Diabetic ID- Do I Reallllyy Need To Wear One?

Written By:
Cazzy Magennis
Last Updated:
April 18, 2021
I first googled diabetic ID's 7 years ago, and a list of bulky silver necklaces came up. Now there's all sorts of diverse and pretty medical ID’s on offer!
Diabetic ID
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Medical IDs...another one of them annoying things having diabetes means we need to consider!

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When hanging out in day-to-day life around people I know and know about my diabetes, I wouldn't say there is much need for one. But maybe if you are on a night out and get separated from your friends...perhaps you should have some form- in this instance I would usually have a medical ID card in my purse/clutch bag or wallet. 

But, I won't lie and say I always stick to this, but when going on a backpacking adventure, or even travelling anywhere abroad for a city break etc, then it's important to have some form of solid ID. I intend on bringing two forms- some ID cards to place in my backpack, my day pack & my bum bag...and a beautiful handmade bracelet I found online. 

This is so up my street, it's dainty, pretty, has charms and its green! I came across these just via a google search and I received mine and it is just as beautiful in person as in the picture! It only cost me £9.95 and they range from £9.95 to around £16! If a piece of jewellery really isn't your thing, she also does phone charms for like £6 which I might also invest in nearer the time, I think that's a really smart idea, because in this century we are attached to our

Diabetic ID

This is the site I got my pretty bracelet at. I love that they are handmade too- there's something special about them in that way for me.

I feel like these are very female orientated items (not that men can't enjoy them too!) so any male readers let me know of any websites I can link up for good IDs!

Everyone has different preferences over what ID they like- but the main objective is to actually wear one! Emergency departments all across the world use medical IDs to identify quickly people with Diabetes or any sort of illness that requires specific treatment- So get one to suit your personality and requirements, I love mine and can't wait to bring it on my South American adventure :D

Let me know what type of medical ID you use below!

Cazzy x

My diabetic ID bracelet
A gift from my sister. I love it!
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