide here.

There you have it, my review of the Hoteles Misión in Palenque. You can book with them here if you’d like to stay. They are highly rated on, tripAdvisor and Google Reviews, which shows that what I’ve experienced is in line with what others experience too!

A special thank you to the team at Hotel Mision for having us during our time in Palenque.

Book here for a stay of your own (for a great price)

Unfortunately I lost a memory card shortly after our stay here which lost all my photos of the hotel, and actually a lot of my photos from our Asia travels and the waterfalls we visited in Palenque.

I’m not even sure where I lost it, but of course I cried when I did as I hate losing memories, but I can’t dwell on it. I always back up to the cloud, but since we were moving every other day to another location, I just hadn’t had the chance yet :(

But, therefore, I requested pictures from the property themselves to use in the blog post, which they kindly agreed too, so unless otherwise stated, all the pictures within this post are from and by Hotel Mision!

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