5 Of The Best Castles In Sweden To Visit In 2024

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January 4, 2024
Wanting to visit some of the most awesome castles in Sweden? Then look no further as I bring you five of the best castles Sweden has to offer you.....
castles in sweden

Before visiting Sweden, I really didn’t know what to expect, but one thing that really surprised me was the amazing castles they had. Sweden is bursting with beautiful castles, so sit back and enjoy my guide to the best castles in Sweden to visit this year. 

These castles are dotted all over the country and the best way to see them all, and get a true feel for Sweden is to turn your adventure into a Swedish road trip

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1. Bohus Fortress 

bohus fortress

So this cool fortress and castle in Sweden is located on the outskirts of Gothenburg. When I visited, we actually visited too early (that’s a rarity for me!), but it wasn’t open yet. But, that didn’t really matter. You could still walk up to the entrance of the castle and admire the beautiful stonework and views from there. 

I think this is definitely worth a stop when visiting castles in Sweden.

2. Lacko Castle 

lacko castle

Okay, this is definitely my favourite of all the castles in Sweden that I visited. It’s so grand, and it was empty when we visited. It actually sits beside a lake and we caught the start of the sunset there and it was breathtaking. It’s also an awesome place to fly a drone and get some awesome shots. (It is windy however, so just be careful when flying). 

This castle is something like a fairy tale castle, and when we visited, it wasn’t actually open. The winter season kind of sees it shut down for a little bit, but you can do a walk around the castle and the lake beside it (people swim in the lake in the summer).

In the spring and summer months you can also get guided tours of the castle. 

The castle is located at Kållandsö island on Lake Vänern.

Definitely include this beauty of a castle on your Sweden road trip itinerary.

3. Gripsholm Castle

This is another one of the great castles in Sweden and it’s located just outside Stockholm. Around 40-50 minutes by car (depending on the traffic). This is another peaceful castle and if you visit first thing in the morning, you’ll have the whole castle to yourself. 

It can get busier with tourists during the day, but it’s a perfect spot for a morning walk with the beautiful lake views, and the grand nature of the castle. This was such a beautiful sunrise spot too and there are some really cool photo opportunities, including these trees below, which kind of look like something from Game Of Thrones (or at least I think so!). 

4. Skansen Kronan 

castle in gothenburg

This is a really cool castle that’s located in Gothenburg. Some may refer to it as a fort, but it was actually used for castles purposes. 

When finished it had 23 canons ready for battle, but it was never attacked. Nowadays, it’s a beautiful and free viewpoint of Gothenburg city in Sweden. There are a few steps to climb up, but once you reach the top, you’ll be surrounded by a panoramic of the city from above. 

It’s beautiful! You can also pop inside, but when we visited, it was actually closed for an event. 

In the summer months there is a cafe selling treats and ice cream which is perfect on a hot Swedish day. 

5. Trolleholms Castle 

This is maybe my second favourite of castles in Sweden and I think the fact it photographed so beautifully had a lot to do with that. 

Okay, so this is actually a private residence (how lucky they are!), but it can be hired for events such as weddings (that must be amazing!!). But wow, this castle is awesome. It looks like a castle from a movie, something you only see on TV. There is also a lake and beautiful walkway across the road from it. 

If you can find a parking space, you can wander around (but not in the castle area since it’s private). It was built in the 1530s, and Brad and I think it reminds us of Harry Potter. Would you agree? 

So, that’s my list of the best castles in Sweden to visit this year, but if you’re wondering how on earth can you get to them all, then I am going to suggest one thing...road trip

Some of these castles cannot be reached by public transport, and trust me, as you’re driving through Sweden, you’ll come across a range of castles, ones that aren’t even on the map. 

Road tripping is the best way to see everything this amazing country has to offer. Check out our guide on the best car rentals in Sweden, so you know exactly what's available.

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Other Castles In Sweden 

Malmo castle

These are some other castles in Sweden that are worth popping into if you’re nearby: 

  • Malmo Castle (Malmo is a great city!) 
  • Stockholm Palace (worth visiting if you visit Stockholm)
  • Drottningholm Palace (Just a metro ride away in Stockholm)

When is the best time to visit Sweden? 

Sweden really is an all-round destination, and people go at different times if they want certain things. For example, if you seek the northern lights, and snow, then you’ll want to head to Swedish Lapland during October, November, December and January. But, if you want to experience Swedish summer in all it’s beautiful glory, then of course June, July and August would be perfect. 

But, when it comes to sightseeing the castles in Sweden, then perhaps spring is a good time of year, simply because they will all be open, if you want to tour them. 

We visited in winter, and whilst I loved it, and wasn’t too fussed on going “inside” the castles, perhaps it would have been nice to have the option. 

The great thing about all the castles in Sweden is that there is information about the castles outside, so you can still learn about their significance and history without needing to pay an entrance fee. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on the best castles in Sweden to visit. If you’ve got any more awesome Swedish castles to add to my list, then just drop a comment below. 

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