Carry-On Backpack by Standard Luggage Co: Unbiased Review

Cazzy Magennis
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Cazzy Magennis
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December 7, 2022
On our recent trip to Lithuania we tested out the brilliant carry-on travel backpack by the Standard Luggage Co. See what we thought below.......
carry-on backpack by standard luggage co

On our recent trip to the amazing Lithuania, the guys at Standard Luggage Co got in touch with us about checking out their awesome carry-on backpack. Since we were heading away for just over a week and only purchased hand luggage allowance, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to review this awesome backpack.

So, below I given an honest review for the Carry-On Backpack by Standard Luggage Co and how you can get your hands on one too.

Where we went: Lithuania (Vilnius)

How long: 9 days

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Introducing, the Carry-On Backpack by Standard Luggage Co.

The guys at Standard Luggage Co describe this backpack as a “3 in 1” job as it can be a backpack, suitcase and shoulder bag! I would have to agree with this, but we found it most comfortable using it as a backpack.

When the product arrives it comes with a range of different straps which lets you shape into whatever form you find comfortable for carrying.

Let’s have a look at what it looks like inside with the various compartments on offer…..

various comparments in backpack

Pros of the Carry-On Backpack

It’s got an adjustable weight

The backpack itself can start at 35L and rise to 45L if you need more space. We actually found it to bee super spacious and there are lots of different compartments to fit almost anything.

We would able to fit our camera equipment, laptop(s) and 9 days worth of clothes FOR 2 PEOPLE! (Be aware, I like outfit changes :P)

It’s roomy

Speaking of the space, I was actually really impressed by how much we could fit into this backpack. Usually when I am heading away for a city break, I like lots of options with clothes and we have lots of camera equipment, wires and travel laptops to carry.

The fact is, everything fitted in this bag and we were able to survive with just one carry-on bag between us! No extra baggage fees for us…

10 days worth of clothes incarry on backpack
Dresses, tops, shoes, PJs, shorts, jeans, cables, and more...
its easy to close
Easy to close without extra force! 

It’s water resistant

The backpack itself comes with a water resistant front, which is super useful if you get caught in the rain heading from A to B.

Whilst Brad and I didn’t have any trouble with the rain in Lithuania, it was nice to know that there was some sort of protection if we had of experienced rainfall.

And...for that extra protection, it comes with a rainproof cover too.

There is a specific space for a laptop

Being a digital nomad, it’s almost impossible for me to go anywhere without my trusty laptop, and I liked that I didn’t have to squeeze my laptop in. There was a specific sleeve that fitted my laptop perfectly.

laptop sleve
It's fits a laptop perfectly!

You can stay organised easily

Because there are lots of cool compartments, it’s really easy to stay organised, AND it’s the perfect style and size to use packing cubes. This will keep everything tidy and hassle free on your trip.

It fits in the airline cabin bag restrictions

This is the true test: if it’s a carry-on backpack, it needs to fit in the carry on requirements. I am happy to announce it does! As you can see below.

When you bulk the travel backpack out like we did, it does look very big and I have to say I was worried it wasn’t going to fit within standard airline hand baggage requirements, so when it did fit, I was pleasantly surprised!

It also fitted in the overheard locker of a budget airline plane..which tend to be smaller on average, so that's an even better sign!

fits overhead luggage compartment
Fits great!
overhead luggage comparment
Even fits in a Ryanair airline!

It's Comfy!

When you are carrying around a large item of hand luggage, it is important that is comfy.

Well, Bradley can confirm that, though it was heavy as we had it packed to the max, it was still very comfy!

There is plenty of padding around all of the straps and on the back of the bag itself.

Which makes it perfectly good for carrying it around for an hour or so at the airport.

wear it like a backpack for carryon
hold it like luggage
You can hold it like luggage with you wish!

Cons of the Carry-On Backpack

Nothing in this world is perfect, and since this is an honest review, here is one notable downside to the Carry-On Backpack by Standard Luggage Co.

The luggage tags/zips are weak!

How weak?

Incredibly weak!

We zipped the bag up and 3 of the tags ripped off as soon as a little bit of pressure was applied to them. You are given other tags to replace them with, but I just wasn’t expecting them to break off so easily and so soon!

For the relatively large price tag, you wouldn't expect such an issue to arise so soon.

Well, we have notified the company of this and hopefully they get this issue fixed. once they do, it is very hard to find any major flaws with the bag!

Travelling with type 1 diabetes supplies

On another positive note, since I am type 1 diabetic, I have to carry quite a few supplies with me, whether it's an extra monitor, FreeStyle Libre, test strips, infusion sets etc. I'm happy to announce that all my supplies for basically a 10 day trip fitted in well (bare in mind, that I pack for a 20 day trip too, in case of emergency!)

I'd also note, that if you do want to make some extra space in your carry-on backpack, then you can use elastic bands to keep everything tight and compact, or you can make use of packing cubes to keep everything sectioned and organised.

Overall verdict + where to buy the Standard Luggage Co Carry-On Backpack

Personally, I think this is a great carry-on backpack for city breaks and holiday trips. Since we used it as a travelling couple, it would fit a couple on a city break for a couple of days, but if you’re a solo traveller, you could easily get a month or 2 worth of backpacking gear within this product.

Personally, I much prefer it as a city break/short holiday piece of luggage. But, it absolutely fits its purpose. If you want to save money on excessive baggage fees, then this is perfect. Lots of space, clean, durable, and stylish, this is a brilliant backpack to suit your carry-on needs!

If you’re interested on getting your hands on this carry-on backpack, then you have a couple of options.

If you have any more questions, just leave a comment below!

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